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"The Morphin Grid will be mine!"
―Evox's evil scheme[src]

Evox's Virus is a villain group consisting of Evox, evil avatar and robotic versions of Blaze and Roxy, and Scrozzle. They aim to take over the Morphin Grid and act as the main antagonists of Power Rangers Beast Morphers.


Season 1

On the day Morph X was revolutionized in Coral Harbor, Evox corrupted the Morph X as a computer virus and created evil avatar duplicates of Blaze and Roxy when Blaze, Ravi and Roxy were about to transform into the Power Rangers, putting Blaze and Roxy into comas until their avatars are defeated. Ravi escaped Evox thanks to Devon Daniels before he could transform into an avatar. Beasts Unleashed

After Evox, Blaze and Roxy land in a dimension known as the Cyber Dimension, they meet the ruler of that world, Scrozzle, who is shown to fear Evox after he threatens him. After Evox blasts away Tronics for which Scrozzle created to protect him from a monster named Vargoyle, Evox tells Blaze and Roxy to go with Scrozzle to get him more Morph X so that he can transport back to earth. Once they fail to receive a substantial amount of Morph X for Evox after they create the Robotron Cycletron from a pile of tyres. Scrozzle reveals to have a huge amount of Gigadrones at his disposal. Using the limited Morph X acquired, Scrozzle sends the Cycledrone, a type Alpha Gigadrone with the data of Cycletron that gets destroyed in the end.Evox's Revenge

Blaze and Roxy plan to steal Morph X from the X Bikes and create Needletron to help them from a bicycle pump. Once he is destroyed, they use his arm to steal the Morph X in a warehouse. Blaze leaves with some Morph X and Roxy battles the Rangers. Scrozzle sends the Gigadrone Needledrone and Roxy is defeated and leaves with the rest of the Morph X as Needledrone is destroyed by the Rangers.  End of the Road

Roxy plans to use her past relationship with Ravi to try and turn him into a Dark Avatar on Valentines Day. She creates Shoveltron  from an excavator and tells him to attack the city. He is about to crush Ravi but Roxy 'saves' him. She later convinces Ravi to get a Neural Aligner so that they can remove Evox's Virus from her, but she uses him to try and turn him into a Dark Avatar. The other Rangers save him and Scrozzle sends in Shoveldrone which Devon fights as Ravi and Zoey fight Shoveltron, but the two shovels are destroyed. Back in the Cyber Dimension, Scrozzle is telling Evox his plan to use the Neural Aligner to get Evox out of the Cyber Dimension. Digital Deception

Evox complains to Scrozzle and Avatar Blaze that the only thing holding himself back is lack of Morph-X and that he needs more. Interrupting Evox, Scrozzle tells the sentient virus that he’s found a way to hack into every security camera in Coral Harbor. When Evox turns down Scrozzle’s plan, saying he wants action instead of hoping, Blaze tells Evox of a plan to create a Robotron powerful enough to cut into a Morph-X Tower and supply him with an ocean of Morph-X. Evox approves of the plan but tells Blaze that his plan had better work. Blaze returns on Earth to steal more Morph X for Evox. He creates Slicertron and fights the Rangers with him. But when he is defeated by Ravi, he retreats in the Cyber Dimension, abandoning Slicertron who was destroyed by Ravi and Zoey and Slicerdrone is captured by the Racer Zord Battle Mode.Taking Care of Business

Evox calls out Avatar Blaze for allowing the Rangers to capture Slicerdrone. Telling Evox that the Gigadrone is useless to the Rangers, the sentient virus tells Avatar Blaze that the Rangers are smart and blasts him for his excuse. Evox adds that the Rangers can break into the Gigadrone and steal his data. Trying to calm Evox, Avatar Roxy tells Evox that they can get the data back before the Rangers find it. The sentient virus tells the avatars to get to work and tells Scrozzle to help them as well. Ben and Betty find Avatar Roxy outside the hangar door talking to Scrozzle over her communicator. The avatar tells the robot that Slicerdrone must be inside but needs to find a way through the steel door. Realising the problem, Scrozzle finds a can of acid spray and tells Avatar Roxy that he’s going to build a Robotron to fix the problem. While the avatar impatiently tells Scrozzle to hurry up and send it over, Ben contacts the Commander and tells her to send the Rangers.

