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The Machine Empire Mechalius is an organization which threatened Earth in the place of Vaglass in the alternate reality of the Dobutsu Sentai Go-Busters, in which the events of Messiah's rise never happened. Their main objective is to turn everyone into machines themselves, as they consider machines superior.


Nothing is really known about this group. According to the alternate Masato Jin and Takeshi Kuroki, they were preparing their invasion of Earth for years.

When all of their monsters were defeated, Empress Trange Star took it upon herself to defeat the Go-Busters, but was defeated by their Animal Bazooka.


While Vaglass did not exist in this reality, the members of Mechalius did bear a great resemblance to them.


  • This faction appears to be a parody of Barbaric Machine Clan Gaiark. Both factions are comical villainous groups consisting of machine based characters. The monsters even use Bikkuri Oil to grow, which resembles the Bikkurium Gaiark used to grow their monsters with.
  • Unlike Vaglass, Machine Empire Mechalius does enlarge their monsters.

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