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Zedd leads the crew

Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd lead a number of evil space aliens. The toyline refers to them as Evil Space Aliens. While others later on from other series were also given that distinction, those others had in-show names for the factions they were in that battle Zordon and the Power Rangers.

Group History


Rita Repulsa and her ragtag band of "evil space aliens" were assembled over 10,000 years ago by Lord Zedd as an elite force to attack Zordon's forces whilst Zedd himself invaded the other side of the universe. At one point after this group's formation, Rita employed the services of Eye Guy on Redna 2 and the Terror Toad on Sorcery 7, it being employed that the latter ate the entire population of the planet.

Rita's war with Zordon came to Earth many years ago. leading to an all-out war between Rita's monsters and Zordon's Power Rangers, the former being based in a Moon Palace and the latter a Command Center. Eventually though, Zordon was able to imprison her in a space dumpster on the Moon although not before she trapped him in a timewarp and managed to steal back the Sword of Darkness with the Knasty Knight monster because Zordon had taken it from her. The Oysterizer was a monster who apparently had a past with Rita and yet managed to escape the war with Zordon in the past. How he did this is unclear but he likely went underwater and remained there for thousands of years. He was the guardian of a set of magic pearls called the Pearls of Stillness which could "render anyone near enough to them as still as statues."

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Ten thousand years later, Rita and her minions were released by two unwitting and very stupid astronauts who found the space dumpster and decided to attack the city of Angel Grove, California. In response to her return, Zordon and his aide Alpha 5 selected five teenagers with attitude to combat her attacks on Earth as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, defeating an army of Putties with ease. Rita then used her magic to grow her right hand man, Goldar, grow but the Rangers' Dino Megazord made him flee with it's Power Sword. Day of the Dumpster

Sometime later, Rita wished to send the Power Rangers into a time-warp similar to the one she trapped Zordon in so had Finster create Bones and sent down a mini space shuttle. After a brief Putty battle, the entire team had to deploy to the fairground in order to fight him. However, he removed his head and teleported the Rangers to another dimension. Bones even Bones then takes on the Rangers and summons his Skeleton Warriors (basically Putties in skeleton spandex) to aid him in battle, while this is all happening, Squatt and Baboo are creating a plan by setting up a bomb on a tree that will blow up and trap the Rangers in the Time Dimension. after taking out the skeleton warriors. The Rangers blasted Bones with the Blade Blasters which blew him up into many pieces, but Bones simply restored his body, Billy grabbed Bones's head and toss it to Trini, an army of Skeleton Warriors came in to get back Bones' head, but Trini defeated all of them with ease. She then arrived at a pit and throw Bones' head right into the lava below, destroying both him and his body for good.

In response, Rita cast a spell and summoned a gigantic knight monster who ripped through the timewarp and grabbed up Jason, ripping him out as the bomb planted earlier blasted the rest out of the dimension. The Giant was about to strike the now captive Red Ranger, but Jason used his Blade Blaster to blast the Giant in the eye, causing him to drop the hero, now angered, the Giant attacked the other four Rangers with his sword, but Jason, determined to stop the villain, summoned the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord. Although it initially proves a match for the Zord, temporarily overpowering it with his sword, but two swings of its tail took him out and a massive double kick was the knockout blow. With the monster down for the count, Jason destroyed the Giant with the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord's ground breath attack. High Five

Rita later came up with the plan to divide and conquer a team, creating a dangerous waste disposal site which Kimberly and Trini deployed to and were then ambushed by Goldar and the Putty Patrol.To prevent the boys from helping them, Rita had finster create the Mighty Minotaur who attacked and overwhelmed the boys. Both forces were easily overwhelmed until Rita made the monster grow and the team had to summon their Dinozords. Kimberly blasted Goldar and the Putties with her Pterodactyl Dinozord's lasers, destroying the Putties but Goldar survived and retreated. The Minotaur was more powerful than the Zords and, a brief confrontation in Megazord Tank Mode, Zordon determined the monster was too much for the Rangers's Zords. Zordon then withdrew them and gives the Rangers their Power Weapons to battle the monster. When confronted by the Minotaur again, they destroy his weapons and then they bring their weapons together to form the Power Blaster and destroy the monster. Teamwork

Failing the divide and conquer technique, Rita decided to take on and kill Jason personally so created the King Sphinx monster. When Zack, Kimberly and Jason, the Rangers arrived at the Children's Theater in the park to confront the monster and Putties, King Sphinx flapped his wings and sent Kimberly away to the Angel Grove Youth Center's Gym and Juice Bar. After sending Zack away next, he teleported away with Jason to a mountainous desert to fight one-on-one. They seemed evenly matched in combat at first, but, even with the assistance of Goldar later in the battle, Jason started to get the upper hand over King Sphinx. Rita then made King Sphinx and Goldar grow to crush Jason. After finding their friend's location, Zordon was able to use Jason's Power Sword to send him their new Power Crystals so he could allow the other Rangers to arrive and summon their Zords. Tank Mode had no effect on the duo and their counter attack did several damage so they entered Tank Mode. Goldar and King Sphinx easily held their own, even forcing the Megazord back into Tank Mode at one point, but Goldar was forced to retreat after King Sphinx was slain by the Power Sword. A Pressing Engagement

The Gnarly Gnome was created by Finster because Rita wanted to brainwash the Power Rangers into becoming her personal slaves and thus leave the Earth completely open to invasion. When Finster created him, Rita sent him to Earth where the viewers first saw him jumping into the Youth Center area where he quickly brainwashed a group of girls that happened to be the friends of Kimberly's deaf friend Melissa. He held them as hostages in a cave and made them dance uncontrollably with his music. He took them hostage alongside Squatt and Baboo who cooked him a meal and they all fell asleep but Rita soon awoke them. Melissa led Kimberly and the others to the cave, and Kimberly had Melissa take cover, thereby preventing her from seeing her and her friends morph into the Rangers.

When the Rangers came, Squatt and Baboo left him alone to fight the Rangers. He tried to fight them, but they beat him with their Power Weapons, Jason cleaving him down with his Power Sword as the final blow and they destroy him with the Power Blaster. However, Rita made him grow so the Rangers summoned the Dinozords. During the Megazord battle, Gnarly Gnome first used his rake, but the Megazord soon took it away and used it against him. The Gnarly Gnome then used his accordion to confuse the Megazord and cause the Rangers to see illusions of a city in the empty battlefield, and to hallucinate Gnarly Gnome as a city building, and then a rolling boulder. The Megazord knocked the accordion away, putting a stop to the gnome's music and they summoned the Power Sword. The Gnarly Gnome tried to use his lighting beams against the Rangers, but they blocked them with the Power Sword and destroyed him with an energized slash. Different Drum

Rita was enraged at the fun the Power Rangers were having at the Angel Grove Youth Center Food Festival so Finster created the Pudgy Pig. Rita then sent him to Earth where he attacked the Angel Grove Youth Center which was holding a foot festival for charity. Zordon counted that he could eat all food on Earth in forty eight hours. The Pudgy Pig eventually found his way onto a rooftop where he encountered the Rangers. However, they couldn't defeat him and he swallowed their Power Weapons before sending them into a vortex which spat them out unmorphed in the park. Disgraced, the Rangers were worried that they would be unable to kill him but they saw he didn't like spicy food, as he didn't touch it on the Festival when they returned there. They then found out that he had been seen in the industrial district so they morphed and deployed there with an arsenal of food, Trini holding a spicy radish. They tricked him with some regular food before putting the radish into a sandwich which he ate. The resulting reaction made him puke up all of the food and the Power Weapons and also causing his sides to cave in. Now re-armed, the Rangers took down Pudgy with a series of slashes from their Power Weapons, Jason landing the final blow with his Power Sword, and used the Power Blaster to destroy the Pudgy Pig. Food Fight

Rita later located the Power Eggs and (for reasons unexplained) wished to steal them as they would make her all powerful or something but was unable to penetrate a forcefield around the Eggs. She discovered that only pure of heart children could get past it to prevent villains from getting it so had Finster create the Chunky Chicken to kidnap a kid called Maria who Kimberly and Trini were looking after as big sisters. Putties managed to kidnap Maria and they got through the forcefield whilst the Rangers were having problems with their teleporters. However, they arrived in the RADBUG and were able to send the Power Eggs into the ocean with the Blade Blaster Tower Formation, losing them forever before they fought Goldar and the Chunky Chicken. The villains withdrew to the warehouse district where they tried to kill Maria but the Rangers rescued her in the Megazord so Rita grew the Chunky Chicken. The Chicken cut holes open in space and time, using them to openly attack the Megazord but was easily punched and then slain by the Power Sword. Big Sisters

Rita wanted to become super intelligent and decided to employ the services of Eye Guy once again since he was apparently one of her favorite monsters. Eye Guy had an array of energy beam attacks he could launch from his various eyes, and could reassemble himself if blown apart as long as his main eye remained undamaged. Eye Guy's mission was to capture a highly-intelligent child so Rita Repulsa could absorb their intelligence. Eye Guy captured Billy's friend Willie and was challenged by the Power Rangers. Eye Guy proved to be invulnerable to their Power Blaster and had them on the ropes until Billy destroyed his main eye. Grown to giant size by Rita, Eye Guy blasted the Megazord with eyeballs but they summoned the Power Sword and cut him to pieces. He reformed but his eye was exposed and they destroyed him for good by destroying his body and eye at the same time, freeing the child before Rita Repulsa could get to his mind. I, Eye Guy

Deciding to disable the entire Power Ranger team, Rita had Squatt kidnap one of Rita's dolls called Mr. Ticklesneezer and made him into a monster of the same name and intimidated him into capturing objects for her. He capture a bullet train, a tower, a motorbike, and even Billy and Trini. The Rangers then went to confront him in the train-yard but Goldar and the Putties met them and culminated in Billy and Trini being released before a train could run them over. Rita then made Mr. Ticklesneezer grow into a giant and he captured the Megazord although she arrived right after the Power Sword landed and knocked him down. The Megazord snatched up his bottle and tried to trap Rita and her cronies in it but she blasted it back and they escaped before Trini convinced her doll to return the objects to normal. However, the entire episode turned out to be a dream. For Whom the Bell Trolls

On Zack's birthday, Rita decided the best birthday gift would be to destroy him so magically crafted and empowered a mighty sword and gave it to her Knasty Knight monster. When Zack was alone in the quarry, bemoaning that the other Rangers had supposedly forgotten his birthday (they were planning a special party), Rita and her minions attacked him. Zack fought with Knasty Knight for enough time, until his friends arrived. The Knight's special ability was to reflect most attacks and burn weapons. During the fight with all the Rangers, the villain damaged all their Power Weapons with a certain Black Dust. Then Rita enlarged him and during the fight with the Megazord, he broke its Power Sword. Zack realized that villain reflects the energy and the Rangers used his own strategy against him. The Megazord reflected the strike of the monster and combined it with the formation's own energy, before unleashing it on Knasty Knight, smashing his sword with a single chop and finally destroying him with an energized slash. Happy Birthday, Zack

As part of a convoluted scheme to kill the Power Rangers, Rita created a circus and filled it with Putties disguised as clowns with the lead clown (Pineapples) secretly being the Pineoctopus monster. Pineapple gets Sylvia's attention as they walk around the fair, with Trini going around to find them, after bringing her in front of a Merry-Go-Round he does tricks, the Yellow Ranger manages to find them, after saying that he is going to take her, Trini takes Sylvia back and prepares to fight him, but she gets stop by Sylvia saying that he is her friend, fortunately Pineapple sprinkled Sylvia with powder, turning her into cardboard (much to the complete horror of Trini), he then ran off in a flash. He later appears in front of Jason, Zack, Kimberly and Billy with an army of clowns, he used some balls to turn them into Puttys to distract Jason, Zack and Kimberly, while Billy follows Pineapple into a Merry-Go-Round, he attempted to turn Billy into cardboard, but he missed and hit a Putty instead, he gets cornered by Jason, Zack and Kimberly, so he transforms into his real form - an octopus/pineapple-like monster called Pineoctopus. The Rangers morphed and took on Pineoctopus, but he gets aided by Baboo, Squatt, Goldar and the huge army of Putties, allowing the monster to escape, (while all of this was happening, Sylvia was restored back to normal by Trini and Alpha 5), as Baboo, Squatt and Goldar fight the Rangers, Pineoctopus used his Cardboard Powder on the Rangers, but it had no effect because of their Ranger suits, but even then he still manages to overpower all four Rangers and was enlarged by Rita Repulsa. After Trini arrived, the Rangers summon the Dinozords to battle Pineoctopus, they first used the Triceratops Zord's chain to tie up this monster and then froze him with the Mastodon's freeze blast. They then combined to form the Dino Megazord Tank Mode to blast him with the cannons, but they weren't enough. They then switch to the Dino Megazord Battle Mode and destroyed Pineoctopus with Megazord's Cranial Laser. No Clowning Around

Rita later planned to reuse her Terror Toad monster to kill the Power Rangers and had Baboo create a Punk Potion to turn them cruel and heartless although this ultimately only affected Billy and Kimberly. He went to the Park and, with Zordon trying to cure the Punk Rangers, only Jason, Zack, and Trini were left to fight him. The Rangers' attacks proved ineffective against the toad and he was easily able to fend them off. During the battle, he knocked Trini to the ground, after which he fired his energy tongue at her transforming her into a yellow energy sphere. The Terror Toad swallowed her and a picture of the Yellow Ranger's helmet appeared on his belly. Jason and Zack continued to fight the toad, but were overwhelmed and soon Zack was also transformed into an energy sphere and swallowed, leaving Jason to fight him alone.

