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This article refers to Rita, Zedd and Master Vile's cadre of villains. For other characters labeled "Evil Space Aliens", see the notes section below.

Zedd leads the crew

Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd lead a number of evil space aliens[1] that battle Zordon and the Power Rangers.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Rita Repulsa and her ragtag band of "evil space aliens" battled Zordon many years ago. Though Zordon successfully stopped her and imprisoned her and her minions in a space dumpster, she eventually broke free when unwitting astronauts found the space dumpster on the surface of the moon. In response to her return, Zordon and his aide Alpha 5 selected five teenagers with attitude to combat her attacks on Earth. Day of the Dumpster

Later on, after Rita failed one time too many, Lord Zedd returns to the Moon Palace and takes over the command of the "evil space aliens". He banishes Rita into space and starts sending monsters of his own to the rangers. The Mutiny

But Rita manages to return and works together with Finster in poisoning Lord Zedd with a love potion, causing him to marry her. The Wedding Not long after, Rita's brother Rito joins the fight against the Rangers, and manages to destroy the Thunderzords. However, he is defeated by their newly obtained Ninjazords. Ninja Quest

After a while, Rita and Zedd are joined by Master Vile, Rita's father, who temporarily takes over command, much to Zedd's dismay. Master Vile succeeds in turning the Rangers into children, but retreats angrily to his home galaxy after being defeated by the Alien Rangers of Aquitar.

But Zedd and Rita still manage to defeat the earth rangers by destroying their power coins and, after the Aquatian Rangers departed to their home planet, blowing up the command center.


The villains celebrated this victory with a huge party, but were soon greeted by the mighty forces of the Machine Empire. Knowing they are no match for the Empire, Rita asked her father Master Vile if they could hide with him. So the evil space aliens fled the moon in Serpentera, with Zedd vowing to return and defeat the machines. But they left Rito and Goldar behind on earth, as they were amnesiac due to receiving a blast from the Zeo crystal.

Zedd, Rita and Finster returned to the moon in a camper, soon rejoined by Rito and Goldar, having recently reclaimed their memories, planning to secretly defeat the Machine Empire. They first created the robot Louie Kaboom, who was to take over the Machine Empire in Mondo's absence, while remotely controlled by Zedd and Rita themselves. However, the remote broke, causing Louie to get out of control. After this plan failed and Louie was destroyed by the machinations of Prince Gasket and Princess Archerina, Zedd and Rita even resorted to helping the rangers multiple times, as they knew helping the Rangers would also be advantageous for themselves. Ultimately, they even directly attacked King Mondo and his Cogs with a group of Tenga Warriors, resulting in a brutal fight between the two evil factions. In the end, Zedd and Rita pretended to give up their fight against the machines, wanting to make peace with them, They gave them a present, which in reality was a bomb. Prince Sprocket opened said present, blowing up the entire Royal House of Gadgetry, with Zedd happily proclaiming they were back again.

Power Rangers Turbo

Rita and Zedd only made a small appearance in Turbo: A Power Rangers movie. Here, they are seen taking it easy at their recently reacquired Moon Palace. It seems they realized they would never defeat the Rangers and gave up their battle against them. When Divatox calls them for advice on how to defeat the Rangers, Rita sarcastically proclaims that if she knew that, she wouldn't have to listen to Lord Zedd's snoring all the time. She then advices the space pirate that the best way to deal with the Power Rangers is to simply run away from them.

Power Rangers in Space

Members of the Evil Space Aliens, including Rita, Zedd and Goldar reappeared, now part of the much larger United Alliance of Evil led by the powerful Dark Specter. They were seen at the conference on the Cimmerian Planet at the start of Power Rangers in Space, where Rita starts bickering with Divatox, clearly disbelieving the latter's claim of defeating the Rangers.

They appear again during the finale, where they are shown overseeing an attack on the Vica Galaxy, with their minions and monsters fighting the lone Gold Ranger. At first, they tell Astronema they don't like this plan of attack, but after hearing their plan comes directly from Dark Specter himself, they quickly tell her they like the plan after all.

After Andros shatters Zordon's tube, releasing a wave of good energy throughout the universe, Zedd, Rita and their army can be seen looking in terror as the wave approaches them. Rita begs Zedd to protect her, but soon after the wave hits, purifying Rita and Zedd from evil, turning them into humans, while the rest of their army is reduced to dust, destroying the Evil Space Aliens as a threat.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Unfortunately, Rita and Zedd secretly conceived a son named Thrax, who made his move 9 years after his parents were defeated. He labeled his parents as a disgrace, due to the fact they turned good. Thrax vowed to complete the original mission of the evil space aliens and managed to defeat the Overdrive Rangers by working together with the other villains of the show, cutting the Rangers' ties to the Morphin Grid. His victory was short lived however, as he was met by the combined team of restored Overdrive Rangers and Retro Rangers, who soundly defeated him and his alliance of villains. He was destroyed by the newly powered Sentinel Knight, thus wiping out all remnants of this faction.


  • The Mighty Morphin' toyline referred to Rita Repulsa's gang as the "Evil Space Aliens" and named every single member that was made into a toy.
  • The term was also used to group the villains in Power Rangers Zeo toys. However, the TV show labeled those characters as part of the Machine Empire.
  • The term was also used for Divatox's crew in the Turbo toyline. For use in the wiki, refer instead to Divatox's Crew.
  • Later on "Evil Space Alien" was used as a default name for many other figures following Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. However, these were in cases where neither the group of the character in figure form nor the character name were given.

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  1. The toyline refers to them as Evil Space Aliens. While others later on from other series were also given that distinction, those others had in-show names for the factions they were in.

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