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"The Morphin Grid will be mine!"
―Venjix/Evox's evil scheme[src]

The Evox Virus Army is a villain group consisting of the Venjix Virus who is reincarnated as Evox, evil avatar and robotic versions of Blaze and Roxy, and Scrozzle. They act as the main antagonists of Power Rangers Beast Morphers looking to take over the Morphin Grid.

A symbol found on many Gigadrones and a few Robotrons. This could be considered this group's official symbol.



Several years before the start of the series, Evox had been known as the Venjix Virus, an evil computer virus made by Doctor K in another dimension to escape the psychotic think tank known as Alphabet Soup. It had escaped when they didn't believe her and created an army of robotic foot soldiers and robot monsters to destroy humanity but was thwarted and eventually destroyed by the RPM Rangers and was seemingly destroyed for good although this was untrue.

Although it remains unclear how he did this, he somehow transferred himself into one of the Cell Shift Morphers. The most likely possibility is that this was a copy he created once he scanned the systems in the Garage to find the schematics for the Mach and Paleomax Megazords. However it happened and Venjix remained hidden within them for an estimated 11 years (the difference in time between the main universe and RPM universe creating some confusion) until the Morphers came into the possession of the paramilitary organization Grid Battleforce.

Sometime later, a young Nate Silva was experimenting with old Ranger technology, including the Morphers containing Venjix. Unaware that the Morpher is infected with the Venjix Virus, Nate mixed it with Morph X and snake DNA. A fragment of the Venjix Virus absorbs the snake DNA into its programming and escapes into Grid Battleforce's computer system, gaining a new form as a result. The Venjix-snake entity takes on the name "Evox". For years, Evox lays dormant inside Grid Battleforce, hiding behind their firewalls within their computer systems, waiting for them to construct the Morph-X Tower network.

Season 1

Many years later, on the day Morph X was revolutionized in Coral Harbor, Evox corrupted the Morph X as a computer virus and created evil avatar duplicates of Blaze and Roxy when Blaze, Ravi Shaw and Roxy were about to transform into the Grid Battleforce Rangers, putting Blaze and Roxy into comas until their avatars are defeated. Ravi escaped Evox thanks to Devon Daniels before he could transform into an avatar. Devon, Ravi, and laundry girl Zoey Reeves all put themselves under the transformers and became the Power Rangers in the place of their comatose friends. They trapped the computer Evox infected and the Avatars in between some Mega Transporters and teleported them to another realm. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Beasts Unleashed

After Evox, Blaze and Roxy land in a dimension known as the Cyber Dimension, they meet the ruler of that world, Scrozzle, who is shown to fear Evox after he threatens him. After Evox blasts away Tronics for which Scrozzle created to protect him from a monster named Vargoyle, Evox tells Blaze and Roxy to go with Scrozzle to get him more Morph X so that he can transport back to Earth. Once they fail to receive a substantial amount of Morph X for Evox after they create the Robotron Cycletron from a pile of tires. Scrozzle reveals that he has a huge amount of Gigadrones at his disposal. Using the limited Morph X acquired, Scrozzle sends the Cycledrone, a type Alpha Gigadrone with the data of Cycletron that gets destroyed in the end. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Evox's Revenge

Blaze plans to steal Morph X from the X Bikes. For an aid in his mission, he creates Needletron from a bicycle pump to help him. Once he is destroyed, he uses his arm to steal the Morph X in a warehouse. Blaze leaves with some Morph X and Roxy battles the Rangers. Scrozzle sends the Gigadrone Needledrone and Roxy is defeated and leaves with the rest of the Morph X as Needledrone is destroyed by the Rangers. Tvicon.png TV STORY-End of the Road

Roxy plans to use her human incarnate's past relationship with Ravi to try and turn him into a Dark Avatar on Valentine's Day. She creates Shoveltron from an excavator and tells him to attack the city. He is about to crush Ravi but Roxy 'saves' him. She later convinces Ravi to get a Neural Aligner so that they can remove Evox's Virus from her, but she uses him to try and turn him into a Dark Avatar. The other Rangers save him and Scrozzle sends in Shoveldrone which Devon fights as Ravi and Zoey fight Shoveltron, but the two shovels are destroyed. Back in the Cyber Dimension, Scrozzle tells Evox his plan to use the Neural Aligner to get Evox out of the Cyber Dimension. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Digital Deception

Evox complains to Scrozzle and Avatar Blaze that the only thing holding himself back is the lack of Morph-X and that he needs more. Interrupting Evox, Scrozzle tells the sentient virus that he’s found a way to hack into every security camera in Coral Harbor. When Evox turns down Scrozzle’s plan, saying he wants action instead of hoping, Blaze tells Evox of a plan to create a Robotron powerful enough to cut into a Morph-X Tower and supply him with an ocean of Morph-X. Evox approves of the plan but tells Blaze that his plan had better work. Blaze returns on Earth to steal more Morph X for Evox. He creates Slicertron and fights the Rangers with him. But when he is defeated by Ravi, he retreats in the Cyber Dimension, abandoning Slicertron who was destroyed by Ravi and Zoey whilt Slicerdrone is defeated by the Racer Zord Battle Mode and later captured.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Taking Care of Business

Evox calls out Avatar Blaze for allowing the Rangers to capture Slicerdrone. When Blaze told Evox that the Gigadrone is useless to the Rangers, the sentient virus tells him that the Rangers are smart and blasts him for his excuse. Evox adds that the Rangers can break into the Gigadrone and steal his data. Trying to calm Evox, Avatar Roxy tells Evox that they can get the data back before the Rangers find it. The sentient virus tells the avatars to get to work and tells Scrozzle to help them as well. Ben and Betty find Avatar Roxy outside the hangar door talking to Scrozzle over her communicator. The avatar tells the robot that Slicerdrone must be inside but needs to find a way through the steel door. Realizing the problem, Scrozzle finds a can of acid spray and tells Avatar Roxy that he’s going to build a Robotron to fix the problem. While the avatar impatiently tells Scrozzle to hurry up and send it over, Ben contacts the Commander and tells her to send the Rangers.

Scrozzle sends his latest Robotron, Meltatron to Roxy. The avatar aggressively asks Meltatron if he can get her through the door. They succeed then reboot and free him. She fights the Rangers and orders to Meltatron to finish them before return in the Cyber Dimension. But Meltatron was destroyed by Ravi and Zoey, then Slicerdrone and Meltadrone by the new Beast-X Megazord. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Hangar Heist

Roxy and Blaze create Railtron when they infect a tank locomotive. They send him after the Beast Bots so he can steal their data, which would allow Scrozzle to control the Beast X Megazord, but the plan fails. The Rangers destroy Railtron and Raildrone but Scrozzle informs Roxy and Blaze that he finally built his Cybergate, which would allow Evox to return to Earth and take over the Morphin Grid. The robotic inventor laughs while Roxy and Blaze smile.Tvicon.png TV STORY-A Friend Indeed

Vacuutron is sent to steal more Morph X to power up Scrozzle's Cybergate and free Evox from the Cyber Dimension. Scrozzle then sends in Vacuudrone to steal more Morph X from the Morph-X Tower. Vacuudrone is destroyed by the Beast X Megazord but Scrozzle, Blaze and Roxy are about to free Evox, having captured Nate, the ally of the Rangers to build a robotic body for their master. Evox begins to possess it but the plan fails, as Nate manages to damage the Cybergate, send back Evox to the Cyber Dimension and become the Gold Ranger, while the robot body becomes the Silver Ranger and later takes on the name Steel. Scrozzle retreats while the new Rangers destroy the Tronics and easily defeat Roxy and Blaze who retreat at their turn.The Rangers then destroyed Vaccutron and the newly created Vacuudrone.Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Cybergate Opens

Steel later decides to hand himself over to Evox's force (Roxy, Blaze and Tronics) in exchange for Ben and Betty's release after Antennatron intercepted their location via radio waves. Scrozzle repairs his Cybergate, then along with Roxy and Blaze, waits for Evox's arrival. Evox emerges from the Cybergate again and tries to take possession of Steel's body. He fails however, because Steel has human DNA (specifically Nate's DNA). Steel summons his Striker Saber and destroys the Cybergate, forcing Evox back into the Cyber Dimension once more. Scrozzle retreats along with Roxy and Blaze at which point he created Antennadrone which was also destroyed. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Silver Sacrifice

