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Londerz Prisoner (ロンダーズ囚人, Rondāzu Shūjin) refers to the criminals from the year 3000 who were sentenced to various periods of freeze compression at Londer Prison (ロンダー刑務所, Rondā Keimusho) as determined by the nature and severity of the crimes they committed. After the Dolnero Family escaped to the year 2000 (where they renamed themselves the Londerz Family) the inmates were thawed out by the gang's leader Don Dolnero, who recruited them into his criminal empire.

As a side-effect of being freeze compressed, the Londerz Prisoners underwent a form of thermal expansion when initially thawed out called Rebound that causes their bodies to grow giant. To prevent this, the Londerz wardens equipped every inmate prior to freeze compression with special restraints called Depression Seals (抑制シール Yokusei Shīru) that prevent Rebound from occuring unless the restraint is damaged or otherwise removed.

Londerz Prisoner after a Depression Seal is removed

Rebound effect

Bomb-Maker D.D. Ladis

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Mad Bomber Jekka

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Mad Bomber Jekkar (爆弾魔・ジェッカー, Bakudanma Jekkā, 2): A mad bomber, he's sentenced for 120 years in the freezer. He was first of the Londers prisoners to be thawed and unleashed to cause havoc in the 21st century city, using his bombs to threaten the government into providing him cash. The Timerangers foiled his plans and TimeRed wounded him. However, said attack exposed and removed the Depression Seal, causing Jekka to grow and he started to attack the city. If it wasn't for Captain Ryuya's intervention, by activating the Emergency System, the Timerangers would had been killed in the ensuing chaos. Jekka was brought in by TimeRobo Alpha after being overpowered by its Beta form. Was used for "Jetara" in Power Rangers Time Force.

Voiced by Shigenori Sōya.

Cash Extortionist Keys

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Serial Kidnapper Nabal

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Serial Kidnapper Nabal

Prisoner #203, Serial Kidnapper Nabal (連続誘拐犯・ナバル, Renzoku Yūkaihan Nabaaru, 4): The inventor of the Depression Seals who was placed in 209-year confinement for using his work in kidnapping. He kidnapped Sion, with no idea he was a Timeranger. Brought in by TimeRobo Beta/TimeRobo Alpha. Was used for "Fearog <Mutant>" in Power Rangers Time Force.

Voiced by Yutaka Asukai,Human Form is portrayed by Kota Mori.

Hitman Mad Blast

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Prisoner #30170, Hitman Mad Blast (殺し屋・マッドブラスト, Koroshiya Maddo Burasuto, 5): A catfish-like hitman who likes killing and taking items from his victims as mementos. Sealed for 15 years with not enough proof to confirm his crimes. He was the one who murdered Yuuri's family. Though Yuuri attempted to kill him, her real objective was to learn the identity of the one who paid him to commit the act, who was Don Dolnero. Brought in by TimeRobo Beta/TimeJet Gamma/TimeRobo Alpha after Yuuri gained her father's bracelet back from him. Was used for "Fatcatfish " in Power Rangers Time Force.

Voiced by late Kazunari Tanaka.

Jewel Thief Rouge

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Jewel Thief Rogue

Prisoner #02475, Jewel Thief Rouge (宝石窃盗犯・ルージェ, Hōseki Settoōhan Rūje, 6): A flighty girl who, like Lila, has an obsession for jewelry, and was jailed for a third strike act of thievery. Able to assume the form of women, Rouge left them incapacitated while committing her crimes. The swallow-tattoo on her neck is the only way to identify her while she is in disguise. Under the guise of Tenju, she steals the Moon King Diamond for Lila to repay her for setting her free. When she attempted to steal the Moon Queen Diamond, the Timerangers interfered and she made a run for it before fighting them. TimeRed arrived in time to aid the others, but TimeYellow caused Rouge to become enlarged by accident. Not wanting to be a giant, she reluctantly allowed TimeRobo Alpha to bring her back into custody. Her name is a pun on the word "rouge". Was used for "Redeye" in Power Rangers Time Force.

Voiced by Hikari Tachibana.