Scrozzle sends his latest Robotron, Meltatron to Roxy. The avatar aggressively asks Meltatron if he can get her through the door. They succeed then reboot and free him. She fights the Rangers and orders to Meltatron to finish them before return in the Cyber Dimension. But Meltatron was destroyed by Ravi and Zoey, then Slicerdrone and Meltadrone by the new Beast-X Megazord Hangar Heist

Roxy and Blaze create Railtron when they infect a tank locomotive. They send after the Beast Bots and steals their data so that Scrozzle can control the Beast X Megazord, but the plan fails. The Rangers destroy Railtron and Raildrone but Scrozzle informs Roxy and Blaze that he finally built his Cybergate for that Evox returns on Earth and takes over the Morphin Grid, Scrozzle laughs while Roxy and Blaze smile.A Friend Indeed

Vacuutron is sent to steal more Morph X to power up Scrozzle's Cybergate and free Evox of the Cyber Dimension. Scrozzle sends soon after Vacuudrone to steal more Morph X from the Morph-X tower. Vacuudrone is destroyed by the Beast X Megazord but Scrozzle, Blaze and Roxy are about to free Evox, having captured Nate, the ally of the Rangers to build a robotic body for their master. Evox begins to possess it but the plan fails, Nate succeeds to destroy the Cyber Gate, sends back Evox in the Cyber Dimension and becomes the Gold Ranger, his partner Steel who becomes the Silver Ranger. Scrozzle retreats while the new two Rangers destroy the Tronics and easily defeat Roxy and Blaze who retreat at their turn.The Rangers then destroyed Vaccutron and the newly created Vacuudrone.The Cybergate Opens

After Steel hands himself over to Evox's forces (Roxy, Blaze and Tronics) in exchange for Ben and Betty's release after Antennatron intercepted thier location via radio waves. Scrozzle repairs his Cybergate, then along with Roxy and Blaze wait Evox's arrival. Evox emerges from the Cybergate again and tries to take possession of Steel's body. He fails, however, because Steel has human DNA (specifically Nate's DNA). Steel summons his Striker Saber and destroys the Cybergate, forcing Evox back into the Cyber Dimension once more, Scrozzle retreats along with Roxy and Blaze at which point he created Antennadrone which was also destroyed. Silver Sacrifice

Frustrated over this latest defeat, Evox complains to Scrozzle that Blaze and Roxy are continuing to fail. Scrozzle offers to upgrade one of the Avatars with all three of the Rangers' Beast powers. He shows Evox three data chips that can be placed on Robotrons and will collect the necessary data whenever a Ranger uses their Beast power. Evox tasks Blaze and Roxy with gathering this data, promising to give the upgrade to his most powerful servant. Roxy volunteers to go first. Though she succeeds in collecting data on Ravi's Gorilla strength, she fails to defeat the Rangers or collect Morph-X, Drilltron and Drilldrone are destroyed, so Evox sends Blaze to gather the next set of data.Thrills and Drills

Blaze attacks the Rangers with the Tronics and tries to collect the Beast Powers but fails and Devon destroys the Robotronizer. Blaze implores Evox that he orders him to disappear from his sight or he destroys him. Roxy is happy of fate of her rival and prepares a new plan to defeat the Rangers. She demands a virus to destroy to Scrozzle after he uses his technology to repair the Robotronizer. Then, Roxy goes on Earth and creates Tooltron to destroy the Ranger's weapons so she could earn the upgrade she and Blaze desired. Tooltron succeeded in collecting data on the Jackrabbit jumping of the Yellow Ranger before his destruction. After Tooltron's destruction, Scrozzle sends Tooldrone but, in spite of deploying the new Delta Model, it is destroyed by the Rangers in thier Beast-X Megazord and new Striker Megazord. Tools of the Betrayed