Frustrated over this latest defeat, Evox complains to Scrozzle that Blaze and Roxy are continuing to fail. Scrozzle offers to bribe the Avatars by promising to upgrade one of them with all three of the Rangers' Beast powers. He shows Evox three data chips that can be placed on Robotrons and will collect the necessary data whenever a Ranger uses their Beast power. Evox tasks Blaze and Roxy with gathering the necessary data, promising to give the upgrade to his most powerful servant. Roxy volunteers to go first. Though she succeeds in collecting data on Ravi's Gorilla strength, she fails to defeat the Rangers or collect Morph-X. Drilltron and Drilldrone were later destroyed, so Evox sends Blaze to gather the next set of data.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Thrills and Drills

Blaze attacks the Rangers with the Tronics and tries to collect data on the remaining Beast Powers but fails when Devon destroys the Robotronizer. Blaze implores Evox to a point that the virus orders him to disappear from his sight or be destroyed by him. Roxy is happy of her rival's fate and prepares a new plan to defeat the Rangers. She demands a virus to destroy the Rangers to Scrozzle after he uses his technology to repair the Robotronizer. Then, Roxy goes to Earth and creates Tooltron to destroy the Rangers' weapons so she could earn the upgrade she and Blaze desired. Tooltron succeeded in collecting data on the Jackrabbit jumping of the Yellow Ranger before his destruction. After Tooltron's destruction, Scrozzle sends Tooldrone, but in spite of deploying the new Delta Model, both Gigadrones were destroyed by the Rangers in their Beast-X Megazord and new Striker Megazord. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Tools of the Betrayed

Blaze creates Clonetron with the hopes that his new creation will destroy the Zord computer with his clone morphing ability, but he is exposed by Steel. Scrozzle sends Clonedrone while Clonetron fights the Yellow and Blue Rangers, but they are both destroyed. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Real Steel

Roxy creates Tubatron by infecting Joey's discarded tuba with the Robotron Creation Key. After proving ineffective in his first battle, Roxy later had Scrozzle upgrade his horn, which was tested on Blaze and knocked him out cold. While Tubatron succeeded in collecting data on the Red Ranger's cheetah speed, the chip was shot and fried before it was retrieved. Tubatron was destroyed shortly after. After Tubatron's destruction, Scrozzle sends Tubadrone but he is destroyed by the Rangers.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Tuba Triumph

Around Halloween time, Scrozzle designed a hypnotic video to brainwash all of the Rangers into thinking they are their costumed identities so no one could prevent him and Spiketron from stealing a truckload of Morph-X. The Ranger team, freed from Scrozle's brainwashing by Devon, approaches Scrozzle and Spiketron, much to the inventor's surprise, thinking that they were still hypnotized, and they transform into Rangers. Scrozzle summons some Tronics to help Spiketron keep the Rangers busy and he teleports back to the Cyber Dimension to bring in a Gigadrone. Spikedrone, a Gigadrone Beta Model drops into Coral Harbor, causing the Red and Yellow Rangers to leave the battle for their Zords. They formed the Beast-X Megazord, but were overpowered by Spikedrone with the help of another Delta Model. Spiketron was quickly destroyed so Steel and Nate summoned their Zords and teamed up with the Wheeler Zord to destroy both Gigadrones. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Hypnotic Halloween

Blaze goes to Earth with his new evil creation Tubatron 2.0 who becomes stronger with a Fury Cell. Tubatron 2.0 overpowers all 5 Rangers in battle. He also managed to knock Devon back in Red Fury Mode. But after another fierce fight, Tubatron 2.0 is destroyed. After Tubatron 2.0's destruction, Scrozzle deploysTubadrone 2.0 but he is destroyed too by the Racer Zord. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Sound and Fury

Roxy creates Burnertron to collect the final Beast Power Data, but Nate and Steel were able to destroy him. However, the data chip was still intact and Roxy later retrieved it. Scrozzle sends Burnerdrone but he is destroyed by the Striker Megazord. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Seeing Red

Eventually, Vargoyle locates Scrozzle in the Cyber Dimension and confronts him. He was furious to learn that the last four Fury Cells had been lost (with one being lost with Tubatron 2.0 and the other three being used by Devon), and when Scrozzle blamed Blaze and Roxy, Vargoyle attacked the two avatars. Evox appeared and stopped the fight. After Scrozzle explained Vargoyle's backstory, Evox asked Vargoyle to work for him, offering to reward him with the Beast power upgrade Scrozzle had recently developed. Vargoyle agreed to the deal, though Blaze and Roxy felt betrayed, since Evox had originally promised one of them the upgrade. Blaze and Roxy fight the Rangers for the first time with Turbotron. However, both the Robotron and Turbodrone are destroyed, forcing the Avatars to retreat. Back in the Cyber Dimension, Evox was pleased that Vargoyle had collected so much Morph-X. He rewarded Vargoyle with the Beast powers upgrade. Vargoyle thanked Evox and vowed to use his new powers to destroy Evox's enemies. Outraged at being denied the upgrade, Blaze and Roxy decided to team up to get rid of Vargoyle.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Gorilla Act

As Vargoyle finished telling Evox his plan to get him the Morph-X he needs to return to Earth, Blaze and Roxy walk it, ready to show Evox their designs for a Memory Pulsator, only for Vargoyle to reveal that he's already beat them to their idea with Scrozzle's help. Incensed, Blaze accuses Scrozzle of sharing their plans with Vargoyle, something which Scrozzle tries to deny, but Vargoyle confirms. Before the argument can escalate, Evox interrupts and says that if Vargoyle was clever enough to steal Blaze and Roxy's plan, then he's smart enough to execute that plan. Scrozzle sends Shockatron to Earth at the same time that Shockadrone was deployed as part of Vargoyle's plan to distract the Rangers while he puts his Memory Pulsator in place. Although both Shockatron and Shockadrone were destroyed, Vargoyle succeeded in planting the Memory Pulsator on the Channel 10 TV station's transmitter tower.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ranger Reveal

Vargoyle used Scrozzle's Robotron-Maker to activate the Pulsator, which rewrote the memories of everyone in Coral Harbor, including the human Rangers, causing them to forget about Evox's previous attacks and believed that Blaze and Roxy were the actual Red and Yellow Beast Morphers Rangers. In Grid Battleforce, the evil Roxy sabotages the real Roxy's pod before leaving with Blaze to steal the Mega Transporters. Steel destroys the Pulsator and the Rangers retrieve their memories but they were too late, as Blaze and Roxy managed to flee with the Mega Transporters in front of them. Later, when Vargoyle fights Devon, he remarks that his Beast Power is almost discharged and asks Scrozzle for more Morph-X. Scrozzle replies that he has enough to use the Cheetah's speed and that he will send it if he says please. At this moment, Blaze appears with Roxy prevents him from sending in the Morph-X. Scrozzle replies that Vargoyle needs the supply or he will be destroyed but Blaze and Roxy smile, meaning that they wish for him to be killed and Scrozzle joins their choice. After the death of Vargoyle, and despite the failure of a Gigadrone, Blaze and Roxy become again Evox's favorites after they successfully steal the mega transporters to start Evox's endgame. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Rewriting History

Scrozzle informs Blaze and Roxy that the Rangers have retrieved the Mega Transporters that they have stolen. Considering the Tronics useless, Blaze has Scrozzle send down a Gigadrone to distract the Rangers so that he and Roxy can retake and use the stolen Mega Transporters to teleport the Morph-X tower to the Cyber Dimension. The Rangers divides: Ravi takes the Mega Transporters while the others fight the Gigadrone. Seeing that, Roxy says that she knows what to do as Blaze and Scrozzle watch her leave them confused. Roxy baited Ravi away, after a fierce fight, he destroys her Morpher and then her with four shots of his Beast-X Blaster (because her sabotage of the real deal's stasis pod prevented the awakening), so that Blaze could retake the transporters. While doing so, Blaze manages to capture Devon. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Target Tower

When the Rangers arrive in the Cyber Dimension in their Beast-X Ultrazord to rescue Devon and stop Evox once and for all. Blaze orders Scrozzle to send an army of Gigadrones to destroy them, but the Beast-X Ultrazord destroys them all. However, Evox's new body finishes taking form and he uses his new powers to destroy the Ultrazord in a single shot. The Rangers reunite with Devon and his father, only to be confronted by Evox, who de-morphs them all with a single blast. Believing the Rangers are no longer a threat, Evox uses the Morph-X in his body to grow giant and orders Scrozzle to begin teleporting him to Earth to take over the Morphin Grid.

