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"It's not quite over yet. Rugby Marrsk has made a Darkness Insurance contract with Emperor Yodon. That will ensure 20% of it's dark energy is reimbursed. This is where it really begins... Jamen Beast, Rugger Ligany... Go forth!"
Carantula creating Rugger Ligany after the death of Rugby Jamen and explaining how he creates them.[src]

The Jamen Beasts (邪面獣 Jamenjū) are the giant monsters of the Dark Empire Yodonheim. Jamen Beasts are created from standard giant creatures but every Jamenshi has signed a "Darkness Insurance Contract" which ensures that 20% of any energy they steal is diverted to Carantula. He would then use their mask to take this energy and open a portal for a Jamen Beast. Upon exiting the portal on Earth, the Jamen Beast takes on the properties and powers of the Jamenshi from which they were birthed.

There are several recurring types of Dark Beast, each wearing a Jamen related to the Jamenshi whose energy was used to summon it. The first part of a Jamen Beast's name refers to its theme, while the second is the type of Dark Beast used as its base.

Known Jamen Beasts

Hildon Type

Hildon Type Jamen Beasts have tentacles, as well as land and flight modes:

  • Faucet Hildon (ジャグチヒルドン Jaguchi Hirudon) (Episode ZERO, 1)
  • Cloud Hildon (クラウドヒルドン Kuraudo Hirudon) (6)
  • Wanage Hildon (ワナゲヒルドン Wanage Hirudon) (15)
  • Jukebox Hildon (ジュークボックスヒルドン Jūkubokkusu Hirudon) (24)
  • Torso Hildon (トルソーヒルドン Torusō Hirudon) (30)
  • Cart Hildon (カートヒルドン Kāto Hirudon) (35)

Ligany Type

Ligany Type Jamen Beasts have barbed skin and shell hunched backs:

Shellga Type

Shellga Type Jamen Beasts have snail-like shells on their bodies, and can throw slime:

  • Vise Shellga (マンリキシェルガ Manriki Sheruga) (3)
  • Stage Shellga (ステージシェルガ Sutēji Sheruga) (10)
  • Haejigoku Shellga (ハエジゴクシェルガ Haejigoku Sheruga) (13)
  • Glue Shellga (セッチャクザイシェルガ Setchakuzai Sheruga) (20)
  • Super Glue Shellga (キョウリョクセッチャクザイシェルガ Kyōryokusetchakuzai Sheruga) (27)
  • Shield Shellga (シールドシェルガ Shīrudo Sheruga) (32 & 33)
  • Jishiki Shellga (ジイシキシェルガ Jishiki Sheruga) (40)

Basra Type

Basra Type Jamen Beasts have fish-like bodies. They mostly come with regular arms and sometimes they come with hook arms:

Dagames Type

Dagames Type Jamen Beasts have two heads, enabling them to wear two different Jamens at once:

Gomoryu Type

Gomoryu Type Jamen Beasts have bat-like bodies, four legs, two tails and cannons mounted on their shoulders:

  • Projector Gomoryu (プロジェクターゴモリュウ Purojekutā Gomoryū) (28 & 29)
  • Turntable Gomoryu (ターンテーブルゴモリュウ Tāntēburu Gomoryū) (36)


  • Jamen Beasts are similar to Giganoids from Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger as both groups are comprised of Naturally Giant Monsters which resemble Kaiju.
  • Their act of being summoned through a human-sized counterpart is similar to the MegaZords from Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, which also contain several recurring types of base monsters that are given extra features related to their human-sized counterparts.
    • Like the MegaZords, they have several different classes based on their species or bodily configuration.
    • Unlike the MegaZords, who share the same motifs and powers of their Metaloid counterparts, The Jamen Beasts' Jamens usually share a common link relating to the Jamenshi that summoned it (although there are some notable exceptions).
      • For example, Joystick Jamen, who was based on a video game controller, was used to summon Catcher Ligany, which was based on a claw crane. In this case, their motifs were related by virtue of being attractions found at video arcades (and the fact that some claw cranes are operated with a joystick).
    • Jamen Beasts could be seen as the organic versions of MegaZords, due to their base forms.
  • So far, the Basra Type Jamen Beasts are the only ones to be summoned with help from a gold body Jamenshi, except for Digital Camera Jamen, who helped summon a Hildon Type Jamen Beast (specifically, Cloud Hildon). The latest one, Nazokake Jamen also summoned a Ligany and Shellga type as well as a Basra.
  • So far only the Hildon Type, The Ligany Type, And the Shellga Type Jamen Beasts have been summoned with help from a Jamenshi from all 4 Body Types.
  • As of Kiba Basra, the Hildon Type, Shellga Type, Basra Type, Dagames Type, and Gomoryu Type Jamen Beasts have at least one Jamen Beast to be summoned without help from a Jamenshi.
    • As of Cat Can Ligany, the Ligany Type is the only Jamen Beast to be summoned with a help from a Jamenshi.
    • As of Turntable Gomoryu, the Gomoryu Type is the only Jamen Beast to be summoned without any help from a Jamenshi overall.



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