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"By the power of Dai Shi, inner beast arise! We are the Five Fingers of Poison!"
―Five Fingers of Poison[src]

Five Fingers of Poison's in their monster form

The Five Fingers of Poison were the elite team of Rinshi, created by Camille to serve Dai Shi and destroy the Power Rangers. They wore the sashes as proof of their higher rank above the Rinshi that were bestowed poisonous animal spirits. Each member of the Five Fingers was master of a poison. Five Fingers of Poison served Dai Shi at first, but then their leader Naja betrayed Dai Shi and decided to overthrow Dai Shi and become the leader of the Dai Shi Clan himself. Naja revived the his fallen comrades and tried to overthrow Dai Shi, but they were all destroyed Dai Shi, Camille and Jungle Fury Rangers. The Five Fingers were all eventually destroyed by the Rangers until they were revived by Dai Shi for the final Beast War, but were destroyed again by the Power Rangers and the Pai Zhuq Masters.


Five Fingers of Poison were the elite team of Rinshi, created by Camille to help Dai Shi destroy the Jungle Fury Rangers. They wore the sashes as a proof of their high rank in Dai Shi's army. They were all masters of poisons. When they first attacked Ocean Bluff and fought the Power Rangers, they easily defeated the Rangers and rangers were forced to escape. Dai Shi in Jarrod's body challenged Casey on the duel and easily defeated the Red Ranger. Then Dai Shi ordered Stingerella to poison Casey and she did it. Stingerella poisoned Casey and the dose wasn't enough to kill him, but it caused him to suffer a massive pain. Rantipede then decided to finish with Casey and challenged the Red Ranger. However, Lily arrived instead and battled Rantipede. The Yellow Ranger defeated Rantipede by using her speed of the cheetah. Then the other rangers arrived and together battled Rantipede and defeated him, even despite he summoned Rinshi to aid him in battle. Then Rantipede enlarged himself, and fought Jungle Pride Megazord Pride Megazord. Rantipede used his speed against the Megazord and even turned his head into the tail and captured the Megazord, but rangers freed themselves with the Savage Spin and Rantipede was defeated and destroyed by the Rangers. Gakko was the second to battle the rangers. Gakko battled the rangers by using his ability to climb on the high heights. Gakko defeated the rangers and Theo and left, being glad in his successes. Gakko told Dai Shi that he would destroy the Rangers, even threatening to kill him, if he fail. Gakko was confident in his victory, but in the second battle, Theo defeated Rinshi by using his ability to balance on the wall. Gakko grew giant and fought Jungle Pride Megazord. In his giant size, he separated his hand and it caught the Megazord. 


  • Rantipede (revived twice, destroyed)
  • Gakko (revived twice, destroyed)
  • Stingerella (fell in love with Toady, revived once, destroyed)
  • Toady (fell in love with Stingarella, revived once, destroyed)
  • Naja (leader, traitor, revived twice, destroyed)


  • They are references to the Five Deadly Venoms.
  • For their color-coded sashes: Stingerella wears Red; Toady wears Yellow; Gakko wears Green; Naja wears Blue; and Rantipede wears White.

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