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The Machine Empire are a group of robotic villains in the Power Rangers universe, who first appeared in the television show Power Rangers: Zeo and were later seen in Power Rangers: In Space and Power Rangers: Wild Force.

The Machine Empire was a massive race of mechanical beings, led by the Royal House of Gadgetry. Possessing countless Cogs, Quadrafighters and monsters, the Machine Empire had already conquered an entire chain of galaxies before reaching Earth. It was when the Empire arrived on Earth that they finally encountered a foe capable of repelling their forces, the Power Rangers: Zeo. Numerous monsters from the Empire perished at the Rangers' hands before King Mondo himself took to the battlefield and was destroyed by the Super Zeo Megazord.

It was during Mondo's absence that the Empire was led by Louie Kaboom, a renegade robot created by Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa. Louie meant well, but squandered the Empire's forces, and was eventually overthrown by Mondo and Machina's eldest son, Prince Gasket, and his wife, Princess Archerina. The two led the Machine Empire against the Zeo Rangers rather well, initiating a massive, all-out invasion on Angel Grove. After this invasion failed, King Mondo returned, causing Gasket and Archerina to flee. When the Royal House of Gadgetry were later destroyed by Rita and Zedd, the Machine Empire went into a period of inactivity, useless without the Royal House to lead it.

The Royal House of Gadgetry was later rebuilt by forces unknown, and the Machine Empire joined the United Alliance of Evil under the command of Dark Specter, the Grand Monarch of Evil. When Dark Specter initiated his universal invasion, the Machine Empire invaded KO-35, Aquitar, and the Phantom Ranger's homeworld, conquering both planets and defeating the Karovan rebels, the Phantom Ranger, and the Blue Senturion. When Zordon's energy wave struck these planets (during Countdown to Destruction), much of the Machine Empire (including King Mondo) was destroyed, every member of it reduced to a pile of sand.

Years later, in an episode of Power Rangers: Wild Force called Forever Red, the remnants of the Machine Empire, led by General Venjix, gathered on the moon to make a final strike against the Power Rangers and the Earth. Unearthing Zedd's Serpentera, they brought the massive Zord to full power, but were foiled by a team of ten Red Rangers. Following the defeat of the other generals, General Venjix and Serpentera were destroyed by the Red Wild Force Ranger, permanently ending the reign of the Machine Empire.

Royal House of Gadgetry

The Royal House of Gadgetry was the ruling body of the Machine Empire at the beginning of Power Rangers: Zeo. It consisted of King Mondo and Queen Machina, Prince Sprocket, and their top servants, Klank & Orbus. Prince Gasket was built a member of the Royal House, but was exiled following his marriage to Princess Archerina. The House's rule was briefly interrupted by Louie Kaboom, who took control of the Empire following King Mondo's death, but was reinstated when Gasket- and later Mondo- returned. In spite of their difficulties with the Power Rangers, the Royal House was ultimately destroyed by Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd, in the form of a booby-trapped gift for Prince Sproket.

The House was eventually rebuilt by ways unknown, and joined Dark Specter's United Alliance of Evil. The Royal House of Gadgetry met its final end some months later, when Zordon's energy wave destroyed the Alliance once and for all.



  • This is the first villainous faction to be named since Rita and Zedd's forces have only been called the Evil Space Aliens retroactively by fans and never by the show itself.
  • Sun Vulcan's villains were called Machine Empire, as well.
  • The Machine Empire is the first faction in Power Rangers to feature mechanical villains.
  • In one of Zeo's most major departures from Ohranger (Zeo's Sentai counterpart), Prince Sprocket and Prince Gasket were brothers, whereas in Ohranger Kaizer Buldont (Gasket) was in fact an older version of Prince Buldont (Sprocket) and Princess Multiwa (Archerina) is Empress Hysteria (Queen Machina's) niece and Prince Buldont/Kaiser Buldont's cousin.
  • This was the first villain group to have a child villain (Prince Sprocket), this would be repeated in Power Rangers S.P.D. with the introduction of Mora.
  • The Machine Empire is the only faction in the United Alliance of Evil not to permanently destroy a Megazord. All the other factions in the alliance managed to destroy at least one Megazord during their tenure.
  • They are the only faction in the United Alliance of Evil to have been completely and utterly destroyed. Most of them were destroyed by Zordon's energy wave either onscreen or implicitly, while a small remnant were defeated by a taskforce of ten red rangers. Other factions of the Alliance had at least one surviving member, who was purified from evil.
  • Most of the Machine Empire members (With the exception of Queen Machina and Klank & Orbus) have head accessories:

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