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"This is Rita Repulsa, an intergalactic space witch who is bent on controlling the universe. With her henchmen and Putty Patrollers, she plans to conquer Earth."
Zordon describing the Evil Space Aliens to the future Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.[src]

A group of evil space aliens served as the main antagonistic force of all three seasons of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the secondary antagonists of Power Rangers Zeo and minor antagonists in Power Rangers In Space.


The toyline referred to them as Evil Space Aliens although the group was never actually named in the series itself. While others later on from other series were also given that distinction, those others had in-show names for the factions. It should be noted that Skull used this term in the series proper, in the episode "Passing the Lantern" when they spotted Rito, Squatt and Baboo teleporting away.

Group History


Rita Repulsa and her ragtag band of "evil space aliens" were assembled over 10,000 years ago by Lord Zedd as an elite force to attack Zordon's forces whilst Zedd himself invaded the other side of the universe. At one point after this group's formation, Rita employed the services of Eye Guy on Redna 2 and the Terror Toad on Sorcery 7, it being employed that the latter ate the entire population of the planet.

Rita's war with Zordon came to Earth many years ago. leading to an all-out war between Rita's monsters and Zordon's Power Rangers, the former being based in a Moon Palace and the latter a Command Center. Eventually though, Zordon was able to imprison her in a space dumpster on the Moon although not before she trapped him in a timewarp and managed to steal back the Sword of Darkness with the Knasty Knight monster because Zordon had taken it from her. The Oysterizer was a monster who apparently had a past with Rita and yet managed to escape the war with Zordon in the past. How he did this is unclear but he likely went underwater and remained there for thousands of years. He was the guardian of a set of magic pearls called the Pearls of Stillness which could "render anyone near enough to them as still as statues."


Ten thousand years later, Rita and her minions were released by two unwitting and very stupid astronauts who found the space dumpster and decided to attack the city of Angel Grove, California. In response to her return, Zordon and his aide Alpha 5 selected five teenagers with attitude to combat her attacks on Earth as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Although initially reluctant to help as this wielded them out, they were convinced when Rita sent down an army of her special Putty Patrollers. Before they could celebrate, Zordon had Alpha teleport them to Angel Grove where Rita's right hand man, Goldar was attacking with a Putty army, Once the Putties were easily wiped out, Rita used her magic to grow her right hand man who went on a rampage and started to rampage so the Power Rangers summoned their Dinozords and formed Tank Mode. He blasted them with fire but it was only shaken up and they quickly blasted him with its cannons and formed the Dino Megazord in Battle Mode. However, Goldar immediately jumped into the air and smacked it in the chest before slashing it down the front though it then twisted him around in a big circle and deflected a slash before punching him in the gut. Though the punch knocked it back as well, Goldar was unfazed and double slashed it only for a third to be blocked and he was punched in the face hard enough to go down. However, as Billy pointed out, Goldar wasn't even winded and immediately jumped in the air to knock back the Megazord with a devastating double kick to the chest. Though the Megazord deflected a slash and then dodged a second, it took a hard kick to the gut which shook up the cockpit and led Goldar to declare a premature victory. Luckily, Jason summoned the Power Sword which scared Goldar enough to retreat. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Day of the Dumpster

Sometime later, Rita wishes to send the Power Rangers into a time-warp similar to the one she trapped Zordon in so has Finster create Bones and sent down a mini space shuttle. After the Rangers defeats an army of Putties, Bones launches outside of the Command Center, Rita then sends Bones to Earth to battle them and he lands in the fairgrounds where he starts to blast everything and generally be a nuisance.

The Rangers morphed and took on their very first monster but he removed his head and teleported the Rangers into the time-warp. Bones then summons his Skeleton Warriors (basically Putties in skeleton spandex) to aid him in battle and he personally fought Jason whilst his comrades fought the others. While this is all happening, Squatt and Baboo set up a bomb on a tree that would blow up and seal the time-warp shut, trapping the Rangers. After taking out the Skeleton Warriors, Bones stabbed his sword into the ground and created a chasm which knocked down the other Rangers and allowed him to overwhelm Jason. However, the other four Rangers blasted Bones with their Blade Blasters as Jason dodged the blasts but Bones began to restore his body. Billy realizes that his head is his weakness so grabs Bones' head and tosses it to Trini who wraps the head in Bones' cloak. The last six Skeleton Warriors come in to get back Bones' head but Trini defeats all of them with ease. She then throws Bones' head right into the chasm Bones himself created, destroying both his head and his body for good.

Despite the destruction of Bones, Rita Repulsa doesn't give up and yells out an incantation that summons this giant monster. Once it appears in Angel Grove, it pulls Jason out of Bones's dimension and the bomb that Squatt and Baboo planted explodes and sends the remaining Power Rangers out of the dimension and straight off a cliff. The Giant is about to strike the now captive Red Ranger but Jason uses his Blade Blaster to blast the Giant in the eye, causing him to drop the hero. Now angered, the Giant tries to cleave the Power Rangers in two with his sword but they dodge and Jason, determined to stop the villain, summons the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord. They square off in the countryside, wrestling arm to arm before the Giant throws off the Zord. The Giant pulls out its sword and slashes through it at impressive speeds but the Tyrannosaurus slaps him down with a double slash from its tail. The Giant tries to make a comeback but is restrained by the arm and double kicked down once it breaks free. Jason then finishes off the Giant with the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord's ground breath attack, obliterating the monster and reducing him to rubble which the Tyrannosaurus roars away. Tvicon.png TV STORY-High Five

Green With Evil

After her many failures at destroying the Power Rangers, Rita saw a new student in Angel Grove called Tommy Oliver and realized that he would be an excellent candidate to be her evil Green Ranger. To test him, she sends a squad of Putties to ambush him in an alleyway as he is taking a shortcut to meet Kimberly at the Youth Center. Though caught off guard at first, Tommy manages to defeat the Putties with his karate skills and a trash can lid. Rita, pleased with Tommy's performance, teleports to Earth in a gust of wind and captures Tommy with her magic wand, taking him back to her palace on the moon. She coats his body with magical green wax and chants incantations to cast a powerful spell on him, brainwashing him into becoming her servant. When he arises from his bed of wax, his eyes are glowing green, and he asks in a monotone voice how he can serve "his empress". Rita assigns him to go to the Command Center and disable Zordon, and then go destroy the Power Rangers, identifying each Ranger by name. To accomplish his mission, she gives him a Sixth Power Coin - the Dragon Coin - and he morphs into the Green Ranger for the first time, dedicating himself "to the fall of Zordon and the destruction of the Power Rangers".

The Evil Green Ranger goes first to the Command Center, which he can enter since he has a Power Coin. He sneaks up behind Alpha 5, who was recharging his energies, and inserts a virus-infected CD-ROM into his disk drive, causing him to scream and convulse. Zordon, who was in a meditative state at the time of the Green Ranger's entry, demands that the intruder reveal himself. Tommy does so, boasting of his newly acquired powers. Zordon, knowing that the Green Ranger is Tommy, tries to tell him that he is under an evil spell and offers to save him, but Tommy rejects Zordon's offer. Then, despite Zordon's pleading, he begins ripping out the Command Center's control panels and wiring, severing communication with Zordon and causing him to disappear from his energy tube. With an evil laugh, Tommy declares his work to be done and departs the Command Center in a flash of green-and-yellow flame.

Meanwhile, Rita, desiring to lure the Power Rangers into a trap, uses her magic wand to grow her top henchman, Goldar, to giant-size. The Power Rangers, seeing this in the Viewing Globe, morph into action to confront him. After a brief battle with some Putties, the Rangers summon their Dinozords, form the Megazord, and draw the Power Sword to battle Goldar. Suddenly, Goldar disappears, and the Green Ranger, who has been watching from below, leaps atop the Megazord, breaks into the cockpit, declares, "Long live Empress Rita!", and knocks the Rangers out of the cockpit to the ground below. Then, while Rita watches from her lunar palace with glee, he then leaps down to confront them and single-handedly deals all five Rangers a decisive defeat. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Out of Control

Rita later decided to give Tommy the Sword of Darkness. As Finster recounts, the Sword of Darkness was captured from Zordon and given to her as a prize of war. If given to the Green Ranger, the enchanted weapon will allow her to maintain her spell on him forever, so long as the Sword is not destroyed. Finster worries that Zordon knows of the Sword's power, but Rita is quite unconcerned since Zordon isn't around to tell the Rangers about it. Goldar suggests that Tommy must earn the Sword of Darkness in a test against the Putties. Rita agrees and, at Squatt and Baboo's request, she and all her minions teleport to the beach outside Angel Grove to witness the test. Tommy answer's Rita's summons, and Goldar tells him to battle a squadron of Putties using only his karate skills; if he succeeds, he will be rewarded with the Sword of Darkness. Tommy begins his battle with the Putties. He struggles with them at first but soon begins to take them down one by one, much to Rita and Goldar's delight. When Tommy throws the last remaining Putty to the ground, Rita congratulates him and gives him the Sword of Darkness. He laughs in triumph and vows to use the Sword to destroy the Power Rangers, starting with the Red Ranger and he proceeded to kidnap Jason at Angel Grove High, transporting him to Rita's Dark Dimension. He is confronted by Goldar, who has stolen his Power Morpher, meaning Jason will have to face Goldar all alone and without his powers. Jason struggles with Goldar, but the alien warrior has little trouble knocking him around.