Once Billy and Kimberly were cured of the punk potion, they were instructed by Zordon to cut off the Terror Toad's horn and attack it's weak spot right below its neck. The two then joined Jason in the battle against the toad. Billy and Kimberly managed to cut off the Terror Toad's horn, making him furious. In retaliation, the Terror Toad grabbed Jason with his tongue, pulled him into his mouth, and swallowed him whole. As the Terror Toad swallowed Jason, Kimberly noticed strange markings on his neck that seemed to indicate his weak spot. Billy then tried to attack him, leaping into the air, but the Terror Toad caught him in mid-air, pulled him into his mouth, and swallowed him as well.

Left alone to fight the toad, Kimberly prepared to fire an arrow from her Power Bow, but was knocked down by Baboo. The Terror Toad joined Baboo and the two began to approach her, but Kimberly immediately fired three arrows into the toad's neck. The Terror Toad fell to the ground and spit up all four of the swallowed Rangers. The Rangers then launched a final assault, each landing a devastating attack against the toad. Kimberly then delivered the final blow by firing an arrow into his mouth and he was destroyed. Power Ranger Punks

Rita decided to destroy Billy, so she summoned her old friend Madame Woe and ordered her to send the other Rangers, except Billy to her dimension, and destroy him. Madame Woe's jewel allowed her to control rain, heat, wind and cold and send people to other dimensions. Woe confused Billy's girlfriend Marge for a ranger and sent her to other dimension. When Rangers arrived she fought them and showed her other abilities: teleporting, using her braids and flying. Then she sent other Rangers, except Billy, to other dimension, and Rita's plan nearly succeeded. But Billy managed to defeat her and break her jewel by snatching it from her forehead and crushing it into dust in his hand. and free his friends. Then Rangers overpowered the now powerless Woe with their hands and fists, Billy landing the final blow with a double punch to her chest, before forming their Power Blaster and finishing off the evil sorceress. Peace, Love and Woe

Rita planned to kill Kimberly in a plane crash by sending her Uncle Steve to sleep with a potion and sent down the Snizzard monster to kill the others. His torso was actually a large snake mouth, which could open up and fire what he called "tonsil snakes" at his foes, which would then wrap up and weaken their targets, draining them of their life energy. His arms were a pair of cobras and his legs were a bunch of snakes coiled around each other. The Zapper Apple on his crown also possessed great power, possibly strong enough to have been able to destroy the Power Rangers with a single shot from a weapon charged by it. Rita sent Snizzard to Earth. Confronting four of the Rangers in Angel Grove Park, Snizzard overwhelmed and nearly destroyed them with an arrow charged with energy from his crown's Zapper Apple. But then Kimberly arrived and saved her teammates. After defeating a group of Putties that Snizzard had summoned using her Power Bow, Kimberly slew the reptilian monster by firing an arrow of her own into his Zapper Apple. Foul Play in the Sky

The Dark Warrior monster was created by Finster to capture Trini's uncle Howard and make him open the formula of invisibility. Dark Warrior, with an army of Putties, captured Howard and threatened to kill him, unless he reveal the formula of invisibility that he invented. Howard refused and the monster tied him to the bomb to kill him. He sent Trini a letter, where he wrote to give him the formula. However, the Rangers with the help of Billy, saved him and deactivated the bomb. Zordon then told the Rangers that the Dark Warrior was in the Park for whatever reason so they went to confront him. He proved much too strong for them and was very fast in the battle, even reflecting Power Bow arrows from Kimberly with his sword. He also could shoot with powerful energy blasts from a cannon on his wrist which knocked down the Rangers and shot Trini out of the air at which point Rita enlarged him.

Upon growing, Dark Warrior gained a chain with a blade on one end and iron balls on the other end. The Rangers summoned their Dinozords which he blasted but they were unfazed and formed Tank Mode. It blasted him but he handstanded away and blasted them with his cannon so they formed the Megazord in Battle Mode. He tried to overwhelm it with his sword but it blocked after two hits, knocked it away into the air, and punched him down. However, he then produced his chain and wrapped it around the Megazord's neck, pulling it around easily. However, Jason summoned the Power Sword which cut the chain, stunning the Dark Warrior long enough for them to destroy him with an energized slash. Dark Warrior (episode)

Rita managed to find and unleash an evil Genie who was the most powerful being in the Wolf's Head Galaxy and sent it to kill the Power Rangers. The Genie was released and enlarged by Rita. He attacked Angel Grove and encountered the Rangers. Genie was a powerful monster. He overpowered the Megazord and nearly drilled through it's cockpit and killed the Rangers but Alpha sent the Lamp to two different locations at once, vaporizing it and causing The Genie to disappear. Switching Places

Green With Evil

After her many failures at killing the Power Rangers, Rita saw a new student in Angel Grove called Tommy Oliver and realized that he would be an excellent candidate to be her evil Green Ranger. To test him, she sends a squad of Putties to ambush him in an alleyway as he is taking a shortcut to meet Kimberly at the Youth Center. Though caught off guard at first, Tommy manages to defeat the Putties with his karate skills and a trash can lid. Rita, pleased with Tommy's performance, teleports to Earth in a gust of wind and captures Tommy with her magic wand, taking him back to her palace on the moon. She coats his body with magical green wax and chants incantations to cast a powerful spell on him, brainwashing him into becoming her servant. When he arises from his bed of wax, his eyes are glowing green, and he asks in a monotone voice how he can serve "his empress". Rita assigns him to go to the Command Center and disable Zordon, and then go destroy the Power Rangers, identifying each Ranger by name. To accomplish his mission, she gives him a Sixth Power Coin - the Dragon Coin - and he morphs into the Green Ranger for the first time, dedicating himself "to the fall of Zordon and the destruction of the Power Rangers".

The Evil Green Ranger goes first to the Command Center, which he can enter since he has a Power Coin. He sneaks up behind Alpha 5, who was recharging his energies, and inserts a virus-infected CD-ROM into his disk drive, causing him to scream and convulse. Zordon, who was in a meditative state at the time of the Green Ranger's entry, demands that the intruder reveal himself. Tommy does so, boasting of his newly acquired powers. Zordon, knowing that the Green Ranger is Tommy, tries to tell him that he is under an evil spell and offers to save him, but Tommy rejects Zordon's offer. Then, despite Zordon's pleading, he begins ripping out the Command Center's control panels and wiring, severing communication with Zordon and causing him to disappear from his energy tube. With an evil laugh, Tommy declares his work to be done and departs the Command Center in a flash of green-and-yellow flame.

Meanwhile, Rita, desiring to lure the Power Rangers into a trap, uses her magic wand to grow her top henchman, Goldar, to giant-size. The Power Rangers, seeing this in the Viewing Globe, morph into action to confront him. After a brief battle with some Putties, the Rangers summon their Dinozords, form the Megazord, and draw the Power Sword to battle Goldar. Suddenly, Goldar disappears, and the Green Ranger, who has been watching from below, leaps atop the Megazord, breaks into the cockpit, declares, "Long live Empress Rita!", and knocks the Rangers out of the cockpit to the ground below. Then, while Rita watches from her lunar palace with glee, he then leaps down to confront them and single-handedly deals all five Rangers a decisive defeat. Out of Control

Rita later decided to give Tommy the Sword of Darkness. As Finster recounts, the Sword of Darkness was captured from Zordon and given to her as a prize of war. If given to the Green Ranger, the enchanted weapon will allow her to maintain her spell on him forever, so long as the Sword is not destroyed. Finster worries that Zordon knows of the Sword's power, but Rita is quite unconcerned since Zordon isn't around to tell the Rangers about it. Goldar suggests that Tommy must earn the Sword of Darkness in a test against the Putties. Rita agrees and, at Squatt and Baboo's request, she and all her minions teleport to the beach outside Angel Grove to witness the test. Tommy answer's Rita's summons, and Goldar tells him to battle a squadron of Putties using only his karate skills; if he succeeds, he will be rewarded with the Sword of Darkness. Tommy begins his battle with the Putties. He struggles with them at first but soon begins to take them down one by one, much to Rita and Goldar's delight. When Tommy throws the last remaining Putty to the ground, Rita congratulates him and gives him the Sword of Darkness. He laughs in triumph and vows to use the Sword to destroy the Power Rangers, starting with the Red Ranger and he proceeded to kidnap Jason at Angel Grove High, transporting him to Rita's Dark Dimension. He is confronted by Goldar, who has stolen his Power Morpher, meaning Jason will have to face Goldar all alone and without his powers. Jason struggles with Goldar, but the alien warrior has little trouble knocking him around.

Whilst the other Rangers waited for Jason, Tommy reappears in the Viewing Globe, practising with the Sword of Darkness. Zack sees an opportunity to nail him and get to the bottom of what's going on. The other Rangers are uncomfortable attempting to do so without Jason, but Zack, as second-in-command of the team, makes the decision to confront the Green Ranger anyway. They morph into action and battle the Green Ranger again; but with their leader absent, and the Green Ranger armed with the Sword of Darkness, he dispatches them even more easily than before. Desperate, the Rangers summon their Dinozords and assemble the Megazord. Undaunted, Tommy uses his Sword to hurl an energy blast at the Megazord, but the Megazord deflects it back at him with the Mastodon shield, forcing him to retreat. Rita is highly annoyed by this setback until Squatt and Baboo remind her that Jason is still trapped with Goldar in the Dark Dimension, lifting her spirits immediately. She orders Goldar to terminate Jason, but Goldar decides to toy with him some more before disposing of him. Jason's Battle

However, after a lot of Jason getting beaten, Rita sent Tommy to finish Jason off and forced Goldar to leave. Tommy The two exchange words before fighting each other for a few minutes. The Green Ranger compliments Jason as being "a skilled warrior". Jason denounces his enemy as not being a true Ranger since he fights for Rita and not Zordon, but the Green Ranger dismisses Zordon as a memory. They resume their fight. The Green Ranger kicks Jason to the ground. Jason sees his Morpher and reaches for it, but before he can use it, the Green Ranger steps on his arm, pinning him the ground. Tommy gloated over his victory over Jason, waving the Sword of Darkness over his head. He then tells Jason it is time to pay the price of defeat; but before he can strike the final blow with the Sword of Darkness, Billy, who has locked onto Jason's coordinates, teleports him out of the Dark Dimension and back to the Command Center. Jason is relieved to be back but is badly shaken by his brush with death at the hands of the Evil Green Ranger and begins telling his friends what happened. Enraged, Rita did not withdraw Tommy and left him there until she needed him again later.

Rita then unleashed her most powerful minion Scorpina and sent her down to the Angel Grove Warehouse District, setting off the alarm in the Command Center. Alpha is horrified at the sight of Scorpina and warns the Rangers to beware of her sting. The Rangers morph into action to confront her and the Putties. Scorpina easily gains the upper hand, but at Goldar's insistence, Rita recalls her, much to Scorpina's annoyance. All the minions begin arguing over who should lead the all-out assault on Angel Grove that Rita is devising, but Rita shuts them up and decides that Goldar will begin the battle. Rita also reveals her plan to cast a spell that will cause a solar eclipse and drain the Megazord of its solar power. The Rescue

As Goldar continues his rampage through Angel Grove, he saw Bulk and Skull in a bus and picked them up before marching to the beach and forcing the Rangers to respond. The Rangers chase after Goldar, who has put the bus on a cliff, with Squatt, Babboo, and the Putties pushing it toward the edge, while Bulk and Skull are helplessly trapped inside. The Rangers finally summon their Dinozords and form the Megazord. Just as the bus is pushed over the edge, the Megazord catches it and puts it back on the cliff in safely. Inside, Bulk and Skull, on realizing that they survived the ordeal, celebrate jubilantly.

At the Command Center, Alpha has finally locked onto Zordon's signal and begins the process of fully re-establishing contact with him. In response, Rita sends the Evil Green Ranger back to the Command Center to get rid of Zordon for good. He sneaks up behind Alpha and pulls the plug on him, deactivating him. The Green Ranger exchanges words with the partially restored Zordon before vowing to send him to another dimension where he'll be lost forever. He begins pressing buttons on the Command Center control panel, undoing all of Alpha's work. But before the Green Ranger can leave, Alpha's backup system kicks in, reactivating him. Alpha captures the Green Ranger in a force-field. Caught by surprise and angered, the Green Ranger vows to make him pay. Alpha tries in vain to re-establish the connection with Zordon, but Zordon fades away again. Green Ranger taunts Alpha for his failure, and Alpha determines to find out who is behind the mask.

The Megazord battles with Goldar on the beach. Suddenly, Rita's solar eclipse begins, and the Megazord begins to lose power. Despite this, the Megazord manages to gain the upper hand on Goldar, knocking him to the ground. On seeing this, Rita sends Scorpina into battle and grows her into a giant, hideous Scorpion Monster. The Megazord is severely weakened by the combined power of Goldar and Scorpina and the loss of its solar energy. Goldar kicks the Megazord to the ground as the eclipse reaches its zenith. Jason calls on the Power Sword for an energy boost, and the Megazord gets back on its feet and reclaims the advantage on Goldar and Scorpina. Determined not to lose the fight, Rita uses a spell to free Green Ranger from the Command Center force-field (much to Alpha's consternation), grows him to giant size, and sends him to battle the Megazord as well! The Power Rangers are in big trouble; the Megazord is surrounded by Goldar, Scorpina and the Evil Green Ranger, and doesn't have enough power to finish the fight. Scorpina further weakens the Megazord by wrapping her stinging tail around its head and electrocuting it. Goldar and the Green Ranger then combine their swords to fire a blast of energy at the Megazord, dealing it a crippling blow. The Megazord is rocked by a series of explosions, ejecting the Power Rangers from its cockpit and throwing them to the ground below, where they involuntarily demorph. A massive hole opens in the Earth, and the Megazord's powerless body falls into the fiery hole. The Rangers can only watch in shock and horror as their Zords are consumed by lava, while Rita cackles with delight at her triumph. However, Alpha was able to scan him whilst he was held captive in the Command Center and they learnt that Tommy was the Green Ranger. Eclipsing Megazord

Rita then celebrated her supposed absolute victory and sent Tommy to Angel Grove with his new Dragon Dagger to summon the Dragonzord to either destroy or force Angel Grove to surrender to her. The Rangers confronted him in the warehouse district but the Zord's missile barrage knocked them off of the roof they stood on although their power coins start glowing, and they realize Zordon is back. An earthquake begins, and a massive hole opens in the earth once again. The Dinozords, restored to full power, re-emerge, and Zordon teleports the Power Rangers to their Zords' cockpits. Rita, seeing the sight from her lunar palace, can only scream in frustration that her advantage was gone.