With all the Zords except the Racer Zord destroyed, the Rangers decide to blow up the Morph-X tower to destroy Evox. Devon takes the Racer Zord into the tower, while Mayor Daniels leads the other Rangers and their Beast Bots to Scrozzle's lab. While Zoey, Ravi, and Steel fight the Tronics, Nate shoots and injures Scrozzle with his Striker Morpher, who teleports away. Nate then uses Scrozzle's computer to override Evox's teleportation.

Blaze used a new Megazord created by Scrozzle to try to stop Devon and the Racer Zord from the destroying the stolen Morph-X Tower. The two Zords ended up fighting inside the tower itself. Devon destroyed both the evil Megazord and the Blaze Avatar with the Racer Zord's Cheetah Hyper Strike with the Cybervillain's final words being his denial that this could be happening. The resulting explosion set off a chain reaction inside the tower, destroying it. The tower's explosion subsequently destroyed Evox's new body. Part of the Morph-X blast travels through the portal and strikes Mayor Daniels, who is knocked down but otherwise unharmed.

A week later, with Evox seemingly destroyed and the real Blaze and Roxy restored to normal, Mayor Daniels presides over a ceremony at Grid Battleforce, in which the Rangers and Ben and Betty are awarded medals of valor for saving the city. However, unseen by anyone else, the mayor's left hand starts glowing purple, indicating that Evox has survived and is now residing within Mayor Daniels. Despite the assumed survival, Evox has apparently became inert. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Evox Upgraded

A month or two later, Scrozzle went on the offensive during Christmas and created Infernotron. He then went on an all-out invasion downtown with an army of Tronics to take his revenge against the Rangers for destroying his Cyber Dimension. The Rangers fell for the trap and Nate was sealed away into a Christmas ornament and, despite the demise of Infernotron, the other Rangers followed suit with only Ravi and Steel remaining free. Ravi was accidentally trapped by Steel. Later that day, Scrozzle personally piloted Infernodrone and went on a rampage around Coral Harbor as revenge for the destruction of his Cyber Dimension. With Steel busy trying to fix the other Rangers, the Beast Bots were forced to pilot the Zords alone. While the Wheeler and Chopper Zords evacuated civilians and put out the fires, the Racer Zord took on Infernodrone. After taking a hit from the Racer Zord's Beast Bite, Scrozzle launched two Gigatronics for backup and had Infernodrone start burning into a Morph X Tower. Cruise quickly defeated the Gigatronics with the Racer Zord in Cheetah Mode and then destroyed Infernodrone with the Racer Zord's Hyper Strike, seemingly destroying Scrozzle as well. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Scrozzle's Revenge

Although this seemed to put an end to this group for good, it was later disproven.

Season 2

It was revealed by Nate that since Evox's defeat, the Cyber Dimension had been completely abandoned and was now just a barren wasteland. Scrozzle was revealed to have survived Infernodrone's destruction when the Rangers confronted him, Drilltron 2.0, and some Tronics while they were stealing Morph-X from a spill in Sector Lima 2-3. Once the Rangers arrive to stop them, Scrozzle teleported away with all the Morph-X, leaving Drilltron 2.0 and the Tronics to fight the Rangers. He created Drilldrone 2.0 after this but that was also destroyed.

With the Cyber Dimension's destruction, Evox (who is revealed to have survived) moved their base to the Crystal Dimension as a precaution. In an effort to rebuild his army, Evox has Scrozzle recreate the fallen avatars as robots. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Believe It or Not

Having promised generals for Evox, Scrozzle creates Trappertron who captures Blaze and Roxy. Scrozzle scans them and then creates in the new base, Robo-Roxy and Robo-Blaze. Built in robotic bodies through back-up data of Avatars Blaze and Roxy, they possess memories of their predecessors. Whenever they are destroyed, they can return in new robotic forms. Blaze and Roxy attacked a construction site with an army of Tronics and attacked the Rangers but were destroyed by the Beast-X Ultra Blaster and Striker Morphers, after the duo's destruction, Scrozzle sends Trapperdrone but he is destroyed by the Beast-X Ultrazord. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Save Our Shores

Roxy and Blaze attacked the Riptide Gym where Devon is battling a girl named Kerry in a video game competition. They steal her console and summon Tronics before Roxy creates Gamertron out of the game console they stole and they battle the Rangers. With Nate and Steel preoccupied with battling Robo Roxy and Robo Blaze, Devon is left to fight Gamertron with Zoey and Ravi. However, after they kicked her back, she created evil clones of them to destroy them and defend her. She fled after overpowering the trio with the other villains.

Later, Gamertron tied up a truck driver and attempted to use the supply of game consoles to create an army of Gamertrons. However, the real Rangers caught up to her and engaged the evil clones in a final fight; Nate and Steel left to help the truck driver while the remaining Rangers battled the evil clones. After her clones were destroyed, Gamertron was finally destroyed by Devon and his Beast-X Cannon. Scrozzle then sent Gamerdrone immediately afterwards. Upon arriving, it engulfed part of Sector 05 in a Morph X-draining dome, which began sapping Morph X from everything inside it. The Rangers, having been alerted to the Gigadrone's approach by Commander Shaw, deployed in their Beast-X Ultrazord. They used their lance to slash a hole in the dome and entered it. Gamerdrone fired upon them, but the Ultrazord used its lance to deflect most of the blasts. Zoey then noticed their Morph X levels were dropping, and Nate realized that the dome was draining the Ultrazord's fuel.

Despite losing a lot of fuel, the Ultrazord landed a couple blows on Gamerdrone with its lance. Gamerdrone grabbed hold of the lance when they tried to stab her in the chest. However, they forced the Gigadrone to let go by shooting her with the Ultra Blast. Devon then summoned his Cheetah Beast Blaster and obliterated Gamerdrone with the Beast-X Ultra Strike, making the dome disappear. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Game On!

Evox sent Blaze and Roxy to destroy Grid Battleforce so they created Keytron to break inside and find a way in. He breached the base through the parking entrance but encountered Ravi in the main parking area who had just arrived for work in his car. Ravi called for help and then attacked Keytron. The two fought, with Keytron quickly overpowering Ravi but was driven off by Nate and Steel. Keytron fled outside where he was cornered by the three Rangers. Zoey and Devon then drove in on Cruise in motorcycle mode, forcing Keytron to flee.

In the Crystal Dimension, Scrozzle came up with a new plan to invade Grid Battleforce, using explosive paint to bring down the armored walls. He then disguised Keytron as a human painter named "Pierre" who would claim credit for a mural Ravi had secretly painted. Evox, posing as Mayor Daniels, travelled to Coral Harbor and convinced Commander Shaw to let "Pierre" paint a mural on one of Grid Battleforce's walls. Before "Pierre" could get to work, however, Ravi stepped forward and confessed to his mother that he was the one who painted the mural.

Exposed as a fraud, Pierre and his assistants (Tronics in disguise) threw the explosive paint at the Rangers, who managed to get out of the way just in time. Pierre transformed back into Keytron, while the assistants revealed themselves as Tronics. Commander Shaw and Mayor Daniels left the scene, leaving the Rangers to battle Keytron and the Tronics. Using an energy blast from his key arm, Keytron was able to lock the Transpods on the Ranger's shoulders which prevented them from summoning any weapons. Devon tried to transport the Beast-X Ultra Blaster but failed and Nate explained that Keytron had "locked the programming." Even without their weapons, the Rangers took them on with Devon fighting and managing to overpower Keytron. In spite of being overpowered, Keytron tried to take down Devon but was shot down by Commander Shaw using a Beast-X Blaster. She then threw Devon the Beast-X Ultra Blaster and Keytron was finished off by the Beast-X Ultra Blaster's Beast-X Ultra Blast.