Whilst the other Rangers waited for Jason, Tommy reappears in the Viewing Globe, practicing with the Sword of Darkness. Zack sees an opportunity to nail him and get to the bottom of what's going on. The other Rangers are uncomfortable attempting to do so without Jason, but Zack, as second-in-command of the team, makes the decision to confront the Green Ranger anyway. They morph into action and battle the Green Ranger again; but with their leader absent, and the Green Ranger armed with the Sword of Darkness, he dispatches them even more easily than before. Desperate, the Rangers summon their Dinozords and assemble the Megazord. Undaunted, Tommy uses his Sword to hurl an energy blast at the Megazord, but the Megazord deflects it back at him with the Mastodon shield, forcing him to retreat. Rita is highly annoyed by this setback until Squatt and Baboo remind her that Jason is still trapped with Goldar in the Dark Dimension, lifting her spirits immediately. She orders Goldar to terminate Jason, but Goldar decides to toy with him some more before disposing of him. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Jason's Battle

However, after a lot of Jason getting beaten, Rita sent Tommy to finish Jason off and forced Goldar to leave. Tommy The two exchange words before fighting each other for a few minutes. The Green Ranger compliments Jason as being "a skilled warrior". Jason denounces his enemy as not being a true Ranger since he fights for Rita and not Zordon, but the Green Ranger dismisses Zordon as a memory. They resume their fight. The Green Ranger kicks Jason to the ground. Jason sees his Morpher and reaches for it, but before he can use it, the Green Ranger steps on his arm, pinning him the ground. Tommy gloated over his victory over Jason, waving the Sword of Darkness over his head. He then tells Jason it is time to pay the price of defeat; but before he can strike the final blow with the Sword of Darkness, Billy, who has locked onto Jason's coordinates, teleports him out of the Dark Dimension and back to the Command Center. Jason is relieved to be back but is badly shaken by his brush with death at the hands of the Evil Green Ranger and begins telling his friends what happened. Enraged, Rita did not withdraw Tommy and left him there until she needed him again later.

Rita then unleashed her most powerful minion Scorpina and sent her down to the Angel Grove Warehouse District, setting off the alarm in the Command Center. Alpha is horrified at the sight of Scorpina and warns the Rangers to beware of her sting. The Rangers morph into action to confront her and the Putties. Scorpina easily gains the upper hand, but at Goldar's insistence, Rita recalls her, much to Scorpina's annoyance. It's revealed that Rita realized off-screen that Tommy would never be able to destroy the Rangers if they could just call on the Megazord anytime that they were in a pinch. All the minions begin arguing over who should lead the all-out assault on Angel Grove that Rita is devising, but Rita shuts them up and decides that Goldar will begin the battle. Rita also reveals her plan to cast a spell that will cause a solar eclipse and drain the Megazord of its solar power. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Rescue

As Goldar continues his rampage through Angel Grove, he saw Bulk and Skull in a bus and picked them up before marching to the beach and forcing the Rangers to respond. The Rangers chased after Goldar, who had put the bus on a cliff, with Squatt, Babboo, and the Putties pushing it toward the edge, while Bulk and Skull were helplessly trapped inside. The Rangers finally summon their Dinozords and form the Megazord. Just as the bus was pushed over the edge, the Megazord caught it and put it back on the cliff safely.

At the Command Center, Alpha had finally locked onto Zordon's signal and begins the process of fully re-establishing contact with him. In response, Rita sent the Evil Green Ranger back to the Command Center to get rid of Zordon for good. He sneaks up behind Alpha and pulls the plug on him, deactivating him. The Green Ranger exchanges words with the partially restored Zordon before vowing to send him to another dimension where he'll be lost forever. He begins pressing buttons on the Command Center control panel, undoing all of Alpha's work. But before the Green Ranger can leave, Alpha's backup system kicks in, reactivating him. Alpha captures the Green Ranger in a force-field. Caught by surprise and angered, the Green Ranger vows to make him pay.

The Megazord battles with Goldar on the beach. Suddenly, Rita's solar eclipse begins, and the Megazord begins to lose power. Despite this, the Megazord manages to gain the upper hand on Goldar, knocking him to the ground. On seeing this, Rita sends Scorpina into battle and grows her into a giant, hideous Scorpion Monster. The Megazord is severely weakened by the combined power of Goldar and Scorpina and the loss of its solar energy. Goldar kicks the Megazord to the ground as the eclipse reaches its zenith. Jason calls on the Power Sword for an energy boost, and the Megazord gets back on its feet and reclaims the advantage on Goldar and Scorpina. Determined not to lose the fight, Rita used a spell to free Tommy from the Command Center force-field (much to Alpha's consternation), grows him to giant size, and sent him to battle the Megazord as well! The Power Rangers were in big trouble; the Megazord is surrounded by Goldar, Scorpina and the Evil Green Ranger, and didn't have enough power to finish the fight. Scorpina further weakened the Megazord by wrapping her stinging tail around its head and electrocuting it. Goldar and the Green Ranger then combined their swords to fire a gigantic blast of energy at the Megazord, dealing it a crippling blow. The Megazord is rocked by a series of explosions, ejecting the Power Rangers from its cockpit and throwing them to the ground below, where they involuntarily demorph. A massive hole opens in the Earth, and the Megazord's powerless body falls into the fiery hole. The Rangers can only watch in shock and horror as their Zords were consumed by lava, while Rita cackled with delight at her triumph. However, Alpha was able to scan him whilst he was held captive in the Command Center and they learnt that Tommy was the Green Ranger. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Eclipsing Megazord

Rita then celebrated her supposed absolute victory and sent Tommy to Angel Grove with his new Dragon Dagger to summon the Dragonzord to either destroy or force Angel Grove to surrender to her. The Rangers confronted him in the warehouse district but the Zord's missile barrage knocked them off of the roof they stood on although their power coins start glowing, and they realize Zordon is back. An earthquake begins, and a massive hole opens in the earth once again. The Dinozords, restored to full power, re-emerge, and Zordon teleported the Power Rangers to their Zords' cockpits. Rita, seeing the sight from her lunar palace, could only scream in frustration that her advantage was gone.

Jason used the Tyrannosaurus to confront the Dragonzord and the two Zords fought a ferocious battle until the Tyrannosaurus leapt into the air and kicked the Dragonzord to the ground. With Dragonzord weakened, the Rangers combine their Zords into the Megazord. The Megazord, now at full power and armed with the Power Sword, overwhelms the Dragonzord and hurled it into a mountainside, disabling it. Nonetheless, Tommy refused to surrender, so Jason leapt from the Megazord cockpit to confront him on the ground.

The Red Ranger, armed with his Power Sword and Blade Blaster, battles the Green Ranger, armed with the Dragon Dagger and the Sword of Darkness. Tommy uses the Dragon Dagger to activate his Dragon Shield, deflected Jason's attacks back at him. Tommy then gained the upper hand on Jason by firing energy blasts at him with the Sword of Darkness but, just as it appeared that the Green Ranger would finally destroy the Red Ranger, Jason powered up his Power Sword and blasted Tommy, knocking the Dragon Dagger and Sword of Darkness from his hands with such force that Tommy is thrown on his back. Jason then draws his Blade Blaster and shot the Sword of Darkness, vaporsing the weapon and thus Rita's spell was broken, and Tommy joined the Power Rangers as thier Sixth Ranger. This absolutely enraged Rita and she was only quelled when Goldar swore that they'd revenge themselves on the Rangers. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Breaking The Spell

The loss of Tommy

Rita announces her next plan to conquer Earth where she plans to use the Green Candle, which, when burned out, will give the Green Ranger power to Rita. She sends a group of Putties with the plan to kidnap Tommy. Kimberly and Tommy were flirting in the Park only to be ambushed by Putties and Tommy is taken to Rita's Dark Dimension, where he faces Goldar. e explains to him that his connection to Zordon is cut off and that when the Green Candle is burned out, his powers will belong to Rita. Meanwhile, the Cyclops monster was created by Finster and Rita sent him to Earth with the goal of wasting the Power Rangers' time and allow the Green Candle to strip Tommy. He disguised himself as the Dragonzord using his unique shapeshifting abilities and attacked Angel Grove Docks with it's tail and a missile barrage. The Rangers summoned the Dinozords and fought him with the Megazord. The Rangers couldn't defeat him until Tommy returned from the Dark Dimension and summoned the real Dragonzord. After Dragonzord hit him with it's tail, Cyclops temporarily lost his ability to shapeshift which left him completely open to attacks and outnumbered. Cyclops was forced to retreat before he would have received a nasty cut from the Power Sword.

