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The Hades Beastmen (冥獣人 Meijūjin) were originally humans in life who sold their souls to Absolute God N Ma, and were more powerful and intelligent than ordinary Hades Beasts. They had been sealed away by Heavenly Saint Blagel but were set free by Sorcery Priest Meemy when he became the new Infershia commander. Beldan, Belbireji, Gaston, Shichijuurou and Neriesu were enlarged by Meemy, while Peewee and Bullrates were enlarged by Phantom Spy Vancuria using the WolzaPhones. (Kirikage enlarged himself.) They were sent unto the surface world by Memmy in order to sacrifice many humans so that N Ma could be revived.

Behind the scenes

Time Demon God Chronos

Time Demon God Chronos

In the initial production stage of GoGo Sentai Boukenger vs. Super Sentai, when it was still intended to be Boukenger vs. Magiranger, the villain who would become Time Demon God Chronos was made to evoke the Hades Beastmen. This reference, however, does not appear in the final work.

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