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"We summon the Animal Spirits from within! Power Rangers Jungle Fury!"
―Jungle Fury Rangers announcing their arrival[src]

The Jungle Fury Rangers are masters of Pai Zhua. Utilizing their 'animal spirits', they can transform into a superhuman fighting force.

The term Jungle Fury Rangers may refer to the five-man team, as well as with the inclusion of the Spirit Rangers and former villains Jarrod and Camille.


Jungle Fury Rangers

Color Role Actor
Jungle Fury Red Ranger Casey Rhodes Jason Smith
Jungle Fury Yellow Ranger Lily Chilman Anna Hutchison
Jungle Fury Blue Ranger Theo Martin Aljin Abella
Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger Robert James David de Lautour
Jungle Fury Rhino Ranger Dominic Hargan Nikolai Nikolaeff

Spirit Rangers

Main article: Spirit Rangers
Color Role Actor
Jungle Fury Elephant Ranger Elephant Spirit Ranger Bruce Allpress
Jungle Fury Bat Ranger Bat Spirit Ranger Oliver Driver
Jungle Fury Shark Ranger Shark Spirit Ranger Paul Gittens



Main article: Fury Warriors
Color Role Actor
Black Lion Warrior Jarrod Bede Skinner
Green Chameleon Warrior Camille Holly Shanahan

The Jungle Fury Rangers as seen in Super Megaforce with Mystic Rangers and Wild Force Rangers

Team History

"We are the vision in your dreams. We do not exist, yet we have been here since the beginning. We are Pai Zhuq, the Order of the Claw. We train only the best, both physically and mentally, swearing them to secrecy. All masters of their skills, never knowing their true purpose until now."
―Master Mao[src]

Super Megaforce

Jungle Fury in Super Megaforce

The Jungle Fury Rangers returned as part of the army of Legendary Rangers that helped the Mega Rangers defeat the Armada once and for all, fighting in a huge battle against hundreds of X Borgs and dozens of Bruisers. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Legendary Battle

Split History

Shattered Grid

When events set into motion by Lord Drakkon caused the timeline to split into pocket universe, each anchored on a powerset, the Jungle Fury Rangers were split off into their own pocket universe. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2018 Annual

When the timeline was restored, so were the Rangers.


Main article: Arsenal (Jungle Fury)



Individual Weapons

Team Cannon




Animal Spirit System

Legend:◆ piloted zord, ❖ aux zord, ➲ carrierzord

Jungle Pride System

Jungle Master System

Alternate Combinations

Alternate Megazords
Jungle Pride Megazord
Jungle Master Megazord


Legendary Ranger Keys

Super Megaforce Rangers as Jungle Fury Rangers

Super Megaforce/Jungle Fury Legendary Ranger Mode

Jungle Fury Red Ranger Troy Burrows
Jungle Fury Blue Ranger Noah Carver
Jungle Fury Yellow Ranger Gia Moran
Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger Jake Holling
Jungle Fury Rhino Ranger Emma Goodall (female version)


  • The first team to have a Purple Ranger.
  • They are the first team to not have belts with their suits.


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