Cyclops later returned and attacked Angel Grove again to draw attention away from the Green Candle. The aim was to cause so much chaos and destruction that the Rangers (who were trying to extinguish said candle) would be forced to return to Earth to kill him and thus the scheme would succeed. To this end, he disguised himself as the Dragonzord Battle Mode. Since the Rangers were occupied with the Green Candle, Tommy fought the monster alone and went into the Dragonzord's cockpit for the first time to more effectively fight the monster. It easily took the monster out of it's Battle Mode form but he easily recovered and changed into the Megazord. They were pretty evenly matched until the "Megazord" jump kicked the Dragonzord down. However, it quickly recovered and smacked the monster hard enough with it's hand to make him revert. He then changed into the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord but was still no match and was forcibly reverted by a smash to the front by the Dragonzord's tail. However, it was not enough to finish him off so the Rangers abandoned their mission to help Tommy and formed the Ultrazord. Cyclops charged but the Ultrazord was finally able to destroy him with a massive laser barrage.

In spite of Cyclops' death, Rita accomplished her goal with the Green Candle. Tommy almost lost his powers to Rita but quickly transferred the remaining powers to Jason by giving up Tommy's Power Coin to protect it for the time being. This would allow him to summon the Dragon Shield, Dragon Dagger, and Dragonzord at any given time. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Green Candle


Whilst Angel Grove celebrated Power Rangers Day, Rita hatched her biggest scheme yet: she will bring her Moon Palace to Earth, greatly increasing her power, and call on the long-dormant war Zord Cyclopsis to defeat the Power Rangers once and for all. Shortly thereafter, as Rita lands her palace in the heart of downtown Angel Grove, everyone in the city (apart from the Rangers) is transported to Rita's dark dimension.

Very soon after that, erupted from underground which Alpha and Zordon detected but Goldar entered it and went on a rampage before they could act. The Rangers arrived in their Megazord but it was far too strong and easily bashed them around so they called the Dragonzord. Unfortunately, neither it's missile attack nor it's tail could faze the Zord and both took a thrashing. The Megazord tried to advance but was picked up with it's telekinesis and thrown down so they formed Dragonzord Battle Mode. However, the Tyrannosaurs had it's finishing breath attack pushed back at it and went down before the Dragonzord Battle Mode fired forth it's head fin only to have it thrown back. Cyclopsis then knocked the two down with a barrage of missiles and electrocuted by the War Zord's extending arm cables. Luckily, Zordon summoned Titanus who blasted the Zord back, releasing its hands, and the Rangers formed the Ultrazord. The Zord's strong armor was no match for its barrage and Goldar had to flee before it exploded but its head managed to remain intact.

Although the Rangers thought that it was destroyed, Rita summoned Lokar who reformed it into a stronger version that was now equipped with arm blades although lacking its other abilities. The Megazord and Dragonzord deployed again but Cyclops easily cleaved off the Megazord's right arm and the Dragonzord's tail. Rita then blasted them into apparent oblivion although it was soon revealed that they had actually teleported back to their hiding places.

Following a failed attack on the Power Rangers with the Putty Patrol, in which they escaped using their Communicators which Rita had previously been blocking, Goldar returned to Cyclopsis and went on a rampage. After linking to Rita Repulsa's computer systems while her Palace was on Earth, Alpha discovered that the only weakness in Cyclopsis was that its systems needed to adjust to compensate for battle with a new opponent, and too many changes in the enemy would cause it to freeze up and be completely open to attack. With this new strategy, the Rangers once again deployed against the War Zord.

They first attacked with their individual Dinozords, doing a little damage with the Sabertooth Tiger and Triceratops Dinozord's tail blasts and the Pterodactyl's laser cannons but it soon overwhelmed the Tyrannosaurus so they formed the Megazord and summoned the Dragonzord. The Power Sword was able to prove a match for the Zord's arm blades, pinning them down so that the Dragonzord could smash them with its tail. With the Zord now basically helpless, they formed the Dragonzord in Battle Mode which thrashed the Zord but was overwhelmed by Lokar's lightning. Crushing a building, Jason called for Titanus and they formed the Ultrazord which vanquished Lokar and destroyed Cyclopsis once and for all. Unfortunately, the War Zord's computer warned Goldar of its imminent demise and he was able to escape. In the process, the entire population of Angel Grove was returned and the Evil Space Aliens were forced to retreat back to the Moon. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Doomsday

The return of Tommy

At Parent's Day in the Angel Grove Youth Center, Rita Repulsa was planning her hugest scheme yet, when she ordered Finster to create the Dramole monster, who can hypnotize its victims with toxic gas emitted from its nostrils. The plan was to kidnap the Rangers' parents with the ransom being the Rangers to surrender. She sent a squad of Putties to attack Trini and Kimberly while they are still outside, and Jason and Zack join them in fighting off the Putties. Rita uses the distraction to trap all in the Angel Grove Youth Center in another dimension, just as Billy—the only Ranger not present at the party, enters and finds the Youth Center deserted. At that point, he is overcome by the Dramole's hypnotic gas, and while under Rita's control, he infiltrates the Command Center, shuts down Alpha 5, and steals the Dragon Dagger—the only thing capable of summoning and controlling the Dragonzord.

The Rangers are alerted to Billy's theft by Zordon and morph and teleport to the Dark Dimension, where Billy is just about to hand the Dragon Dagger to Goldar. Goldar keeps the four morphed Rangers busy with a contingent of Putty Patrollers, long enough to take possession of the Dagger and teleport back to Earth. Billy is set free from the Dramole's mind-control gas, and Goldar tells the Rangers that they must surrender their Power Coins to him if they want their parents back before departing with the Dragon Dagger. Billy morphs and teleports with his teammates back to Angel Grove, but not in time to keep Goldar from summoning Dragonzord and sending it in to attack Angel Grove. The Rangers summoned the Megazord to hold the newly summoned Dragonzord at bay, but the former was slammed and severely damaged by the latter. The Rangers leapt out of the Megazord in time to confront Goldar, who again demanded that they give up their Power Coins in order to get their parents back. With no choice but to save their parents' lives, the Rangers, one by one, handed over their Power Coins, placing them inside an ornate treasure box held by Goldar, and are powered down into their human forms. Goldar then revealed that he had no intention of releasing their parents, and with the Power Coins now in his possession, he believed, nothing can stop Rita now. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Return of an Old Friend-part I

While Goldar reawakens Dragonzord to finish destroying Angel Grove, Zordon implements his plan, nearly draining himself of his own life force, but temporarily restoring Tommy's Green Ranger powers in the process. nearly draining himself of his own life force, but temporarily restoring Tommy Oliver's Green Ranger powers in the process. The Green Ranger teleported to Goldar's location and confronts him, but the beast-warrior merely sent Putties to deal with Tommy and weaken his powers until they were depleted again. Despite putting up a good fight, the unstable nature of Tommy's power began causing him pain, preventing him from fighting at his best. Seeing Tommy getting weaker, Jason had Alpha boost the power, putting him back in the fight. After a harrowing battle, Tommy managed to retrieve the Dragon Dagger and regain control of the Dragonzord, but Rita sent Scorpina to help Goldar destroy the Zord. As giants, the two warriors battled Dragonzord until they realize that they have left the Rangers' Power Coins unguarded so retreated Meanwhile, just as Tommy was within an inch of powering down permanently, he eeked out a victory by retrieving the Power Coins, with the energy surrounding the box enveloping Tommy before he was teleported back to the Command Center just as a Putty was about to strike him down.

Now enraged, Rita sent the Dramole back down to Earth who she had already planned to have finish off the Rangers for good once Angel Grove surrendered. However, these plans were pushed ahead significantly after Tommy returned as the Green Ranger and stole back both the Dragon Dagger and Power Coins as well as managed to defeat both Goldar and Scorpina. After this happened, Rita sent the Dramole to Angel Grove Quarry to destroy or brainwash the Power Rangers. The Rangers (minus Tommy who had used enough energy to become comatose) arrived but the Dramole turned day to night, spraying them with his gas but they held their breaths. However, he was soon able to take control over four of them (minus Kimberly) before he prepared to brainwash her as well after Zack and Billy grabbed her. Luckily, Tommy woke up and knocked down Dramole with a massive energy blast which released the others from his control.