Corrupted Medicine Doc

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Prisoner #4101, Corrupted Medicine Doc (悪徳殺人医・ドク, Akutoku Satsujini Doku, 7): A surgical vivisection robot who was in for 500 years for using his medical knowledge to murder his patients. He would then give out large medical bills to their surviving kin. Brought in by TimeJet Gamma/TimeRobo Alpha. His name is a pun on the word "doctor". Was used for "Medicon" in Power Rangers Time Force.

Voiced by Kazunori Arai.

Hijacker Nabokov

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Hijacker Nabokov

Prisoner #53, Hijacker Nabokov (ハイジャック犯・ナボコフ, Haijakkuhan Nabokofu, 8): Able to assume a jet form for swift kidnappings. He attempted to kidnap the future master artist, Kengi Toba, for Lila. He dealt with the Timerangers, being wounded by them. After being repaired, he succeeded in his mission. Though, the Timerangers arrived in time to save Toba, while Nabokov covered Lila's escape. Though hit by the Voltech Bazooka, he enlarged and battled TimeRobo Beta before being brought in by TimeRobo Alpha. Was used for "Artillicon" in Power Rangers Time Force.

Voiced by Tetsu Inada.

Corrupted Officer Arnold-K

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Corrupted Officer Arnold-K (悪徳警察官・アーノルドK, Akutoku Keisatsukan Ānorudo-Kei, 9): A crooked traffic cyborg cop. He was one of the Don's best friends, before Dolnero found Gien and Lila. He used his authority as a police officer to mug people. Found by accident, Don Dolnero revives his old friend, who intended to replace Gien and Lila and restart the Dolnero Family. However, though it pained him, Dolnero gave Arnold an upgrade for his weapon, though it was actually a bomb. As Arnold-K is brought in by TimeRobo, Dolnero explains that he ultimately chose his current family. Was used for "Cruel Senturicon", in Power Rangers Time Force.

Voiced by Yutaka Aoyama.

Mercenary Org

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Mercenary Org

Mercanary Org (傭兵・オーグ, Yōhei Ōgu, 10): A mercenary professional assassin. Don Dolnero promised 25 million to him if he killed the Timerangers. Possessing Herculean strength, he carries a broadsword and shoots lasers from his eyes in battle. Brought in by TimeRobo Alpha. His name is a pun on the word"ogre". Was used for "Ironspike" in Power Rangers Time Force.

Voiced by Atsuki Tani.


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Bats (バーツ Bātsu) (Timeranger VS GoGoV): Orgu's identical uncle, whose power was enhanced by Pierre's demon magiks. Brought in by the Voltech Bazooka.

Voiced by Minoru Maebara.

Sadist Gougan

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Prisoner #8, Sadist Gougan (愉快犯・ゴウガン, Yukaihan Gōgan, 11): Had the same disregard for life as Gien. Gougan was arrested in 2975 for using his Dream Breaker machine to turn people into sleep-waking mobs to kill each other for his amusement at night. Once freed by Gien, Gougan resumed his old habits, until the Timerangers destroyed his machine. Though defeated by Vector Dividing, Gougan enlarged and was brought in by Time Robo Alpha. Was used for "Angelcon" in Power Rangers Time Force.

Voiced by Motomu Kiyokawa.

Blackmailer Gaymark

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Blackmailer Gaymark

Blackmailer Gaymark (恐喝犯・ゲーマルク, Kyōkatsuhan Gēmaruku, 12, 45): A master of blackmail who wields a laserwhip as a weapon. He found a refugee Alekesatuosian, named Algo, and blackmailed him into using his teleportation powers to steal for the Londerz. When Sion intervened, Gaymark took Hayato prisoner to keep Algo under his thumb. In the end, Sion manage to save Hayato and defeat Gaymark before he was the brought in by TimeJet Gamma/TimeRobo Alpha. Around New Year's Eve, Gaymark managed to break out of his confinement capsule, thanks to the land lady, though he was still in miniature form. Once the Timerangers found out, Gaymark took TimeRobota as a hostage. He almost escaped, were it not for Domon's foot crushing him at the last second. The flattened Geymark was then put back into storage. Was used for "Rabbitcon", in Power Rangers Time Force.

Voiced by Kōzō Shioya.


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Dinal (ディナール Dināru) (Timeranger VS GoGoV): Gaymark's identical cousin, whose power was enhanced by Pierre's demon magiks. Brought in by the Voltech Bazooka.

Voiced by Katsumi Shiono.

