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Evolution Beasts (進化獣 Shinkajū) are the creatures created by the Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire. Starting with a base "Life Soup" within an Evolutionary Progressor set up by Jashinka scientist General Kar, it uses the Jashinka technology to create the animal of choice, and then evolves them in a way to show how they would have emerged if they, not humanity, were the dominant species of the planet. Further, all Evolution Beasts have a special "Big Bang Progress" failsafe, allowing for them to grow giant size into a "Super Evolution Beast" if defeated, generally by the Dynaman.

After realizing their weakness compared to the Dynaman, Kar later redevelops his Progressor for the development of Mechaevolution Beasts.Ep. 33: I Can't Become RedEp. 34: Formidable Enemy! Mechavolution

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