Keydrone was sent by Scrozzle to steal some Morph-X in a similar fashion to Gamerdrone using a dome. It arrived outside of Coral Harbor Stadium and deployed its dome around the area. The Beast-X Ultrazord quickly deployed and broke into the dome with an energy slash (with Zoey noting how similar the dome was to Gamerdrone's). They managed to very temporarily overpower Keydrone but it locked the Ultrazord using identical powers to Keytron before walling on it with its key arm. Before it could finish off the formation, Cruise discovered that the Ultrazord's jets still worked so they flew into the air and really confused the Gigadrone. It then came back down and landed on Keydrone with absolutely devastating force, causing a massive explosion and sending it flying across the domed arena. Although Keydrone survived, its key arm was smashed into a burning stump. With the Ultrazord now unlocked, Devon called for the Cheetah Beast Blaster and Keydrone was destroyed shortly after by a stab to its chest from the Beast-X Ultra Strike. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Artist Anonymous

Whilst Evox was away posing as Mayor Daniels, Scrozzle created Digitron out of an unknown object and sent him to destroy the Rangers. The Robotron travelled to Coral Harbor and appeared at a building complex where he scared off a group of civilians, then absorbed an abandoned laptop computer and a personal transporter into himself. The Rangers, along with Cruise, confronted him and he summoned two squads of Tronics, forcing the Rangers to split up. The battle soon moved into a park, where Digitron briefly fought Ravi and Zoey, before they went back to help Devon and Cruise with the Tronics. While Cruise was shooting the Tronics with his new blasters, Digitron blasted him from behind, causing Cruise to drop the blasters. While the Tronics held back Devon, he absorbed Cruise into himself, tremendously augmenting his power. Devon, Ravi, and Zoey fought him, but he used his new strength to easily beat them. Nate and Steel regrouped with them, and Devon tried to capture Digitron with Cable Strike, but Digitron teleported away.

He later returned to the city and was faced by the Rangers again. Although he easily overwhelmed them, the Beast-X Visors were now ready and Devon summoned his. With Ravi and Zoey providing cover fire with their Beast-X Blasters, and Nate and Steel restraining Digitron, Devon was able to punch into Digitron's middle with his new Morph-X Key and pull Cruise out of Digitron, weakening the Robotron. The three main Rangers then activated their new Beast-X Modes, using their digitized Beast Bots to create armor that enhanced their Beast powers in a mode known as Beast-X Mode.

Digitron called upon Tronics but the newly empowered Rangers easily took them out. Digitron tried to destroy the Rangers with his strongest attack but they deflected it easily. He was easily overpowered by Zoey's Jackrabbit Spin Strike and taken down by Ravi's Gorilla Slam (involving generating and then throwing a massive boulder) before Devon took him out for good with the Beast-X Cheetah Charge. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

Evox had a plan to take over the new Beast-X King Zord by creating a virus to control it so Blaze and Roxy stole a hand puppet which Scrozzle infected to make Controlatron. Blaze and Roxy took him to Earth and the Robotron took control of Nate, who summoned Tronics when the others found them but he took him to the Crystal Dimension where Nate created a control program. The two were then sent to the city to kill Devon whilst Scrozzle sent Controladrone and Digidrone to Coral Harbor to distract the others. Digidrone arrived first and fought the Chopper Zord, Wheeler Zord Gorilla Mode and Striker Megazord and was overwhelmed. However, Contrtoldrone arrived and took complete control of the Wheeler Zord which took down the Striker Megazord. Meanwhile, Devon arrived and fought Nate but was overwhelmed until he threw his Beast-X Saber and destroyed Controlatron's puppet which freed Nate so he morphed into Beast-X Mode. Controlatron fired energy slashes but they were deflected and the Beast-X Cheetah Charge killed him. Back in the Zord fight, the Chopper Zord destroyed Controladrone's puppet just before the Racer Zord arrived and the formed the Beast-X Megazord as Nate arrived in the Striker Megazord. However, the virus Nate created remained. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Blame Game

Blaze and Roxy were sent to infect the Beast-X King Zord whilst it was being shown off to Grid Battleforce and they succeeded. Devon deployed alone in the Racer Zord to fight it whilst the others found an anti-virus but the Zord proved too much for even the Racer Zord in Battle Mode, proving way too powerful for it because Nate refused to even listen to Megan, still angry over their last encounter. The Racer Zord eventually managed to hold the Beast-X King Zord in place long enough for Nate to upload an anti-virus into it but this instead changed it into its more powerful Battle Mode. The new "Megazord" easily overwhelmed the Racer Zord and Nate was helpless. However, Zoey convinced Nate to let Megan help by uploading a new program into the Beast-X King Ultra Bow. The King Zord soon returned to normal when the program was shot into it by the Ultra Bow, which changed it back to its Lion Mode.

After Nate destroyed Robo-Roxy with a Beast-X King Power Bolt. Blaze returned in a rebuilt version of his Megazord so the Racer Zord mounted the Beast-X King Zord and went into battle. He tried to obliterate both Zords with energy blasts but they were unfazed and the King Zord changed into its bike mode. More energy blasts proved completely ineffective and the Megazord was rammed out of the sky before the King Zord changed back into Lion Mode. With his Zord now out of Morph-X (due to the prolonged battle against the then corrupted Zord) Devon entered the new Zord and changed it into Battle Mode. The formation easily overwhelmed the Evil Zord before taking it down with the Beast-X King Flame Strike before finishing the Gigadrone (and this current body of Blaze) with the Beast-X King Scepter Slash. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Beast King Rampage

In the Crystal Dimension, Robo-Roxy is disgusted by the Pan Global Games, but Robo-Blaze brings up that everybody, including the Rangers, will be distracted by the games to prevent an attack by themselves. Robo-Roxy loves the idea, especially as it would make Evox proud, and listens to Robo-Blaze’s plan.

Meanwhile, the routine trio are looking at the Morph-X Towers only to be confronted by Dumbbelltron. Zoey calls a reluctant Ravi and Steel for help, while the rest of the Rangers morph to fight against Dumbelltron. However, the Robotron is too strong for them as he blasts them with dumbbells, and pins them down with a giant barbell. As the Rangers struggle to lift the barbell, a morphed Ravi and Steel arrive to help them. While Steel struggles to lift the barbell off his friends, Ravi uses his Gorilla Strength to overpower Dumbelltron before destroying him with a Beast-X Cannon Blast. Afterwards, Ravi helps Steel remove the barbell off of their friends.

The Racer Zord is sent out and confronts Alphadrone which teleported near the infected building. Suddenly, it transports the two inside itself where Devon finds himself in a boxing ring. Devon tells Commander Shaw what is going on, and finds no way out, forcing the latter to contact the Rangers. They get there morphed, and notice the fight between the Racer Zord and the Alphadrone. Ravi is unable to open the doors even with his Gorilla Strength, causing Steel to suggest that they blast the building with the Striker Megazord. Unfortunately, they are unable to make a dent to the building.

In the boxing ring, Devon struggles against the Alphadrone, but he destroys it with a clothesline attack. However, he soon finds himself against a Betadrone and a Gammadrone at the same time. While the Racer Zord handles itself well against the Betadrone, it struggles against the Gammadrone’s kicking power. The Gammadrone soon pins the Racer Zord against the rope and the Betadrone grabs it to let its partner continue its attack. Fortunately, Devon manages to break free from the Betadrone’s grip at the last moment, and causes the Gammadrone to accidentally destroy its partner.

Outside, a Deltadrone appears, ready to be transported inside the building, but the Rangers try to latch onto the Gigadrone with their Cable Strike. Unfortunately, it does not work as the Rangers fail to make it inside with the Deltadrone, and they are soon confronted by the Tronics. Ravi and Zoey enter Beast-X Mode, and the Rangers manage to destroy the Tronics. Afterwards, Nate says he has an idea that involves adding the Ultrazord program into the Beast-X King Zord, hoping that its powerful enough to break into the building. They then head back to Grid Battleforce to make the modifications.

