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Mecha Evolution Fusion

Primordial Soup creating a Mechaevolution Beast

Big Bang Beam

Big Bang Beam

Mechaevolution Beasts (メカ進化獣 Meka Shinkajū) are the upgraded version of the Evolution Beasts of the Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire. They were developed by General Kar as he discovered the ineffectiveness of the previous Evolution Beasts, making him adjust his Progressor into a "Mecha Progressor" to allow not only for evolution but for the combination of other elements for the creation of creatures to fight the Dynaman. Using the Mecha Progressor, he combines living genetics, generally of animals already in existence, with an object before evolving it like before into a sentient, powerful creature that can use both an animal's brutality and an object's novelty in fighting opponents.

Since both animate and inanimate elements are used for the creation of Mechaevolution Beasts, a different form of growth was required: instead of having a failsafe "Big Bang Progress" built in, Kar develops a "Big Bang Beam" within the Grand Gizmo which both rebuilds and grows a Mechaevolution Beast after being destroyed, typically by the Dynaman. In order to use the Big Bang Beam, Kar spins a wheel within his lab that opens the earth beneath to lower the defeated Mechaevolution Beast so that the Big Bang Beam can have a precise hit.

Aside from actual animals, Kar likewise can use Mechaevolution to create more fantastic creatures, such as a dragon and a Sphinx. However since General Kar is the only one who can use the Mecha Progressor, no more Mechaevolution Beasts can be created after his passing; however he did set up his final creation, Fire Sphinx, to be created via a special video for Emperor Aton as a failsafe in case of his death.Ep. 50: The Revived Formidable Enemy

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