Gambler Velito

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Gambler Velito

Prisoner #614, Gambler Velito (賭博師・ベリト, Tobakushi Berito, 13): A small alien with a robotic and mechanical exosuit who was sentenced to 20 years in confinement. A fight club owner who would fix the fights to win gambling bets. He used his exosuit to pose as the referee, taking advantage of the losing customers. The Timerangers found out by accident, while hired to look for Shinji Ozaki, who was a victim of Velito's deception. The Timerangers managed to flush Velito out, freezing him with the Voltech Bazooka before he had his exosuit set to autopilot and enlarge itself. As it was only an exosuit and not a criminal, it was destroyed by TimeRobo Beta. Was used for "Tentaclaw" in Power Rangers Time Force.

Voiced by the late Tetsuo Mizutori.

Mad Racer Baron

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Mad Racer Baron (マッドレーサー・バロン Maddo Rēsā Baron) is a former hotshot race car driver and friend of Ayase. Baron was previously convicted with Ayase's testimony for reckless driving that resulted in the death of a pedestrian. Released by Lila to serve as her personal driver, Baron seeks vengeance. But after challenging Ayase to another race, Ayase helped Baron see the error of his ways when he got in the way of Baron's car to avoid hitting some pedestrians. However, an angry Lila took control of him using a handheld device, giving him a stronger armor that took control of his actions. The Timerangers were able to break him free from this control, however. Brought in by TimeRobo Alpha. Was used for Dash in Power Rangers Time Force.

Sniper Reihou

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Prisoner #296, Sniper Reihou (スナイパー・レイホウ, Sunaipā Reihō, 15): A professional assassin, in for 150 years, that was released by Don Dolnero to assassinate the Timerangers. She was only willing to do it for seven million dollars per each ranger. She uses a unique type of bullet that allows her to penetrate the TimeRanger's Chrono Suits. Reihou kidnapped Honami Moriyama, after Honami's publisher published an article claiming that she knew who the Timerangers' identities. Reihou placed a bomb around Honami's neck as she placed her in an open square in a trap to shoot the Timerangers from a distance. With planning, TimeGreen and TimePink were able to save Honami while TimeRed, TimeBlue, and TimeYellow battled Reihou. Once the team gathered, Reihou enlarged herself. Brought in by TimeRobo Beta/TimeRobo Alpha. Ultimately Reihou was unaware the Londerz Family never intended to pay her for her talents and the scheme. was Not used in Power Rangers Time Force. Voiced by Emi Uwagawa.


Main article: Lupia

Lupia (ルピア Rupia) (Timeranger VS GoGoV): Reihou's twin sister, whose power was enhanced by Pierre's demon magiks. Brought in by the Voltech Bazooka.

Voiced by Yuka Komatsu.

Gourmet Pyromaniac Vincent

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Gourmet Pyromaniac Vincent (美食放火魔・ビンセント, Bishoku Hōkama Binsento, 16): A food critic who went insane and was sentenced for 180 years, though he was released by Gien. Armed with a fork-staff and was able to shoot fire from his mouth, he attacked people whose cooking he found horrible, also burning their eating estasblishments to the ground. When he burned down the noodle shop run by Sugara, Domon took it personally. Using the noodles he gave him, named Tak, believed to be from the future, Domon uses it to beat Vincent in a bet. Though losing, Vincent refused to be frozen willingly and enlarged. Though he took advantage of civilian hostages, TimeRobo Beta managed to knock him out of the way before TimeRobo Alpha brought him into custody. Was seen, and mentioned by Ransik "Chef Bug", in Power Rangers Time Force. Voiced by the late Don Kantaro.

Blackmailing School Gang Leader Flan

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Blackmailing School Gang Leader Flan (恐喝番長・フラン, Kyōkatsu Banchō Furan, 17, 38): A gangster who was released by Lila to increase the Londerz's money supply. Assuming the guise of a teacher, he took over a school, conditioning stronger students to bully and extort the weaker students. One of those bullying students happened to be Makoto, who became Flan's new puppet. Tatsuya managed to talk Makoto out of Flan's scheme. After being beaten up by TimeRed, Flan enlarged. Brought in by TimeRobo after fighting all three of its formations. Was used for "Flamecon", in Power Rangers Time Force.

