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"The Flowery Kunoichi-gumi...are here!"
―Flowery Kunoichi-gumi announcing their arrival[src]

The Flowery Kunoichi Team (花のくノ一組 Hana no Kunoichi Gumi, 15, 16 & 20-53) are Gashadokuro's personal ninja team he created from cats. They are cruel, skilled female ninjas armed with Youjutsu Magic, and are capable of disguise. Also known as the Hanarangers (ハナレンジャー Hanarenjā), due to the members being named after various flowers. They are flower, cat, and ninja themed.

Flowery Kunoichi Team

Blue Iris Flower Ninja Ayame
Pink Cherry Blossom Flower Ninja Sakura
Green Water Lotus Flower Ninja Suiren
Orange Lily Flower Ninja Yuri
Purple Orchid Flower Ninja Ran


The Kunoichi-gumi first appear before Young Noble Junior, who orders them to aid the Shuten Douji Brothers in destroying the Kakurangers. Using Youjutsu Magic, the Kunoichi-gumi misdirect the Kakurangers into the Wandering Forest, and after luring away Nekomaru with catnip, they begin to hunt the Kakurangers with the Doji Brothers, separating them through smokescreens and continued attacks so they can take them down individually. They capture Seikai with ribbons and seemingly tie him to a tree, however when Tsuruhime goes to free him, she is captured in a net and drops her Doron Changer, while "Seikai" is revealed to be Suiren in disguise. Saizou battles the Doji Brothers on his own, but despite getting the upper-hand, Sakura and Ayame appear and threaten to kill Tsuruhime if Saizou does not drop his weapons. He reluctantly does so, and is badly beaten, leading to his and Tsuruhime's capture.

After capturing three of the Kakurangers, they pursue Jiraiya and Sasuke along with the Doji Brothers. Separating the two with a smokescreen, the Doji Brothers badly wound Jiraiya while the Kunoichi-gumi hold Sasuke off and beat him as well, before Jiraiya begs Sasuke to run. He does so, but are followed by the female ninjas, who blow him off a bridge with their Falling Cherry Blossoms attack. Ep. 15: Argh! Awesome Guys



Team Weapon

  • Kunoichi Missile


  • Katana
  • Machine gun
  • Rocket launcher

Youjutsu Magic

  • Falling Cherry Blossoms
  • Flower Fantasy
  • Flower Bomb

30 Sentai Encyclopedia

The Flowery Kunoichi Team is acknowledged as an Evil Sentai (悪の戦隊 Aku no Sentai), in the 30 Sentai Encyclopedia Special Files entry shown at the end of Task 45 of GoGo Sentai Boukenger.


Flowery Kunoichi Team

The Hanarangers with Daimaou.


concept art

  • "Flowery Kunoichi-gumi" translates roughly into "Flowery Female Ninja Group" in modern terms. However, "kunoichi" in Japanese history refer to female ninjas who would act as a concubines to their targets, sneaking into the enemy's stronghold and killing them after or during sex.
  • The Kunoichi-gumi are the first Sentai team to do several new concepts for a typical team:
    • The are the first and only all-female Sentai team.
    • They are the first Sentai team to not be a copy of their enemy team in costume or color.
    • They are first feline-themed Sentai team, followed by the Gekirangers. Both teams also have a member named Ran.
  • They're the first Sentai team who don't have any Red Ranger as a member of their team in any means or facets.
    • The Kunoichi-gumi are the only Ninja Sentai team without a red or yellow ranger.
  • No other Sentai team has the same color combination as the Kunoichi-gumi. They also have both rarely seen Orange and Violet Rangers as part of their core team.
  • In Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger Ep. 2: Lame Spirits Return! Call Forth a Crimson Full Blast of Delusion!, Kozukozu Mita cosplayed as Sakura.
  • This team has two actresses who have been Sentai members on other teams:


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  • Katherine Hillard - The second Pink Mighty Morphin Power Ranger who borrowed several characteristics from the Kunoichi-gumi during her debut.

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