Jason uses the Tyrannosaurus to confront Dragonzord. The two Zords fight a ferocious battle until Tyrannosaurus leaps into the air and kicks Dragonzord to the ground. With Dragonzord weakened, the Rangers combine their Zords into the Megazord. The Megazord, now at full power and armed with the Power Sword, overwhelms the Dragonzord and hurls it into a mountainside, disabling it. Nonetheless, Tommy refuses to surrender, so Jason leaps from the Megazord cockpit to confront him on the ground.

The Red Ranger, armed with his Power Sword and Blade Blaster, battles the Green Ranger, armed with the Dragon Dagger and the Sword of Darkness. Tommy uses the Dragon Dagger to activate his Dragon Shield, deflecting Jason's attacks back at him. Tommy gains the upper hand on Jason by firing energy blasts at him with the Sword of Darkness. But just as it appears that the Green Ranger will finally destroy the Red Ranger, Jason powers up his Power Sword and hurls it at Tommy, knocking the Dragon Dagger and Sword of Darkness from his hands with such force that Tommy is thrown on his back. Jason then draws his Blade Blaster and declares, "It's all over, Tommy!", and shoots and destroys the Sword of Darkness. Rita's spell is broken, and Tommy involuntarily demorphs as the fiery green aura that had enveloped him since being brainwashed leaves his body. This absolutely enraged Rita and she was only quelled when Goldar swore that they'd revenge themselves on the Rangers. Breaking The Spell

Post Green With Evil

Trying to impress Rita, Squatt and Baboo created a turtle mould whilst she slept and stuck a cannon, baseball bat, and traffic light to it and stuck it in the Monster-Matic. This resulted in the creation of the Shellshock monster who accompanied his creators to Angel Grove Park whilst they played basketball. They attacked the Rangers, when they were playing baseball and Shellshock fired and destroyed their baseball ball. Then they encountered the Power Rangers and heroes morphed. However, Shellshock hit Trini with his green ray, making her running uncontrollably. Then Shellshock hit Zack, Kimberly and Billy with the red ray, freezing them. The villains then left after Jason shot them with his Blade Blaster. They were proud of their deed and Rita even praised them. Then Shellshock returned to Earth, was enlarged by Rita, and attacked Angel Grove. Jason tried to battle him with his Tyrannosaurus Dinozord, but was overpowered. So Jason asked Tommy for help. Tommy summoned his Dragonzord and, together with Jason, they fought Shellshock and nearly defeated him, but he used his red traffic light to freeze their Zords. But eventually Trini arrived. She, with the help of Saber-Toothed Tiger Dinozord, found the magical flowers that could free them of Shellshock's magic The Yellow Ranger used magical flowers and freed herself and her friends. Then heroes used the Tyrannosaurus Ground Breath on Shellshock (which didn't quite finish him) and a double barrage of Dragonzord missiles to finally finish off the monster off. The Trouble with Shellshock

The Spidertron was created by Finster and Rita hid Spidertron on Earth inside the statue of the Forest's Spirit in the park which she had stolen. The monster was tasked with putting a sleep spell on everyone who came near it. When Zack with his students came to the park to study karate, all of them, except Zack, fell under Spidertron's spell. Spidertron then emerged from the statue and attacked, where it was revealed that Zack had an overwhelming fear of insects, especially spiders. However Black Ranger managed to overcome his fear and helped his friends to defeat the monster on the ground with his Power Axe. Rita then enlarged Spidertron so the Rangers formed the Megazord and were able to fight him, but after an intense attack, they were separated back into their individual Zords. The monster managed to reflect the Mastodon Dinozord's Freeze Spray and Tyrannosaurus Dinozord's jump kick attack. He even trapped Dragonzord in his web. However, Mastodon, Saber-Toothed Tiger Dinozord, Triceratops Dinozord combined with Dragonzord, forming Dragonzord Battle Mode (the Tyrannosaurus was assisting). They finally destroyed Spidertron with the Dragonzord Battle Mode's Power Staff drill attack, perforating a hole in his midsection, causing him to fall and explode. Itsy Bitsy Spider

The Spit Flower was created by Finster. Finster told Rita that he possessed a very rare monster, the Spit Flower. Zordon told the Rangers that the body of Spit Flower was like an armor with few weak places. Rita sent him to Earth. Spit Flower attacked Angel Grove and started eating flowers. When he ate the flowers, they came out as little biting monsters that drained energy of their targets. He also could fire energy from his tentacle. He encountered the Power Rangers. After the brief battle on the ground, Rita enlarged the monster who blasted the Rangers before Tommy showed up and knocked him down with a blast from his Dragon Dagger. The Rangers started fighting him with their Zords. In the giant fight Tommy was overwhelmed by the monster in his Dragonzord in Battle Mode when the monster caught its staff and took down the Zord with its draining flowers. The Zords were ineffective against him, so Zordon called them away. Then monster returned to human size and continued eating flowers and draining energy from people. However, in the Command Center, our heroes discovered his weak place, his spit sack. Kimberly fired at his sack with her Power Bow, weakening him and taking away his ability to create bitting flowers. The Rangers used their Power Blaster to finally destroy him with three blasts, even though the first blast seemed to knock down one of his claw arms. The Spit Flower

Rita planned to create an ultra-powerful set of Putties to kill the Rangers from a special clay that she mined but that left them open to attack so sent the Frankenstein's Monster to infiltrate the Halloween party at the Youth Center and distract the Power Rangers. Rita found a new special clay for Finster to create more powerful monsters and Putties. He blends in with the crowd at the costume party in Angel Grove Youth Center in an attempt to seek out the Rangers. They even confused him with Tommy, who wanted to dress like a Frankenstein on a costume party. After the Rangers confronted the Frankenstein Monster, they were promptly overpowered.

After the Frankenstein Monster grows to giant size, the Rangers in their Megazord struggle with him until Tommy joins the battle with his Dragonzord. Early on in the battle, the Rangers call for the Power Sword but it bounces harmlessly off of Frankie's chest. For a while, things appear grim as the Frankenstein Monster is able to handle both the Dragonzord and Megazord simultaneously. The Megazord then disassembles and they form the Dragonzord Battle Mode. Initially, the Frankenstein Monster still has the upper hand, as he continues to clobber the Dragonzord Battle Mode like he did the Megazord and Dragonzord, even blocking and then returning its crest blast. While laughing mockingly at the Rangers, they use the opportunity to obliterate the monster with the Power Staff. The Frankenstein Monster explodes in a strange way with cracks appearing all over his body before being torn apart. Life's a Masquerade

Finster made the Super Putties were made from the special that Rita Repulsa and her minions mined during the time that the Rangers were dealing with Rita's Frankenstein monster. The Super Putties were supposedly nearly indestructible. These "Super Putties" had a unique ability. Every time one was supposedly defeated it instead split into two more Putties. The Zack and Kimberly appeared to have gained the upper hand temporarily by splitting two Super Putties in half with the Blade Blaster and Power Axe respectively, only to succumb to the resulting creation of two more Super Putties. The only thing that could defeat the Super Putties were the Thunder Slingers that were retrieved by Jason and Tommy, which were under guard by the Carrierzord, Titanus. These weapons were able to fire lasers that vaporized each of them, negating their ability to split their bodies. Gung Ho!

Rita decided to create her lethal Wheel of Misfortune from Kimberly's grandmother's spinning wheel which Bulk had earlier broken because she brought it in for a Rumpelstiltskin play. After she had some Putties restrain Tommy, Goldar and some Putties were able to capture it and she transformed it into the Wheel as she sent down Goldar and Scorpina to grow. The individual Zords were no match, Goldar netting up the Tyrannosaurs and energy blasts from Scorpina prevented the other Zords from interfering before they cut it down. Luckily, Tommy broke free and blasted them down with the Dragonzord's missile barrage before freeing the Tyrannosaurs Dinozord. Midway through the Zord fight, the Wheel and managed to put up a solid fight, even giving the Megazord trouble. It was ultimately destroyed when the Megazord combined with the Dragonzord and Titanus to form the Dino Ultrazord in a last-ditch effort for victory, prompting the other villains to retreat. Wheel of Misfortune

As part of a plan to make the Power Rangers cease to exist, Rita summoned her villainous ally Lokar and the monster Mutitus whilst Zack had no confidence about a dance contest he was supposed to attend. Goldar and Scorpina went down to the city with some Putties and completely overwhelmed the Power Rangers before retreating as Mutitus arrived and stamped down and made the Rangers roll. The Rangers summon the Megazord and fight the monster. They have the chance to destroy him, but then Rita appears on a fire escape. Then, a giant fireball streaks through the sky and transforms into a giant spirit head which was Lokar. The Dragonzord then arrived, Tommy having been held up looking after two boys who were scared by the attack, arrived but was equally overwhelmed and his toxic foam took both out, ejecting the Rangers who Lokar then sent to the Island of Illusion. Goldar introduced them to the idea that losing confidence that made them cease to exist and demonstrated this by summoning illusions of the Pudgy Pig, Eye Guy Pineoctopus, and Shellshock who vanished. Luckily, the Rangers were eventually able to defeat the Island with the aid of a native called Quagmire and reclaimed thier Morphers so Rita went to the dimension and made herself grow. She then obliterated the Island but both the Rangers and Quagmire escaped, the former six entering the Megazord which shocked Rita as they changed into the Mega Dragonzord. The fight then becomes one-sided in favor of the Rangers, as the MegaDragonzord is unharmed by Mutitis' lightning attacks, whereas the Zord's lasers harm the monster effectively. Mutitis is finally killed when the MegaDragonzord launches its energy sphere attack, causing an explosion that disintegrates Mutitus in a flash of bright light. Rita was shocked so the Rangers summoned the Ultrazord and blasted Lokar but he managed to escape, foiling Rita once again and forcing her to leave. Island of Illusion

Jason and his cousin Jeremy uncovered a map to the Mirror of Destruction and Rita sent Scorpina to get the map and also get the Mirror. For help, she summoned the Rockstar monster who pinned Jason down under his boulders although Jeremy escaped. He then went to a pool club and attacked, forcing Billy, Trini, and Zack to respond whilst Kimberly and Jason combed the beach. However, using his rocks, he was able to render them helpless and ended the fight by throwing them into the swimming pool before retreating in order to try and locate Jason's cousin Jeremy who had the map to the Mirror. The entire group eventually met in battle against Jason and Kimberly (Zack and Trini's absence going unexplained) in a short battle ending with a jump kick from Jason failing and them pinned to the floor by the Rockstar's boulders He went after Jeremy since he possessed the mirror who Rockstar tried to kill with a boulder, but Mirror protected it's owner. Jeremy accidentally pointed the Mirror at Rockstar, and Rockstar was destroyed when he saw his reflection, a beam of light shooting out of it and blowing him apart. He then discarded it and Kimberly grabbed it up but Scorpina cut her down and took it at which point Rita made her grow. The Rangers formed the Megazord but giant Goldar popped up and restrained the Megazord, forcing the Rangers to cover their eyes before forcing Goldar in front of it. Scorpina discarded it to save her partner so Jason summoned the Power Sword and obliterated it with an energy slash, making Goldar and Scorpina withdraw. The Rockstar

With Kimberly having a horrendous day, Rita decided to make it worse by creating the Samurai Fan Man monster. The Samurai Fan Man then ambushed Kimberly and Tommy in the Park and opened up his gourd to quickly neutralize Tommy (putting him in a temporary coma) and then captured Kimberly with it. Inside his jug is an alternate dimension, where he trapped Kimberly. It was said by Alpha that if the jar broke, she'd be trapped there forever. Weapons in his arsenal include his fan (which fires electrical sparks and a huge gust of wind, the main purpose of which is to blow his adversaries long distances away from him), a large steel rake, a lance, and explosive quills on his helmet that seem to regenerate themselves. The Rangers, after a briefing from Zordon met him there and a battle then ensued between them, the Fan Man, and Goldar who had joined him right after his capture of Kimberly. The Fan Man proved too much for Jason and Trini and ended the skirmish by summoning his fan and blowing away the Rangers. This was intended  to send them to another dimension forever but Alpha and Zordon managed to rescue them. Thinking the Rangers gone, the Fan Man went to a café swarmed with Putties (called the Putty Bowl Restaurant) alongside Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar to celebrate until the Rangers went to fight him once again.

