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Enlarge Inrō

The Karo (カロー Karō) are higher ranked officials of Space Shogunate Jark Matter who rule over the 88 constellation systems under Jark Matter's control. Each Karo has a battleship known as Big Morimers (ビッグモライマーズ Biggu Moraimāzu). Like other members, each Karo has an Enlarge Inrō (キョダインロウ Kyodai Inrō) with them so even if they were destroyed if this Enlarge Inrō survives, it can revive and enlarge them.

While initially appearing as a major threat and acting like generals, Don Armage's order to hunt down the Kyurangers in exchange for promotion to Vice Shogun made them appear more frequently in the later half of the season, seemingly replacing the Daikaan as the monsters of the week.

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