Voiced by Hideo Ishikawa,Human Form is portrayed by Takako Inayoshi.

Terrorist Sandoora

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Terrorist Sandoora (テロリスト・サンドーラ, Terorisuto Sandōra, 18, 38): Gien used this shotgun-wielding terrorist to retrieve the Lambda 2000 powder. Gien planned to transform the Lambda 2000 powder into a Zeta-3 crystal to power his first giant robot, AKA Nova. Sandora successfully invaded Kawasaki Research Lab, putting the area in lockdown. Ayase managed to deactivate the lockdown, so the others could run in, as Sandoora obtained the Lambda 2000 powder. Confronted by the TimeYellow, TimePink, and TimeGreen, he blasted them with his shotgun, before TimeRed and TimeBlue arrived to block his escape. Though he was defeated by the Timerangers and lost the Lambda 2000 powder, Sandoora enlarged himself. Though he managed to severely damage the TimeRobo Beta, with his grenades and rifle, Sandoora was brought in by a weakened TimeRobo Alpha as Gien found the Lambda 2000 powder. He continued his plan to convert it into Zeta-3 crystal. Was used for "Izout" in Power Rangers Time Force.

Voiced by Jun Ishimaru.

Bodyguard Hydrid

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Prisoner #8215, Bodyguard Hydrid (用心棒・ハイドリッド, Yōjinbō Haidoriddo, 21, 38): Arrested for being a mafia bodyguard. A super-fast, tri-eyed, samurai-garbed alien. He was released by Don Dolnero to aid him in his distribution of the PowerSplit Drink, an alcohol from the 30th century that could severally intoxicate humans, with aliens being unaffected by it. Being immune to the effects of the alcohol, Sion was forced to fight Hydrid singlehandedly with the Accel-Stop function on his ChronoSuit, destroying the Power-Split supply in the process. Hydrid enlarged himself before the Voltech Bazooka could be used on him. With Sion handling the control systems, Shadow Alpha brought Hydrid into custody. Was seen, and named for "Samurhive", in Power Rangers Time Force.

Voiced by Masaharu Satō.

Marriage Swindler Barbera

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Marriage Swindler Barbera (結婚詐欺師・バーベラ, Kekkon Sagishi Bābera, 22, 38): A gorgon-like, snake-themed prisoner who was arrested for her ability to seduce men. She would trick them into giving her money, ripping them off after they became obsessed with her. She was released by Lila, so Lila could use her talents to make money for the Londerz. Among her victims were Tatsuya, Ayase, and Domon, whom she tried to force to kill each other, after learning that they were all Timerangers. She tried to do this using her enchanted snakes to take control of them. Defeated singlehandedly by Yuuri after she used her own sex appeal to snap the three males out of their trance. Though hit with the Voltech Bazooka, Barbera enlarged, and was soon brought in by Shadow Alpha. Was used for "Contemptra" in Power Rangers Time Force.

Voice & Human Form is portrayed by Chika Kochihira.

Energy Thief Uugo

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Energy Thief Uugo

Prisoner #2707, Energy Thief Uugo (エネルギー窃盗犯・ウーゴ, Enerugī Settōhan Ūgo, 23): A Marshallian, in for 3 years, due to his reckless energy consumption. He had the ability to suck and absorb energy. What makes him dangerous is his kind's ability to unleash a terrible energy blacklash upon being wounded. He was released by Gien, under the assumption that the Londerz could take advantage of the blackouts he causes with his ability. TimeRed attempted to stop him on his own, only to be hurt by the ensuing shockwave. Uugo eventually made his way to the power plant, where Gien was stationed and planned to make Uugo discharge every wattage of power to destroy the entire city. The Timerangers interfered, with TimeRed using the Assault Vector to defeat him while removing his energy. Gien forcefully enlarged Uugo, who was soon brought in by Shadow Beta. Was used for "Electropede" in Power Rangers Time Force.

Voiced by Takashi Nagasako.

Assaulter Borg

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Assaulter Borg

Assaulter Borg (傷害犯・ボーグ, Shōgaihan Bōgu, 24): A bomber in for 10 years, he was released to cause trouble with his love for violence. The violence he caused allowed Don Dolnero to set up his own company, in the aftermath. He pursed Ayase and Honami, with Ayase holding him at bay before TimeYellow arrived. When he knocked Honami uncoscious, TimeYellow and TimeBlue double-teamed him. Borg enlarged afterwards, only to be brought in by Shadow Alpha. His name is a pun on the word "borg", a type of cyborg race from "Star Trek". Was used for "Severax" in Power Rangers Time Force.

