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The Hasbro Era is the unofficial term that refers to the seasons of Power Rangers that were produced after Hasbro acquired the franchise from Saban in May 2018. The Hasbro Era started in 2019 with Power Rangers Beast Morphers, broadcast on Nickelodeon  - barring potential broadcast deal changes with either company until the partnership contract with Nickelodeon’s expiration in 2021 (which may see Nickelodeon as a placeholder network for Power Rangers Dino Fury due to Hasbro's shares in other networks and platforms).

As part of Hasbro's partnership with Nickelodeon, individual seasons generally consist of a total of 22 episodes, a regular 20 episode run split into two 10 episode halves along with a Halloween and Christmas special each year.

Hasbro Seasons


Saban Brands announced on February 15, 2018 that they would end their global Power Rangers master toy license agreement with Bandai America, effective April 2019. The following day, it was announced that they would instead partner with Hasbro to make Power Rangers toys, with their first series, Power Rangers Beast Morphers, subsequently being revealed on February 17.

On May 1, 2018, Hasbro announced their plans to acquire the brand in full for $522 million in cash and stocks. Haim Saban will remain working with Hasbro for the time being in an advisory role.


  • It's the first Era to use footage of a previously skipped Super Sentai series. Power Rangers Beast Morphers will be the adaptation of Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, originally skipped in favor of adapting Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger into Power Rangers Dino Charge and Power Rangers Dino Super Charge.
  • It is the first era to adapt Sentai from a different era than Japan is presently in as the contract for toy production began in April 2019, and Emperor Akihito abdicated the throne at the end of the April.
  • This is the first era where Bandai does not make the toys, with Hasbro producing them alongside the show.
  • Unlike Neo-Saban Era, Hasbro didn't add the word "super" to the title of Beast Morphers season 2.
    • Also in season 2, Saban's name was removed from the title. 
  • Like the previous two era's first season, the Zords have animal motifs: There are however some minor differences with the suits.
    • The Samurai Rangers animal motifs aren't prevalent in their suits.
    • The Wind and Thunder Rangers' are alluded to (more so with the latter), but not as prevalent as MMPR, Lost Galaxy, or Beast Morphers.
  • Beast Morphers and RPM have a few shared similarities.
    • Both seasons have Zords based upon vehicles.
      • Both vehicle Zord sets are also based upon animals.
    • Both seasons share a similar theme although it is the main focus in Beast Morphers and not a secondary theme in RPM (taking a backseat to the main theme of how people cope in times of crisis.
    • Both seasons are about a computer virus as the main antagonist.
    • Both seasons have a villain created out of the supposed ally of a Ranger (Tenaya-Dillon and Blaze-Devon).
    • Both seasons have the same main villain (Venjix Virus).
  • The cold opening of each episode now takes up usually a third of the episode before the title sequence. This is unusual, as the typical formula has been to introduce a problem a Ranger has and have the villain begin plotting.
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