However, before they could team-up against the Dramole, Rita enlarged him and the Rangers had to dodge his giant foot as he tried to trample them. They then summoned the Megazord and Dragonzord but Dramole turned day to night to do them in. He proved too strong for them and took both down, forcing the Megazord to reboot so the Dragonzord had to fight the monster. The Megazpord quickly recovered so they summoned Titanus and Dramole was finally destroyed by the Ultrazord. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Return of an Old Friend-part II

Lord Zedd's arrival

A year after Rita was released from Zordon's dumpster Lord Zedd arrived on the Moon, conjuring a thunder storm over the Moon Palace which made Goldar realize who he was and horrifying Rita. As the race began, Zedd appeared above the Palace in the clouds before berating Rita for being utterly useless before shooting lightning at them. After declaring that he'd take command, Zedd went into his throne room where Rita and her thugs went to greet him. Goldar arrived first and met him in the throne room, terrified by Zedd's snake before he turned it into his staff. Despite not initially recognizing Goldar, Zedd remembered him as the cowardly minion, and returned the wings that he took away thousands of years ago when he realized his cowardly nature would make him a good follower. Zedd then spied on the Power Rangers only for Rita to enter and beg for forgiveness and another chance but Zedd gave her a dressing down because she was "not fit to destroy a cockroach."

After watching the Power Rangers get called to the Command Center, he realized that Zordon was still alive and Goldar suggested sending Putties to destroy the Rangers. Zedd got a good laugh out of that and showed off his own Putty Patrollers. Despite her pleading with him, even kissing his feet, Lord Zedd punished Rita by stripping her of her powers and vaporizing her wand. He then shrunk her and imprisoned her within a space dumpster identical to the one Zordon had trapped her in before having his Putties hurl her into the depths of space. He then sent the Putties to test the Power Rangers and they easily overwhelmed the Rangers. However, Jason discovered that hitting thier Z made them explode and relayed that information to the others, allowing them to easily destroy the Putties.

Despite this temporary setback, and to try to still one-up Rita, Zedd used his staff to transform a piranha in the Rampoon River into the Pirantishead monster and he teleported to Angel Grove. Pirantishead was one of the most formidable monsters the Rangers ever faced and his weapon was a pair of chain-linked fish shaped flutes that doubled as nunchuks. During the course of his existance, Lord Zedd appeared to be continually feeding Pirantishead energy from his staff continuously making him stronger. The Rangers arrived in the warehouse district and found him sitting on a rooftop behind them. He blasted the city with his flute so they immediately summoned the Dinozords. However, using his flute, Pirantishead was able to freeze the Sabertooth Tiger, Triceratops, Mastodon, and Pterodactyl Dinozords in time and space which rendered them unusable.

Pirantishead left the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord unfrozen but, before Jason could enter the cockpit, Lord Zedd powered him up with lightning. Now enhanced, Pirantishead took control of it and used it against the Rangers, blasting them down with the Zord's ground breath attack. Luckily, Tommy arrived (after being empowered by Zordon since the Putty fight severely weakened his powers) and summoned the Dragonzord to protect them. However, the Tyrannosaurus managed to fight the Dragonzord to a stalemate which enabled Pirantishead to take control of that Zord as well. Pirantishead then had the Dragonzord take down all five Rangers with the wind from a tail swing and then completely vanished from the scene when the two Dinozords went on a rampage. Eventually, the Rangers were forced to escape and the Zords went into the countryside and became dormant.

Now confident that victory was at hand, Zedd sent Pirantishead down to attack the city again. He appeared in the countryside along the Fifth Annual Children’s Hospital Charity Motor Marathon racetrack but the Power Rangers didn't immediately respond since they didn't want to get potentially crippled by the controlled Zords. On the other hand however, he was threatening the entire race and everyone involved so the Rangers were forced to respond even in spite of the Zord danger. Pirantishead then confronted them by standing on a hill only to teleport away so that Zedd could teleport down his Putties. However, Pirantishead had not actually left and instead moved to a different area. He took control of the motorcycles used by Bulk and Skull after they accidentally drove into one another, making them go berserk and ride in a big circle. He then reactivated his Zords which delivered a beat down to the Rangers and started to terrorize them. However, he stopped the attack for no reason and sent them to attack the Motor Marathon, the Rangers being unable to stop them due to thier power and the Tyrannosaurus' breath attack just blew up a dust storm. Luckily, the racers escaped because none of the missiles actually made contact with them. Billy and Trini arrived with their signal jammer which interfered with the Zord control but it didn't work since the batteries were in backwards. Thinking that victory was at hand, Pirantishead got down to ground level and had the Zords charge with more mist blasts. To buy time for Billy to fix the signal jammer, the Rangers formed the Power Blaster and fired at Pirantishead, first aiming at the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord, and then at Pirantishead who initially panics. Likely because they were rushing to prevent the Zords from retaliating, the Power Blaster blast mostly missed him, aimed a little low but the explosion did burn his feet and cause him to hop around before collapsing.

Lord Zedd attempted to destroy the five Dinozords, only for the Rangers to turn the tables and transform the remains of them into the more powerful Thunderzords. Thinking them destroyed, Zedd threw the first of his special Growth Bombs which Pirantishead caught and used to slam into the ground which enlarged him. The Rangers then withdrew to the Command Center and were given their Zords before deploying to fight Pirantishead in the countryside by forming their new Thunder Megazord. Pirantishead then tried to take control of the Thunderzords but the format was immune to his influence so he knocked it back with his nunchaks before wrapping it up. He then electrocuted it but the formation sent a reverse charge along it which obliterated the chain and knocked Pirantishead down. Now enraged, the monster now discarded the now useless nunchaks and announced that he planned to destroy it with his bare fins. However, the Rangers energized the Thunder Megazord's Thunder Saber and slew him with a single slash before he could make good on that threat. All Pirantishead could do was scream in pain, spin on the spot, and fall flat on his face before the first of Zedd's monster was destroyed. Pirantishead's demise led Zedd to decide to stay on Earth and try to destroy the Rangers, leading to his succeeding schemes. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Mutiny

Green No More

After seven or so schemes of just draining Tommy's powers, Lord Zedd decided to finally start his endgame and steal Tommy's powers once and for all. He later saw five punk teens (Justin, Zane, Bobby, Tina and Kristen]) harassing a kid named Stewart as well as Tommy, Billy, and Zack and decided to make them his Dark Rangers to attack and destroy the Rangers. To do this, he decided to use the Green Crystal to take Tommy's powers to some personal use and use it to corrupt and empower the teens. When the punks confronted the Rangers (minus Tommy who was getting the negative results of his bioscan at the Command Center), Zedd zapped them with his lightning and teleported them to the so-called Otherworld where he would be operating from for the remainder of the two-parter. Zedd and Goldar met them there and hypnotised the five before Zedd proclaimed thier goal to take over the world with thier aid. Goldar pointed out that Tommy still had his powers so this was doomed to fail but Zedd pointed out that the Crystal was still stealing his powers and he would soon create a monster to waste even more of it which pleased Goldar. With his minion sated, and inspired by Kimberly earlier finding a oddly large seashell at the beach, Zedd used his magic to create the TurbanShell monster from it.

After coming to life, TurbanShell enlarged himself without any apparent help from Zedd and attacked Angel Grove. As he rampaged, he encountered the Power Rangers and showed off how much he wanted to destroy them by smashing a whole right through an office block. TurbanShell decided to obliterate them and unleashed massive energy blasts on the city but they were unfazed and summoned both the Thunder Megazord and Dragonzord into battle. TurbanShell charged to "make them meet Lord Neptune" but stopped when the Megazord advanced and was then blasted back by his lightning. However, he was unfazed so the Dragonzord took a stab at it only to be slapped back. He immediately rammed back the Thunder Megazord and summoned his staff to unleash a devastating energy blast. Although the Thunder Megazord initially walked through it, a second wave hit both it and the Dragonzord which wiped it out and ejected the Rangers onto the streets below. With the Zords defeated, TurbanShell decided to take a break but warned that he'd return to finish off the Rangers before he left. He then went back to Zedd to recharge his staff, who became furious with TurbanShell for leaving the battle whilst he had the upper hand and was forced to teleport away.

Shortly thereafter, Zedd kidnapped Tommy and teleported him into a wheat field that was also in the Otherworld. Turbanshell confronted him there and quickly did battle after welcoming him to his nightmare. With Tommy's weakening powers, he was easily able to absorb his remaining powers into his shell which forced Tommy to scramble away behind a rock. Zedd held up the Green Crystal which absorbed his remaining powers and began his next steps. With the Green Crystal fully charged, Zedd used it to surround the Command Center in a crushing forcefield and captured the remaining Power Rangers. He then introduced them to his newly powered Dark Rangers and revealed that he wished to use them to conquer the Earth. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Green No More-part I

After searching for Tommy for some time, and failing to find him, Tommy ambushed him when he jumped out from behind that rock. He vault kicked TurbanShell down only to be jabbed in the stomach and thrown down. Back by the caves, Goldar wanted to destroy the Rangers but Zedd refused and sent the Rangers back to Angel Grove so that they could watch Turbanshell tear it apart.

