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Gigadrone Delta Model

The fourth type of Gigadrone employed by Scrozzle is the Delta Model, and the second to derive itself from another type of Gigadrone, the first being the Gigatronics, though the Delta is more parasite-like, emerging from the backside of the host model rather than being launched from the shoulders like a Gigatronic.


The first Delta Model Gigadrone deployed itself out of Tooldrone's back and fought the Beast-X Megazord, while the Jet Zord and Wrecker Zord fought Tooldrone. The Delta Model proved tougher than any previous Gigadrone the Rangers had fought before, as it blocked the Megazord's sword attacks, and scored several solid blows on the Megazord. Eventually, the Megazord used its Hyper Kick to destroy this Delta, while the Striker Megazord used its Hyper Blast to destroy Tooldrone. Tools of the Betrayed

A Delta Model deployed out of Spikedrone's back after the Cheetah Hyper Strike failed to faze it. This version also fought and easily overwhelmed the Racer and Chopper Zords until Ravi appeared in his Wheeler Zord and knocked back the Delta Model. When Rangers formed the Beast X Megazord, both Spikedrone and the Delta Model tried and failed to stop the formation. However, the Morph-X levels in the Megazord were so low that a single barrage of Delta Model lasers and Spikedrone missiles took it apart. With the Racer and Chopper Zords completely disabled, Ravi tried some heroism by taking his Zord into Gorilla Mode and using it to shield Devon and Zoey, but was overwhelmed and nearly finished off by the Delta Model until the Wrecker and Jet Zords arrived in the nick of time and knocked back both Gigadrones. The Wrecker and Gorilla Zords destroyed Spikedrone, but they still had to contend with the Delta. The Wrecker Zord transformed into Battle Mode and pummeled the Delta Model with Crane Crash before allowing the Jet Zord to use its crane arm as a runway to finish off the Delta with its Jet Zord Collider Crash. Hypnotic Halloween

Several Delta Gigadrones, along with Types Alpha, Beta, and Gamma, were sent to stop the Beast-X Ultrazord when it entered the Cyber Dimension. The Ultrazord destroyed all these Deltas, along with the other Gigadrones. Evox Upgraded

Powers and abilities

  • Strength: The Delta Model is significantly stronger than even the Gamma Model, easily overwhelming the Racer Zord and Chopper Zord when helping Spikedrone.
  • Durability: The Delta Model that helped Spikedrone was shot in the arm and then in the side by the Wheeler Zord and only stumbled back, before quickly recovering.
  • Eye Lasers: The Delta Model that helped Spikedrone could fire red lasers from its eye. When combined with Spikedrone's missiles, it was able to swiftly tear the Beast-X Megazord apart (though this was mainly due to the Megazord's Morph-X levels being drastically low).


  • Spade Arm: The Delta Model Gigadrones all have large spade-like right arms that they can use in combat against the Rangers' Zords.
    • Lightning Empowerment: The Delta Model that helped Spikedrone can charge up its spade arm with red lightning to strike at full force.
    • Energy Spikes: The Delta Model that helped Spikedrone could fire metal spikes empowered with magenta energy from its spade arm and into the Racer Zord's arm, knocking out the Racer Zord's systems.

Known Type Deltas

Season 1

Season 2


  • Unlike its Sentai counterpart, the Delta model's resemblance to the Wrecker Zord was purely a coincidence, while the MegaZord Delta was specifically built from BC-04's stolen blueprints.


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