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"Get Big/Gros caliber"

The Gangler Monsters (ギャングラー怪人 Gyangurā Kaijin) are the crime members of the Interdimensional Crime Group Gangler from the Back World, who can equip themselves with a treasure from the Lupin Collection to give them enhanced abilities. Each member has a safe somewhere on their bodies that they use to store and harness the power of the Lupin Collection and are also able to disguise themselves in a human form to hunt for the Treasures. When they are defeated, Goche Ru Medou will use the "Get Big/Gros caliber" Lupin Collection on the safe from their bodies to revive and enlarge them to giant size.

Known Gangler Monsters

Status Double

Status Triple

Status Quintuple

Raimon Gang


The following unidentified Gangler Monsters were present when Dogranio Yaboon announced his intention to retire. Number 1: The Troublemaking Phantom Thieves

As has occured numerous times in Power Rangers, a number of these Gangler members are composed of previous Super Sentai and Kamen Rider monster costumes.


  • Their status as monsters of the week who served as the lower members of a crime group is similar to the Gorotsuki, the monsters of Gekisou Sentai Carranger.
  • Similar to the Minor Youkai of the Youkai Army Corps and a few monsters from the Kamen Rider & Super Sentai series, the Gangler Monsters have the ability to disguise themselves as humans.
    • It is later explained that their human forms come from actual humans who where abducted , possibly by Zamigo Delma, and possibly killed.
  • Unlike the Gangler higher-ups, whose body safe are colored gold, they have random metallic colored body safes (with the exception of Raimon Gaorufang, as he is the leader of his own gang). Unlike those with Status Gold, a single Dial Fighter is enough to crack a standard safe.
  • Just like the Daikaan before them, as well as the Players, the Londerz Prisoners, and Dimensional Beasts, their enlargement depends on a surviving object (Daikann: Enlarge Inrō; Players: A medal slot located somewhere on their body; Londerz Prisoners: Depression Seals; Dimensional Beasts: Dimension Bug; Ganglers: A Gangler Safe)
    • Differing from past series: their safe is not the cause of their restoration; the method is not taken from the leader but an object they acquired; their safes and the contents are responsible for their crimes not the result of them; while a part of their being, they can be removed without having to fight the user.
  • While Status Doubles are able to survive with one safe removed, a Gangler with no safes at all would simply die.
  • They are the first set of monsters of the week to be tasked with succeeding their organization's leader.


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