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The following is a list of the monsters used by the villains in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, the seventh season of Power Rangers. The earliest monsters would drink a special elixir to make them grow (monsters who used the elixir are denoted with an asterisk *), but in later episodes, the monsters were altered so that they would grow via a chemical reaction triggered by being struck with a powerful attack (usually a team attack) by the Galaxy Rangers.

Scorpius's Monsters

Furio's Monsters
Treacheron's Monsters
Scorpius/Trakeena/Villamax's Monsters
Deviot's Monsters

Captain Mutiny's Monsters

These are the monsters used by Captain Mutiny and his henchmen.



  • In Gingaman, the monsters were split into different faction led by the respective Balban generals. For simplicities sake, the monsters were split between just two organizations in Power Rangers. The groupings are as listed;
    • Sambash (Villamax): Radster, Horn, Gasser, Sledge, Ruptor, Motor Mantis, Decibat, Quakemaker, and Spikaka.
    • Budoh (Treacheron): Teksa, Wisewizard, Mutantrum (who came much later in Gingaman), Starcog, Samuron, Fishface, Chillyfish, Kubak, Destruxo, and the Shark Brothers.
    • Iliess (Hexuba): Impostra (who was her daughter in Gingaman), Freaky Tiki, Skelekron, Crumummy, Icy Angel, Hardtochoke, Maronda (who is also her daughter in Gingaman), and Rykon (who was her brother in Gingaman).
    • Battobas (Barbarax): Cannonbrawl, Chameliac, Magnetox, Ironite, Nightmare, and Rocketron (the final monster of that series).
  • Out of all of the Gingaman monsters, there were just 6 monsters that went unused in Lost Galaxy. In order of appearance;
    • Rigurou went unused because he spent a lot of time around Japanese people absorbing their body heat, They didn't have his costume to shoot new footage because his costume was rebuit and modified for Dolmar (Ruptor).
    • Amehoshi was unused because he was a Biwa player (which is a very popular Japanese instrument), involved Shinto-esq rituals & most of the Gingamen being at the Silver Star Stables, and a lot of Japanese signs and imagery that the production crew of Power Rangers would be unable to cut out.
    • Gaaragaara was unused because he was an uncomfortable Hindu stereotype.
    • Bammers was unused due to both being brutally mauled and shooting real bullets and his costume was rebuilt and modified for Zakkasu.
    • Chainzaws was originally going to be adapted as Buzz but production issues resulted in "Forging a Friendship" and Buzz by extension getting the boot.
    • Bazoogas was unused since his primary attack involved actual bullets and his costume was rebuilt and modified for Mizziles.

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