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"The Morphin Grid will be mine!"

Evox's Virus is a villain group consisting of Evox, evil avatar versions of Blaze and Roxy, and Scrozzle. They aim to take over the Morphin Grid.


On the day Morph X was revolutionized in Coral Harbor, Evox corrupted the Morph X as a computer virus and created evil avatar duplicates of Blaze and Roxy when Blaze, Ravi and Roxy were about to transform into the Power Rangers, putting Blaze and Roxy into comas until their avatars are defeated. Ravi escaped Evox thanks to Devon Daniels before he could transform into an avatar. Beasts Unleashed

After Evox, Blaze and Roxy land in a dimension known as the Cyber Dimension, they meet the ruler of that world, Scrozzle, who is shown to fear Evox after he threatens him. After Evox blasts away Tronics for which Scrozzle created to protect him from a monster named Vargoyle, Evox tells Blaze and Roxy to go with Scrozzle to get him more Morph X so that he can transport back to earth. Once they fail to receive a substantial amount of Morph X for Evox after they create the Robotron Cycletron from a pile of tyres. Scrozzle reveals to have a huge amount of Gigadrones at his disposal. Using the limited Morph X acquired, Scrozzle sends the Cycledrone, a type alpha Gigadrone with the data of Cycletron that gets destroyed in the end.Evox's Revenge

Blaze and Roxy plan to steal Morph X from the X Bikes and create Needletron to help them from a bicycle pump. Once he is destroyed, they use his arm to steal the Morph X in a warehouse. Blaze leaves with some Morph X and Roxy battles the Rangers. Scrozzle sends the Gigadrone Needledrone and Roxy is defeated and leaves with the rest of the Morph X as Needledrone is destroyed by the Rangers.  End of the Road

Roxy plans to use her past relationship with Ravi to try and turn him into a Dark Avatar on Valentines Day. She creates Shoveltron  from an excavator and tells him to attack the city. He is about to crush Ravi but Roxy 'saves' him. She later convinces Ravi to get a Neural Aligner so that they can remove Evox's Virus from her, but she uses him to try and turn him into a Dark Avatar. The other Rangers save him and Scrozzle sends in Shoveldrone which Devon fights as Ravi and Zoey fight Shoveltron, but the two shovels are destroyed. Back in the Cyber Dimension, Scrozzle is telling Evox his plan to use the Neural Aligner to get Evox out of the Cyber Dimension. Digital Deception

Taking Care of Business

Hangar Heist

A Friend Indeed

The Cybergate Opens

Silver Sacrifice

Thrills and Drills

Tools of the Betrayed

Real Steel

Tuba Triumph

Sound and Fury

Seeing Red

Gorilla Act

Ranger Reveal


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