Meanwhile, TurbanShell was about to finish Tommy off entirely but Goldar made an appearance, having apparently convinced Zedd to at least let him torture his archenemy and told the monster that he would continue torturing Tommy while TurbanShell resumed his destruction of Angel Grove. TurbanShell was hesitant at first and wanted to be the one to finish Tommy, but Goldar threatened him and reminded him of his status as an underling, letting him know that Lord Zedd has other plans for him. TurbanShell continued to attack Angel Grove after Goldar takes over his place. Goldar "welcomed" Tommy as just his civilian identity because he was no longer the Green Ranger and summoned Z-Putties to restrain him whilst he used some form of dimensional remote to project a holographic screen in the sky and torture him with images and reminders of what he once was. This included deleted footage of him and Trini fighting the Invenusable Flytrap, deleted footage of him posing from "The Green Candle-part II", and the Dragonzord emerging from Angel Grove Quay from "Breaking The Spell." This seemed to break Tommy to the point of groveling which delighted Goldar so he tried to make Tommy admit he was superior before he was slain. However, Tommy had been playing along the whole time and went on the attack with his opening attack being a powerful jump punch to the chest and then disarmed the very stunned Goldar. Although Tommy fought hard, he was overwhelmed by the villain's strength and ended up being slapped down and then thrown through the air. Goldar then prepared to finish him off but the time device was kicked out of his hands and caught by Tommy much to his own shock before being chest kicked down. Tommy then revealed that he remained sane because the clips reminded him of that he was such a good person, Ranger or not. Goldar recovered but five kicks knocked him back and a sixth made him face-plant. When he got back up, Tommy backed off but immediately teleported Goldar back to Lord Zedd which allowed him to eventually teleport back to Angel Grove by using the time device to get his communicator from his past self.

In spite of the getaway, Zedd (apparently) gained control of the Thunderzords and planned to have the Dark Rangers pilot them and destroy Angel Grove. However, Tommy grabbed the Green Crystal and smashed it over a rock to Zedd's horror and then made his swift getaway. With their powers apparently restored, the other Rangers morphed and attempted to fight TurbanShell in the Thunder Megazord again. However, he showed that he was able to seal himself up in his shell and hurl himself forward repeatedly at the Thunder Megazord, forcing it back to the Red Dragon Thunderzord whilst making the other Thunderzords vanish and ejecting the other Rangers. Knowing that they couldn't afford to just give up, it drew its staff but was hit by the monster's eye blasts which now spiralled around and slammed into it. Unfortunately, this knocked it straight back to it's default Red Dragon form which would have been no match for the monster so turned tail and fled.

Thinking himself victorious, TurbanShell decided to have a snack before destroying the city so ate a bin full of watermelons. However, Tommy was inside the bin and was eaten as well before pulling out a Mega Heater and blasting his insides. He had received word from Zordon that the only way to defeat TurbanShell was to heat him up from the inside and then cool down his outside. With TurbanShell experiencing extreme discomfort from the "indigestion", Zack took the initiative and grabbed a nearby water hose and sprayed the monster down with it. This rapidly cooled down TurbanShell's exterior and causing him to freeze solid which rendered his abilities useless. With the monster severely weakened, Tommy was thrown clear although he was extremely weak. With their comrade clear, the Thunderzords were brought back and the Rangers formed the Thunder Megazord one last time. TurbanShell was completely helpless and they immediately defeated him with the Thunder Saber.

However, the defeat of TurbanShell proved to be a Pyrrhic victory for the Power Rangers since the Green Crystal was successful in draining Tommy's powers and he lost them once and for all. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Green No More-part II

White Light

Tommy was returning to Angel Grove after a week at his uncle's cabin and the Power Rangers prepared to set up a surprise party which Lord Zedd saw and decided to make it a very nasty welcome back party by destroying Tommy completely just to spite them. Presently, he realised that Zordon and Alpha had vanished with no explanation through the power of sensing the cosmic balance being upset in the Morphin Grid or something which Goldar tried to put down to thier growing strength but Zedd shut him up immediately. He knew that the universal yin-yang was maintained by himself and Zordon (though as later seasons proved, this was just Zedd being pretentious and full of himself) and Goldar suggested that Zordon just shrugged and decided enough was enough. Believing that this was his chance to grab Tommy, Zedd decided to create his most powerful monster yet to waste the Rangers' time so he could do whatever he had planned so enchanted the Sentinel Statue in Angel Grove Park to create Nimrod the Scarlet Sentinel. However, Nimrod was so powerful that she'd need time to fully bake and gain her monster form so Zedd moved along with his plan and seemingly kidnapped Tommy to become his future heir although this was later proven to be complete bunk. Meanwhile, Bulk and Skull managed to stumble onto Rita Repulsa's newly crashed space dumpster and took it back to the latter's father's shop to open. Presently, Zack discovered the Sentinel Statue which was spewing green goo and summoned the others so Zedd sent down the Putties to distract them and prevent them from interfering. Though the Putties were wiped out easily, the Rangers withdrew to the Command Center to find out why Zack didn't hear from Zordon earlier on which allowed Nimrod to fully animate herself from the statue.

Nimrod caused a massive earthquake which forced the Power Rangers to morph and confront her in the park. Zack tried to cut her down with his Blade Blaster but she jumped up and struck him down with one swing of her staff. As the Rangers regrouped around him, Nimrod blasted them down with a blast from her staff and fired a stream of lightning from her mouth although the Rangers managed to duck this. Zedd then threw a Growth Bomb and Nimrod grew before blasting the Rangers who shrugged it off and called for the Thunderzords. They formed the Thunder Megazord but Nimrod summoned two monsters named AC and DC who combined their powers with her own and took out the Megazord. This devastating attack crippled the Megazord causing massive damage and taking it out of action, forcing the Rangers to retreat.

Billy fled back to the Command Center whilst the others fled back to his lab. With nothing to do, Nimrod dispelled AC and DC and apparently teleported back to the Moon Palace until further notice. Goldar reported to Zedd that the Rangers had fled after their defeat and Zedd decided to proceed with his plans for Tommy until the Power Rangers returned so that the Scarlet Sentinels could finish them off. Later, Zedd sent Nimrod back down to Angel Grove where she attacked the industrial center to lure out and finish off the Rangers. However, the Thunderzords were still being repaired by Billy and Trini and the other three were fighting Putties who were trying to access Rita Repulsa's dumpster. Luckily, Alpha and Zordon's absence was to create the Mighty Morphin White Power Ranger identity to give to the recently de-powered Tommy Oliver. He was forced to fight Nimrod alone as Tommy arrived on scene and immediately summoned the new White Tigerzord with the help of his new sentient sword Saba although it initially lacked proper control due to Saba’s inexperience. They quickly got their acts together and mounted the Zord so Nimrod blasted it with her energy balls but the new Zord and it’s pilots were unfazed. The White Tigerzord overwhelmed Nimrod with a roar before Tommy entered the cockpit and changed it into Warrior Mode which had a sword made from the Zord’s tail. Using it, they easily matched Nimrod move for move and pushed down her scepter before stunning her with a sliding slash followed up with three slashes. Tommy then ordered Saba to make the Zord duplicate his moves before he punched her in the face three times and sent her flying with a high right kick. Tommy then inserted a crystal ball into a slot in the White Tigerzord and took down Nimrod with the White Tigerzord’s signature White Tiger Thunderbolt but Nimrod was not done and summoned AC and DC. Tommy was confident that he’d be able to thrash them despite being heavily outnumbered but AC and DC overwhelmed the Tigerzord their speed and slashed them with their swords. Nimrod and her thugs then surrounded the White Tigerzord on three sides and unleashed a massive barrage of energy balls, knocking the Tigerzord back into Tiger Mode and ejecting Tommy from it.

As the Scarlet Sentinels advanced on his Zord to destroy it, Tommy called for help from Jason and managed to get the White Tigerzord back on its feet just as the Red Dragon Thunderzord arrived and it rode the Tigerzord into battle, turning the tide by jabbing AC and DC aside with it’s staff and slashing Nimrod across her waist. AC and DC charged and Nimrod barraged the two with her energy balls but they were unfazed and Tommy had the Red Dragon Thunderzord eject from the White Tigerzord. Tommy then re-entered his Zord and turned it back into Warrior Mode immediately before the Unicorn, Griffin, Lion and Firebird Thunderzords arrived with Zordon having apparently sent them through remote control. Tommy had the Zords combine which formed the new Mega Tigerzord to Nimrod and her flunkies’ shock. Nimrod and her goons fired the same attack that decimated the Thunder Megazord previously but the Mega Tigerzord just walked on through the blasts. AC and DC cowered behind Nimrod but she forced them into battle despite themselves so they took to the air and vaulted off of Nimrod’s face to gain an aerial advantage. However, the Mega Tigerzord punched them back into Nimrod, knocking all three down as the Mega Tigerzord powered up its finishing attack. As Nimrod insulted her minions for failing so miserably, the Mega Tigerzord unleashed the flaming Firebird Thunderzord and set it alight before it explosively ripped straight through all three Scarlet Sentinels and. As the Firebird Thunderzord reattached, AC and DC writhed and vanished into oblivion while Nimrod dropped her staff before she fell on her face and exploded.

