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Based in New York, ISSIS, the acronym for the International Science Special Investigation Squad (国際科学特捜隊 Kokusai Kagaku Tokusō Tai), was organized by INTERPOL to combat the international threat of Crime across the globe. The Tokyo ISSIS branch is commanded by Kujirai Daisuke (code named Joker), a brilliant bionics specialist and engineer. It was he who initiated the JAKQ project and recruited the various team members. He was a married man and is known to have had a young daughter. He was later tasked to head ISSIS’ advanced engineering branch and was replaced by the flamboyant Soukichi Banba (AKA Big One).

ISSIS’ Tokyo headquarters is located in a towering skyscraper in the heart of Shinjuku. ISSIS utilizes its own army of blue uniformed military troops to assist JAKQ when needed. Only a handful of ISSIS Agents are identified, among them Agent 7 (Keiko Hayashi), Agent 8 (Junko Yamamoto), Agent 9 (Yoshiko Iijima), and Agent 10 who all assisted JAKQ at various times. Another notable member of ISSIS is Hime Tamasaburou, a somewhat dimwitted and clumsy low level agent. Masquerades as a ramen takeout cook and carrier. Unfortunately, he gets in the way more than helps out.

Lastly ISSIS Tokyo’s mascot was a talking hamster which Kujirai kept as a pet. It was enhanced using bionic technology.



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