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"By the power of Dai Shi, inner beast arise! We are the Five Fingers of Poison!"
―Five Fingers of Poison[src]

Five Fingers of Poison's in their monster form

The Five Fingers of Poison were the elite team of Rinshi, created by Camille to serve Dai Shi and destroy the Power Rangers. They wore the sashes as proof of their higher rank above the Rinshi that were bestowed poisonous animal spirits. Each member of the Five Fingers was master of a poison. Five Fingers of Poison served Dai Shi at first, but then their leader Naja betrayed Dai Shi and decided to overthrow Dai Shi and become the leader of the Dai Shi Clan himself. Naja revived the his fallen comrades and tried to overthrow Dai Shi, but they were all destroyed Dai Shi, Camille and Jungle Fury Rangers. The Five Fingers were all eventually destroyed by the Rangers until they were revived by Dai Shi for the final Beast War, but were destroyed again by the Power Rangers and the Pai Zhuq Masters.


The group was an elite team of Rinshi created by Camille to deal with the Power Rangers. They were first sent as an entire group where they easily defeated the Rangers, but Rantipede became impatient and chose to finish the job alone, only for him to fall to the Rangers and enraging Dai Shi. Tvicon.png TV STORY-A Taste of Poison

Gakko was later ordered by Dai Shi to eliminate the Rangers, who initially had success due to his fighting style on the sides of buildings and walls. However, overconfident in his own skills, Gakko spared them out of pity. Dai Shi was enraged before he ordered him back out, but by this time, Theo had mastered Gakko's concept of fighting after training under RJ's guidance and he eventually fell to the Rangers. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Can't Win Them All

Later, Stingerella went out and attacked with her own forces, with her unique dancing style allowing both her and the Rinshi to initially overcome the Rangers. However, Toady, who was in love with Stingerella, became enraged when he saw Theo accidentally touch her and intervened. Despite overwhelming the Rangers, Toady cried and fled the battlefield when he spotted Stingerella leaving as she was disgusted by his lack of "rhythm", forcing Camille to improvise by telling Toady to be more chivalrous and asserting. Toady was eventually able to win Stingerella's affections with Camille's advice, but the two were eventually destroyed by the Rangers. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Dance the Night Away

This left Naja as the last member, who believed Dai Shi was a failure and he plotted revenge against his master. Using his own Life Talons, he revived Gakko and Rantipede and ambushed Dai Shi, only for Camille to appear and defend him from their assassination attempt. Dai Shi easily killed Rantipede, forcing Gakko and Naja to flee. The Rangers killed Gakko once more while Camille slew Naja while managing to take his remaining Life Talons, who Dai Shi would use to revive the Overlords. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Pizza Slice of Life

The group was eventually revived by Dai Shi but were destroyed during the final Beast War. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Now the Final Fury


  • Rantipede (revived twice, destroyed)
  • Gakko (revived twice, destroyed)
  • Stingerella (revived once, destroyed)
  • Toady (revived once, destroyed)
  • Naja (leader, revived twice, destroyed)


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