Kimberly was still trapped inside the jug when Rita made the Samurai Fan Man and Goldar grow to a giant size. Jason then called on Tommy, who had just woken up from his coma who then morphed and joined the others (against Alpha's wishes, as Tommy was recovering from an injury at the Command Center). Tommy called on the Dragonzord, which combined with the other Zords to form the Dragonzord Battle Mode. None of its attacks could harm the Samurai Fan Man, although they did catch him by surprise and made him drop his rake. The battle continued to go poorly, with their best efforts only pushing him back a bit (before taking some hits of their own). Luckily, they began to turn the tide when they summoned the Power Staff managed to cut the monster's gourd loose with a stab from the Power Staff, freeing Kimberly. After a quick battle with the samurai lance which overpowered the Rangers. Kimberly had summoned her Pterodactyl Dinozord so Jason, knowing that they needed more power, had the team form the Dino Megazord. They called on the Power Sword, breaking the Samurai Fan Man's lance, but he then blew blow both the Megazord and Dragonzord away simultaneously with his fan, which were stopped by a nearby mountainside. Goldar ordered him to kill them and he charged but the Rangers recovered. Jason then called on Titanus to form the Ultrazord, which was finally able to destroy the monster and his fan which forced an angry Goldar to retreat. Calamity Kimberly

Whilst Rita was feeling very under the weather, Goldar decided to mastermind a two pronged attack to destroy the Rangers and Angel Grove. Whilst Tommy was trying out for karate commercials, he sent Scorpina down to Earth where she successfully trapped all five in a cocoon thanks to the Weaveworm monster. He then went down to Earth with the Babe Ruthless monster and all three made themselves grow at will and attacked the city but the Rangers escaped the cocoon with thier sidearms and summoned thier Zords. Whilst Scorpina and Goldar took on the Tyrannosaurus, he fought the other three Zords (with the Pterodactyl mysteriously gone). The Sabertooth Tiger blasted him with its tail cannon but was completely unfazed and blasted them with energy baseballs. However, he was forced to retreat and defend Scorpina and Goldar after they were blasted down by the Sabertooth Tiger. Shortly thereafter, Tommy managed to leave the audition and summoned the Dragonzord. The Rangers then formed Dragonzord Battle Mode which Babe fought personally whilst Scorpina and Goldar fought the Tyrannosaurs but all three were overwhelmed. He then tried to attack with red mist but the Power Staff shielded the Zords. He tried to use a massive ball on the Dragonzord Battle Mode and Tyrannosaurs but the latter's tail knocked it right back at him. In desperation, Babe then charged to try and fight it hand to hand but was killed by the Power Staff, being impaled and then falling flat on his back before exploding.

After defeating Babe, Goldar left and Scorpina returned to human size at which point she sent Weaveworm into battle. Weaveworm then enlarges so the Rangers formed the Megazord, but the monster put the Megazord in his cocoon. However, Tommy arrived to help his friends, having been at an audition for a karate advert, and summoned the Dragonzord. It took down the monster with a missile barrage and freed the Rangers, by cutting the cocoon in two with its tail. The Rangers then vaporized Weaveworm with the Mega Dragonzord's Z-Sphere in the flash of bright light. A Star is Born

On Rita's birthday, Finster created Fang and sent him down to Earth to destroy the Power Rangers. Once she learned of Fang, Rita sent Goldar down with Squatt and Baboo to find him but the latter two ended up consuming some eggs. Fang found that they had been eaten, causing this apparently less evil monster to become insane and be easily manipulated by the other Evil Space Aliens, though he had no idea who ate them. He was convinced by Goldar that the Power Rangers had stolen his previous batch of eggs. Goldar convinced him that the Power Rangers had eaten them which sent him into a seething rage and later attacked them in the quarry. The Rangers tried to fight back but their Blade Blasters were useless and Fang easily threw them around. He then retreated to a cliff side to cry over his meal when Rita appeared. She promised Fang an endless supply of gooney bird eggs, as well as the two previously eaten ones that Rita repaired with her magic but only if he can defeat the Rangers first.

Fang complied with this ultimatum and was grown into a giant which gave him gauntlet blades and extended his horns. The Rangers summoned the Megazord but Fang was more than a match. They then tried to reason with Fang by explaining to him that they are unaware of any eggs and that they have taken nothing from him, but Fang refused to listen and ultimately took them down. Rita then told him to destroy a dam but Tommy (who had been captured by the Putties earlier) morphed after defeating them and played his Dragon Dagger, The Dragonzord's intervention prevented him from flooding Angel Grove although the monster still proved more than a match so they formed the Dragonzord in Battle Mode with the Tyrannosaurus running support. The monster easily fought off the Power Staff and despite the Tyrannosaurus knocking him down, he knocked them back with his horn blasts. With no alternatives remaining, the Rangers are forced to disengage the Dragonzord Battle Mode and form the Ultrazord. Fang charged at it fearlessly but was mowed down in a massive laser barrage. The Yolk's on You!

The loss of Tommy

Rita announces her next plan to conquer Earth where she plans to use the Green Candle, which, when burned out, will give the Green Ranger power to Rita. She sends a group of Putties with the plan to kidnap Tommy. Kimberly and Tommy were flirting in the Park only to be ambushed by Putties and Tommy is taken to Rita's Dark Dimension, where he faces Goldar. e explains to him that his connection to Zordon is cut off and that when the Green Candle is burned out, his powers will belong to Rita. Meanwhile, the Cyclops monster was created by Finster and Rita sent him to Earth with the goal of wasting the Power Rangers' time and allow the Green Candle to strip Tommy. He disguised himself as the Dragonzord using his unique shapeshifting abilities and attacked Angel Grove Docks with it's tail and a missile barrage. The Rangers summoned the Dinozords and fought him with the Megazord. The Rangers couldn't defeat him until Tommy returned from the Dark Dimension and summoned the real Dragonzord. After Dragonzord hit him with it's tail, Cyclops temporarily lost his ability to shapeshift which left him completely open to attacks and outnumbered. Cyclops was forced to retreat before he would have received a nasty cut from the Power Sword.

Cyclops later returned and attacked Angel Grove again to draw attention away from the Green Candle. The aim was to cause so much chaos and destruction that the Rangers (who were trying to extinguish said candle) would be forced to return to Earth to kill him and thus the scheme would succeed. To this end, he disguised himself as the Dragonzord Battle Mode. Since the Rangers were occupied with the Green Candle, Tommy fought the monster alone and went into the Dragonzord's cockpit for the first time to more effectively fight the monster. It easily took the monster out of it's Battle Mode form but he easily recovered and changed into the Megazord. They were pretty evenly matched until the "Megazord" jump kicked the Dragonzord down. However, it quickly recovered and smacked the monster hard enough with it's hand to make him revert. He then changed into the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord but was still no match and was forcibly reverted by a smash to the front by the Dragonzord's tail. However, it was not enough to finish him off so the Rangers abandoned their mission to help Tommy and formed the Ultrazord. Cyclops charged but the Ultrazord was finally able to destroy him with a massive laser barrage.

In spite of Cyclops' death, Rita accomplished her goal with the Green Candle. Tommy almost lost his powers to Rita but quickly transferred the remaining powers to Jason by giving up Tommy's Power Coin to protect it for the time being. This would allow him to summon the Dragon Shield, Dragon Dagger, and Dragonzord at any given time. The Green Candle

After Tommy's departure

Whilst Zack was teaching a kid named Cameron about working to defeat his enemies, Rita planted the Hatchasaurus egg underground and it eventually hatched. possessed a magical speaking computer heart called Cardiatron who is able to re-assemble and enhance the monster after every time that he is destroyed. The Hatchasaurus encountered the Rangers but was quickly overpowered by the Dragonzord, taken down by the combined firepower of the Sabertooth Tiger, Triceratops, and Pterodactyl, and destroyed by the Tyrannosaurus' mist breath. However, Cardiatron brought him back so they formed the Megazord. Hatchasaurus easily wiped the floor with the Megazord and the Dragonzord had been rendered useless by Rita. Eventually however, Jason broke into the monster and activated his Dragon Shield, playing the Dragon Dagger which allowed the Dragonzord to break free with a boost of energy. Now free from Rita's spell,  the Dragonzord took down the monster with a strike to the chest with its tail at which point Jason and Cardiatron were thrown clear. With their comrade safe, the others summoned the Power Sword and again destroyed the monster. However, he again resurrected in his third and most powerful form and beat them senseless. Unfortunately for the Hatchasaurs, and despite Cardiatron's attempts to destroy him, Jason was unfazed and used the Power Sword and Dragon Dagger to destroy Cardiatron. With the monster now crippled and without any way to reform, Jason calls for Titanus and they form the Ultrazord which finishes off Hatchasaurus. Birds of a Feather

Rita saw the Power Rangers being lectured by Ms. Appleby and Trini about pollution . Baboo, Squatt, Scorpina, and Goldar are with her. Rita declares, "we'll give them something to clean! Call Finster's Polluticorn!" The Polluticorn will make such a mess of their planet, they'll never get it cleaned up! Scorpina! Goldar! I have you two to make sure it works. Now Go!" Scorpina and Goldar give a small bow and leave. Polluticorn flies to Angel Grove. She first sent down Putties to bide time whilst Polluticorn was being made and the monster flew in from the Moon. The Rangers confronted Polluticorn and battled against him but he was much too strong, taking Jason and Zack down with energy from his horn and then blowing them away. Even after Goldar and Scorpina arrived, he refused their help and forced the Rangers to retreat to the Command Center. Once there, they learn that the Polluticorn's power came from his horn and he'd be weakened without it. Meanwhile, the Polluticorn went alone to the Angel Grove Recycling Center. Whilst the other Rangers fought against Goldar, Scorpina, and some Putties, Jason faced off against Polluticorn. Although initially no match, Jason summoned the Dragon Shield which mean that energy blasts from Polluticorn reflected off of the shield. Jason then used his Power Sword and the Dragon Dagger to cut off his horn, weakening him and leaving him open to potential defeat.

To prevent this, Rita then enlarged him and the Rangers summoned the Megazord. The monster flew up into the air and slashed the Megazord multiple times before landing and blowing it away with his Toxic Winds whilst firing his eye blasts which took it down. However, they then recovered and Jason summoned the Power Sword before jumping into the air and gliding at him. The monster was shocked so the Megazord took advantage of this and leapt up into the air to finish him off with its energized slash. Clean-Up Club

The Twin Man was created by Finster and sent by Rita to Earth. The plan was to frame the Rangers as evil and turn the public against the Rangers. To do this, they would attack the city whilst the Rangers were indisposed and either take over or ruin their public reputation. The Twin Man came to Angel Grove with a devious plan. He turned four Putties into four of the Power Rangers, while he transformed into Jason. The Putties then turned into the other four Rangers and acted in the city like gangster bullies. Twin Man and his henchmen arrived at Angel Grove High School and sabotaged the fountain with shampoo before bullying Mr. Caplan. The Principal gave the real Rangers detention so Twin Man turned into the Red Ranger and led the other evil Rangers in an attack on the city itself. Eventually though, Zordon, Alpha and the heroes realized that it was part of their plan and the five escaped detention to stop the villains.

The Rangers came to stop them and fought the villains and the five Evil Rangers attacked the real five. The Twin Man fought Jason to a near stalemate but the other Rangers quickly defeated their doppelgangers. Meanwhile, Jason struck down Twin Man with a nasty jump kick to his chest and the monster returned to his real look. Twin Man uses a baton in battle, which he used like a whip to hit the Rangers and knock them down. They recover but he creates a dimension similar to a kaleidoscope around himself and the Rangers before shaking the ground under them and blasting them down. He then charged at the downed Rangers but took a nasty hit from the Blade Blaster Tower Formation, disarming him and causing an apparent critical wound. With the monster unarmed and badly injured, the Rangers destroyed Twin Man with the Power Blaster. A Bad Reflection on You

Whilst Angel Grove celebrated Power Rangers Day, Rita hatched her biggest scheme yet: she will bring her Moon Palace to Earth, greatly increasing her power, and call on the long-dormant war Zord Cyclopsis to defeat the Power Rangers once and for all. Shortly thereafter, as Rita lands her palace in the heart of downtown Angel Grove, everyone in the city (apart from the Rangers) is transported to Rita's dark dimension.

Very soon after that, erupted from underground which Alpha and Zordon detected but Goldar entered it and went on a rampage before they could act. The Rangers arrived in their Megazord but it was far too strong and easily bashed them around so they called the Dragonzord. Unfortunately, neither it's missile attack nor it's tail could faze the Zord and both took a thrashing. The Megazord tried to advance but was picked up with it's telekinesis and thrown down so they formed Dragonzord Battle Mode. However, the Tyrannosaurs had it's finishing breath attack pushed back at it and went down before the Dragonzord Battle Mode fired forth it's head fin only to have it thrown back. Cyclopsis then knocked the two down with a barrage of missiles and electrocuted by the War Zord's extending arm cables. Luckily, Zordon summoned Titanus who blasted the Zord back, releasing its hands, and the Rangers formed the Ultrazord. The Zord's strong armor was no match for its barrage and Goldar had to flee before it exploded but its head managed to remain intact.

Although the Rangers thought that it was destroyed, Rita summoned Lokar who reformed it into a stronger version that was now equipped with arm blades although lacking its other abilities. The Megazord and Dragonzord deployed again but Cyclops easily cleaved off the Megazord's right arm and the Dragonzord's tail. Rita then blasted them into apparent oblivion although it was soon revealed that they had actually teleported back to their hiding places.

Following a failed attack on the Power Rangers with the Putty Patrol, in which they escaped using their Communicators which Rita had previously been blocking, Goldar returned to Cyclopsis and went on a rampage. After linking to Rita Repulsa's computer systems while her Palace was on Earth, Alpha discovered that the only weakness in Cyclopsis was that its systems needed to adjust to compensate for battle with a new opponent, and too many changes in the enemy would cause it to freeze up and be completely open to attack. With this new strategy, the Rangers once again deployed against the War Zord.