Voiced by Kōsuke Toriumi.

Mad Scientist Genbu

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Mad Scientist Genbu

Prisoner #1524, Mad Scientist Genbu (狂気の科学者・ゲンブ, Kyōki no Kagakusha Genbu, 25-26): Arrested for endangering people in his time/space experiments. Being turtle-like, he had an obsession for turtles. Released by Don Dolnero, he was paid 50 million to eliminate the Timerangers. He managed to trap the Time Rangers in the Genbu Zone, composed of various pocket dimensions of his own making based on his research, sicking his Copy Timeranger (コピータイムレンジャー, Kopī Taimurenjā), copies of the Timerangers at their zenit, on them. Only Time Red and TimePink escaped the dimension, later managing to use a "in-sync battleplan" to destroy the Genbu Zone from the inside out without harming their friends in the process. Enraged, Genbu enlarged, created a Copy TimeRobo Alpha (コピータイムロボα(アルファ), Kopī Taimurobo Arufa) to fight for him. Once the copy was destroyed, Genbu was brought in by Shadow Beta. He is named after the constellation tortoise of the same name/"Genbu". Was used for "Turtlecon" in Power Rangers Time Force.

Voiced by Keiichi Sonobe.

Beautician Domiiro

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Prisoner #1257, Beautician Domiiro (エステティシャン・ドミーロ, Esutetishan Domīro, 27, 38): A beautician who'd do anything for money, whether it was legal or not. He was released to help Lila in her leisure at a resort for 10 million. By poisoning the sea, he gathered red poisoned seaweed for a seaweed wrap facial, hoping that Lila would pay 3 times what she promised. Taking his pollution deeds personally, Sion attacked Domiiro until the others arrived to pursue him as the Tak Robota restored the sea. Though defeated by TimeGreen, he enlarged, only to be brought in by Shadow Alpha. Was seen, and Named for "Eyeacon", in Power Rangers Time Force. Voiced by Akemi Misaki.

Arms Smuggler Hammer

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Arms Smuggler Hammer (武器密売人・ハマー, Buki Mitsubainin Hamā, 29): A weapons-user released by Gien to track down the time pulse being emitting from the V-Commander. He battled the Timerangers, while the Zenits tracked down the V-Rex's control device. Naoto gained the device before the Londerz could, becoming TimeFire for the first time and using his DV Freezer ability to bring Hammer into custody. Was used for "Brickneck" in Power Rangers Time Force.

Voiced by Takahiro Yoshimizu.

Poacher Master Hunter

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Poacher Master Hunter (密猟者・マスターハンター, Mitsuryōsha Masutā Hantā, 30, 38): He was released by Gien to track down the V-Rex. He was able to partially control it with a spear, which had a small joystick-like remote control on it. He later enlarged himself so he and V-Rex could double team Shadow Alpha. Once TimeFire freed it of Master Hunter's control, the V-Rex assumed V-Rex Robo form and brought Master Hunter into custody. Was used for "Commandocon" in Power Rangers Time Force.

Voiced by Tetsu Inada.

Counselor Zektar

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Prisoner #0621, Counselor Zektar (カウンセラー・ゼクター, Kaunserā Zakutā, 31): A mental counselor who went bad and used his Mind Modulator to damage his patients' minds, forcing them back and gaining more money. Once they were broke, Zektar would imprison them and use them in his experiments. Domon investigated, only to suffer mentally as a result. Domon turned the tables on Zektar and broke free of the Mind Module. Infuriated, Zektar enlarged and used what he learned from TimeYellow's mind to counter Shadow Beta, until V-Rex Robo arrived and uses its' Max Blizzard ability to bring Zektar into custody. Was seen, but not named, in Power Rangers Time Force.

Voiced by Ryōichi Tanaka,Human Form is portrayed by Hiroshi Omori.