Although the Scarlet Sentinels were defeated, Bulk and Skull gave up on opening the dumpster but Rita had apparently slipped out as the lid partially opened. The duo fainted as she berated them and called them the human versions of Squatt and Baboo but was horrified when she was confronted by the six Power Rangers standing over her. Being tiny and lacking her magic, Rita was helpless as Zack picked her up and stuffed her back in her dumpster. They took it outside where Alpha used a beam of energy to send it straight back into space. Tvicon.png TV STORY-White Light

The Power Transfer Saga

It's the finals for the Ninja Martial Arts Competition and Lord Zedd takes a liking to three cruel dark colored ninjas from Casper City and fancies them as his new evil team of ninjas. By the time that Jacob Anderson has been rescued from a potentially fatal stroller crash, everything is ready and Zedd assigns Goldar the mission of kidnapping the teens although not before they won the competition which was likely a decision made to ensure that they were as competent as they claimed and aren't just tooting thier own horns. However, later that afternoon, they still haven't been kidnapped and Zedd demands to know why. Goldar's responds that they have been defeated in the competition by three new Stone Canyon arrivals; Rocky DeSantos, Adam Park and Aisha Campbell, Annoyed, Zedd decides to make them his new Dark Rangers instead since they are far more competent and he only needs the best to defeat the Power Rangers. However, as Zedd points out, the Black Ninjas were chosen because they were cruel and vindictive whereas this new trio are just as pure as the Power Rangers so how would this work? Goldar then offers to search the planet for better candidates but Zedd refuses because they are the best fighters he can find and he needs good fighters to defeat the Power Rangers so orders Goldar to capture them anyway. Zedd sends Goldar down who appears just as thier teacher, Mr. Anderson, congratulates them for thier success outside of the Youth Center and Goldar gives his own congrats before siccing his Putties on them. Although Billy, Tommy, and Kimberly happen to be nearby and easily defeat his Putties, Goldar uses his sword to fire yellow energy streamers made of fire at the quartet. This pulls the Ninja Trio and thier teacher Mr Anderson over to him and he teleports away with them as Skull recognises him from "Eclipsing Megazord" and Skull does a spit-take. Goldar then takes his captives to the Cave of Despair where they are all chained together like a prison chain gang. Goldar tells them how special they are for being chosen although not before he has to clarify who Lord Zedd is but they refuse to join. Goldar of course retorts that this isn't something that they can choose not or not to do and gives them more time to mull over thier decisions before teleporting and leaving them in the guard of his Putties. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Ninja Encounter-part I

Goldar reports back to Zedd and tells him that he needs more time to break them which Zedd rebuts since it is only a matter of time until the Rangers find them. Goldar reminds him how strong they are so Zedd decides to distract the Power Rangers with a toxic monster before using his telescopic vision to spy out some blossom trees. Using his magic, Zedd throws up quite a lot of wind which tosses some flowers off of the trees he creates his Terror Blossom monster from the fallen petals. The monster decides to give new meaning to "stop and smell the roses" so summons cherry blossom petals from nearby trees and makes them rain down on downtown Angel Grove. Due to Lord Zedd blocking thier scanners, the Power Rangers have to travel by a method called "jetting" which is pretty much "fly like Superman so that you can see where you are going" and is a less direct method of teleportation. Zordon singles out Jason, Zack and Trini whilst the others try to free the hostages. They soon spot the Terror Blossom just as he decides to create an army of identical Terror Blossoms to overwhelm the Power Rangers and destroy them before invading Angel Grove. The Rangers fly down and confront him with Zack and Trini jump kicking him but the monster is unfazed although it stuns him long enough for Jason to knock him flat with a swing kick to the "stomach." However, after rolling to his feet and deciding that he is wasting his time, the Terror Blossom teleports away to find a place to germinate his brethren.

With the Terror Blossom threatening to duplicate himself and become unstoppable, Zordon has to call off the rescue attempt to pool the Power Rangers' strength. As the teams are called back, the Terror Blossom resurrects the Hatchasaurus who the Rangers is forced to fight to stop him from annihilating the city. This time around, he possesses the capability to speak and is initially human sized instead of being giant by default. Like the first time, the Rangers have to destroy Cardiatron, before they could destroy the monster completely. Tommy demands to know where the Terror Blossom is but he refuses to answer and summons Putties which are quickly defeated and Tommy takes him down with a spinning jump kick to the gut. Deciding to stop playing around, Lord Zedd throws a Growth Bombs which the Hatchasaurus catches and declares that he shall change the game they are playing before using it and enlarging. He decides that today's a good day to demolish Angel Grove which forces the Power Rangers to summon the Thunder Megazord and White Tigerzord. Despite what he just said, the Hatchasaurs emerges from underground in the countryside only to be taken down by a punch from the White Tigerzord and destroyed by the Thunder Megazord's mist attack. Lord Zedd laments the defeat although it has distracted the Power Rangers but Cardiatron has survived the destruction of the Hatchasaurus and quickly starts to reassemble the monster. Zordon tells the Power Rangers to destroy Cardiatron to prevent the Hatchasaurus from returning but Zedd realizes that it is still alive and blasts it with his lightning, allowing the heart to reassemble the monster much faster so the Rangers are forced to deploy in the Zords again. The second time around, the Hatchasaurus is revived in the city itself, apparently in his ultimate form, and starts smashing buildings,

The Thunder Megazord and White Tigerzord soon arrive with the former advancing first but he bashes it back with his shell only to be Power Punched to the ground. However, he easily recovers as the Thunder Megazord advances and generates large bullet spewing warts which surprises the Thunder Megazord enough to stop advancing and the Hatchasaurus then bombards it with energy bullets. When the White Tigerzord tries to get involved, it too is knocked around by the blasts and both Megazords soon go down. They very quickly recover so the Hatchasaurus fires more blasts only for the Thunder Megazord to march straight through the explosions so the Hatchasaurus charges. To defend itself, the Thunder Megazord draws it's Thunder Saber but the Hatchasaurus was unimpressed and blasted the weapon out of its hands.

Meanwhile, Aisha manages to pick the padlock restraining her and her friends with a hairpin and the trio easily defeat the platoon that remains to guard them. However, Goldar returns to the Cave of Despair and easily uses fire from his sword to restrain them in an inescapable chain as the last three Putties restrain them to the wall before asking for their answers and they refuse. Unfortunately, Goldar then reveals his plan; use the bite of the Serpent of Darkness to turn them into mindless drones in such a way that they can't be turned back to good like Tommy was. As Goldar leaves, all that the four can do is watch Zedd's magic slowly animate the snake. Back in Angel Grove, the Power Rangers regroup and restrategize as the Hatchasaurus charges to finish them off. The Thunder Megazord tears the Thunder Saber Power Sword out of the ground and energizes it. They then energy slash him which the Hatchasaurus survives but apparently destroys Cardiatron inside of the Hatchasaurus. He is enraged and charges, now back in his third form, but the slash has weakened him enough to be taken out once and for all by a single White Tiger Thunderbolt. the Power Rangers regroup but the Terror Blossom summons cherry blossom petals from some trees and makes them rain down on Angel Grove again. The Power Rangers split up with Jason, Zack and Trini confronting the Terror Blossom whilst the others return to their escape attempt. However, they are frozen by the poisonous petals of the Terror Blossom who has apparently been taking a nap or something in the meantime since he has to get himself up from the floor.The remaining Rangers are forced to again abandon their rescue attempt and are teleported to the park where the Terror Blossom and the frozen Rangers are. The monster is happy to have more Rangers to freeze and tries to do so but they dodge and regroup around their friends before teleporting back to the Command Center even as the Terror Blossom tries and fails to freeze them too using his blossoms. The rescue attempt is again completely waylaid as Billy tries to reverse the effects of the toxin. Unfortunately, in the meantime, the wooden snake animates and the three ninjas can only watch as their absolute corruption approaches. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Ninja Encounter-part II

