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The Mecha Gigans are the first generation giant robots created by Doctor Man for Neo Empire Gear. Their names end with the suffix -canth. While they appear and are built as giants, these Mecha-Gigan are considered closer to the Sentai equivalent of monsters as opposed to mecha, working independently and by the order of Doctor Man and his Big Three for the appropriate Gear plot. Most are launched from spheres placed on the outside of Gear's Neograd castle and explode when they reach their destination, releasing the Mecha-Gigan for the scheme. Some Mecha-Gigan, though, are built in other places and emerge in different manners dependant on the intent of the Gear scheme. While nearly all Gear Mecha-Gigan are independently operating giant robots, two in particular are piloted by intelligence outside the giant itself: Anchor Canth, which was piloted by the AI machine Brain, and Grotes Canth, devised and piloted by Doctor Man's artificially-created son, Prince.Ep. 14: New Intellect Brain!Ep. 19: My Father is Doctor Man

After Bioman and Bio Robo continuously prove their superiority over the original Mecha Gigan program, Doctor Man devises a newer, more powerful version: the Neo Mecha Gigans. Their names ends with the suffix "megas". Unlike the previous generation of robots which were (usually) self-operated, Neo Mecha Gigans are piloted by a member of the Big Three and used like mecha for combat. They all have a Mirage Fighter which immediately launches after their defeat. Farrah, Monster and Mason can be seen looking back while piloting the escape pod.

Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger Season 2

In Ep. 9: Delusion Number Two, General Tsu created one based on a Coelacanth in his plot for the Akibarangers to go through a "Honolulu Marathon" and destroy their mecha Machine Itashar. Unfortunately for him it was beaten by their new mecha Itashar Boy.

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