This article is about a/an type of evil Zord/Megazord in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.
"If you've never seen a Gigadrone before, you're in for a real treat!"

Scrozzle's computer terminal from which he can deploy Gigadrones.

Gigadrones are Zords created by Scrozzle and powered by Morph X. Scrozzle transports them from the Cyber Dimension and later the Crystal Dimension to Earth. The Robotrons' data is used to morph Gigadrones during teleportation giving them the characteristics and abilities of their Robotron counterparts.

Scrozzle had more than hundreds of Gigadrones stored underground in the Cyber Dimension and could send them before Robotrons are destroyed.

Types of Gigadrones

Alpha Model

Beta Model

Gamma Model

Delta Model



  • Each Gigadrone is easily identifiable from one another through the following features:
    • For Alpha Models the head is retained with the exception of Cycledrone, Antennadrone, Clonedrone, Tubadrone 2.0, Burnerdrone and Digidrone.
    • Beta Models have bizarre head (With minor exception as seen with Shoveldrone) and shoulder coverings.
    • Gamma Models are identical and the only difference between them are the Robotron weapons.
    • Delta Models are also identical and the only silver Gigadrones.
  • The Gigadrone system used in Beast Morphers differs from typical Power Rangers monster-growing methods in that Gigadrones can be deployed before their Robotron counterparts are eliminated and are not the monsters themselves.
  • Unlike the Robotrons they cannot speak though they sometimes grunt and roar. However, the Tubadrones make tuba noises and the ones after Vacuudrone are silent.
  • If counted as one Blaze's Megazord is the only Gigadrone to maintain being called a Megazord from Go-Busters.
  • Some Gigadrones like the Unidentified Gigadrones can be made without Robotron data and have custom equipment or even cockpits.
    • The reason for this is that the first one's counterpart was created from Danganloid's data and this Gigadrone was never stated to have been made from Vargoyle and the second had a Metaloid that wasn't adapted because of spending a lot of time around a Japanese boy and an unmorphed Yoko Usami/Zoey Reeves.

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