They first attacked with their individual Dinozords, doing a little damage with the Sabertooth Tiger and Triceratops Dinozord's tail blasts and the Pterodactyl's laser cannons but it soon overwhelmed the Tyrannosaurus so they formed the Megazord and summoned the Dragonzord. The Power Sword was able to prove a match for the Zord's arm blades, pinning them down so that the Dragonzord could smash them with its tail. With the Zord now basically helpless, they formed the Dragonzord in Battle Mode which thrashed the Zord but was overwhelmed by Lokar's lightning. Crushing a building, Jason called for Titanus and they formed the Ultrazord which vanquished Lokar and destroyed Cyclopsis once and for all. Unfortunately, the War Zord's computer warned Goldar of its imminent demise and he was able to escape. In the process, the entire population of Angel Grove was returned and the Evil Space Aliens were forced to retreat back to the Moon. Doomsday

Rita watched the Power Rangers planting small plants and trees so decided to plant the Octoplant monster. The other villains would then defend it until it could fully mature, grow as big as the planet Earth, and crush it until it explodes with her tentacles. Squatt was sent to plant it and did so although only after some shenanigans with Bulk and Skull. Although the Rangers saw him and tried to stop him, he had already planted the seeds and the Putty Patrol arrived, allowing him to escape. Before hatching, her tentacles grew and attacked people throughout Angel Grove Park and eventually found Jason alone. He morphed to fight the tentacles but was lifted into the air and strangled, almost to the point of death. Luckily, he was saved by the other Rangers who cut the vine with their Blade Blasters Blade Mode. However, to prevent the Rangers from destroying the seedling, Rita sent Goldar, Scorpina and the Putties to keep them occupied. The plan worked and the plant grew into the Octoplant monster who Rita immediately made grow. Trini and her exchanged insults, Octoplant calling her a puny animal and Trini calling her an "overgrown petal pusher", before the Rangers called their Dinozords.

The monster blasted the Zords but they survived it and formed the Megazord. The monster shrugged off multiple punches from the Megazord and knocked it back. The monster then wrapped up the Megazord with a giant green tentacle and blasted the formation whilst it was helpless. Although they survived it, Jason announced that their main power was shot and another blast would be the end of them before the Octoplant charged. Unfortunately for her, they called on the Power Sword which cut through the vines and the Rangers rolled away from the charging monster. The monster got distracted when she gazed at her own reflection in a glass building and the Rangers took advantage of the opportunity and powered up the Power Sword. The monster heard it being energized and turned but was too late to prevent her own death. Rita's Seed of Evil

Rita planned to preoccupy the Power Rangers with another Pudgy Pig so that Goldar would be able to attack and destroy Angel Grove. He began as an ordinary pig named Norman which a Putty (disguised as an old woman) brought to the Angel Grove Pet Adoption Day. Although Zack stopped the Putty, retrieving a timer from the fallen Putties, Bulk had bought Norman and took him to the Youth Center.

Although Billy, Trini, and Zack realized that this was a trap, it was too late. The timer ran out for Norman and turned him into the second Pudgy Pig, scaring off the entire group. However, Bulk and Skull were too stupid to leave and ran around the Youth Center, ending when Skull ran into a punching bag, allowing Pudgy to corner them. Before he could act though, Zack arrived and convinced Bulk to feed the monster his entire sandwich. After relenting, they fled and Zack prepared to fight Pudgy but he teleported away much to Zack's surprise.

The Rangers quickly confronted him on a rooftop only to be overpowered but he strangely just left after knocking them down. Trini observed that none of Rita's monsters could fall in love, at least like how Norman had. Knowing that he no longer posed a threat, the Rangers left him at the farm and left to head off Goldar. However, as the Rangers return to town, they are met with a welcoming committee of Putties led by Scorpina. Once the immediate threat is fought off, the Megazord is brought in to deal with Goldar. The Megazord triumphs after a fierce fight, though Goldar escapes before the Power Sword can finish him off. The Rangers then returned to the farm and turned this Pudgy Pig back into Norman by reversing the settings on the timer that transformed him in the first place. He was adopted by the owner of the farm where he presumably lived out the rest of his life. A Pig Surprise

The Goo Fish was created by Finster and Rita sent him to Earth to exploit Billy's phobia of fishes. The Goo Fish could shoot out hazardous and sticky goo from his mouth that could glue a person's feet to the ground. He appeared on the beach where Billy and Kimberly encountered him. They defeated the Putties only for the monster to emerge from the sea and knock down Kimberly. Before they could fight the monster, Rita cast a spell on Billy and powered up his fear of fishes to make his fear crippling and take him out of the fight. Goo Fish used a spear in battle and could destroy Power Bow arrows in the fight before overwhelming them. The other Rangers (who had been scuba diving) arrived and Jason blasted his spear out of his hand using his Blade Blaster, forcing the monster to retreat into the sea.

He later returned with an army of Putties with orders from Goldar to catch the Megazord in a trap and destroy it with his poison. After his Putties were disposed of, Goo Fish caught the Rangers in a trap and threw his toxic poison on them, making them unable to fight. Kimberly prepared to fight them but the others were knocked down with explosive trout and some explosive starfish took Kimberly down. Luckily, before the Goo Fish could kill them, Billy overpowered his fear of fishes and defeated the monster by back-flipping over the monster. The Goo Fish fired his poison at Billy but missed, causing the poison to fall onto his face. Billy then withdrew his Power Lance and jumped into the air, bounced off of a stone wall, and stabbed the monster down with a blow to the face at which point the Rangers regrouped to finish him off.

Before the Rangers could form the Power Blaster though, Rita enlarged the monster so the Rangers summoned the Megazord. The Goo Fish fought the Megazord desperately but it easily smashed his spear by slamming down its fist. Though unarmed, the monster froze the Megazord with his venom and took down the Megazord. He was nearly victorious but the Rangers transformed the poison into energy which re-powered the robot and the Goo Fish was stunned, allowing them to summon the Power Sword. The monster argued they were cheating but they energized it and he charged only to be cut down by an energy slash. Something Fishy

Goatan was created by Rita when she cast a spell on the Noble Lion Trophy that Bulk and Skull stole. He was able to control the environment and his weapons were a crossbow and a hockey stick. When the trophy turned into Goatan, Bulk and Skull got scared as Goatan attacks, resulting in them offering the monster catnip because of his lion head. Enraged, the monster blasted the duo with energy streamers until they fell into the nearby pond. Goatan's weather-controlling ability affected Angel Grove and even caused it to be placed under a tornado warning.

He then went to the quarry whilst Zordon briefed four of the Rangers (bar Zack who was on a date with Angela). When he was challenged by four of the Power Rangers, Goatan easily overpowered them, beating them soundly. Even Kimberly and her Power Bow were useless as the monster deflected several arrows and his bow was stronger than her own. Although Jason blasted him down with his Blade Blaster and made him lose his bow, he instead picked up and swung around a tree log, sending the Rangers flying onto the beach where he enveloped them in a giant energy cyclone generated by the mouth of the goat head. Luckily, Alpha contacted Zack who tore himself away from Angela. He morphed, arrived, and took Goatan down with his Power Axe.

With the monster stunned and open to attack, Rita had to make him grow so the Rangers summoned their Dinozords and formed the Megazord. Generating a snowstorm during the fight, Goatan proved to be a complete match for the Megazord until he was punched down so he unleashed a spray of his ice breath, encasing the Megazord in a thick sheet of ice. Goatan then drew a hockey stick and charged but Zack had the idea to make the Megazord spin off the snow, both shaking off the snow and hypnotizing Goatan in the process. It quickly got free and punched him down before Zack summoned the Power Sword. Goatan charged but was slain by a tan energy slash, being bowled over backwards and exploding on impact. Lions and Blizzards

When the Rangers went to Billy's uncle's cabin to study for an exam, Goldar planned to use the Crystal of Nightmares to destroy thier self-confidence and make them easier to destroy. That night, Goldar puts his plan in motion: the Rangers dream of the worst moments of past battles, and share a nightmare in which Zordon tells them they are no longer deserving of their powers and takes them away. With the Rangers even too scared to answer Zordon on thier communicators, Rita sent down the Putties to finish them off.

Eventually, Jason reacts fast enough to run into the cave. Inside he finds Goldar waiting, and although still scared summons the confidence up to fight back. He finally takes his chance and kicks the Crystal of Nightmares, destroying it. Goldar was badly injured by a shockwave from it but cursed Jason and teleported away. With the crystal gone, the Rangers self-confidence returns as they hear Zordon's voice telling them they've succeeded in their mission and the power will always protect them. With their confidence back, the Rangers now make short work of the Putties. There's no time to celebrate, as Goldar and Scorpina show up and are made to grow by Rita. The Rangers morph and summon the Megazord but were completely overwhelmed by the duo, finally getting knocked down by a devastating double jump kick from Goldar. However, they then summoned the Power Sword and cut them down before unleashing the finisher. Although the duo survived, they were badly injured and had to retreat. Crystal of Nightmares

The Fighting Flea was created by Finster after Rita decided to take Jason out of the fight by crippling him with an inch. Rita then shrunk her and placed on a dog found by Jason. Due to their proximity, the Flea was able to jump onto Jason and spread an itchy rash on him, by biting him. The Putties appeared and they discovered that rash is contagious and for them is spreading by biting. With the help of Kimberly, Jason neutralized the squad of Putties in this way, making them itch and they ran away. Later on, the entire Power Ranger team was out looking for the dog but were unaware Bulk and Skull had been the ones to steal the dog. The Fighting Flea then appeared out of the animal and scared the duo away before heading away to confront Jason and Kimberly.

A short time later, Jason and Kimberly encountered the flea herself in the junkyard and were forced to morph in self-defense. The cure, which Alpha gave Jason, stopped acting when they were hit by a blast from the Flea and he started itching even more than before. However, the other Rangers appeared and blasted the monster back. Zack and Trini then kept the Flea occupied whilst Billy gave Jason the final antidote. The monster then summoned the Putties but they were defeated so she blasted the Rangers. However, it was completely ineffective and Jason cut down the monster with his Power Sword.

However, before the Rangers could finish her with the Power Blaster, Rita enlarged her so they summoned the Dinozords. They formed Tank Mode and withstood energy blasts from the Flea before blasting her down and forming Battle Mode. They were initially evenly matched and managed to knock down the Flea but the monster gained the upper hand by blasting them again and by jumping around and smacking the Megazord. However, she made the foolish decision to charge at them which allowed Jason to summon the Power Sword and slay the flea despite her asking if they could compromise. To Flea or Not to Flea

Rita had Finster create the Jellyfish Warrior to destroy the Power Rangers but, presumably due to his power level, needed time to create. In the meantime, Rita wanted to get her photograph in a time capsule the Rangers were making to be remembered in 100 years time. Once Squatt, Baboo, and the Putty Patrol had failed to grab the time capsule Rita had sent the Jellyfish Warrior to Earth in retaliation.

The Jellyfish Warrior appeared in the Park and menaced a large group of people. The Rangers soon appeared to confront him and jumped atop his head with their Blade Blasters only for him to throw them all off. The Jellyfish Warrior proved to be a very powerful opponent for the Rangers who even made the Rangers retreat by hitting them with a devastating spray of acid. When they returned from the Command Center, now shielded against his stinger blasts by a special spray Alpha designed, he blasted them to no avail so summoned a squad of Putties. Once they were dealt with, he fired a spray of acidic mist which they dodged but destroyed a bench. Seeing this, Kimberly Ann Hart|Kimberly and Trini Kwan|Trini teamed up and threw a Power Dagger and launched a Power Bow arrow. However, the monster withdrew a umbrella shield which the weapons bounced off and blasted Billy and Zack down. Jason then tried to take him on with his Power Sword but the monster teleported all over the place and kicked him down. Then, as the team regrouped, he teleported the Rangers to another dimension. In his dimension, Jellyfish Warrior was intangible due to going out of sync with time and the Rangers couldn't harm him. Luckily, Billy told that Zack that a shot from his Power Axe in cannon mode will return them to Earth. They did it and returned. The direct hit meant that the Jellyfish Warrior was weakened so Zack took him down with a single slash of his Power Axe.

However, he remained alive and recovered so Jason called for the Power Blaster. However, before they could form it, Rita enlarged the Jellyfish. The Rangers then summoned their Dinozords and fired the Triceratops and Sabertooth Tiger's tail blasts but the Jellyfish Warrior deflected the blasts with his umbrella. Unfortunately for him, Zack and the Mastodon blasted him with icy breath, making him drop his umbrella and fall as they formed the Megazord. The monster very easily overwhelmed the Rangers by teleporting around faster than they could react and bashing them before he charged to finish them off. In desperation, Jason summoned the Power Sword and stabbed him in the chest before throwing him to the ground. With the monster's tentacles injured and the Jellyfish Warrior crippled as a result, they destroyed him with an energized slash. Reign of the Jellyfish

Rita ordered Finster to create the Mantis to do destroy Trini since he had been created to match her mantis fighting style. The Mantis was first detected by Alpha who sent Trini (who was practicing her martial arts in the woods) to investigate only for her to have to morph as the monster arrived. They then battled, with the Mantis calling Trini a weakling and easily overpowered her. Luckily, before she morphed, Trini had called the other Rangers for help. They swiftly made an appearance, forcing the Mantis to retreat as he was now outnumbered but not before directly insulting Trini's honor.

Trini was at the Youth Center when she got a letter thanks to Ernie which had been secretly sent by Rita. It was supposedly from Master Li and told her to meet him in the quarry for some "special training" only for it to turn out to be a trap as the Mantis was lying in wait. Rather than call her friends, Trini decided to fight Mantis alone to restore her supposedly lost honor. The monster wanted to defeat Trini in a battle one on one, using her nobility and bravery against her. When Trini fought him, Mantis realized that his opponent is not only brave, but is highly skilled in battle.