Back in the boxing ring, the Deltadrone enters the fight, and the Racer Zord struggles to handle against two powerful Gigadrones. Meanwhile, Nate finalizes the Ultrazord program, and the Rangers return to battlefield in their Zords, alongside the Beast-X King Zord. The five Zords combine to form the Beast-X King Ultrazord, and its immense strength manages to lift the building up and free Devon and the Gigadrones. However, it is soon revealed that the building was a giant Robotron, Boxertron. Regardless, the fight resumes, only for the Beast-X King Ultrazord to destroy Gammadrone with an Ultra Slash and Deltadrone with a Rapid Blast. That only leaves Boxertron, but the Robotron’s attacks do not affect the Ultrazord. After Devon clotheslines Boxertron, the others destroy the Robotron with a Beast-X King Ultra Strike. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Boxed In (Beast Morphers)

With Evox surrounded by the Rangers, and Blaze and Roxy unable to give him a supply of Morph-X to maintain his human form, they had to create a way to attack him. Roxy stole a child's tiara and created Tiaratron whilst Scrozzle sent Tiaradrone. Tiaratron was assigned the mission of attacking the Rangers so that Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy could snatch up Mayor Daniels/Evox and give him the Morph-X he needs to retain his human form. She attacked Ravi and Zoey who was guarding Mayor Daniels and they morphed to fight her. Tiaradrone was deployed at a similar time that the Grid Battleforce scanners detected the attack so Devon was forced to deploy in his Racer Zord riding the Beast-X King Zord whilst the others confronted Tiaratron. When they arrived, Tiaradrone deployed small fighter craft which the Zord quickly destroyed (off-screen). The Gigadrone then began to chase down the two Zords but they dodged so it came around in a forward pattern which would be impossible to dodge. However, Devon summoned his Cheetah Beast Blaster and finished off Tiaradrone with the King Combo Strike, the twin energy blasts hitting the Gigadrone dead center and obliterating it.

Meanwhile, Ravi fought Tiaratron whilst Zoey guarded the Mayor but he was knocked down and nearly overheated but Nate and Steel luckily arrived to take her on. Ravi hung back to cool off whilst they fought and eventually overpowered her. Tiaratron starts attacking Ravi and Zoey, then Nate and Steel arrive but she manages to throw them on the floor. Ravi soon rejoined the fight and morphed into Beast-X Mode whilst Nate and Steel fought her off. Tiaratron was held in place by Nate and Steel and then destroyed by Ravi's Gorilla Slam, a massive punch to the torso from his now massive right arm powerful enough to send her flying back and fatally injure her.

Whilst the others were fighting, Zoey defended Evox but Blaze and Roxy then arrived. They overwhelm her until she summons the new Beast-X Spin Saber although this doesn't help her much. Once Nate is blasted off of his feet though, she took them on unmorphed and destroyed the duo with its Tornado Takedown. Later, because of no Morph-X refill, Evox unwillingly changes back to his true form in front of the Rangers and Commander Shaw before leaving. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Secret Struggle

In light of Mayor Daniels being revealed to have been possessed by Evox, Commander Shaw sent out orders to drain the Morph-X out of all the towers to return it to the Morphin Grid. Realizing that without the Morph-X, they would be unable to create Robotrons or send Gigadrones, Scrozzle's computer intercepted the transmission so Evox had Blaze and Roxy go to Coral Harbor to get whatever was left.

Having been sent to steal the Morph-X at any cost, Blaze and Roxy created Bulldozertron who ambushed a Morph-X Tanker and fought the Rangers whilst Blaze and Roxy led a platoon of Tronics to steal the now abandoned Tanker. Nate and Steel fought them whilst Bulldozertron managed to overwhelm the three Rangers until they morphed into Beast-X Mode. They were then able to overwhelm Bulldozertron and destroy him with the Cheetah Charge and Jackrabbit Spin Kick. Meanwhile, Blaze and Roxy had overwhelmed Nate and Steel and tried to escape on the Tanker but they were destroyed along with their Tronics and the Tanker when Steel shot it with his Striker Beast Blast. Scrozzle overheard them saying that Morph-X Tower 5 was still full of Morph-X (not realizing that it was a trap to lure in Evox) and sent Bulldozerdrone to steal the Morph-X but the Beast-X King Megazord destroyed it.

Later, Ravi, Zoey, Nate, and Steel head to Tower 5 and wait for Evox to appear. When Evox arrives, the Rangers fire their Hyper-Freeze arrow from the enhanced Beast-X King Ultra Bow, but Evox uses his powers to stop the arrow in midair and send it back at the Rangers, incapacitating them. Before Evox can enter the tower, Devon arrives and holds him at bay with his Beast-X Blaster. Evox assumes Mayor Daniels' form in an attempt to manipulate Devon into letting him take the Morph-X. This seems to work and Devon stands aside, but in reality, he is merely stalling for time, before having Ben teleport the Split Emitters around Evox. The Emitters safely separate Evox and Mayor Daniels before Scrozzle arrives to help a now badly weakened Evox and the two villains teleport away. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Evox Snare

Meeting Legendary Dino Rangers

After refueling Evox once again, they were completely out of Morph-X and became desperate until a galactic criminal named Ryjack teleported to the Crystal Dimension and made a deal with Evox and Scrozzle. In exchange for him stealing Morph-X, they would tell him where Grid Battleforce was so that he could steal the entire arsenal of Legendary Weapons as he was a weapon collector. To this end, he needed help so he recreated Vargoyle with his Reanimizer and took control of him with a mind control collar.

Ryjack and Vargoyle then attacked a quarry and stole a barrel of Morph-X, but the Rangers arrived and they were forced to fight. He resurrected some Putties and Vivix to fight for him and fought the Rangers. He was kicked down hard by Zoey after Ravi threw him into the air but took them out of commission with a devastating infection blast. He then left with Vargoyle after the latter took Nate and Steel's Striker Beast Blast.

At around the same time, Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy were resurrected by Scrozzle after being obliterated by the Striker Beast Blast whilst riding a tanker in the previous episode and were horrified to learn of Vargoyle's return. He then demanded the details of their base from Evox, but was again denied and Vargoyle was sent to destroy the remaining Rangers whilst Scrozzle deployed a Gigadrone to steal Morph-X in the hope that it would either be successful or that the divided team would allow Vargoyle to destroy the one that went after him.

Whilst the Wrecker and Jet Zords faced the Gigadrone, Vargoyle is faced by Devon and Captain Chaku (who was an intergalactic police officer coming after Ryjack). He appeared alongside some Tronics and went into battle against them. However, Vargoyle then had the collar obliterated by an energized slash from Devon's Beast-X Saber. Once he came to his sense, he tries to escape but lacks the Morph-X he needs to teleport, due to this being a suicide mission, so he steals a motorbike and drives away. However, Chaku's Galactic Interceptor easily outmatched him and destroyed his bike. Now helpless and alone, Vargoyle fights desperately but is overwhelmed by Chaku and is destroyed once and for all by a combination of Devon's Beast-X Slash and Chaku's Enforcer Strike. Meanwhile, the Striker Megazord destroyed the Gigadrone. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Intruder Alert!

Ryjack and his foot soldiers were able to give Evox and his army all of the Morph-X that they needed to power their systems. In the meantime, the criminal used some Putties and Vivix to break into the Ranger vault, but he was ambushed by the Rangers and Captain Chaku who obliterated his foot soldiers. He went into combat against the six of them, overwhelming them with his sword and shield but was easily overwhelmed when Chaku brought out his Laser Blade. The Rangers then summoned their Beast-X Sabers to form the Beast-X Cannons whilst Chaku charged up his weapon. They tried to destroy Ryjack with a combination of the Enforcer Strike and Beast-X Cannon Blast but he survived and managed to escape.

Back in the Crystal Dimension, Evox suggested bringing his arsenal to Earth in order to use against the Rangers but it was hidden in his spaceship (much to Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy's delight). Evox still tried to convince him but he refused claiming that he will "crush them like the vermin they are" and left. He went to a rooftop where Chaku and the Rangers confronted him and he tried to revive some support but Chaku knocked away his Reanimizer with an energy slash from his Laser Blade. Equipping his sword and shield, he overwhelmed the Rangers until Chaku kicked his shield far away from his. Devon then grabbed his arm and disarmed him before cutting him down, but Ryjack used a device to make himself grow into a giant.

