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The monsters used in Power Rangers in Space worked for Astronema. To make a monster grow, Astronema would fire the Satellasers from the Dark Fortress on the monster, enlarging thier body at a molecular level.


Astronema's Monsters

Darkonda's Monsters

Ecliptor's Monsters



  • Out of all of the Megaranger monsters, there were just 7 monsters that went unused. In order of appearance;
    • Helmedor and Crab Nezilar went unused because Power Rangers Turbo and In Space didn't team-up as the cast were the same and the first team hd quit or been fired from the show by that point.
    • Canary Nezilar went unused due to almost all footage that involving unmorphed MegaYellow.
    • Rose Nezire went unused due almost all footage involving a young Japanese girl along with Shibolena who was also unadapted for Power Rangers In Space. She may have also been left out due to meeting her end upon being impaled through the abdomen.
    • Mole Nezire went unused due to his giant form being destroyed via being stabbed by the Mega Saber and then hoisted off the ground by Galaxy Mega.
    • Porcupine Nezilar went unused due to almost all footage involving his human form and Japanese soccer boys and possibly using soccer balls as bombs to commit terrorism which was considered too violent for American audiences.
    • Neo-Bat Nezire went unused due to almost all footage involving Shun as well as his initial demise came about by the Tomahawk Sniper's finisher ripped a big hole through his stomach.
    • However, his lesser form was adapted as Batarax.
  • Although Magic Mushroom, Swarmthing, and Chef Swinegang Pork were derived from Megaranger monsters, none of their footage was used and the suits were only used as background filler.
    • Magic Mushroom (Mushroom Nezire) due to the forest boy being in much of his footage.
    • Swarmthing (Cicada Nezire) due to footage spent around Japanese scientists.
    • Chef Swinegang Pork (Pig Nezire) due to much of his footage spent around his human form.

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