Corrupted Financier Dogoal

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Corrupted Financier Dogoal (悪徳金融業者・ドゴール, Akutoku Kinyū Gyōsha Dogōru, 33): He ran a loan shark business for the Don, kidnapping the family of bankers in debt to the Don. The banker man's daughter, Emily Sakura, escaped Dogoal's men and she was soon under Ayase's protection, taking her to Asagiri Mountain where she and her family used to have fun before her mom died. Dogoal managed to catch up to them and battled TimeBlue while the other Timerangers saved Mr. Sakura. Through defeated by TimeBlue, Dogoal enlarged as the others arrived and formed Shadow Alpha with V-Rex supporting it, using a combo Blizard Slash/Max Blizzard to bring him into custody. Was used for "Klawlox" in Power Rangers Time Force.

Voiced by the late Kōji Totani,Human Form is portrayed by Shinzo Hotta.


Main article: Real

Real (レアル Rearu, Timeranger VS GoGoV): Dogoal's twin brother, whose power enhanced by Pierre's demon magiks. Brought in by the Voltech Bazooka.

Voiced by Koji Haramaki.

Stalker Detective Abel

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Prisoner #0139, Stalker Detective Abel (ストーカー刑事・アベル, Stōkā Keiji Aberu, 34): An Intercity police officer who turned villainous and became an assassin, using a mind control toxin to recruit others into his assassin group. He was arrested in 2997 by Yuri, whom he became obsessed with, only to be released to make money for Dolnero. He had a reputation for doing business with other unsavory underworld figures as well. Deciding to investigate, Yuri joins the Assassin Group to find Abel. Abel overpowers her and uses his mind control toxin on her, turning her into his ideal pupil to finish the assassination attempt his subordindate failed to accomplish. TimeRed intervened and saved Yuuri, giving her the antidote. Once she changed back, TimePink defeated Abel, but he enlarged and was quickly brought in by Shadow Beta with some help from V-Rex Robo. Was used for "Steelix" in Power Rangers Time Force.

Voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa.

Hacker Yuugento

Main article: Hacker Yuugento

Hacker Yuugento (ハッカー・ユーゲント, Hakkā Yūgento, 35, 38): A master hacker carrying an extra artificial brain on the end of his cane, making him a super genius. Under the guise of an old man, he uploaded a computer virus into every hospital mainframe, demanding 5 million yen for the anti-virus he possessed. Tatsuya and Naoto managed to find Yuugento, but the fight resulted with Naoto suffering from déjà vu from the D-Sensor, being hit by Yuugento's attack, and having to relive October 22 over and over. TimeRed's intervention freed Naoto from the loop, allowing TimeFire and TimeRed to defeat Yuugento. However, Yuugento enlarged and reprogrammed the TimeShadow to fight TimeRobo Beta until the V-Rex Robo undid Yuugento's hacking. All three robots brought him into custody. Was used for "Miracon" in Power Rangers Time Force.

Voiced by Yoshiyuki Kono,Human Form is portrayed by late Yuzo Mikawa.


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Boribaru (ボリバル Bolivar, Timeranger VS GoGoV): A criminal boxer who attacked a building and set it on fire. Boribaru, prior to his primary arrest, had killed 500 people in hand-to-hand combat, from which he showed no remorse. Briefly fused with Spell-Master Pierre to become PierreBori before being captured. Brought in by Riding TimeRobo Alpha, with the power from the Victory Robo. Before being brought in, the Rangers managed to expel/vaporize Pierre from his body. PierreBori was used for "Quarganon" in Power Rangers Time Force, while Boribaru went unused.


Voiced by Kazuki Yao.

Arms Dealer Banjan

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Arms Dealer Banjan (武器商人・バンジャン, Buki Shōnin Banjan, 36): He sold deadly bombs to gangsters, until the City Guardians went in disguise to arrange a setup. Events when out of control when a young thief took both suitcases and uses the Tomorrow Research to deliver the package to him at the airport. Banjan uses another bomb remote control to track down the thief, only to face TimeRed and TimePink, while Domon, Ayase, and Naoto disposed of the bomb as TimeGreen disrupted the detonation signal. Infuried, Banjan enlarged and was then brought in by Shadow Alpha.

Voiced by Hisanori Nemoto.