The Rangers then deployed in their Beast-X Ultrazord to confront Ryjack, but was easily overwhelmed and he took out its systems. Doing this forced the Ultrazord to completely reboot since he shorted out everything which left them completely exposed. Luckily, Chaku called upon his Reptilobeast which overwhelmed Ryjack with its Enforcer Inferno. During this time, the Ultrazord recovered and allowed him to buck them into the air but were ready this time and shot him with their Ultra Beam. With the monster having now dropped his shield, they were then able to take him down with a massive drop kick. Devon then called for his Cheetah Beast Blaster and they brought down Ryjack for good with the Beast-X Ultra Strike.

However, Scrozzle had gone down to Earth after the Rangers went to get the Ultrazord and stolen his reanimator for future purposes. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Greater Good

After Scrozzle detected the destruction of Ryjack's ship (caused by Zoey accidentally setting off the self-destruct sequence), Evox sent Blaze and Roxy to steal the arsenal and Scrozzle gave them the Reanimizer he stole from Ryjack to recreate some Ranger enemies to assist them. They went to the wreckage whilst Zoey was unconscious and they found Snide's sword amongst the wreckage. Recognizing it and how strong its former owner was, Blaze stuck it in the ground whilst Roxy used the reanimizer on it, resurrecting the old enemy. They then convinced him that they were allies and all three hid once Zoey woke up. Whilst the Rangers rounded up the weapons and put Keeper in a truck, they resurrected some Vivix off-screen and the henchmen kidnapped Keeper by driving off in the truck. A chase then ensued which concluded with the Rangers brawling against the Vivix in a car park before the Dino Charge Rangers appeared through a portal and aided them in battle. However, Snide was able to convince Keeper to come with them thanks to a compliance collar Zoey had put on him by mistake and they teleported away before the Rangers could interfere.

Whilst the Rangers deployed in battle against another Gigadrone, the Dino Charge Rangers had to fight Snide. Under Evox's orders, Scrozzle then revived Sledge who they wanted to send into battle against the Rangers but he demanded that his minions be revived as well. They obliged and initially overwhelmed the Rangers but the Grid Battleforce Rangers (having destroyed the Gigadrone with the Beast-X Megazord and Wrecker Zord Battle Mode) returned and shot them with their Beast-X Blasters and Striker Morphers, forcing them to retreat. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Finders Keepers

Not long after, Evox had extracted the knowledge of how to make a Zord from Keeper and wanted to enhance past villains to be nigh undefeatable. To this end, he needed to enhance the villains which required diamonds so Scrozzle created Thieftron to steal some from the diamond stores. There were several choices that they made.

  • Koragg, The Knight Wolf, but Robo-Roxy confirms Koragg was already been purified back into Leanbow and becoming a redeemed Power Ranger. Robo-Roxy end up repeating the same mistake as Scrozzle.
  • Astronema which Robo-Blaze shot down since she's being purified into Karone and becoming a redeemed Ranger just like Leanbow after her, much to Robo-Roxy's disgust.
  • The last one was Lord Zedd, until Robo-Roxy reminds everyone of what he did to King Mondo's family, fearing he would possibly betray Evox and the rest once revived, much to Scrozzle's surprise, and Robo-Roxy is very disappointed about this.
  • Robo-Blaze chose Psycho Red, but Robo-Roxy reminds him if they revive Psycho Red, he would betray his own allies if they ever interfere his obsessed hunt on any Red Rangers which makes Robo-Blaze debunk his choice.

Whilst they were discussing Psycho Red, Poisandra and Curio decided to get more diamonds to please Evox and left. She and Curio then went to the Elite Diamond Manufacturing where they were confronted by the Grid Battleforce Rangers and soon joined by Fury and Wrench. The four proved a match for the Beast-X Mode Rangers. They then combined their powers for a devastating attack which knocked them out of their powered up state. However, Nate and Steel then arrived after they destroyed Thiefdrone and they took the four on, Sledge's group fought the Rangers but were quickly taken down by the Grid Battleforce team. After all being knocked together, the Rangers destroyed the majority of Sledge's Crew with a combination of the Beast-X King Ultra Bow's Beast-X Power Bolt (wielded by Devon), the Beast-X Cannons' Beast-X Cannon Blast (used by Ravi and Zoey) and Nate and Steel's Striker Beast Blast.

They eventually decided upon Goldar so Scrozzle infused the Reanimizer with the stolen diamonds and resurrected him as Goldar Maximus who swiftly killed Sledge after he said that his foe was stronger. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Making Bad

Goldar accompanies Snide to the Dino Charge dimension and fights the Dino Charge Rangers, quickly overwhelming them and the newly arrived Beast Morphers Rangers. He easily took Koda down and stole his Energem before fighting off Ravi, Nate, Steel and Zoey. He easily overwhelmed and demorphed them and destroyed their Morphers off-screen. They then went to find Scrozzle, who was assembling a secret weapon to use against the Rangers and Goldar cut open a geode for him. Goldar and Snide later appeared alongside some Putties, Triptoids and Vivix to attack Jason, Zoey, and Ravi when they tried to ambush Evox and Scrozzle from behind. He, Roxy, Snide and the army attacked but Ivan's Lightning Final Strike took out Roxy and the Z-Rex Blaster destroyed Snide with Tyler taking down Goldar. He refused to surrender but the Rangers combined the Dino Spike, Power Blaster, and Z-Rex Blaster into the Dino Power Ultra Blaster which took Goldar down for good.

Meanwhile, Scrozzle had been constructing Evox's new Zord, the Chimera Zord. The Beast Morphers Rangers arrived but were critically injured by an energy attack from Evox who left to reveal his Zord to the Legendary Dino Rangers whilst Scrozzle returned to the Crystal Dimension and Blaze stood guard.

Evox unveiled the Zord before the assembled Mighty Morphin, Dino Thunder, and Dino Charge Rangers before blasting them all to the ground with its devastating laser barrage. Knowing that they were no match on foot, the Rangers summoned the Thundersaurus Megazord, Dino Charge Megazord, and original Megazord to fight it. Neither the Dino Drill nor the Stego Saber had any effect so the Dino Charge Megazord changed into its Tri-Stego Ptera Formation but not even the Stego Saber Lightning Charge Final Strike had any effect on the Chimera Zord. Luckily, Commander Shaw was able to send the Beast-X King Zord through the portal and Devon deployed by himself as the others were too injured to fight. It then combined with the Dino Charge Megazord Tri-Stego Ptera formation to form the Beast-X King Formation. The Megazords then combined their powers to fire a super charged fire blast from the Beast-X King Zord's head which blasted the Zord into space where it exploded although Evox was able to escape. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Grid Connection

The Power-Ups

After the failure of the team-up, Roxy ambushed Nate and Steel in a plaza and was able to steal some DNA packs which she then took back to Scrozzle to create a more powerful Robotron and enhance her. He created Clawtron from some beetle DNA and then had the Robot Maker enhance her with powerful flower DNA. She and Clawtron then went to Earth with the mission to destroy the Rangers. She revealed her new form to the Rangers who were shocked. They tried to morph but were unable to because the teleporter for their Morphers was busted so they had to fight unmorphed but both Roxy and Clawtron easily overwhelmed them. However, before they could kill the Rangers, Nate arrived on Cruise with their weapons and they were able to morph. Steel had to leave to fight Clawdrone but the others remained and fought Roxy and her Robotron with Devon and Nate fighting Clawtron and the others fighting her. She was able to continue fighting until after Clawdrone was destroyed where Ravi knocked her back. She opened her arms to finish them off but Steel, Nate, and Devon (the latter two having gone to help him after Clawtron's death) arrived in jeeps with the Beast-X King Ultra Cannon. They then combined the Ultra Cannon Blast and Striker Beast Blast to cripple her. However, she was able to retreat before they could finish her off. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Golden Opportunity

Sometime later, Evox was angry because he was being commonly defeated by the Rangers and all he had as support were "three useless bots who do nothing but fail!" Roxy promised to kill Ravi to prove herself to be valuable with her request being granted.

