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The Jamen Beasts (邪面獣 Jamenjū) are the giant monsters of Dark Empire Yodonheim, created from monsters called Dark Beasts (闇獣 Yamijū) being given a Jamen (邪面 "Evil Mask"). They emerge from an Invasion Gate that is opened after gathering enough Dark Energy.

There are several recurring types of Dark Beast, each wearing a Jamen related to the Jamenshi whose energy was used to summon it. The first part of a Jamen Beast's name refers to its theme, while the second is the type of Dark Beast used as its base.


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Known Jamen Beasts

Hildon Type

Ligany Type

Shellga Type

Basra Type

Dagames Type


  • The Jamen Beasts are similar to the Giganoids from Abaranger as both Monster Groups have a Kaiju based look.
  • Their being summoned through a human-sized counterpart is similar to the MegaZords from Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters. Also, similar to the MegaZords, there are recurring types of base monster that are given different extras related to the human-sized counterpart.
    • Like the MegaZords (and their counterparts, Gigadrones), they have specific classes.
  • Basra Type Jamen Beasts are the only type to be summoned with help from Jamenshi of the same body type.


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