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Galaxy Warriors is a popular intergalactic TV game show where contestants battle to prove who is the most powerful warrior.


It is led by its reigning champion Galvanax and its fights are held in the Warrior Dome. When Brody Romero took the Ninja Nexus Prism which contained the mythical Ninja Power Stars, Galavanax sent his warriors one-by-one to Earth to bring it back to him so he can become invincible and rule the universe.

Cosmo Royale serves as the show's announcer and commentator.

In the Warrior Dome, Cosmo Royale promotes the Ninja Star where whoever wins the competition would be a great warrior like Galvanax. The first fight is between Lavagor of the Extenz System vs. Korvaka of the Ninninger Galaxy. Korvaka easily destroys Lavagor. The Ninja Prism rejected Korvaka and Cosmo Royale offered a trip to the hospital as a consolation prize. Galvanax was not pleased with the outcome.Return of the Prism

Cosmo Royale is shoved aside by Galvanax who declares to the audience that whoever destroys the Power Rangers will be named champion. Cosmo later sends Ripperat to destroy Mick Kanic, Calvin Maxwell and Hayley Foster in order to get the Ninja Steel. After Ripperat was destroyed, Cosmo Royale uses the Gigantify on Ripperat to fight the Rangers upon a unanimous vote from the audience. After Ripperat's final demise at the hands of the Rangers' zords, Cosmo happily tells Galvanax about how well the show's ratings are doing thanks to the Rangers. However, Galvanax doesn't care about the ratings and vows that the Power Stars will be his, which Cosmo nervously agrees with.Forged in Steel

Spinferno is hired by Galvanax to attack the Rangers and the Ninja Steel, Cosmo Royale hosts the show but is interrupted by Spinferno. Spinferno spins around Cosmo Royale multiple times making him dizzy. After Spinferno "burns out," Cosmo asks the audience if they should "light him back up." The audience votes "No" and Cosmo Royale unleashes a Skullgator instead. After the Ninja Steel Megazord destroys the Skullgator, Cosmo tries to cheer up an angry Galvanax by telling him that the audience loved the Rangers' new Megazord.Live and Learn

After Sarah Thompson calls Galvanax a "chump" during his, Madame Odious, and Ripcon's confrontation with the Rangers, Cosmo Royale asks the audience what they think of the insult, causing them to boo. As Galvanax didn't want to fight the Rangers right now, he instead summons Slogre to do the job. When Slogre captures the Yellow, White and Pink Ninja Power Stars, Cosmo Royale praises him. After Slogre is defeated by Brody and Preston, Cosmo Royale uses the Gigantify to revive and enlarge Slogre.Presto Change-O

Cosmo introduces Tangleweb to the audience. The monster regurgitates a Kudabot it ate earlier, which Cosmo says is disgusting. When Tangleweb absorbs all five Rangers, Cosmo faints with excitement. When Tangleweb is initially defeated, Cosmo asks the audience if they want to give him a second chance. The audiences votes yes, so Cosmo Gigantifies him.Drive to Survive

When Cosmo reveals Badpipes to the audience, Badpipes uses his power to make Cosmo dance. Later, Cosmo uses the Gigantify Ray on Badpipes after the audience votes yes.My Friend, Redbot

Hacktrack assists Galvanax in his plot to hack Sarah's illusion technology. Thanks to a unanimous vote from the audience, Cosmo Royale uses the Gigantify Ray on Hacktrack.Hack Attack

Each of the Warrior Dome's contestants sent down by Madame Odius has been defeated by Levi Weston following his escape. When the audience was not pleased with Ripcon's failure, Cosmo Royale unleashed a Skullgator.Gold Rush

Cosmo Royale tells the audience that their latest contestant hasn't shown up until the stage quakes upon Stonedozer's arrival. After Stonedozer gets "between a rock and a hard place," Cosmo Royale asks if they should give him a hand. The audience votes "yes" and Cosmo Royale uses the Gigantify Ray on him.Rocking and Rolling

Cosmo Royale interviews Ripperat's brother Trapsaw who tells Cosmo Royale that he is the self-proclaimed master of traps. Trapsaw tries to get Cosmo Royale to set off his stage trap which doesn't go well as Trapsaw sets it off himself. Cosmo Royale was not pleased that he nearly set off the trap. When the Rangers defeat Trapsaw, Cosmo Royale asks the audience if they should give Trapsaw a hand. The audience votes "yes" and Cosmo Royale uses the Gigantify Ray on him.The Ranger Ribbon

When Cosmo Royale asks the audience if they should give Toxitea another chance to fight the Rangers, the audience votes "yes" and Cosmo Royale uses the Gigantify Ray on Toxitea.Poisonous Plots

Galvanax orders Cosmo Royale to use the Gigantify Ray on Ripcon and to unleash two Skullgators to fight the Rangers. Cosmo Royale announces this special event to the audience as he hits the respective buttons to make Ripcon grow and to unleash two Skullgators.Family Fusion

Princess Viera shows up at the Warrior Dome to take her shot at the Power Rangers with her royal guard Drillion. After Princess Viera started to see that the Power Rangers aren't that bad, Drillion was sent in to finish the job with plans to succeed Princess Viera.The Royal Rival

Drillion's latest battle was shown at the Warrior Dome. Instead of Cosmo Royale asking the audience if he should be given another chance with the Gigantify Ray, Galvanax ordered a Kudabot to fire the Gigantify Ray.The Royal Rumble

Grave Robber

Monkey Business

The Adventures of Redbot

Cosmo Royale introduces Abrakadanger to the audience. Abrakadanger proceeds to demonstrate his magic on two Basher Bots, much to Cosmo's amazement. When Abrakadanger gets destroyed, Cosmo proceeds to gigantify him. Abrakadanger (Episode)

Galvanax and Madame Odius send down Forcefear to go after the Rangers' Ninja Power Stars. When Forcefear fails, Galvanax and Odius steal Victor and Monty's magnet device after it is able to attract the Rangers' power stars, thinking that the Rangers' main power stars are there. After Galvanax finds out that the magnet didn't attract the main power stars, Galvanax speaks into a buzzcam stating that the Rangers' power stars will become his in the season finale of Galaxy Warriors. Helping Hand

The rangers suceeded in taking out Galvanax,however Madame Odius becomes the new leader of Galaxy Warriors.Galvanax Rises

Past, Presents, and Future


  • The show's crew and contestants are seemingly themed after yokai (Japanese creatures) due to their Sentai counterparts being themed after the former. In a coincidence, another space villain faction, the Space Shogunate Jark Matter, has its villains themed after cryptids, though the cryptid theme in the Jark Matter is universal cryptid instead of limited to a Japanese cryptid.
  • Some of the past villains and monsters have their suits recycled as members of the Galaxy Warriors audience where they are duplicated through CGI. They include:



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