She ambushed Ravi and Smash at the beach where the former had gone to mope about being rejected by Roxy and the latter came to comfort him. He morphed and they battled but she gained the upper hand and managed to elbow him into the sea. In spite of that, Ravi equipped his Beast-X Visor and activated Beast-X Mode before fighting her. He activated his massive fist for the Gorilla Slam but she kicked him hard enough to disengage it and Roxy blasted him down, forcing him out of Beast-X Mode and separating him from Smash. He tried to use his Beast-X Blaster on her but she deflected them and tried to kill him with fire but Zoey rescued him. In spite of that, the heat from the initial blast of fire enraged him which led Devon to fight her alone whilst the others cooled off Ravi. They were evenly matched until Nate and Steel (Ravi and Zoey having been airlifted to Grid Battleforce by the Chopper Zord) arrived and kicked her down, forcing her to retreat as she was outnumbered.

Back in the Crystal Dimension, she received substantial mocking and ridicule from Evox and Blaze for failing to keep her word. Evox wanted to punish her but Roxy pointed out that she would have defeated him if not for the other Rangers' interference. Agreeing to give her one more chance, Evox sent Blaze along with her to keep everyone except for Ravi from interfering. The duo ambushed Ravi in the woods whilst he was freaking out about the thought of losing Roxy where Ravi (still enraged and overheated) dodged a shot from Roxy and shot at them with his own blaster which they dodged and angrily morphed with Ravi following suit.

Blaze stood guard over the fight and summoned Tronics when the other Rangers arrived to assist. After they were destroyed, he personally confronted Devon whilst the others went to help Ravi. Devon summoned his Beast-X Visor and entered Beast-X Mode before dodging sparks Blaze threw up and destroyed the cybervillain once again with his Cheetah Charge.

Ravi and Roxy managed to fight their way onto a bridge where he knocked her down but couldn't finish her since Zoey intervened and he tried to kill her with a Beast-X Blast. He tried to shoot her in the face but she forced it away in a circle, the attacks collapsing the bridge and dumping them in a river. She recovered and tried to find Ravi but he appeared with the Beast-X Spin Saber and finished her off with a series of blue energy slashes. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Goin' Ape

After being resurrected again off-screen, Blaze became jealous of Roxy's new flower based powers and wanted to get some new ones for himself. He created Antennatron 2.0 and they stole some large barrels of Morph-X only to be confronted by the Rangers. They went into battle, with Nate and Steel (in each other's bodies due to an accident involving the upgrade chamber) whilst Antennatron 2.0 fought the main three Rangers. Blaze didn't morph and summoned his sword but was outmatched although he deflected the Beast-X Blasts with his rapier and teleported himself and Antennatron 2.0 to safety.

He arrived back in the Cyber Dimension where he was mocked by Roxy and his excuse of training was shot down by Scrozzle but they got rid of her with some choice words about her flower powers and had Scrozzle upgrade him with Morph-X. He and Antennatron 2.0 later returned to the city and sent to the warehouse district where he stood more Morph-X until the Rangers arrived and he went to get more since this wouldn't be enough to please Evox. He quickly returned after getting more and took down Devon in Beast-X Mode in the midst of his Cheetah Charge. He mocked the Rangers and then took them down before killing Antennatron 2.0 since he had outlived his value. Nate and Steel tried to take him on but were unsuccessful and Blaze used his new super speed to take them all down before leaving with the Morph-X. Scrozzle then sent Antennadrone 2.0 to steal even more but it was destroyed by the Racer Zord's Cheetah Hyper Strike and the Beast-X King Megazord's Beast-X King Hyper Beam. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Silva Switch

In light of Blaze's success in stealing a lot of Morph-X thanks to his new powers, Roxy was becoming less useful to Evox so she knew she had to prove herself otherwise he would probably kill her. She later confronted Scrozzle alone and had him scan Hono Peaks for dinosaur fossils after reading a newspaper and she found out that Zoey was there and confronted her. With Zoey being unable to call the others, since she had smashed her communicator whilst climbing the cliff face, Roxy was able to find and scan a bone using the stolen DNA scanner but the others arrived in the Chopper Zord so she morphed and summoned Tronics before personally fighting Zoey. She was taken down by Zoey's Beast-X Blast but retrieved the DNA scanner and left.

She returned to the Crystal Dimension whilst the others were talking about unleashing an ultra powerful Gigadrone on the Rangers. She bet that she could kill the Rangers faster than Scrozzle could complete said Gigadrone and has Scrozzle upgrade her with dino DNA. However, the amount of power granted to her was too much for the Robot Maker to take and it exploded, meaning now that no more robot bodies could be used as bases and any deaths from now on would be permanent. However, unlike Blaze who was outraged, Roxy was unconcerned as she felt she could kill the Rangers before that could happen and he decided to prove her wrong so both teleported to Riptide.

They walked through the warehouse district until they encountered the Rangers who soon morphed with both Cybervillains following suit. She fought everyone except for Devon who fought Blaze and quickly overwhelmed them. They regrouped and attempted to perform an attack from behind with Nate and Steel laying covering fire but she used her tentacles to entangle Ravi and Zoey. However, they quickly broke free by activating Beast-X Mode which enabled them to snap the tentacles and they took her on again, overwhelming her with the Jackrabbit Spin Strike and Gorilla Slam. However, she was unfazed and grew into a gigantic Zord like creature so the Rangers had to deploy in their Zords without Devon who was still fighting Blaze.

The Wrecker, Chopper, Wheeler, Beast-X King (with Ravi at the controls and Smash piloting his Zord alone), and Jet Zords all deployed to battle giant Roxy. With no time to waste, Ravi called for the Rangers to form the Beast-X King Ultrazord. However, she was too strong for even their most powerful Megazord so they engaged the shields although she flew into the air and fired a barrage of energy claws. However, the Ultrazord's shielding absorbed the attacks and sent the energy back in the form of a massive tornado which knocked her out of the sky. With her down, and the Robot Maker destroyed, meaning that there would be no more robot bodies for her to enter, they finally finished Roxy off once and for all with the Beast-X King Ultra Strike.

Her death shocked Blaze before Scrozzle then arrived and berated Blaze for letting her die since there was no way to bring her back which inadvertently told Devon that there was no way for the avatars to keep returning before Blaze teleported both of them away. All that remained of Robo-Roxy was a memory drive which Evox managed to get shortly thereafter. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Fossil Frenzy

Evox's Endgame

Robo-Blaze deviously poses as the real one in order to execute a plan that will allow Evox to get inside Grid Battleforce. The plan was to deliver one of Robo-Roxy's memory drives to give the Rangers advanced warning pf his Gigadrone so that they would bring a lot of Morph-X into the city which he could then attack. He would then either steal all of it and access the Morphin Grid that way or he would be captured and within the Ranger base, either way he wins.

Blaze appears in the Riptide Gym and hands the Rangers one of Robo-Roxy's memory drives under the guise of him finding it at the airport. Said data disc contained a memory where Evox announced that they were going to the Crystal Dimension so the Rangers made preparations to invade it. He then appeared in the battle against Railtron 2.0, who was sent to steal Morph-X, saving Ravi and Zoey's lives but had his arm damaged by a Tronic mid battle. The Robotron was then killed by Zoey;s Beast-X Cannon shortly thereafter. Afterwards, he had a private conversation with Devon where he convinced the Red Ranger to be stricter with his teammates to ensure victory. He was present for Nate's briefing on the attack plan and suggested capturing Evox and putting him the maximum security cell in Grid Battleforce as destroying him would be very hard to do. Evox arrives on Earth in the Omegadrone and battles the Beast-X Megazord and Striker Megazord.

Having already learned of Evox's new Gigadrone from a memory fragment of Robo-Roxy recovered by the real Blaze, the Rangers use their Megazords to lure Evox into a trap. The Striker Megazord attacks from behind and knocks the Omegadrone into the special ops hangar. Evox lashes out and starts ripping apart the hangar. The Beast-X Megazord, the Striker Megazord, and the Beast-X King Zord surround the Omegadrone and pin it against the wall. The Omegadrone overheats and explodes, severely damaging the hangar and the Megazords, and nearly destroying Cruise. Evox survives the explosion and emerges from the rubble. He charges at the Rangers, only to be knocked down by a barrage of blaster fire. Before he can do anything else, the Rangers use the mega-transporters to teleport Evox into a special prison cell, trapping him behind a forcefield, where he is immobilized.

