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Lothor's Army was a group of various villains and monsters led by Lothor who served as the main antagonistic force of Power Rangers Ninja Storm. Thier main goal was to conquer Earth to get revenge on Sensei Kanoi Watanabe.

Group History


Kiya Watanabe was once a student at the Wind Ninja Academy in the Earth Ninja category. When a young woman named Miko Watanabe was inducted to the Academy with a mystical samurai pendant that was given to her by her father, he attempted to steal it, but was stopped by the young Sensei Watanabe and later future time travelling nephew Cam Watanabe, who came to take the pendant back to the future. For his crimes, he was expelled from the ninja academy, stripped of his ninja rank, and banished from the Earth by his sensei. In his rage, he forswore his family and ninja heritage and rennamed himself to Lothor and promised to come back one day to get revenge against his brother Kanoi. In space, he continued his mad search for power even after being exiled. Lothor later recruited his two nieces Marah and Kapri as apprentices at the urging of their parents. He found them to be very annoying, but kept them around because they were family, an odd sentiment for one that had so recently abandoned his family on Earth, possibly an attempt to fill the gap left in his life alone. At some later point, Lothor also recruited Zurgane as his second in command as well as Choobo. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Samurai's Journey

Before his attack on Earth, Lothor had returned to Earth previously in secret, a violation of his former sensei's orders. His purpose on this visit is unknown, but while there, he killed the Bradleys, the adoptive parents of Hunter Bradley and Blake Bradley. These two were taken in by Sensei Omino and trained at the Thunder Ninja Academy, which, unfortunately, was the first place attacked by Lothor's army. He captured the Thunder Ninja students and Sensei Omino, and even managed to convince Hunter and Blake that the Wind Ninja's current sensei, Kanoi, was responsible for their adoptive parents' deaths. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Thunder Strangers

Ninja Storm

The Wind Ninja Academy, now under the leadership of Kanoi, Lothor's brother, is the next target. Once again, Lothor kidnaps the students of the academy and with his magic turns Sensei Watanabe into a guinea pig. Lothor's victory is short-lived however and he soon realizes that three students have escaped the purge of the Wind Ninja Academy. Shane Clarke, Dustin Brooks, and Tori Hanson have all evaded the kidnapping thanks to being late due to thier antics. Being the only three remaining, they are presented with the Wind Morphers, allowing them to become the Ninja Power Rangers. Lothor sends down Blue Face with some Kelzaks to capture them but they are all easily destroyed. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Prelude to a Storm



  • Some wonder why Lothor's army wasn't part of the United Alliance of Evil, since Dark Specter strong-armed any substantial evildoers into his army; as Lothor was in space during the 1990s, and evildoers seem to frequent Onyx for information. Ironically, had Lothor been allied with them, he would have had all the resources and firepower he needed to destroy his brother and the Wind Ninja Academy without having to deal with the Wind Rangers.


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