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In short, with no new footage or anything to suggest otherwise, these movies can take the place of the episodes they're derived from.

Digital Releases (and lack thereof)

Goren Compare Blu2

Blu-Ray screen shot from episode 6 of Gorenger.

  • All of the episode-edit movies, other than Choushinsei Flashman and Battle Fever J, can be found on the DVD release of Super Sentai: The Movie Volume 1. Choushinsei Flashman is include the Super Sentai: The Movie Volume 3 DVD while Battle Fever J is on the Toei Tokusatsu Hero THE MOVIE box set and Volume 5 of the Battle Fever J series DVD. [1] [2] [3]
  • Until the release of the Himitsu Sentai Gorenger TV series on Blu-ray, none of these episode-edit got a Blu-ray release. Viewing the film on the 1st Gorenger Blu-ray gives a plausible reason why; the episode-edit film had less contrast, was less sharp, and was cropped
    Goren Compare movie

    movie]]: note the quality of the picture, as well Momorenger's head getting cropped out.

    Goren Compare DVD

    For comparison, the frame from the DVD.

    into a 16:9 screen ratio (rectangle) compared to the original episode's 4:3 ratio (square), at times making the picture oddly framed.
    • The reason for this is likely how film was copied at the time these films were made; in short, each copy of a film is a degradation from the original. In a likely desire to protect the original episodes, these films were made by making a copy of the episode's film negative, cutting and cropping THAT to make the film version. In addition, Toei likely did not put a lot of emphasis on preserving these films to the same standards as the movies originally made for theaters as the original episodes still existed and were higher quality.

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