However, the ruse is discovered when the real Blaze called the team that he won the trophy in his karate, and the Rangers realize that the Blaze who is with them is their enemy and Evox wanted to be captured all along. Exposed, the evil Blaze teleported away. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Crunch Time

With Evox captured, Nate modifies an Ultra Blaster that would scramble his data until he is dispersed forever. The plan goes off without a hitch, but before he can be destroyed, Evox is able to take control of his cell's force field and then over the systems. Afraid he might try to to gain access to the Morph-X Towers from Grid Battleforce HQ, the Rangers go to destroy the rest of the computers capable of doing so, only for Commander Shaw to note that someone is in the Ranger Vault, indicating that Evox is there. Evox retrieves the suitcase containing the Ranger Operator Series Morphers and absorbs the data inside Scott Truman's Cell Shift Morpher. Nate attempts to blast him again, but fails as Evox restores himself fully.

The virus taunts the Rangers as he reveals how years ago, a young Nate experimented with old Morphers using Morph-X and snake DNA and his attempts to create a new way to morph failed until he got to the Cell Shift Morpher. The combination of the two mixed with Venjix Virus still inside, sending a piece of the Venjix code into Grid Battleforce's computer network where it waited for Nate to activate the Morph-X Towers. With his origin revealed and his body fully repaired, Evox blasts the Rangers away and escapes Grid Battleforce Headquarters (and ties up Ben and Betty when they make a brave but useless attempt to stop him).

The Rangers confront him outside of Grid Battleforce but Evox, now wielding the full might of his original incarnation, resurrects Spiketron, Antennatron, Slicertron, and Keytron. While the other Rangers battle the regenerated Robotrons, Devon charges Evox and stabs him through the chest with his Beast-X Sabre. Evox assimilates the Saber into himself and blasts Devon away. He gloats that he has the data on all of the Rangers' weapons and that they're useless against him now. Evox unleashes an energy shockwave that knocks the Rangers back and destroys the Robotrons. He then fires a beam that de-morphs Nate. After mockingly telling Nate that he'll go down in history as the boy genius responsible for ending human civilization, Evox teleports away.

He returned to the Cyber Dimension where he gave Blaze and Scrozzle access codes for the Morph-X Towers and sent them both to the city. Blaze attacked one near a construction site but was confronted by the Rangers although he easily took them down. However, Devon and Steel took him on whilst Nate summoned the Beast-X King Ultra Bow which had been upgraded by Doctor K. Steel kicked Blaze down and he was unable to recover before being shot with a Beast-X King Power Bolt. He was struck in his abdomen as he yelled in horror before exploding, bringing an end to the Cybervillains once and for all.

However, his scheme ultimately succeeded since Evox created two copies of the access codes which he had Scrozzle upload into the same Morph-X Tower Blaze was aiming for whilst the Rangers were fighting him. Morph-X begins flowing from every tower in the world into Tower One at the heart of Coral Harbor. Evox declares that there's nothing the Rangers can do to stop him now. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Source Code

With the Morph-X Tower network under Evox's control, the civilian population of Coral Harbor evacuates the city, while the Rangers and Grid Battleforce stay behind to fight Evox. Soon, Evox arrives outside of Tower One, where the Rangers confront him. Evox isn't concerned, since he's already adapted himself to all of Grid Battleforce's weapons. But to his surprise, the Rangers instead summoned Legendary Ranger Weapons from the vault, which he has not adapted himself to. Devon, Ravi, and Zoey fire a barrage from the Ninja Super Steel Blaster, the S.P.D. Delta Enforcer, and the Lightspeed Rescue Thermo Blaster respectively, knocking Evox to the ground. Nate and Steel then attack with the Dino Charge Sabre and the RPM Cloud Hatchet respectively, distracting Evox, while the others summon the Beast-X King Ultra Bow and fire Doctor K's antivirus arrow at him. Evox, however, deflects the arrow and resurrects Cycletron, Infernotron, Bulldozertron, and Dumbbelltron.

Leaving the Robotrons to deal with the Rangers, Evox heads inside Tower One. Steel retrieves the antivirus arrow and gives chase. Evox enters the heart of the Tower and steps inside the swirling Morph-X vortex, giving him access to the Morphin' Grid. Steel arrives shortly afterwards and steps inside the Morph-X vortex as well despite its debilitating effects on him. Meanwhile, Devon, Ravi, Zoey, and Nate destroy the four Robotrons and head inside the Tower, arriving just in time to see Steel stab the arrow into Evox's back. However, having gained access to the Morphin' Grid, Evox is now immune to the arrow and he assimilates it. He then unleashes his full power on a weakened Steel, fatally wounding him. The other Rangers watch in horror as Steel succumbs to his wounds and dissolves, being absorbed into the Morph-X vortex. A triumphant Evox then blasts them out of the Tower, forcing the Rangers to retreat back to Grid Battleforce.

Evox later uses the Morphin' Grid's power to merge himself with Tower One, which grows into his final form: a massive robotic creature fifty times larger than any Gigadrone. As he prepares to use his new body to wipe out all of humanity, the Rangers arrive in the Beast-X King Ultrazord and make their final stand against him. Evox easily takes down the Ultrazord with a few optic lasers before taunting the Rangers about Steel's death and calling them all weak for being human. This prompts the Rangers to remember that Evox is vulnerable to human DNA. Nate transfers himself to the King Zord's cockpit and configures the Zords to run Morph-X through their bodies, enabling them to wield their DNA as a weapon. He also transfers all power from the Wrecker and Jet Zords to the weapons.

The Rangers form the Beast-X King Megazord and Morph-X begins flowing through their bodies. They then launch the Megazord at Evox, catching him off-guard as they plunge the Megazord's sword into his chest. Despite the strain of the Morph-X flow, the Rangers hold out long enough to drive their sword through Evox's armor. They channel their Morph-X-infused human DNA through the blade and into Evox himself, rapidly corrupting his systems. A horrified Evox curses the Rangers as his body explodes, destroying him and finally ending the Venjix Virus for good. In an instant, Evox's Army was entirely wiped out for good. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Evox Unleashed


Moments after Evox's destruction, the Morph-X started to return to the Morphin Grid but not before resurrecting Steel as a human. With the danger of Morph-X fully realized, Grid Battleforce (now headed by Commander Devon since Shaw has become general) made no further attempts to harness the Morphin Grid and switched to sustainable solar and wind power. Scrozzle managed to escape to Corinth where he hid in the sewers for a full year but was eventually captured by Mason Truman's forces and taken into custody in Grid Battleforce as the sole survivor of this group. However, he will probably remain in custody for the rest of his life since his gadgets and monsters are all gone.


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Behind the Scenes

  • All scenes in Season 1 with the Cybervillains, Scrozzle, or Evox are U.S. exclusive footage.
    • The reason for these changes are simple. Blaze's counterpart, Enter, only used his Dark Buster form (used here as Blaze's Ranger suit) in the last two episodes of the series. Escape, Roxy's counterpart, only used her Ranger-like form a handful of times and debuted in Episode 25 (which became the episode Seeing Red in Power Rangers) so there was almost no usable footage of her. Scrozzle wasn't even adapted from Go-Busters with his suit being a complete U.S. creation.
      • Subsequently, all Robotrons that appear alongside them are in US footage as well such as Slicertron having almost all of his footage replaced to feature Blaze.
        • In some rare cases, the changes are obvious such as Railtron having humanoid arms whilst his counterpart had arm armor resembling railway sleepers. When they started using Sentai footage of him, they had to add a purple energy effect to imply that he was powering up his arms with armor.


  • This is the second villain group to be led by a virus, the first being the Venjix Computer Network. Both groups were led by the Venjix Virus, since Evox is Venjix mixed with Morph X and snake DNA.
    • This also makes it the only villain group in the entire franchise that is a spinoff of another villain group.
  • The Evox Virus Army is the fourth group of villains not to permanently destroy a Megazord.

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