Blaze creates Clonetron with the hopes that Clonetron will destroy the Zord computer with his Clone morphing but he is unmasked by Steel. Scrozzle sends Clonedrone while Clonetron fights the Yellow and Blue Rangers, but they are destroyed by the Rangers. Real Steel

Roxy creates Tubatron when she infected Joey's discarded golden tuba with the Robotron creation key. After proving ineffective in his first battle, Roxy later had Scrozzle upgrade his horn, which was tested on Blaze and knocked him out cold. While Tubatron succeeded in collecting data on the Red Ranger's cheetah speed, the chip was shot and fried before it was retrieved. Tubatron was destroyed shortly after. After Tubatron's destruction, Scrozzle sends Tubadrone but he is destroyed by the Rangers.Tuba Triumph

Blaze goes on Earth with his evil creation Tubatron 2.0 who becomes stronger with a Fury Cell. Tubatron 2.0 overpowers all 5 rangers in battle. He also managed to knock Devon back in Red Fury Mode. But after an other fierce fight, Tubatron 2.0 is destroyed. After Tubatron 2.0's destruction, Scrozzle sends Tubadrone 2.0 but he is destroyed too by the Racer Zord. Sound and Fury

Roxy creates Burnertron to collect the final Beast Power Data but Nate and Steel destroy Burnertron for good. However, the data chip was still intact and Roxy later retrieved it. Scrozzle sends Burnerdrone but he is destroyed by the Striker Megazord. Seeing Red

Eventually, Vargoyle located Scrozzle in the Cyber Dimension and confronted him. He was furious to learn that the last four Fury Cells had been lost (with one being lost with Tubatron 2.0 and three being used by Devon), and when Scrozzle blamed Blaze and Roxy, Vargoyle attacked the two avatars. Evox appeared and stopped the fight. After Scrozzle explained Vargoyle's backstory, Evox asked Vargoyle to work for him, offering to reward him with the Beast powers upgrade Scrozzle had recently developed. Vargoyle agreed to the deal, though Blaze and Roxy felt betrayed, since Evox had originally promised one of them the upgrade. Blaze and Roxy fight the Rangers a first time with Turbotron. But Turbotron and Turbodrone are destroyed, and Blaze and Roxy retreat. Back in the Cyber Dimension, Evox was pleased that Vargoyle had collected so much Morph-X. He rewarded Vargoyle with the Beast powers upgrade. Vargoyle thanked Evox and vowed to use his new powers to destroy Evox's enemies. Outraged at being denied the upgrade, Blaze and Roxy decided to team up to get rid of Vargoyle.Gorilla Act

As Vargoyle is finishing telling Evox his plan to get him the Morph-X he needs to return to Earth, Blaze and Roxy walk it, ready to show Evox their designs for a Memory Pulsator, only for Vargoyle to reveal that he's already built their device with Scrozzle's help. Incensed, Blaze accuses Scrozzle of sharing their plans with Vargoyle, something which Scrozzle tries to deny, but Vargoyle confirms. Before the argument can escalate, Evox interrupts and says that if Vargoyle was clever enough to steal Blaze and Roxy's plan, then he's smart enough to execute that plan. Scrozzle sends Shockatron to Earth at the same time that Shockadrone was deployed as part of Vargoyle's plan to distract the Rangers while he put his Memory Pulsator in place. Although both Shockatron and Shockadrone were destroyed, Vargoyle succeeded in planting the Memory Pulsator on the Channel 10 TV station's transmitter tower.Ranger Reveal

