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The Legendary Rangers, also known as the Historic Rangers[1], is a term referring to a collusion of all the veteran Power Rangers that predate and include the Mega Rangers. They join together to fight the Armada.

The term Legendary Rangers was initially used in reference to the Rangers that predated the Mega Rangers. During the Legendary Battle however, said Rangers teamed up with the Mega Rangers and submitted themselves under their command.



On his way to school, falling asleep on his school bus, Troy Burrows has a dream of an army of Power Rangers battling a horde of ground-walking battleships and gray grunts. Mega Mission Later on, Troy has the dream again, this time, with parts that weren't seen after the charge, and several Red Rangers were featured fighting the gray grunts just before Troy woke up. Stranger Ranger Troy also reveals his dream to the other rangers Prince Takes Knight After The Armada arrived in Earth's orbit, several Legendary Rangers approached the Mega Rangers to help them in their battles, including Casey Rhodes and Jayden Shiba.

Legendary Battle

After the Armada destroyed the Mega Rangers' Zords, several of the Legendary Rangers appeared to help the civilians in the wreckage of their home city. After Emperor Mavro perished and his final army appeared, they all appeared morphed in order to aid the Legendary Rangers in battle. After destroying the enemy army, the Legendary Rangers departed. Legendary Battle


Core Rangers
Red Ranger Blue Ranger Yellow Ranger Black Ranger Pink Ranger
Red Aquitar Ranger Blue Aquitar Ranger Yellow Aquitar Ranger Black Aquitar Ranger White Aquitar Ranger
[2] Zeo Ranger III Blue Zeo Ranger II Yellow Zeo Ranger IV Green Zeo Ranger I Pink
Red Turbo Ranger Blue Turbo Ranger Yellow Turbo Ranger Green Turbo Ranger Pink Turbo Ranger
Red Space Ranger Blue Space Ranger Yellow Space Ranger Black Space Ranger Pink Space Ranger
Galaxy Red Galaxy Blue Galaxy Yellow Galaxy Green Galaxy Pink
Red Lightspeed Ranger Blue Lightspeed Ranger Yellow Lightspeed Ranger Green Lightspeed Ranger Pink Lightspeed Ranger
Time Force Red Time Force Blue Time Force Yellow Time Force Green Time Force Pink
Red Wild Force Ranger Blue Wild Force Ranger Yellow Wild Force Ranger Black Wild Force Ranger White Wild Force Ranger
Red Wind Ranger Blue Wind Ranger Yellow Wind Ranger Crimson Thunder Ranger Navy Thunder Ranger
Red Dino Ranger Blue Dino Ranger Yellow Dino Ranger [2] No 5th Dino Ranger
S.P.D. Red Ranger S.P.D. Blue Ranger S.P.D. Yellow Ranger S.P.D. Green Ranger S.P.D. Pink Ranger
Red Mystic Ranger Blue Mystic Ranger Yellow Mystic Ranger Green Mystic Ranger Pink Mystic Ranger
Red Overdrive Ranger Blue Overdrive Ranger Yellow Overdrive Ranger Black Overdrive Ranger Pink Overdrive Ranger
Jungle Fury Red Ranger Jungle Fury Blue Ranger Jungle Fury Yellow Ranger Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger Jungle Fury Rhino Ranger
Ranger Operator Series Red Ranger Operator Series Blue Ranger Operator Series Yellow Ranger Operator Series Green Ranger Operator Series Black
Red Samurai Ranger Blue Samurai Ranger Yellow Samurai Ranger Green Samurai Ranger Pink Samurai Ranger
Megaforce Red Megaforce Blue Megaforce Yellow Megaforce Black Megaforce Pink
Sixth Rangers
Green Ranger No Sixth Aquitar Ranger Gold Ranger No Sixth Turbo Ranger
Silver Space Ranger No Galaxy Sixth Titanium Ranger Quantum Ranger Lunar Wolf Ranger
Green Samurai Ranger White Dino Ranger S.P.D. Omega Ranger Solaris Knight Mercury Ranger
No Jungle Fury Sixth Ranger Ranger Operator Series Gold Gold Samurai Ranger Robo Knight
Ranger Operator Series Silver
Extra Rangers & Extra Heroes
No Extra Ranger No Extra Aquitar Ranger No Extra Zeo Ranger No Extra Turbo Ranger
No Extra Space Ranger Magna Defender No Extra Lightspeed Ranger No Extra Time Force Ranger No Extra Wild Force Ranger
No Extra Ninja Storm Ranger No Extra Dino Ranger No Extra S.P.D. Ranger No Extra Mystic Ranger No Extra Overdrive Ranger
No Extra Jungle Fury Ranger No Extra Ranger Operator Series Ranger No Extra Samurai Ranger
New Sixth Ranger
Super Megaforce Silver


(Note: "🚩" indicates that the Ranger clearly visibly appeared after the cliff introduction)

Other Rangers

Legend War Original vs Edit

Above is the edited version for Super Megaforce, below is the original footage from 199 Hero Great Battle

  • Other Rangers, specifically the one with powers never seen before on Earth, that the Mega Rangers earned Keys for, are also seen in the battle.
  • As seen in the image above, several other Sentai Rangers during the charge sequence that were not adapted as Power Rangers had their suits poorly edited to remove features that would identify them as new rangers.



Sixth Rangers in the charge

  • Despite not having a Ranger Key seen onscreen, Titanium Ranger appeared alongside the Lightspeed Rangers.
  • Some Rangers who do not appear in the cliff intro appear when the Legendary Rangers are meeting with the Mega Rangers in person. Additionally, other Rangers (Solaris Knight, Mercury Ranger, Rangers Gold and Silver) appeared due to Super Sentai footage.
    • Ranger powers that belonged to Tommy Oliver, such as the White Ranger, Zeo Ranger V, and Black Dino Ranger powers, do not appear during the war, however, they can still be seen in footage from Super Sentai, although only from scenes were they can be seen from far off distances.
    • The "woods battle" from the Great Legend War that included the Extra Heroes and Extra Rangers was not included, although the Magna Defender still appears.
    • New Powers teams are also seen mixed in with the Rangers in the battle. Whether this is intentional or not is never stated.
  • It is not explicitly revealed how the second generation Turbo Rangers (not including Justin) and the Space Rangers (not including Andros and Zhane) are fighting together, as they were the same people just with different powers. The next in line for the Turbo powers however are the Robot Rangers and this could explain the duality.
  • It is currently not explained how various Ranger groups that had lost their powers (Such as the original Mighty Morphin, Ninja Storm, etc) managed to regain their powers. For reasons unknown, in "Forever Red" Jason still had his Red Ranger powers, which had been passed on to Rocky.
    • However, The Power Transfer did showed that the Mighty Morphin Red, Black and Yellow Rangers' powers where nearly copied as the viewers can see two of the same Ranger teams.
  • Aside from S.P.D. Yellow and Pink, it isn't explained who the S.P.D. Rangers were considering that Sky and Bridge got promoted during the course of the series.
    • It is possible that the S.P.D. Rangers came from a time period before Sky and Bridge were promoted.
  • It’s unknown if the Yellow Mighty Morphin Ranger is Trini or Aisha.


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