As the Power Rangers stand around uselessly waiting for Billy to find a solution to their frozen friends, the Serpent of Darkness climbs ever closer to the captives as they try to remain hope. Meanwhile, the Terror Blossom decides to use the Angel Grove Power Plant as the place to gestate his Terror Blossom army by using the heat from the building's generator. Fortunately, Billy's Cell Based Stimulator is able to quickly unfreeze their comrades after a brief moment. With the Rangers free, they confront the Terror Blossom in the desert but Zedd throws a Growth Bomb to the monster. The Terror Blossom catches the bomb and uses it personally, enlarging and calling it his "best fertilizer." With a giant monster intent on reaching the Power Plant and germinate his seeds, the Power Rangers are forced to summon the Thunderzords and form the Thunder Megazord. The Terror Blossom is apparently impressed but wishes to test out their Zord's resistance to cold and unleashes his flower petals on the Thunder Megazord, exploding over the formation and causing it to cease up. Tommy aids them with the White Tigerzord which easily races through the explosions caused by more of Terror Blossom's petals. Meanwhile, Goldar has returned to the Cave of Despair and asks them to join him and make things simpler but Adam refuses for them. Goldar is annoyed but thinks that they'll soon obey anyway before leaving. At the Zord battle, Tommy enters the cockpit and prepares to form Warrior Mode but Zordon informs the Rangers that they have to rescue the ninjas or Zedd's Serpent of Darkness will corrupt them. Tommy gathers Billy, Trini and Kimberly to go rescue them whilst Jason and Zack fight the Terror Blossom. As the fight at the Cave of Despair gets underway. the Terror Blossom mockingly wishes to "plant them in his garden in neat little rows" and blasts them with more explosive petals. This immediately topples the Thunder Megazord again but it almost immediately recovers and destroys the Terror Blossom. After that, Billy finally throws off the Serpent of Darkness and Kimberly obliterates it with her Blade Blaster. Unfortunately, the Rangers have to unmask Billy for him to breathe after the snake nearly prevent some oxygen in his helmet which outs their identities to the trio and Zordon has to swear them to secrecy. Zedd is infuriated and blames Goldar for his defeat but decides to pursue the idea of turning people into his evil minions for a third time down the line. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Ninja Encounter-part III

The teenagers at Angel Grove High create their own mock Peace Conference with six delegates from other countries and Lord Zedd decides to kidnap them to try and sabotage world peace or something. In the process, he plans to turn them into his new Dark Rangers. As Tommy teaches Pablo the Mexican Stereotype swing kicks in the Park with the other ambassadors, Zedd sends down Goldar and the Putties to kidnap them. As Tommy, Kimberly, Billy and the ninja trio go to defeat the Putties, Goldar appears with a squadron of even more Putties who grab onto the ambassadors and frog march them off the battlefield. In the mountains, Goldar and the Putties lead the ambassadors to a cave where they restrain the teens behind a large forcefield until Zedd gets the Power Coins. As the ninja trio leave to try and find the ambassadors at the Youth Center, where Billy told chairwoman Tamara to go, a note flutters down from (presumably) the mountain and the Rangers find its a ransom note. Give Goldar and by extension Zedd their Power Coins or the ambassadors will vanish forever. Within the hour. the Rangers meet Goldar near the caves where they are being held hostage and hand over their Power Coins, giving them to Goldar who then reveals that he has no intention of releasing the hostages. Fortunately, the Rangers reveal that they have learned from their previous mistake and have supplanted their real Coins with chocolate ones that they deus ex-magicked up so Goldar sends in the Putty guards. As the other Rangers easily defeat the Putties, Tommy slashes his sword around at Tommy but he ducks and deflects the blade Tommy ducks and dodges back from Goldar’s sword before smacking it away twice and booting Goldar back. He twirls back from a slash and pulls out Saba right before they clash. However, Tommy deflects Goldar’s sword, avoids a slash, restrains the monkey, knees him in the gut, and tosses him away through the air. Enraged, Goldar swears revenge but the Power Rangers regroup to finish him off and Goldar has to retreat. This allows the Rangers to easily release the hostages.

Zedd is infuriated by the turn of events and berates Goldar for his miserable failure before deciding to try and salvage the scheme by creating a monster to destroy Angel Grove. He teleports the Peace Conference's peace statue to atop a skyscraper and turns it into the Four Head monster. The monster, being a destructive psychopath, delights in the idea of the entire city being hers to demolish. Leaving the ambassadors in the hands of Rocky, Adam and Aisha, the Power Rangers confront Four Head before she can begin her rampage. The Rangers form the Power Blaster and Four Head is unimpressed but the Power Blaster manages to blast Four Head clean off of the building. However, Four Head survives and. Zedd throws a Growth Bomb to Earth which Four Head grabs mid fall and it detonates on contact with the ground. The Rangers summon the Thunderzords and form the Red Dragon Thunderzord Warrior Mode and White Tigerzord Warrior Mode but she immediately blasts them and they form the Mega Tigerzord. Four Head is not intimidated so it tries to destroy the monster nonetheless but Four Head manages to reflect the Firebird blast back at the Mega Tigerzord, taking out both it and the Red Dragon Thunderzord down. Fortunately, Zordon sends Tor the Shuttlezord to aid the Power Rangers to Four Head's shock. However, the monster manages to topple Tor which prompts her to cross her arms and chuckle at him so the Red Dragon Thunderzord is forced to salvage the situation by flipping Tor back upright. Unfortunately, Four Head charges and delivers a beat-down to the Red Dragon who then grabs and throws her but Four Head lands on her feet and blasts down the Zord. Tor then transforms into Warrior Mode and sends blasts right at Four Head who is unfazed. The Red Dragon Thunderzord then enters Tor's shell and Four Head fires at it but its thick armor means that neither Zord is fazed which allows it to re-energize the Zord. The Rangers then form the new Thunder Ultrazord which flies into the air with the aid of the Red Dragonzord Thunderzord's staff. Four Head brings her staff to bear but the Red Dragon stops spinning it's staff and the Thunder Ultrazord plummets out of the sky, crushing Four Head to death as it lands right on her. Tvicon.png TV STORY-A Monster of Global Proportions

Sometime after the defeat of the Beamcaster, Zedd watches over the Earth and suddenly realizes that half of the Power Rangers have to attend a Swedish Peace Conference and delights in how crippled this will make the team. As such, he decides to go straight for the proverbial jugular and powers up Serpentera to destroy the Earth for good although he first sends down Squatt and Baboo to Earth with a special designed sleep machine to send everyone in the world to sleep and prevent Zordon from recruiting new Rangers. However, he soon realizes that they are headed to a Deserted Planet to obtain the Sword of Light that would allow them to transfer Jason, Zack and Trini’s powers to successors. As such, Zedd decides to annihilate them with Serpentera’s raw power. Zedd and Goldar set out in Serpentera shortly thereafter although Zedd, being the lazy and arrogant sort, forces Goldar to pilot it alone whilst he lounges around and monologues. Despite not having the capability to teleport, Serpentera arrives very shortly after the Power Rangers as Billy announces that the Sword of Light belongs to a statue. As five of the Power Rangers head for the statue, Jason summons the Red Dragon Thunderzord as well as the Thunderzord Assault Team to try and confront the colossal Evil Zord. They manage to briefly outrun it but have to dodge Serpentera’s jaws and Zedd is unimpressed by getting buzzed by a mosquito sized Zord.

Meanwhile, Zordon saves the Stone Canyon trio from the sleep mist and sends them to destroy the Sleep Machine. However, someone remaining behind in the Moon Palace (presumably Finster given Squatt and Baboo’s incompetence) sends a message to Serpentera about the attempt and Zedd orders him to deploy the Putty Patrol. They confront Rocky, Adam and Aisha and (though they take some losses) they easily restrain the Stone Canyon trio to the tree. Serpentera starts to charge itself up with lightning and begins smashing the city apart with its bare claws. Using its claws and lightning breath, it blasts apart the building and the neighbourhood as Jason tries to confront it in the Red Dragon Thunderzord (now sans the Assault Team). However, when Jason realizes that his Zord is barely bigger than the Evil Zord’s ankle and Serpentera starts advancing on it, he summons Tor the Shuttlezord to counteract it. Barely dodging the Zord’s foot, it rolls and enters Tor in Warrior Mode’s armor but Serpentera kicks it over and back into Shuttle Mode. Although it spends about half a minute grinding Tor into the ground, Zedd allows the Zords to escape after showing off how much power he truly has over them. Whilst the Power Rangers find the statue and try to rip the Sword of Light off of it, Serpentera disintegrates a random nearby upside-down pyramid but doing that means that Goldar loses track of the Power Rangers due to his Zord’s size. Zedd, realizing that they won’t be able to find the statue before the Rangers, decides that there is no kill like overkill and decides to destroy the entire planet with the Rangers on it. Goldar refuses due to the power drain so Zedd does it himself by hitting a cliché big red button. As such, Serpentera unleashes a devastating lightning blast that consumes the planet’s surface. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Power Transfer-part I

The Stone Canyon trio remain sitting around the tree but Adam sees a football and legs it over to him with an idea. Having Rocky move behind the tree, Adam lures the Putty with the keys over and destroys it by kicking the football into its Z. They then grab the keys and free themselves, this time easily wiping out the Putty platoon and Adam smashes the Sleep Machine to pieces by kicking the football into it on the ground which saves Angel Grove. Back on the other side of the universe, it is thusly revealed that the previous attack was a false cliffhanger since Serpentera returns to blasting the not-destroyed city. After the Stone Canyon trio destroy the Sleep Machine, Serpentera continues attacking the city before Zedd decides again to destroy the city. Once more, Goldar refuses due to the power drain so Zedd does it himself by hitting a cliché big red button. As such, Serpentera unleashes a devastating lightning blast that consumes the planet’s surface. This seemingly kills the Power Rangers and destroys the planet so Zedd makes his way back but soon realizes that the Power Rangers escaped in good time. Zedd then returns to Earth in Serpentera but realizes that the Power Rangers have survived and isn’t able to arrive quickly enough to stop Rocky, Adam and Aisha from getting the Red, Black and Yellow Ranger powers.