Vargoyle used Scrozzle's Robotron-Maker to activate the Pulsator, which rewrote the memories of everyone in Coral Harbor, including the human Rangers, so that they forgot about Evox's previous attacks and believed that Blaze and Roxy were the actual Red and Yellow Beast Morphers Rangers. In Grid Battleforce, evil Roxy sabotages Roxy's pod, then along with Blaze steal the mega transporters. Steel destroys the Pulsator and the Rangers retrieve theirs memories but too late, Blaze and Roxy flee with the mega transporters in front of them. Later, when Vargoyle fights Devon, he remarks that his Beast Power is almost discharged and asks to Scrozzle more Morph-X. Scrozzle replies that he has enough to use the Cheetah's speed and that he will send it more if he says please. At this moment, Blaze appears with Roxy and takes him the Morph-X. Scrozzle replies that Vargoyle has needed of Morph-X or he will be destroyed but Blaze and Roxy smile meaning that they wish and Scrozzle join their choice. After the death of Vargoyle, and despite the failure of a Gigadrone Blaze and Roxy become again Evox's favorites after they success to steal the mega transporters to start Evox's endgame. Rewriting History

Scrozzle informs Blaze and Roxy that the Rangers have retrieved the Mega Transporters that they have stolen. Considering the Tronics as useless, Blaze has Scrozzle to send down a Gigadrone to distract the Rangers so that him and Roxy retake and use three stolen mega-transporters to teleport the Morph-X tower to the Cyber Dimension. The Rangers divides : Ravi takes the Mega Transporters while the others fight the Gigadrone. Seeing that, Roxy says that she knows what to do, Blaze and Scrozzle watch her leave them confused. Roxy baited Ravi away, after a fierce fight, he destroys her morpher and destroys evil Roxy with four shots of his Beast X Blaster (because her sabotage of the real deal's stasis pod prevented the awakening), so that Blaze could retake the transporters. Target Tower

When the Rangers arrive in the Cyber Dimension with their Beast-X Ultrazord to rescue Devon and stop Evox once and for all, Blaze orders Scrozzle to send an army of Gigadrones to destroy them. But the Beast-X Ultrazord destroys the entire army. However, Evox's new body finishes taking form and he uses his new powers to destroy the Ultrazord in a single shot. The Rangers reunite with Devon and his father, only to be confronted by Evox, who de-morphs them all with a single blast. Believing the Rangers are no longer a threat, Evox uses the Morph-X in his body to grow giant and orders Scrozzle to begin teleporting him to Earth to take over the Morphin Grid.

With all the zords except the Racer Zord destroyed, the Rangers decide to blow up the Morph-X tower to destroy Evox. Devon takes the Racer Zord into the tower, while Mayor Daniels leads the other Rangers and their Beast Bots to Scrozzle's lab. While Zoey, Ravi, and Steel fight the Tronics, Nate shoots and injures Scrozzle with his Striker Morpher, who teleports away. Nate then uses Scrozzle's computer to override Evox's teleportation.

Blaze used a new Megazord created by Scrozzle to try to stop Devon and the Racer Zord from the destroying the stolen Morph-X Tower. The two Zords ended up fighting inside the tower itself. Devon destroyed both the evil Megazord and the Blaze Avatar with the Racer Zord's Cheetah Hyper Strike with the Cybervillain's final words being his denial that this could be happening. The resulting explosion set off a chain reaction inside the tower, destroying it. The tower's explosion subsequently destroyed Evox's new body. Part of the Morph-X blast travels through the portal and strikes Mayor Daniels, who is knocked down but otherwise unharmed.

