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The Infershia Pantheon, also known as the Pantheon of Hell and the Hades Gods of the Infershia are the final set of villains in the last stage of Mahou Sentai Magiranger, the Infershia Pantheon is composed of the ten gods of Hades itself, giants who are N Ma's most loyal servants. When their master was killed, the Hades Gods were revived to punish the infidels who defeated him as well as all of humanity. But as the Magirangers defy the Gods, they ensure the eventual destruction of both surface and heavenly worlds as the Hades Gods' deaths serve an alternate purpose in ensuring N Ma's resurrection. They were in a deep slumber within the depths of the Kedomono Realm in the Valley of the Gods until Nai & Mea found their lair with the Book of Prophecy as they reawakened, almost killing Vancuria for entering their "sacred domain" until Wyvern vouches her to be their spy. The Hades Gods all have one goal; to bring Divine Punishment (神罰, Shinbatsu') upon humans while following a self-made code of conduct called the Dark Precept, using the Slab of Judgement to pick the chosen God to execute Divine Punishment with a Dark Aurora heralding their arrival to the surface, assuming a human-size form to carry out the punishment.

The Hades Gods were divided into three tiers:

  • The low tier known as the Five Warrior Gods (五武神, Gobushin): Titan, Ifrit, Wyvern, Cyclops, Toad
  • The middle tier known as the Three Wise Gods (三賢神, Sankenshin): Gorgon, Sphinx, Dagon
  • The high tier known as the Two Ultimate Gods (二極神, Nikyokushin), which included Drake and Sleipnir (Infershia's Shield and Halberd).

The members of the Hades Gods were divided, forming alliances with each other, each having their own agenda. Dagon, Sleipnir, and Sphinx generally worked together, Gorgon manipulated Drake and Toad, while bickering with Sphinx, Ifrit dueled with Titan, while Titan and Toad traded insults. Cyclops was a loner, and Wyvern talked to Nai & Mea. All intended and were successful in resurrecting N Ma, and most of them (excluding Drake, and later Titan then finally Sphinx) showed a degree of loyalty to him.

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