Bored and realizing that Serpentera won’t reach the Earth anytime soon, Zedd spots a tick in the park and creates the Silver Horns monster to at the very least delay the Power Rangers. Silver Horns was a very laidback and flamboyant monster with a thick Texan accent and stereotypical southern American vocabulary. Silver Horns attacks the Park and encounters the new team of Power Rangers (with Rocky, Adam, and Aisha having joined the team). The Power Rangers were ready to destroy him but he blasted them down with a laser blast as a team and then individually before creating Putties to finish them off. After they are defeated, Zedd enlarges Silver Horns who Rocky has to battle alone in the Red Dragon Thunderzord since the others have to prepare for the eventuality of Serpentera’s arrival. Although the very first blow against Silver Horns (a jump kick immediately after its transformation, they grapple before the Red Dragon throws him off and he delivers a beat-down with his claws. and backhands the Red Dragon away for several miles. The Red Dragon tries to use its staff but Silver Horns shrugs off multiple slashes and returns the favor. Fortunately, the Red Dragon’s spinning staff kick finally stuns Silver and allows the the Red Dragon to perform its finisher. Unfortunately, even this fails to scratch the monster which forces Tommy to aid Rocky with the White Tigerzord in Warrior Mode.

In the meantime, Serpentera arrives in Angel Grove and tries to obliterate Earth like it did the Deserted Planet but is almost completely out of gas to Zedd's immense frustration. In the countryside, Silver Horns smashes a mountain to bombard them with rocks but they barely make the Zords stumble so he blasts them with lightning and then fire. Unfortunately for him, the Zords are mostly unfazed so Tommy summons Tor and calls upon the other Power Rangers as well to bring the monster down. The other Rangers summon the four remaining Thunderzords and form the Thunder Ultrazord whilst Silver Horns can only yell in horror in reaction. The Red Dragon flies it into the air with its staff and then stops spinning it which point the Thunder Ultrazord plummets out of the sky, crushing Silver Horns to death as it lands right on top of him. Zedd asks if they have enough power to which Goldar responds that they only have enough to return to the Moon Palace. Enraged, Zedd kicks the cockpit in frustration before withdrawing although not before swearing revenge for this in the future. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Power Transfer-part II

The Wedding

Rita eventually manages to return and works together with Finster in poisoning Lord Zedd with a love potion, causing him to marry her.

Post The Wedding

Sometime after Rita and Zedd's wedding, Scorpina becomes completely disillusioned with Rita and begins to desire power so starts to read her spell books. However, it is a trap (probably set to either test her loyalty or to find who had been breaking into her library) and she is found by Rita and Goldar before being banished to the Talos Dimension. Although Scorpina would return thirty four years later, under the master-ship of Lokar, this is the last time Scorpina was seen for about thirty years with her ultimate fate being unknown to the Power Rangers.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon

Season 3

Not long after, Rita's brother Rito joins the fight against the Rangers, and manages to destroy the Thunderzords. However, he is defeated by their newly obtained Ninjazords. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ninja Quest

After a while, Rita and Zedd are joined by Master Vile, Rita's father, who temporarily takes over command, much to Zedd's dismay. Master Vile succeeds in turning the Rangers into children, but retreats angrily to his home galaxy after being defeated by the Alien Rangers of Aquitar.

But Zedd and Rita still managed to defeat the Earth Rangers by destroying their Power Coins and, after the Aquatian Rangers departed to their home planet, blowing up the Command Center.

Power Rangers Zeo

The villains celebrated this victory with a huge party, but were soon greeted by the mighty forces of the Machine Empire. Knowing they are no match for the Empire, Rita asked her father Master Vile if they could hide with him. So the evil space aliens fled the moon in Serpentera, with Zedd vowing to return and defeat the machines. But they left Rito and Goldar behind on Earth, as they were amnesiac due to receiving a blast from the Zeo Crystal.

Zedd, Rita and Finster return to the moon in a Mobile Base RV camper which acts as thier new base since the Machine Empire have become a laughing stock due to thier past defeats. They soon reclaim Rito and Goldar, having recently reclaimed their memories after serving Bulk and Skull for a long time, planning to secretly defeat the Machine Empire and reclaim thier power. Tvicon.png TV STORY-A Golden Homecoming

When the Super Zeo Megazord defeats King Mondo, they create the robot Louie Kaboom who is to take over the Machine Empire in Mondo's absencs. However, the remote broke, causing Louie to get out of control. After this plan fails as he malfunctions and gains sentience which renders thier plan a failure. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Bomber in the Summer

After Louie is destroyed by the Super Zeo Ultrazord after being brainwashed by Prince Gasket and Princess Archerina, Zedd and Rita resort to helping the Rangers multiple times, as they know helping the Rangers would also be advantageous for themselves.

When the Zeo Rangers scramble to save Jason from the crippling Gold Ranger powers, the Evil Space Aliens and Machine Empire go into open warfare but the Tengas and Cogs are too evenly matched. Later, after the Zeo Rangers enlarge to fight giant sized King Mondo and some Cogs, the Evil Space Aliens have a picnic whilst they watch Mondo's final defeat. In the end, Zedd and Rita pretend to give up their fight against the machines, wanting to make peace with them, They gave them a present, which in reality was a bomb. Prince Sprocket opens said present, blowing up the entire Royal House of Gadgetry, with Zedd happily proclaiming they are back. With this victory, the Evil Space Aliens go on vacation until they return for vengeance. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Good as Gold

Power Rangers Turbo

Rita and Zedd only make a small appearance in since they have decided to retire from villainy in favor of settling down. When Divatox calls them for advice on how to defeat the Rangers, Rita sarcastically proclaims that if she knew that, she wouldn't have to listen to Lord Zedd's snoring all the time. She then advises the space pirate that the best way to deal with the Power Rangers is to simply run away from them. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

Power Rangers in Space

Members of the Evil Space Aliens, including Rita, Zedd and Goldar reappear, now part of the much larger United Alliance of Evil led by the powerful Dark Specter. They are seen at the conference on the Cimmerian Planet where Rita starts bickering with Divatox, clearly disbelieving the latter's claim of defeating the Rangers until Zedd confirms it much to her horror. Tvicon.png TV STORY-From Out of Nowhere

The Evil Space Aliens return when they are shown overseeing an attack on the Vica Galaxy with their minions and monsters fighting the lone Gold Ranger. At first, they tell Astronema they don't like this plan of attack, but after hearing their plan comes directly from Dark Specter himself, they quickly tell her they like the plan after all. After Andros shatters Zordon's tube, releasing a wave of good energy throughout the universe, Zedd, Rita and their army can be seen looking in terror as the wave approaches them. Rita begs Zedd to protect her, but soon after the wave hits, purifying Rita and Zedd from evil, turning them into humans, while most their army is reduced to dust, destroying the Evil Space Aliens as a threat. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Countdown to Destruction


Rita and Zedd secretly conceived a son named Thrax, who makes his move 9 years after his parents are purified. He labels his parents as a disgrace due to the fact they turned good and vows to complete the original mission of the evil space aliens and manages to defeat the Overdrive Rangers by forming an alliance working together with the other villains of the show, cutting the Rangers' ties to the Morphin Grid. His victory is short lived however as he is met by the combined team of restored Overdrive Rangers and Retro Rangers who soundly defeat him and his alliance of villains. He is destroyed by the newly powered Sentinel Knight thus seemingly wiping out all remaining evil remnants of this faction once and for all.

Scorpina returns thirty three years after her last appearance as a new threat to bring back . Tvicon.png TV STORY-Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon



  • The Evil Space Aliens hold the distinction of being the longest lasting evil faction in the Power Rangers franchise, as they fought the Rangers for three consecutive seasons, while still playing an important role in the fourth season.
  • None of their members were directly defeated at the hands of the Power Rangers, as all of them were either killed or purified and turned into humans by Zordon's Energy Wave.

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