The Mantis played fair until Trini jumped onto his pincer claws and scratched at his eyes which made him realize that, at best, they were evenly matched and at worst, he was no match. To turn the tables, he cheated and summoned Putties who held her down. Even though the other Rangers knew she was in danger due to the suspicious letter, an ambush by other Putties held them up. However, with the gloves fully off as the Mantis was a hypocrite, Trini used one of her Power Daggers to take down the monster. Her friends soon arrived but the Mantis was still able to quickly cut down all five Rangers with ease, even rendering Kimberly's Power Bow useless against his pincers.

With her monster emerging victorious, Rita made him grow so the Rangers summoned the Megazord. The Mantis had a temporary stand-off with the Megazord, "channeling his energies for a quick single blow", before jumping up and attacking the Megazord. But was no match for the monster's pincers so Jason summoned the Power Sword. With its aid they matched the monster's blades and quickly turned the tables by having the Mantis lock his pincers onto the Power Sword before they flipped him to the ground. With Mantis down, they hit him with two slashes to the stomach and, with the Mantis now severely weakened, they destroyed him with an energized slash. Plague of the Mantis

The return of Tommy and beyond

At Parent's Day in the Angel Grove Youth Center, Rita Repulsa is planning her hugest scheme yet, when she orders Finster to create the Dramole monster, who can hypnotize its victims with toxic gas emitted from its nostrils. The plan is to kidnap the Rangers' parents with the ransom being the Rangers to surrender. She sends a squad of Putties to attack Trini and Kimberly while they are still outside, and Jason and Zack join them in fighting off the Putties. Rita uses the distraction to trap all in the Angel Grove Youth Center in another dimension, just as Billy—the only Ranger not present at the party, enters and finds the Youth Center deserted. At that point, he is overcome by the Dramole's hypnotic gas, and while under Rita's control, he infiltrates the Command Center, shuts down Alpha 5, and steals the Dragon Dagger—the only thing capable of summoning and controlling the Dragonzord.

The Rangers are alerted to Billy's theft by Zordon and morph and teleport to the Dark Dimension, where Billy is just about to hand the Dragon Dagger to Goldar. Goldar keeps the four morphed Rangers busy with a contingent of Putty Patrollers, long enough to take possession of the Dagger and teleport back to Earth. Billy is set free from the Dramole's mind-control gas, and Goldar tells the Rangers that they must surrender their Power Coins to him if they want their parents back before departing with the Dragon Dagger. Billy morphs and teleports with his teammates back to Angel Grove, but not in time to keep Goldar from summoning Dragonzord and sending it in to attack Angel Grove. The Rangers summon the Megazord to hold Dragonzord at bay, but the former is slammed and severely damaged by the latter. The Rangers leap out of the Megazord in time to confront Goldar, who again demands that they give up their Power Coins in order to get their parents back. The Rangers ask Zordon what they should do, but Zordon tells them he cannot make this decision for them since it concerns their parents. With no choice but to save their parents' lives, the Rangers, one by one, hand over their Power Coins, placing them inside an ornate treasure box held by Goldar, and are powered down into their human forms. Goldar then reveals that he had no intention of releasing their parents, and with the Power Coins now in his possession, he believes, nothing can stop Rita now. In Rita's palace, Rita celebrates her victory over the Rangers. Return of an Old Friend-part I

While Goldar reawakens Dragonzord to finish destroying Angel Grove, Zordon implements his plan, nearly draining himself of his own life force, but temporarily restoring Tommy's Green Ranger powers in the process. The Green Ranger teleports to Goldar's location and confronts him, but the beast-warrior merely sends Putties to deal with Tommy and weaken his powers until they are depleted again. Despite putting up a good fight, the unstable nature of Tommy's power begins causing him pain, preventing him from fighting at his best. Seeing Tommy getting weaker, Jason has Alpha boost the power, putting him back in the fight.

After a harrowing battle, Tommy manages to retrieve the Dragon Dagger and regain control of the Dragonzord, but Rita sends Scorpina to help Goldar destroy the Zord. As giants, the two warriors battle Dragonzord until they realize that they have left the Rangers' Power Coins unguarded. Back at the Command Center, Zordon has drained away all of his life force trying to maintain Tommy's powers but manages to tell Alpha to bring Tommy back. Meanwhile, just as Tommy is within an inch of powering down permanently, he ekes out a victory by retrieving the Power Coins, with the energy surrounding the box enveloping Tommy before he is teleported back to the Command Center just as a Putty is about to strike him down.

Now enraged, Rita sent the Dramole back down to Earth who she had already planned to have finish off the Rangers for good once Angel Grove surrendered. However, these plans were pushed ahead significantly after Tommy returned as the Green Ranger and stole back both the Dragon Dagger and Power Coins as well as managed to defeat both Goldar and Scorpina. After this happened, Rita sent the Dramole to Angel Grove Quarry to destroy or brainwash the Power Rangers. The Rangers (minus Tommy who had used enough energy to become comatose) arrived but the Dramole turned day to night, spraying them with his gas but they held their breaths. However, he was soon able to take control over four of them (minus Kimberly) before he prepared to brainwash her as well after Zack and Billy grabbed her. Luckily, Tommy woke up and knocked down Dramole with a massive energy blast which released the others from his control.

However, before they could team-up against the Dramole, Rita enlarged him and the Rangers had to dodge his giant foot as he tried to trample them. They then summoned the Megazord and Dragonzord but Dramole turned day to night to do them in. He proved too strong for them and took both down, forcing the Megazord to reboot so the Dragonzord had to fight the monster. The Megazpord quickly recovered so they summoned Titanus and Dramole was finally destroyed by the Ultrazord. Return of an Old Friend-part II

The Grumble Bee was created from the same clay used for creating the Super Putty Patrollers. Rita had Finster create the monster after Billy got his first "B" and freaked out. Whilst the monster was being made, Goldar and the Putty Patrollers restrained Jason, Kimberly, and Zack in an energy rope. Shortly after he left, Rita sent Grumble Bee to Earth to battle and destroy the Power Rangers.

The monster attacked Angel Grove Park and, with their allies beyond rescue for the time being, Billy and Trini were forced to fight the monster alone. They exchanged some bad smack talk and prepared to fight but the monster forced them apart with his stingers and then took down Billy. Trini then struck back by bouncing off of a tree and jump kicking him down before trying to take him down by boosting up Billy for a jump kick but he failed miserably. The Grumble Bee then hit them with his sonic blasts, torturing them and forcing the two to retreat. He soon attacked the Park again and they once again had to face him alone, this time managing to hit him in a combined double punch attack. However, the Grumble Bee still proved to be too much for them and fired his venom onto Billy, causing him horrible pain until the others rescued him.

Luckily, Alpha freed the other Rangers with an energy beam and sent them into battle with the others, Jason and Zack managing to punch back the monster who promptly summoned Putties. Even once they were disposed of, he blasted four Rangers (bar Billy whose venom forced him to stay back for a time) with his sonic blasts which crippled them. Luckily, Billy remained unfazed by the hits and Alpha had created a special device that blocked to sabotage the Grumble Bee. They then confronted the Grumble Bee again and he overwhelmed them despite superior numbers only for Billy used the Anti-Sonic Foam Gun and stopped the monster's vibrations by sticking his wings together with foam. With the monster now defenseless and distracted, Jason took him down with his Power Sword.

However, the Grumble Bee managed to survive it so Rita enlarged him, forcing the Rangers to summon the Megazord. They initially tried out Tank Mode but the Grumble Bee blasted it to great effect with his stingers, forcing them to activate Battle Mode. Even though they initially had the upper hand in a fist fight, the monster used his stingers to overwhelm it before jump kicking it back and, since the growth allowed the use of his wings crippled the Megazord. Zack advised backing down due to the assault but Billy was resolute and told them they couldn't afford to and Jason agreed. They then summoned the Power Sword to even the odds which failed to impress the monster even as it advanced on him and he called their bluff. However, they proved him wrong when they slashed him multiple times before cutting him down with a swing from over its head and and destroying him with an energy slash. The monster's destruction also indirectly restored Billy's self-confidence and allowed him to pass the upcoming test the following day. Grumble Bee

The Two-Headed Parrot was created by Finster after Rita watched Jason and Tommy teach a a women's karate class where they taught the principle of teamwork where they used the saying "two heads are better than one" and decided that this would be a good way to destroy the Power Rangers. The Two-Headed Parrot first appeared when he attacked Jason and Tommy after they went to Angel Grove Park alone to spar after their karate class was concluded. His initial attack was to fire forth two razor sharp feathers but they managed to spot it and dolphin dive, making the feathers impale a tree and nearly beheading them. With the element of surprise out the window, they morphed against him but he leapt up and cut them down. After mocking them for not knowing their own strategy, the Two Headed Parrot flew into the air and slashed them down before bouncing off a tree and rebounding to do it again. After rolling away from a second feather attack, they tried to pounce from above only to be blasted down. Enraged, Jason forgot his own teachings and tried to go gung ho on the monster but Tommy held him back. Knowing that they needed reinforcements, the duo retreated with the Two-Headed Parrot mockingly laughing at them all the way. However, it was revealed by Zordon that the monster's weakness was that the heads were prone ton bickering and thus could be left open to attack. To exploit this, he sent Tommy to Angel Grove Park to find his favorite food, the pamango fruit.

In the meantime, the Two-Headed Parrot reappeared in the Park and summoned an army of Putty Patrollers with the goal of ambushing and destroying Tommy due to his power limitations, forcing the remaining five Power Rangers to morph and fight him as a team. However, the Two-Headed Parrot managed to cut off the Rangers from Tommy with his Putties. Although the five easily made mincemeat of the Putties, even equipping their Blade Blasters in blade mode, the monster once again proved too much for them and quickly took all five down. The Two Headed Parrot then blasted the entire team down, enraging Jason and (although Zack tried to stop him) leapt at the monster only to have his Blade Blaster deflected and get bashed down. The Parrot then pinned Jason down underfoot but Tommy luckily returned and knocked the Two-Headed Parrot down with a rugby tackle. He had been made late when Goldar sent some Putties who stole the pamango and had to go and get one from Ernie who had been collecting fruits for his flavored drinks. The Rangers gave the Two-Headed Parrot the pamango fruit, making the two heads argue between themselves. With the monster distracted, the entire team jump flipped into the air and unleashed a barrage of punches and kicks, the final blow being a double jump kick from Jason. The Rangers then amassed and interlocked their arms, allowing Tommy to bounce up off of them and sent the Parrot flying across the clearing with an energy blast from his Dragon Dagger.

However, the Two-Headed Parrot survived and Rita enlarged him before they could form the Power Blaster so the Rangers summoned their Megazord and Dragonzord. The two advanced but the Two-Headed Parrot jumped up and slashed them back before getting into hand to hand combat and knocking both back. He then fired off more of his razor sharp feathers, knocking back the Megazord and forcing the Dragonzord to fight him alone whilst the Rangers recovered. He put up a good fight but was soon knocked down with a smack to the chest at which point the Zords regrouped. The Rangers then formed the Ultrazord and Jason gave the Two-Headed Parrot an ultimatum to give up or be destroyed. Although the monster cowered, he refused to leave so Jason apologetically told him that they had no choice and they annihilated him with a single salvo. Two Heads are Better than One

The Peckster was created by Finster after Rita watched Angela kiss (or "peck") Zack on the cheek after he humiliated Bulk and Skull in front of a magic class for kids at the Youth Center. Whilst he was being created, Rita sent the Putty Patrol to hold up the other four Power Rangers who were heading through Angel Grove Park to meet Tommy at Angel Grove Mall. With the Rangers preoccupied, Rita sent the Peckster to attack Angel Grove and destroy the city since his peck attack could demolish entire buildings. Being the only Ranger available, Zordon contacted Zack and made it apparent that the monster's mission was to demolish as much of Angel Grove as possible. Zack morphed and went after the monster although he had to fight a bunch of Putties who arrived before he could reach the monster. Once he had, the Peckster ambushed him by jumping off of a nearby balcony and they wrestled for a moment although the monster sent him flying. Zack then withdrew his Power Axe and tried to fight the Peckster only to be completely useless when he dodged and slashed the Power Axe hard enough to leave it smoking. Luckily though, Zack managed to slash the Peckster down his beak which caused him to flee by jumping up onto a building and get away.

The Peckster soon returned to Angel Grove and started flying around, just being a general nuisance at which point he encountered the remaining four Power Rangers who had since finished their amazingly long Putty battle. Zack was not with them as Zordon had assigned him to the Youth Center so as to avert suspicion of him being a Power Rangers. In spite of being heavily outnumbered, the Peckster overwhelmed them by flying through the team, slashing them on his way through and landing whilst they recovered. He then summoned more Putties to finish them off, them opening the fight by smashing them in the helmets and knocking them down. Once the Rangers had beaten them, he jump in and punched Kimberly and Trini before blasting them off their feet with a barrage of projectiles. Jason and Billy tried to stop him but he unveiled his wings and blew them away whilst took them down with his projectiles. They regrouped but he retreated and pecked down three of them, bashing Jason down instead of pecking him and advanced to peck right through him. He would probably have finished Jason off had Zack not arrived and kicked spiral kicked him to the ground. Zack had earlier handled a simple rubber ball and some balloons and came up with the idea to trap the Peckster's beak inside something similar. To this end, Zack invited Peckster to play a special game where Peckster had to destroy the five balloons of different materials. Being an idiot, the Peckster popped four easily but the fifth balloon was actually a ball made of super strong rubber, where Peckster stuck his beak and made him helpless. Enraged, the Peckster charged at Zack but he blasted the monster straight off his feet with his Blade Blaster.

