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The five classified Bangai heroes in 'Gokaiger'.

Extra Heroes (番外ヒーロー Bangai Hīrō) are sentai-allies who are similar to Rangers but cannot be classified as such. Most Extra Heroes are either aliens or mechanic beings. Blue is the most common color of Extra Hero, with 3 heroes being blue, followed by 2 Black Heroes, 1 Gold Hero and 1 Green Hero. Of the several characters that are considered Extra Heroes, only Signalman, Hyuuga, Zubaan, Mele, and Rio fought in the Great Legend War and had their powers become Ranger Keys, while others are unaccounted for unknown reasons or losing their powers. (Ninjaman being the lone exception, as his whereabouts are explained and returns in person)

Main Extra Heroes

Heroes with debatable Extra Hero Status

Super Extra Heroes

Bangai Heroes who can assume Super Ranger forms.

Extra Hero Teams

Extra Heroes

Ranger Keys

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