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​​​The Jaryuu Clan (ジャリュウ一族 Jaryū Ichizoku) is a race of Reptilian humanoids, the result of genetic manipulation of Dinosaur DNA. But their true origins are tied to the ancient civilization of Lemuria, which is said to be the very first civilization to exist in an unknown ancient continent and mastered genetic research. They are bent on reverting the earth to the age of the dinosaurs, exterminating all of humanity, and ruling the world with the power that the "Precious" provide, because they believe that, with their dinosaur genes, they are the true heirs of Earth. However, according to Souta, they are not very smart. A Jaryuu can go for eternity without water. Their name translates into "Evil Dragon".

Currently, the sole surviving member is a benevolent Water-Jaryuu hybrid, Ragi.


Several years after Ryuuwon's death, a single surviving Jaryuu managed to acquire the Heart of Hades, using the Precious to resurrect Ryuwwon at the cost of its own life. Revived in an undead state through the Heart of Hades, Ryuuwon used its power against his old foe Satoru Akashi and the Gokaigers when they and the Zangyack raced to find it. However, Captain Marvelous was able to retrieve the Heart of Hades from Ryuuwon, with the loss of the power source causing Ryuuwon to go berserk and enlarge himself, only to be destroyed by GokaiOh using the Greater Power of the Boukengers. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 21: The Adventurer Heart

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