With the monster now completely open to the Power Blaster, Rita enlarged Peckster (popping the balloon in the process off-screen) so the Rangers summoned the Megazord. The Peckster leapt up and divebombed the Megazord, pecking it back before charging. However, Zack had Jason equip the Mammoth Shield to block the attack several more times before they punched him down. However, the monster took it down by flapping his wings hard enough to send them flying back and hitting it with a flurry of his projectiles. Zack then became more tactful and blasted Peckster down with the Cranial Laser and, with the monster down for the count, Jason summoned the Power Sword. The Peckster was unafraid but they nevertheless destroyed him with an energized slash, the monster laughing all the way. Fowl Play

Whilst the Rangers were attending a gameshow called "Trick or Treat", Rita Repulsa received word that her new Pumpkin Rapper monster has been planted and is ready to grow but had her minions implant other pumpkin traps in the same patch to guard it until it ripened. It took a full week for the monster to grow into a gigantic pumpkin, at which time Kimberly was on the game show, but this also caused all of the pumpkins to start visibly moving and allowed Zordon to detect him. The Power Rangers, Tommy (who had gone to a karate tournament and his powers being limited made him a last resort), deployed to the pumpkin patch only to have their heads trapped in pumpkins that were completely airtight. However, Kimberly (having not been trapped by the pumpkins because she hadn't handled them which was the only way to be trapped by them) ran over and destroyed the pumpkins with her Blade Blaster. The remaining pumpkins in the field then started flying before forming into Putties although these ones had pumpkins where their heads would be.

After defeating the horde, Billy then spied the gigantic pumpkin that was the Pumpkin Rapper and the Rangers woke him up with an utterly abysmal rap. Enraged, the Pumpkin Rapper called out their raps as terrible before summoning and sending out another horde of pumpkin-headed Putties to attack the Rangers. The Pumpkin Rapper spoke almost exclusively in rhyme and in beat like a rapper would. Once they were defeated, the Pumpkin Rapper attacked the Rangers by whipping their Blade Blasters from their hands with a vine and wrapping them up in a flowery vine, electrocuting them straight off their feet. However, Tommy was summoned and cut the vine with his Dragon Dagger before charging. The Pumpkin Rapper blasted him but Tommy was unaffected and grabbed the monster, restraining him long enough for the other Rangers to form the Power Blaster. Noticing this, Tommy referenced Terminator and jump kicked him away, causing him to throw a rage induced fit and allowed the Rangers to finish him off with a single devastating blast. Trick or Treat

The Soccadillo was created by Finster after Goldar saw Jason and Zack trained a kid called Roger to get him into Ernie's soccer team and suggested to Rita that they should provide "the equipment." However, he started out in a small ball like form which Finster planned to feed more energy. This would make him more powerful until he was unbeatable and could utterly destroy the Power Rangers but, when she saw Zack and Jason training Roger the following day, she refused to let it finish and sent him down with the Putty Patrol. The platoon ambushed the Ranger duo and kicked the Soccadillo to try and kill the two but they kept on ducking and diving to avoid it, even when the monster rolled straight at them. The other three Rangers were then summoned by Alpha and, whilst Trini stayed with Roger for some reason, the others charged at the platoon. The Putties then started to throw around the Soccadillo ball, at one point trying to behead Jason which he ducked. The entire group was soon defeated but the Soccadillo ball teleported away.

The Soccadillo soon reappeared in the quarry and changed into his monster form where he then encountered the Rangers again. They drew their Blade Blasters and tried to fight him but the Soccadillo easily defeated them with his claws before blasting them all down. Whilst Tommy got back his communicator, the Rangers joined up for their Blade Blaster Tower Formation but it had utterly no effect and he rolled through them like a bowling ball before summoning Putties. He then had them summon footballs and kick them at the Rangers, knocking them flat before turning into his ball form and having them kick him at the Rangers, knocking them all flat. Luckily, Zordon summoned Tommy who had been unable to hear his calls because Ms. Appleby confiscated his communicator which had been malfunctioning and going off constantly. Tommy morphed and took down the monster by kicking him into the cliff-side and they regrouped. The Soccadillo then retransformed into his ball form and came at them but Jason and Tommy knocked him out of it with their Power Punch. The Soccadillo was enraged but a flurry of Power Weapons hits took him down, Jason and Tommy landing the final hit with the Power Sword and Dragon Dagger.

The monster was crippled but, before the Rangers could summon the Power Blaster, Rita enlarged him and the monster believed himself to be undefeatable so the Rangers summoned the Megazord and the Dragonzord to prove him wrong. However, the monster defeated them easily by smacking them back and curled into a ball to defend against the Dragonzord's missiles. Zack had the idea to destroy him with the Power Sword once he uncurled but he floated and bashed into the Zords before uncurling. They advanced on him but he blasted them back so they summoned the Power Sword and finished off the Soccadillo with an energized slash. Second Chance

The Slippery Shark was created by Finster in a plan to cause a divide between Jason and Tommy and thus divide the Power Rangers which would make them easier to destroy. The Slippery Shark's weapon was a fin on a chain that he wielded it like a sword where his friendship powers were concentrated. Somehow, before he was created, Rita sent the Putty Patrol and equipped them with the monster's boomerang and turned the duo against each other although not before getting defeated. Rita then had Finster create the Slippery Shark and sent him to Earth and he went berserk although his speed meant that neither Alpha nor Zordon could get a lock on him. They tore Jason and Tommy away from a martial arts brawl and Zordon sent them together alone to hunt down the Slippery Shark in order to overpower the rivalry spell.

Jason appeared first but the monster used his speed to cut him down before going underground, Jason trying and failing to take him out using his Blade Blaster. He then ploughed through Jason and exited the ground before teleporting away, forcing Jason to play catch-up. He then confronted Tommy nearby, overwhelming him by staying underground and ramming out his feet before jumping up and slashing him down. He then dove back underground and took him down once more before zipping away. They took into pursuit but he fully went underground, making them meet up so he could punch them both down. They eventually mended fences and tricked him into jumping out of the ground, restraining him with a net they got from nowhere which restrained him enough to force him to beg. They refused but only had time to shake hands before the monster produced his boomerang and immediately cut himself free. Although he initially had the upper hand against Jason and Tommy, the spell was broken so the other Rangers arrived and joined their comrades. Even though he was now heavily outnumbered, the Slippery Shark held his own and cut down the other four only to be jump punched down by Jason and Tommy. Now angry, the monster tried his underground tactic again but Zack used his Power Axe in Cannon Mode on the ground, ejecting the Slippery Shark.

With the monster stunned, the Rangers formed the Power Blaster which horrified the monster but Rita enlarged him and the finishing beam somehow missed him entirely. The Rangers then summoned the Megazord and the Dragonzord but the monster easily dodged and outmaneuvered the Zords, ducking even the Dragonzord's tail and a bunch from the Megazord before kicking the latter back. Annoyed, Jason summoned the Power Sword but even this equalizer could not turn the tide since the monster just rolled right under it and slashed the Megazord anyway. However, Billy reminded Jason about teamwork and a smack to the head from the Dragonzord's tail took down the Slippery Shark and allowed the Megazord to gain the upper hand. The monster swore to turn the Megazord "into fish bait" but got slashed down the shoulder by the Power Sword although not before the Megazord did the same. The Megazord then knocked his fin up and then brought down the Power Sword so he had to block with his boomerang but it was cut straight through the middle and effectively rendered him helpless. Enraged, he swore revenge but was scared when the Megazord charged up it's weapon only to be slain by an energized slash, dancing around for a moment before falling flat on his back and exploding. On Fins and Needles

The Lizzinator was created from super-metals from another galaxy and was sent to destroy the Earth whilst the Power Rangers searched for Kelly Hart, Kimberly's cousin who the Putty Patrol had kidnapped because Rita was vain and petty. The Lizzinator was extremely powerful and could easily outmatch the Rangers' skill and weaponry with his raw physical strength and amazing armor.

The Lizzinator was sent down to Angel Grove and was first seen punching his way through drywall before starting to demolish cars. Contrary to the plan however, Jason was also downtown since Ernie sent him to get some supplies so discovered the Lizzinator's rampage and morphed. However, the Lizzinator picked up a car with amazing ease and threw it at Jason, knocking Jason flat although he rolled to narrowly avoid becoming a puddle under the car. In response to this, Jason drew his Blade Blaster and attacked but the Lizzinator let Jase slash him multiple times only for it to fail in penetrating his armor. Bored, the Lizzinator turned the tables by punching him down so hard he was crippled and mocked Jason who charged but his Blade Blaster was blocked. Just to add insult to literal injury, the Lizzinator then lifted him into a fireman's carry and threw him down before picking him up by the shoulders and chest palming him into a wall. Now bored with the lack of a worthy opponent, the Lizzinator retreated although not before saying he would come back when he could face all six Rangers together since they were so pathetic that facing them one on one would prove to be a waste of his time. In the meantime, the Rangers regrouped in the Command Center where even Zordon admitted that, even with the whole team assembled in battle, they would be unable to destroy the Lizzinator.

The Lizzinator soon reappeared in the quarry where he found a car and started to push it around only to be now met with the full team (bar Tommy who was absent despite morphing with them). He blasted them all down with eye beams before summoning Putties and going back to pushing the car although Jason jumped onto him and bounded off, knocking him back. Jason then tried to get into the car but was unable to because a Putty Patroller had managed to get inside and drive around in it. Jason was then chased by the car until he jumped onto the roof and had to hold on tight as it tried to throw him off. After a moment of fooling around, the Lizzinator blasted the car with more of his eye beams, throwing Jason off but also destroying the car in the process (albeit off-screen). The Lizzinator then approached and proposed another game so Jason charged but the monster used small rocks as soccer balls, knocking Jason flat on the ground. He then picked up a massive boulder and wished to crush Jason flat and threw it but Tommy (who only just arrived apparently) arrived and jump kicked it back into him, taking the monster to the ground. The Lizzinator was happy to have proper competition but Jason was badly hurt by the soccer rocks so Tommy had to take him on alone when the monster charged. In spite of his limited powers, Tommy easily delivered a beat-down to the Lizzinator, overwhelming him and knocking him flat with a powerful double punch to his chest but even Tommy failed to do any harm.

Deciding to take advantage of her monster, Rita made the Lizzinator grow into a giant with the monster snarling all the way at which point he tried to crush the Rangers underfoot but they rolled. Tommy then summoned the Dragonzord and took on the monster but all the hits were either dodged or bounced off of the monster's skin. The Lizzinator then easily grabbed its tail mid-swing and comically spun it around and throwing it to the ground at which point the other Rangers summoned their Dinozords and formed the Megazord to aid it. However, the Lizzinator easily overwhelmed the Rangers' Dragonzord and Megazord, blasting them with his Super Stink Breath before declaring that he would now finish them off. With every weapon proving absolutely useless against the Lizzinator, Jason had no choice but to call for Titanus. The Lizzinator was horrified and accused the Power Rangers of cheating but they quickly formed the Ultrazord. With the added firepower, the Ultrazord was able finally to break through the Lizzinator's metal skin, knocking him flat on his back and destroying him in a burst of flame. Enter... The Lizzinator

The Rhinoblaster was sent to Earth after Rita noticed that it was football tryouts time in Angel Grove and she planned to destroy the Power Rangers using his football skills. The Rhinoblaster was to be Rita's quarterback in a football game to the destruction with the Rangers. Whilst he was being created, Goldar sent down a bunch of Putties to prepare them for the Rhinoblaster's attack. Once he had been completed, Rita sent him to Earth into the football fields outside of Angel Grove High. The Rhinoblaster was first seen on the Viewing Globe after Zordon sent for the Rangers and informed them that the monster was cunning and fast before sending them to attack the monster. Upon their arrival, the Rhinoblaster immediately summoned five members of the Putty Patrol in football jerseys to battle the Power Rangers. The Putties easily clotheslined and then cut down the five Power Rangers before he used his white mist to trap the Rangers in the vortex. However, Tommy had not been with them because he was training for the soccer tryouts with Ernie and thus remained at large. Zordon contacted him and he morphed at which point he easily took down the Football Putties, leaving just the Rhinoblaster standing. However, he was unfazed by the loss of his defence line so took on Tommy, managing to duck a swing kick and avoid several punches before grabbing his arm only to get double kicked down with a blow to the chest although he was unaffected.

With a stalemate developing, Rita then made him grow to gain the upper hand so Tommy summoned the Dragonzord. However, the Rhinoblaster was unafraid and the Dragonzord immediately smacked him in the face with it's tail but he didn't even stumble from it so he grappled with the Dragonzord only for it to break off. He then tried to ram it back only for it to be unfazed and knock him to one side. The Rhinoblaster then ducked it's tail and double punched it back. With the Dragonzord stunned, the monster prepared to suck Tommy into the Multidimensional Vortex and trap him forever but Zordon called Tommy and told him how to rescue his friends. He pretended to surrender to the Rhinoblaster but was taken down by a sword blast just because the monster was feeling sadistic before he tried to suck up Tommy. However, as the Rhinoblaster emitted his mist, Tommy threw the Dragon Dagger into the source of the mist and Jason caught it and set about getting free. In the meantime, Tommy was now unable to externally control the Dragonzord so entered the cockpit for only the second time although the Rhinoblaster still managed to completely wipe the floor with the Dragonzord before completely knocking it out of the fight with a devastating energy blast. However, through unexplained methods, the Dragon Dagger allowed the other Rangers to escape the vortex in their Megazord which immediately jump punched him down. The Rangers then celebrated Tommy rescuing them but the Rhinoblaster recovered and demanded they fight him so they combined into the Mega Dragonzord, and destroyed him. Football Season

Rita saw Tommy struggling with his memory and getting chewed out for chronic lateness by Ms. Appleby and even Bulk and Skull. Realizing that Tommy was not perfect, she planned to create the Mutant Rangers to destroy the real Power Rangers. Six Putties were chosen for this role and they were trained by Goldar to fight like the Power Rangers in the quarry. However, only five of the Putties passed the test and got the Badges of Darkness since the one that was supposed to become the Red Mutant Ranger was a complete wimp and failed the test. As a result, Goldar reverted it back into clay for Finster. Although Rita knew that the team still needed a leader, she had Finster create Commander Crayfish.