Sabateur Mayden

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Saboteur Mayden (破壊工作員・メイデン, Hakai Kōsakuin Meiden, 37): A designer of various robots, his most famous being the V-Rex itself. He was released by Gien, even though it was under Dolnero's order. Using it as an excuse to have fun, Mayden abducted Naoto and forced him to summon the V-Rex. From there, Mayden was able to take control of it by a voice-masking device, also created by him, to copy Naoto's voice. While TimeShadow battled the V-Rex, the male Timerangers dealt with Mayden, until Naoto managed to regain control of V-Rex and take back the V-Commander. Mayden was soon after brought in by a DV Refreezer Slash/Voltech Bazooka combo. His name is similar, in pun, to the word "mayday". Was used for "Conwing" in Power Rangers Time Force.

Voiced by Yoshio Kawai,Human Form is portrayed by Hakobu Okubo.

Spiritual Filmmaker Glokun

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Spiritual Filmmaker Glokun

Spiritual Filmmaker Glokun (魂の活動屋・グロカン, Tamashii no Katsudōya Gurokan, 38): A director armed with a megaphone. In Sion's dream, the Timerangers were visited by producer, Junichi Machida, who gave the team a job to investigate the strange happenings occurring at the new Tokyo Ninja Story movie. Once the film's new title was revealed, "The End of the Timerangers," Glokun revealed himself and used his directing powers to place the gang in various genres from yakuza, to kung-fu, and then sci-fi. Glokun even managed to release some of the criminals arrested by the Timerangers for the big fight scene. When Domon offended him, Glokun decides to forward to the climax, enlarging himself as he placed the Timerangers in Shadow Beta before writing in Naoto, V-Rex, and even Providus. The Timerangers' attacks were ineffective against Glokun, as his movie magic made him "invincible". When Shadow Beta made a hit, it turned out the last page of Glokun's was gone - as Sion used it to gain Shogo Ogata's autograph, thus saving the gang. With Glokun horrified that he had no ending to his film, the Timerangers aimed to create it - bringing in Glokun with the power of all the robots. Was used for "Cinecon" in Power Rangers Time Force.

Voice & Human Form is portrayed by Mansaku Fuwa.

Serial Thief Dorba

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Serial Thief Dorba (連続窃盗犯・ドーバ, Renzoku Settōhan Dōba, 40): A chameleon-themed thief. He was sent by Dolnero to steal the Reda Virus vaccine from the City Guardians, so they (The Londers) could sell it to make a great profit out of its' importance. TimeFire attempts to keep the vaccine away from Dorba before TimeBlue battled him, leaving Dorba open for attack by TimeRed, Pink, and Green. Angered, Dorba enlarged himself and battled Shadow Beta and V-Rex Robo before being brought into custody. Was used for "Chameliacon" in Power Rangers Time Force.

Voiced by Daisuke Kishio.

Prophet Strauss

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Prisoner #4288, Prophet Strauss (予言者・ストラウス, Yogensha Sutorausu, 41): A telekinetic who was arrested for making money on the followers he amassed with his prophecy that the Earth would come to an end in 3001. Released by Don Dolnero, and creating the figurehead Hakou, Strauss set up another doomsday cult with a prediction set for 2001. Tatsuya and Yuuri investigated, exposing Strauss' scheme, as TimeFire arrived. Once the team gathered, TimeRed and TimePink double teamed Strauss, forcing him to enlarge with Shadow Beta and V-Rex facing him. In the end, Shadow Beta brought Strauss in as his followers disbanded. However, both of Strauss prophecies would later be revealed to have had some truth to them. Was used for "Mr. Mechanau" in Power Rangers Time Force.

Voice & Human Form is portrayed by Masahiro Noguchi.

Computer Engineer Gate

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Computer Engineer Gate (コンピューターエンジニア・ゲート, Konpyūtā Enjinia Gēto, 46): An arrogant figure, Dolnero used him in a plan to hold a science lab for ransom. Gate planned to blow up a reactor if a large amount of money wasn't paid out to the Don. Gate accidentally sped-up the detonation time and decided to escape when TimeFire and the City Guardians arrived. While the Timerangers stopped the self-destruction sequence, TimeFire and Gate decided to compete in a quick-draw duel. Gate enlarged and battled with the V-Rex, while the Timerangers were unable to use their TimeJets. With the TimeFlyer, V-Rex Robo was able to bring Gate into custody. Was used for "Serpicon" in Power Rangers Time Force.

Voiced by Ryōtarō Okiayu.

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