This article is about a/an evil Ranger team in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

The Evil Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers are evil duplicates of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers from the season 1 episode A Bad Reflection on You.


Twin Man turned four Putty Patrollers into duplicates of the Power Rangers and he took the guise of the Red Ranger. They set out to give both the teens a bad reputation at school and bad reputation on the city about the Power Rangers. These imposter Rangers were exposed by the real Rangers and Twin Man was destroyed by the Power Blaster.


Tyrannosaurus Twin Man
Mastodon Putty
Triceratops Putty
Sabertooth Tiger Putty
Pterodactyl Putty



  • The Evil Mighty' Morphin Power Rangers are known to be the first full-team of evil rangers in the Power Rangers franchise.

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