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The Evil Mystic Rangers were evil clones of the Mystic Rangers that appeared in the twenty-eighth episode. They were created by Hekatoid as a worthy opponents for the Rangers. They were different to the good Mystic Rangers in that they had black collars while the good Rangers had white ones. The Evil Mystic Rangers serve as the major antagonists of the first part of the two-part episode "Light Source".


The Evil Mystic Rangers were created by Hekatoid when he kidnapped the Mystic Rangers and forced them to play in his games. Hekatoid teleported the Rangers to his play arena and said that he prepared a formidable opponents for them. Then the Terror showed the heroes their evil copies and Rangers were shocked by their doubles. The evil Rangers looked nearly identically but had black collars. Hekatoid told the heroes that now they would fight against themselves. The Rangers battled the clones, but the clones were just as powerful as them and not inferior in fight at all. The evil Rangers battled the good Rangers on equals and the Rangers couldn't defeat the copies. Then the evil Red Ranger turned Nick, Xander and Vida into the dice. Madison fought the evil Pink and Blue Rangers and during the battle they turned into the giant strange looking toad. The Toad nearly swallowed Maddie, but the Blue Ranger went into Legend Warrior Mode and freed herself and then destroyed the toad with the tidal wave. Chip also went into Legend Warrior Mode and destroyed the evil Red, Yellow, and Green Rangers with his Magi Staff in the Crossbow Mode. 

Powers And Abilities

The Evil Mystic Rangers possessed the same powers and abilities as the real good Rangers. They were just as strong as the real Rangers, weren't inferior to them and fought the heroes on equals. They were shown as skilled and agile fighters. The evil Red Ranger also possessed the ability to turn the Rangers into the dice. The evil Pink and Blue Rangers also were able to turn into the giant toad. However, the copies still possessed one weakness - they didn't have the Legend Warrior Mode and were defeated by the real Rangers. 


Fire Evil Red Mystic Ranger
Lightning Evil Yellow Mystic Ranger
Water Evil Blue Mystic Ranger
Wind Evil Pink Mystic Ranger
Earth Evil Green Mystic Ranger



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