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"The Twin Man will transform you into exact duplicates of the Power Rangers. Once you’re on Earth, do your best to do your worst. Make them look bad and ruin their reputation! Ah ha ha! And then you’ll slice 'em and dice 'em!"
Rita explaining her plan to the Putties that were going to be these Evil Rangers.[src]

Twin Man and the Putties disguised as the Rangers in human form

The Evil Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers are evil duplicates of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers from the Season 1 episode "A Bad Reflection on You" as the main antagonists.


The Twin Man was created by Finster and sent by Rita to Earth. The plan was to frame the Rangers as evil and turn the public against the Rangers. To do this, they would attack the city whilst the Rangers were indisposed. Twin Man came to Angel Grove with a devious plan. He turned four Putties into four of the Power Rangers, while he transformed into Jason. The Putties then turned into the other four Rangers and acted in the city like gangster bullies. Twin Man and his henchmen arrived at Angel Grove High School and sabotaged the fountain with shampoo before bullying Mr. Caplan. The Principal gave the real Rangers detention so Twin Man turned into the Red Ranger and led the other evil Rangers in an attack on the city itself. Eventually though, Zordon, Alpha and the heroes realized that it was part of their plan and the five escaped detention to stop the villains.

The Rangers came to stop them and fought the villains and the five "Rangers" attacked the real five. Twin Man fought Jason to a near stalemate whilst the other Rangers fought their personal doppelgangers. The girls, Billy and Zack used their respective Power Weapons and defeated their evil twins, reverting them back into Putties. Twin Man was then the last Evil Ranger standing.

Meanwhile, Jason turned the tables on the Twin Man and struck him down with a kick to the chest and the monster returned to his real Form. Twin Man used a baton in battle, which he used like a whip to hit the Rangers and knock them down. They recover but he creates a dimension similar to a kaleidoscope around himself and the Rangers before shaking the ground under them and blasting them down. He then charged at the downed Rangers but took a nasty hit from the Blade Blaster Tower Formation, disarming him and causing an apparent critical wound. With the monster unarmed and badly injured, the Rangers eventually took down Twin Man and he was destroyed by the Power Blaster which marked the end of this evil Ranger team.


Tyrannosaurus Twin Man
Mastodon Putty
Triceratops Putty
Sabertooth Tiger Putty
Pterodactyl Putty



  • The Evil Mighty' Morphin Power Rangers are the first full-team of evil rangers in the Power Rangers franchise.
  • The Evil Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are infamous for their fight scenes being hard to tell the real Rangers from the fake Rangers since their suits are identical in every way.
    • This issue also carries across from Zyuranger.
  • In the original Zyuranger episode, Lami (Scorpina's japanese counterpart) was sent by Bandora to launch a smear campaign against the with the Fake Zyuranger being the justification for it. The reason that they didn't use this plotpoint was due to her being a fake Japanese reporter whose footage only involved interviewing Japanese people or being filmed by Japanese crewmen.
    • This is both why she was in the climactic fight scene and why Rita decided to send her for support at all.

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