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Wicked Dragons (邪悪竜, Jaakuryū) These are the Jaryuu Clan's human-sized monsters. They are created when Jaryuu battle each other in a ritual fight to the death. Once only one survivor remains, King Ryuuwon awards him by transforming the surviving Jaryuu into a stronger Wicked Dragon. The "instructions to create a Dragon Man", written by Ryuuwon himself 200 years ago based on his Lemurian research, came to the hands of a writer, who took those notes as inspiration for a novel Satoru Akashi read and created confusion as it was the first time Boukenger faced a Wicked Dragon. There have been special cases in which they are enlarged but the cause is always different. As seen in Task 16, Ryuuwon can make a Wicked Dragon grow by firing a special dart from his gun.

Wicked Dragon Dryken


Wicked Dragon Dryken (邪悪竜ドライケン, Jaakuryū Doraiken, 7): Ryuuwon sent this first Wicked Dragon to find the Scale of the Salamander. Ryuuwon attempted to transform Dryken into an all-powerful giant dragon by using the Scale of the Salamander and by increasing the temperature of the factory that they were in to two thousand degrees, which set the building aflame, but DaiBouken Mixer used the Wall Shoot technique to contain the explosion in Hyper Concrete. But it turned out the Salamander’s Scale was taken out of the building before the explosion. Dryken himself ultimately fell victim to the Scale's power when Satoru used it to activate the Accel Tector for the first time and used the Dual Crasher Mixer Head to encase Dryken in Hyper Concrete and used the Drill Head to drill him into oblivion. He is based on Seijuu Sentai Gingaman's Gingaioh. Was used for "Volcan" in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.

Wicked Dragon Lindom


Wicked Dragon Lindom (邪悪竜リンドム, Jaakuryū Rindomu, 13): Ryuuwon sent/dispatched to find the Angel's Raiment of the Moon and the Medicine of Immortality—the Treasures of Princess Kaguya. He was defeated by the Dual Crusher (used by BoukenBlue), but grew giant when he fell into the Medicine. From then, he was terminated by Super DaiBouken after giving a thrashing to normal DaiBouken. He is based on Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger's Gouryuujin. Was used for "Scaletex" in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.

Wicked Dragon Naga


Wicked Dragon Naga (邪悪竜ナーガ, Jākuryū Nāga, 15-16): This one was dispatched with Ragi by Ryuuwon to attack the Boukengers and to find the Aqua Crystal, and his onslaught has become personal as Satoru took Ragi under his protection, since Ryuuwon ordered him to dispose of Ragi after he failed to obtain the Crystal Document. He was defeated by the Dual Crusher Drill Head (wielded by BoukenBlack) only to be the first to be made giant by Ryuuwon, and terminated by Ultimate DaiBouken after giving Super DaiBouken a thrashing. It is based on Seijuu Sentai Gingaman's Combined Beast-Warrior BullTaurus. Was used for "Bullox" in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.



Ragi (15-16): Magi's apprentice. Once a "Water human", he was intend to finish what his father started to restore the Water Metropolis. He sacrificed his humanity in order to survive without water by discarding the "Proof of Water" crystal on his tiara (which Ryuuwon crushed) and was transformed into a Wicked Dragon by Ryuuwon, who used him to find the Aqua Crystal. He could not regain his composure until Satoru took him under his protection. Eventually, Ragi was able to free the Aqua Cystal from a volcano and his transformation paid off. After Naga was terminated by Ultimate Daibouken, Ragi put the Aqua Crystal in its rightful place and returned to the City of Water, but, couldn't step into the sea waters until Satoru gave him the new crystal forged from the shattered remains of his father's Proof of Water as a thanks for the "greatest adventure". His Wicked Dragon form was based on Mirai Sentai Timeranger's TimeRobo Alpha. Was used for "Tyzonn" in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.

Wicked Dragon Talong


Wicked Dragon Talong (邪悪竜ターロン, Jaakuryū Tāron, 27): A Chinese dragon that specializes in feng shui-based strategies. With Ryuuwon, Talong intended to resurrect the "Ground Dragon," located where a Ryuketsu, a concentration of Chimeku energy produced by feng shui in the ground, found by using the "Dragon's Eye," to create a Ryuketsu. With this Precious, Talong gave Satoru the worst luck, putting him in even mortal danger. However, thanks to the support of his teammates, Satoru overcame his bad luck and fought Talong, who, defeated, falls into the Ryuketsu, absorbing the Earth Dragon's power to become gigantic. The Boukengers fight him with DaiBouken but have a hard time, until Sakura Nishihori launches machines 6, 7, 8 and 9 and strategically places them with feng shui against Talong, and with the help of the recovered "Dragon's Eye" gave him bad luck in battle, allowing them to finally destroy him. It is based on Gosei Sentai Dairanger's Daijinryuu. Was used for "Blothgar" in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.

Wicked Dragon Dembey


Wicked Dragon Dembey (邪悪竜デンベエ, Jaakuryū Denbee, 37): Dembey was created to infiltrate MOE-TV to obtain "The Ring of Prosperity" posing as the station's mascot "Dembey", when Sakura foils its plans, reveals his true, violent identity and along with some Jaryuus, enlarges itself and attacks with his firebreath and sword but was killed by Voyager DaiBouken's Riding Adventure Drive. The way to difference him from the real Dembey is that the evil one isn't wearing shoes. He is based on Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger's Abarenoh.

Wicked Dragon Tagargin


Wicked Dragon Tagargin (邪悪竜ダガーギン, Jaakuryū Tagāgin, 45): The strongest Wicked Dragon Ryuuwon has created by making his whole Jaryuu horde (about 3000) kill each other, making it also the last of the Wicked Dragons. He overuses the word "baby." His mission is to aid Ryuuwon in finding "The Three Headed Dragon of Darkness", a precious that gives the one it chooses, great power. He can absorb an attack and reproduce it with double power with his mutating right arm. However, as his right arm consumes much energy when transforming, he can be attacked provoking a general paralysis. Targagin knows this weak point of his and knew when the Boukengers tried to use it, they were delivering weak attacks on purpose so the counter could be re-countered when wearing the Accel Tector, but he revealed that his weakness wasn't as easy to exploit as they expected (Masumi failing to do so and Satoru was nearly killed before succeeding). Enlarges himself as a last resort but is destroyed by SirenBuilder Crane and Great Sword Man Zubaan. It is based on Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger's MaxOhJa. Was used for "Magmador" in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.

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