Rita surveyed her Mutant Rangers and had Goldar send the Pink and Green Mutant Rangers to Angel Grove Park as an advance guard where they then confronted Tommy and Kimberly when they were walking home from the Angel Grove Youth Center. Green was the first Mutant Ranger to attack, circling Tommy and referencing the events of "Green With Evil." He provoked Tommy into attacking but easily ducked his kicks and even absorbed many kicks in his side whilst managing to hold his own although Tommy soon turned the tables and jump kicked him down. Across the battlefield, Pink confronted and leered at her counterpart before they kicked and blocked one another three times before Pink told Kimberly that this was "kinda like fightin' in a mirror." After Green matched Tommy kick for kick, Tommy was impressed but Green kicked him down and warned him he was just a small part of what was to come before teleporting out. Once Green left, the Pink Mutant Ranger punched Kimberly off of the raised platform that they were fighting on and left as well whilst claiming that she would be back.

The Mutants later regrouped at Angel Grove Beach where they met with Commander Crayfish and he assumed command before the Power Rangers arrived (although Green was being held back as a reserve) However, they were unafraid and morphed before doing a corrupted version of the real Rangers' roll call with Pink reminding Kimberly that she had earlier promised to return. Despite Kimberly claiming that they were useless, the Mutant Rangers flipped in and drew their Mutant Weapons, corrupted versions of the Power Weapons. Crayfish fought and wrestled Jason, Trini and Yellow clashed in the air and punched one another down through the air, Black and Zack tried to punch and kick one another, Billy defeated his Mutant Ranger counterpart with his bare hands, and Kimberly and Pink shot one another with their arrows. With even Tommy not proving a match for his Mutant Ranger counterpart, the Mutant Rangers formed the Mutant Power Blaster and blasted the real Rangers which they survived and were forced to retreat. Unfortunately for the Evil Rangers, the Power Rangers had upgraded versions of their regular Power Weapons and only Crayfish was able to put up an effective fight whilst his teammates were easily defeated. In desperation, the Mutant Rangers formed the Mutant Blaster whilst the Power Rangers formed their Power Blaster. In a Blaster vs. Blaster fight, the new weapons proved too much for Crayfish and the Mutant Rangers, outright destroying the Yellow & Pink Mutant Rangers and knocking out the rest.

Rita then made Commander Crayfish and the male Mutant Rangers grow so the Rangers formed the Megazord and called upon the Dragonzord. Commander Crayfish fought the Megazord whilst the Black, Blue, and Green Mutant Rangers all took on the Dragonzord in what quickly devolved into an all-out slug-fest. As Crayfish locked arms with the Megazord, Black tried to slash the Dragonzord but it deflected his Mutant Axe and knocked Blue's Lance away. Blue then raced in but a swing from the Dragonzord's tail split it in half so he jumped at it instead but it blocked him and threw him off. Crayfish grappled with the Megazord and, despite being thrown off by it, easily slashed it. Despite this, a second slash was blocked and a smack to the face knocked him back and, although the Dragonzord was heavily outnumbered, it managed to throw down Green. The Black and Blue Mutant Rangers then defended him by managing to jump kick it back only to be bashed back down by the Dragonzord's tail. With them once again failing to find success, the Mutant Rangers and Zords regrouped and decided to mix things up by forming a pyramid with Crayfish on top. This put him above the range of the Dragonzord's missiles and so, because the Rangers were not being very bright, the Zords advanced to try and knock them over with brute strength. However, Blue and Black kicked back the Zords before Crayfish had Green blast them with his Pyro Blast. Unfortunately for the Mutant Rangers, the real Power Rangers formed the Ultrazord which scared the Commander Crayfish and he told his teammates to back him off. However, they were far two slow so the Ultrazord opened fire and mowed down all five which made all five fall into a large pile and explode. Mighty Morphin' Mutants

Rita awoke the Oysterizer from thousands of years in hibernation after Goldar recommended him when she planned to ruin a date Zack had set up between himself and Angela. The plan was then to send the Oysterizer out into the ocean and poison the Earth into oblivion since there would be no one left to oppose him. After Zack finally got Angela to join a double date with Kimberly and Tommy, Rita subsequently got into contact with him through her crystal ball and the Oysterizer gave her his Pearls of Stillness. A Putty gave him the Pearls and, after he fought it off, handed them to Angela which successfully paralyzed everyone except for him and Tommy because they went to the toilet which was apparently too thick for the Pearls' magical effects to penetrate.

Zack and Tommy were subsequently sent to Angel Grove Beach by Zordon to fight the Oysterizer and prevent him from poisoning the ocean. Due to the size of the beach, Tommy investigated the south of the beach whilst Zack examined the beach although the Oysterizer then back flipped out of the sea and confronted Zack, instantly jump punching him down upon exiting the water. The monster then fought with Zack but he immediately gained the upper hand by firing his acid gel at him and blasted him to the ground. However, Tommy intervened before the Oysterizer could make the final strike and cut him down with the Dragon Dagger before giving Zack his Dragon Shield. However, the Oysterizer recovered and took down Tommy with more of his acid gel although Zack managed to defeat the Oysterizer with a devastating jump punch to the chest. However. the Oysterizer escaped because it knocked him into the ocean although the other Power Rangers were freed by this in the process.

With Tommy weakened by the venom and writhing on the beach, the Rangers deployed alone in the Megazord and went to the ocean floor where they successfully destroyed the Pearls of Stillness with it's Cranial Laser. However, the Oysterizer had apparently made himself grow underwater and had been standing nearby. The destruction enraged the monster and he went all out on the Megazord, easily gaining the upper hand and knocking it flat with a powerful double punch to the chest. The Rangers realized that the Megazord was not suited for underwater combat and was thus at a disadvantage so contacted Tommy on the beach. The Dragonzord was summoned and was able to knock him back onto dry land with one tail swing. However, the Oysterizer immediately recovered and gained the upper hand again by shoulder ramming the Dragonzord back. He then summoned his personal weapon which was a dagger and pearl connected by a chain before smacking it back with the pearl before tying it up. The Oysterizer then pulled it forward at which point he disabled it with his acid gel and blasted it to the ground with an energy blast. Luckily, the Megazord was able to cut the chain with it's Power Sword and free the Dragonzord from the acid gel. The Oysterizer charged at them but the Dragonzord was able to use his missile attack on the Oysterizer, knocking him flat before the Megazord finishes him off with an energy slash. An Oyster Stew

Season 2

Around a year after finding freedom, since Rita failed one time too many, Lord Zedd returns to the Moon Palace and takes over the command of the "evil space aliens". He banishes Rita into space and starts sending monsters of his own to the rangers. The Mutiny

But Rita manages to return and works together with Finster in poisoning Lord Zedd with a love potion, causing him to marry her. The Wedding

Season 3

Not long after, Rita's brother Rito joins the fight against the Rangers, and manages to destroy the Thunderzords. However, he is defeated by their newly obtained Ninjazords. Ninja Quest

After a while, Rita and Zedd are joined by Master Vile, Rita's father, who temporarily takes over command, much to Zedd's dismay. Master Vile succeeds in turning the Rangers into children, but retreats angrily to his home galaxy after being defeated by the Alien Rangers of Aquitar.

But Zedd and Rita still managed to defeat the Earth Rangers by destroying their power coins and, after the Aquatian Rangers departed to their home planet, blowing up the command center.

Power Rangers Zeo

The villains celebrated this victory with a huge party, but were soon greeted by the mighty forces of the Machine Empire. Knowing they are no match for the Empire, Rita asked her father Master Vile if they could hide with him. So the evil space aliens fled the moon in Serpentera, with Zedd vowing to return and defeat the machines. But they left Rito and Goldar behind on earth, as they were amnesiac due to receiving a blast from the Zeo crystal.

Zedd, Rita and Finster returned to the moon in a camper, soon rejoined by Rito and Goldar, having recently reclaimed their memories, planning to secretly defeat the Machine Empire. They first created the robot Louie Kaboom, who was to take over the Machine Empire in Mondo's absence, while remotely controlled by Zedd and Rita themselves. However, the remote broke, causing Louie to get out of control. After this plan failed and Louie was destroyed by the machinations of Prince Gasket and Princess Archerina, Zedd and Rita even resorted to helping the rangers multiple times, as they knew helping the Rangers would also be advantageous for themselves. Ultimately, they even directly attacked King Mondo and his Cogs with a group of Tenga Warriors, resulting in a brutal fight between the two evil factions. In the end, Zedd and Rita pretended to give up their fight against the machines, wanting to make peace with them, They gave them a present, which in reality was a bomb. Prince Sprocket opened said present, blowing up the entire Royal House of Gadgetry, with Zedd happily proclaiming they were back again.

Power Rangers Turbo

Rita and Zedd only made a small appearance in Turbo: A Power Rangers movie. Here, they are seen taking it easy at their recently reacquired Moon Palace. It seems they realized they would never defeat the Rangers and gave up their battle against them. When Divatox calls them for advice on how to defeat the Rangers, Rita sarcastically proclaims that if she knew that, she wouldn't have to listen to Lord Zedd's snoring all the time. She then advices the space pirate that the best way to deal with the Power Rangers is to simply run away from them.

Power Rangers in Space

Members of the Evil Space Aliens, including Rita, Zedd and Goldar reappeared, now part of the much larger United Alliance of Evil led by the powerful Dark Specter. They were seen at the conference on the Cimmerian Planet at the start of Power Rangers in Space, where Rita starts bickering with Divatox, clearly disbelieving the latter's claim of defeating the Rangers.

They appear again during the finale, where they are shown overseeing an attack on the Vica Galaxy, with their minions and monsters fighting the lone Gold Ranger. At first, they tell Astronema they don't like this plan of attack, but after hearing their plan comes directly from Dark Specter himself, they quickly tell her they like the plan after all.

After Andros shatters Zordon's tube, releasing a wave of good energy throughout the universe, Zedd, Rita and their army can be seen looking in terror as the wave approaches them. Rita begs Zedd to protect her, but soon after the wave hits, purifying Rita and Zedd from evil, turning them into humans, while most their army is reduced to dust, destroying the Evil Space Aliens as a threat.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Unfortunately, Rita and Zedd secretly conceived a son named Thrax, who made his move 9 years after his parents were defeated. He labeled his parents as a disgrace, due to the fact they turned good. Thrax vowed to complete the original mission of the evil space aliens and managed to defeat the Overdrive Rangers by working together with the other villains of the show, cutting the Rangers' ties to the Morphin Grid. His victory was short lived however, as he was met by the combined team of restored Overdrive Rangers and Retro Rangers, who soundly defeated him and his alliance of villains. He was destroyed by the newly powered Sentinel Knight, thus wiping out all remaining evil remnants of this faction once and for all.


The name "Evil Space Aliens"

Because this faction is never properly named in the show itself or any associated media, this wiki refers to them as "Evil Space Aliens" to easily identify them. The name "Evil Space Alien" originates from the Mighty Morphin' toyline, where members of Rita Repulsa's gang were referred to as "Evil Space Aliens", with every evil character bearing that name, instead of being referred to by their real names.

This term also appears in later toylines as a generic name for figures of villainous characters. Most notable are characters of the Machine Empire, who, despite the faction being explicitly named in the show, are still referred to as Evil Space Aliens.

Members of Divatox' crew are also referred to as Evil Space Aliens in the Turbo toyline, while having no proper name in the show itself. But for use on this wiki, please refer to Divatox' Crew.

Figures of other villains also have been named Evil Space Alien, despite some of them being of terrestrial origin and not having anything to do with aliens or space. This is probably because the toys of these characters are already produced before the start of the show, meaning Bandai has no idea of the real names of these characters. Examples of characters bearing this name are:

It is interesting to note that Skull used this term in the series proper, in the episode "Passing the Lantern". When they spot Rito, Squatt and Baboo teleporting away, both he and Bulk start to scream loudly. Bulk asks Skull why they are screaming, after which Skull replies: "Because Evil Space Aliens are using their magical powers right in front of us"


  • The Evil Space Aliens hold the distinction of being the longest active evil faction in the Power Rangers franchise, as they fought the Rangers for three consecutive seasons, while still playing an important role in the fourth season.
  • This faction also features the first villainous married couple in the franchise with Rita and Zedd. Interestingly enough, the wedding of Rita and Zedd is also the only time main characters are seen marrying each other in all seasons of Power Rangers.
  • The Evil Space Aliens feature the first villains that have familial ties to each other, with Master Vile being the father to Rita and Rito and Zedd being married into the family.
  • The Evil Space Aliens also the first evil faction to coexist with and even actively hinder another evil faction, in this case the Machine Empire.
  • They are also the only faction in which the main leaders routinely grow their monsters themselves instead of relying on another villain, external technology or the monster's innate ability to do so.
  • None of their members are directly destroyed at the hands of the Power Rangers, as all of them are either destroyed or purified and turned into humans by Zordon's Energy Wave.
  • Ironically, none of the corresponding Sentai villain factions have anything to do with aliens, as the Bandora Gang, Gorma Tribe and Youkai Army Corps are all from Earth. Although there are some exceptions, like some of the monsters having originated for Earth animals or objects and the Face Stealer being a demon (like his Kakuranger counterpart).

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