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MegaZord VS MegaZord

MegaZords (メガゾード, Megazōdo) refer to the Energy Management Center's giant machines with humanoid functionality and fighting prowess. They are used by the Go-Busters and the evil organization, Vaglass, against each other.


The Go-Busters' MegaZords are alternate modes of Buster Vehicles or combinations of them.


All main MegaZord types currently used against the Go-Busters

The Vaglass MegaZords are MegaZords created by the Energy Management Center that were brought into Hyperspace when Messiah and the facility it had infected were transported. It remained stored in the Hyperspace and was used by Messiah to funnel Enetron from the world. They are given a countdown to upload onto the real world, where they take on the properties of the Metaloids that they used as a marker of where to appear. There are several types of MegaZords given specific designations. They take on the name prefix of the Metaloid they accompany once the countdown is up and they are fully uploaded with the physical characteristics of the Metaloid in question.

While they use Metaloids as markers for where to appear, transporting to a location is not an exact science, and they can appear as much as 3 kilometers away from the point where the Metaloid is, a fact that Enter once used deliberately. It should be noted that the "3 kilometers" rule can also mean 3 km. underground, as well as 3 km. into the sky.

Also, the Vaglass symbols on the chest of the MegaZords are there not just for decoration. As was the case for the CutterZord, it can peel off by itself, then fly all the way back to Enter, leaving a trail for him to follow.

Types of MegaZord bodies Vaglass utilizes:

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