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Main Female Rangers

Web Series Female Rangers

Super Female Rangers

Extra Female Rangers

Females with Debatable Ranger Status

Unique Evil Female Rangers

Historic/Alternate Female Rangers

Comics Female Rangers

Additional Female Rangers

These ranger's powers were in Super Megaforce as Legendary Ranger Modes, but their actual owners are unknown.

Legendary Female Ranger Modes

  • Yellow Alien Ranger (Female Version)
  • Black Alien Ranger (Female Version)
  • Yellow Wind Ranger (Female Version)
  • Navy Thunder Ranger (Female Version)
  • Red Mystic Ranger (Female Version)
  • Yellow Mystic Ranger (Female Version)
  • Jungle Fury Red Ranger (Female Version)
  • Jungle Fury Rhino Ranger (Female Version)
  • Ranger Black (Female Version)
  • Prism Green Ranger (Female Version)

Skirted Legendary Ranger Modes

  • Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger (Skirted Version)
  • Galaxy Yellow (Skirted Version)
  • Yellow Lightspeed Ranger (Skirted Version)
  • Time Force Yellow (Skirted Version)
  • Yellow Wild Force Ranger (Skirted Version)

Female Ranger Keys

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