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The Machine Empire Baranoia (マシン帝国バラノイア Mashin Teikoku Baranoia) is a cruel race of machines out to conquer Earth.


Zeo Machine Empire 2

Baranoia's palace

Baranoia was founded by Bacchus Wrath, a robot who was created on Pangaea ages ago before being exiled into space. Possessing a vast army, Baranoia's Imperial Family was a force to reckon with, having already conquered an entire chain of galaxies before reaching Earth. It is when the Empire arrives on Earth that they finally encounter a power capable of blocking their forces: the Ohrangers.

When Bacchus Wrath was killed in battle, the royal family with usurped by Bomber the Great until Buldont underwent an upgrade to reclaim his birthright. But with Buldont's death, Baranoia disbanded with Bara Wheel one of its surviving members.

Later history

Los Dark

Several Barlo Soldiers were part of an army of past enemy grunts that were fought by the Gokaigers in Los Dark's ghost dimension which housed the 1500 spirits of the villains defeated by the Super Sentai. After losing some of their number in an initial skirmish, the remaining members from each grunt group merged to form the Combined Combatant. Though the stronger opponent, the Combined Combatant proved to be unstable due to internal conflicting among the grunts composing him over who got to finish the pirates off. Taking advantage, the Gokaigers used the Battle Fever J Ranger Keys to destroy the Combined Combatant with the Penta Force cannon. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger the Movie: The Flying Ghost Ship



Zeo Machine Empire 1

The Baractica fleet

The Baracticas (バラクティカ Barakutika) are gear shaped battleships used by Baranoians for transportation from to Earth. Each Batactica holds a hundred Takonpas (タコンパス Takonpasu) jet fighters.

Behind the scenes

The Machine Empire Baranoia serves as the evil organization in the 19th Super Sentai Series entry Chouriki Sentai Ohranger (1995-96).


  • Baranoia is a pun on "paranoia", while some of the main members of the Machine Empire Baranoia have puns on dog breeds' (with the exception of Bomber the Great) and sometimes, names of Roman deities (with the exception of Hysteria and Multiwa) in their names.
    • Bacchushund --> Daschshund/Bacchus
    • Hysteria --> Terrier
    • Buldont -->Bulldog/Pluto
    • Multiwa -->Maltese/Chihuahua
    • Keris --> Ceres
  • Baranoia is the first villain group to actually succeed in conquering Earth, an achievement that had not been successfully accomplished by any previous villains and would not happen again until Jark Matter in Kyuranger.


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