A week later, with Evox seemingly destroyed and the real Blaze and Roxy restored to normal, Mayor Daniels presides over a ceremony at Grid Battleforce, in which the Rangers and Ben and Betty are awarded medals of valor for saving the city. However, unseen by anyone else, the mayor's left hand starts glowing purple, indicating that Evox has survived and is now residing within Mayor Daniels. Despite the assumed survival, Evox has apparently since became inert. Evox Upgraded

Around Halloween time, Scrozzle designed a hypnotic video to brainwash all of the Rangers into thier costumed identities so that no one could prevent him and Spiketron from stealing a truckload of Morph-X. The Ranger team, freed from Scrozle's brainwashing by Nate, approaches Scrozzle and Spiketron, much to the surprise of Scrozzle, thinking that they were still hypnotized, and they transform into Rangers. Scrozzle summons some Tronics to help Spiketron keep the Rangers busy and he teleports back to the Cyber Dimension to bring in a Gigadrone. Spikedrone, a Gigadrone Beta Model, which drops into Coral Harbor, causing the Red and Yellow Rangers to leave the battle for their Zords. They formed the Beast-X Megazord and, although that was overpowered with Spikedrone and the help of another Delta Model, Spiketron was quickly destroyed so Steel and Nate summoned thier Zords and teamed up with the Wheeler Zord to destroy both Gigadrones. Hypnotic Halloween

A month or two later, Scrozzle went on the offensive during Christmas and created Infernotron and went in a all out invasion of downtown with an army of Tronics, to take his revenge against the Rangers to have destroying his Cyber Dimension. The Rangers fell for the trap and Nate was sealed away into a Christmas ornament and, despite the demise of Infernotron, the other Rangers followed suit with only Ravi and Steel remaining free. Ravi was accidentally trapped by Steel. Later that day, Scrozzle personally piloted Infernodrone and went on a rampage to destroy Coral Harbor as revenge for the destruction of his Cyber Dimension. With Steel busy trying to fix the other Rangers, the Beast Bots were forced to pilot the Zords alone. While the Wheeler and Chopper Zords evacuated civilians and put out the fires, the Racer Zord took on Infernodrone. After taking a hit from the Racer Zord's Beast Bite, Scrozzle launched two Gigatronics for backup, then began burning into a Morph X Tower. Cruise quickly defeated the Gigatronics with the Racer Zord in Cheetah Mode and then destroyed Infernodrone with the Racer Zord's Hyper Strike, seemingly destroying Scrozzle as well. Scrozzle's Revenge

Although this seemed to put an end to this group for good, this was later disproven.

Season 2

It was revealed by Nate that, since the end of Evox, the Cyber Dimension had been completely abandoned and was now just a barren wasteland. Scrozzle was revealed to have survived Infernodrone's destruction when the Rangers confronted him, Drilltron 2.0, and some Tronics when they were stealing Morph-X from a spill in Sector Lima 2-3. Once the Rangers arrive to stop them, Scrozzle teleported away with all the Morph-X, leaving Drilltron 2.0 and the Tronics to fight the Rangers. He created Drilldrone 2.0 after this but that was also destroyed.

With Cyber Dimension's destruction, Evox (revealed to be alive) made a pre-caution by moving their base to the Crystal Dimension. As an effort to rebuilt his army, Evox has Scrozzle to re-create two of his fallen Avatars as robots


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Behind the Scenes

  • All scenes with the CybervillainsScrozzle, or Evox is automatically US footage.
    • The reason for these changes are simple. Blaze (cybervillain)'s counterpart, Enter, only used his Dark Buster form (used here as Blaze's Ranger suit) only used it once, during the series finale. EscapeRoxy's counterpart, only used her Ranger-like form a handful of times and debuted in Episode 25 (which became the episode Seeing Red in Power Rangers) so there was almost no usable footage of her. Scrozzle wasn't even adapted from Go-Busters with his suit being a complete US creation.
      • Subsequently, all Robotrons that appear alongside them are in US footage as well such as Slicertron having almost all of his footage replaced to feature Blaze.
        • In some rare cases, the changes are obvious such as Railtron having humanoid arms whilst his counterpart had arm armour resembling railway sleepers. When they started using Sentai footage of him, they had to add a purple energy effect to imply that he was powering up his arms with armour.


This is the second villain group to be led by a virus, the first being the Venjix Computer Network.


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