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"By the power of Dai Shi, inner beast arise! We are the Five Fingers of Poison!"
―Five Fingers of Poison[src]
Five Venom Fists

Five Fingers of Poison's in their monster form

The Five Fingers of Poison were elite Rinshi, wearing sashes as proof of their higher rank above the Rinshi that were bestowed poisonous animal spirits. Each member of the Five Fingers was master of a poison. The Five Fingers were all eventually destroyed until they were revived by Dai Shi for the final Beast War, but were destroyed again by the Power Rangers and the Pai Zhuq Masters.


  • Rantipede (revived twice, destroyed)
  • Gakko (revived twice, destroyed)
  • Stingerella (fell in love with Toady, revived once, destroyed)
  • Toady (fell in love with Stingarella, revived once, destroyed)
  • Naja (leader, traitor, revived once, destroyed)


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