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The Evil Ninja Storm Rangers, unmorphed.

The Evil Power Rangers Ninja Storm were evil counterparts of the Ninja Rangers from another dimension.


When Tori Hanson unknowingly entered another dimension, she returned to Ninja Ops and discovered that the Rangers in this dimension were evil and they chased her out of Ninja Ops. She turned to hippie folk singers Marah and Kapri for help. They take her to see Mayor Lothor who refused to take any action against the Rangers because he was afraid of them. Tori had no choice but to take on the evil Rangers herself, but it did not go well for her. In the nick of time, Lothor appeared with his own special forces (which consisted of alternate versions of Lothor's group) to battle the renegade Rangers. The Rangers were defeated and forced to renounce their delinquent ways (and presumed sending in jail as well as their mentor.) Tori soon returned to her own dimension.Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Wild Wipeout


Strangely, an evil Tori is not shown, but she is referenced by her team. It is possible, but unknown, that she was sent to the main dimension when the good Tori was sent here.
Red Wind Ranger Evil Shane Clarke
Yellow Wind Ranger Evil Dustin Brooks
Crimson Thunder Ranger Evil Hunter Bradley
Navy Thunder Ranger Evil Blake Bradley
Green Samurai Ranger Evil Cameron Watanabe



  • Some of the evil Ninja Rangers are intended to be the memetic opposites of their good counterparts. For instance, when the evil team is defeated, evil Hunter considers taking up skateboarding while evil Shane wants to try motocross; evil Dustin is considered to be the "mastermind" of the team.
  • This is first group of evil Rangers whose origin is a parallel universe rather than a creation of the main villain. Thus they can partially count as first truly corrupt Rangers.
    • This could also make them the first team with only male Rangers or (to an extent) be like the Flower Kunchi-Gami/Hanarangers from Kakuranger as well as the Sun Vulcan.
  • While Ninpu Sentai Hurricaneger had evil copies of the Hurricaneger, Gouraiger, as well as Shurikenger that were created by Madogi of the Phantom Beast Corps, the Evil Ninja Rangers are not technically their counterparts due to the plot not using any Sentai footage nor is there an evil Blue Ranger for their team and are original Power Rangers-exclusive characters.

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