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The Emissaries Three were a trio of enigmatic entities who represent the Morphin Masters. Adopting the appearance of Power Rangers respectively colored Red, Blue and Yellow, they were not shown to have distinct forms but instead shifted through the forms of various Rangers throughout history.

Team History

As seen by the philosopher, Sire Lentinvous, sixteen thousand years ago, who witnessed the beginning of the universe in a vision, the Morphin Masters created the Emissaries from the light of a star, each one a different primary countenance. The purpose given to these Messengers, was to spread peace and tranquility throughout the universe. The Messengers existed outside of time, and could view the entirety of time in a non linear fashion, allowing them to see into the past, and somewhat into the future. Because they also existed outside of the natural flow of time, they were effectively immortal in that they could not die naturally.

The Emissaries eventually became guardians of the Morphin Grid itself, and would observe each team of Power Rangers, new and old across time itself. During the events of Shattered Grid, Zordon personally beseeched the Emissaries Three to intervene and stop Lord Drakkon from stealing the Morphers of the numerous Ranger teams across different times to enhance his own and his armies. The Emissaries listened to Zordon's pleading, but ultimately dismissed his concerns, believing Drakkon to be no threat to the Grid and that the Rangers Zordon chose would be able to stop him before sending Zordon back to his reality. The Blue Emissary expressed concerns that Zordon's fears were genuine, believing that Drakkon's continued amassing of Morphers and power would threaten the Grid, themselves, and ultimately reality itself, but the Red Emissary assured their brethren what he feared was impossible and that no mortal had ever affected the Grid in such a way.

The Red Emissary reassured their fellow Emissaries that Drakkon was no threat, but they were proven wrong when Drakkon fused numerous Morpher powersets to his own, ultimately allowing him to enter the Morphin Grid itself. The Emissaries tried to stop Drakkon themselves, but were defeated, allowing the tyrant to steal the Heart of a Morphin Master and destroy the multiverse, and create his own ideal reality where he was God. The Emissaries were cast out of space and time, where they came across the essence of Tommy Oliver, a version of Drakkon from Zordon's reality who never strayed from the path of good.

Because Drakkon's insecurities were weakening his hold over his new universe, the Emissaries were to regain their power and sent Tommy back to Drakkon's world and reawaken his friends memories of their true lives. Tommy then introduced the Emissaries to his teammates. The Emissaries explained their role in protecting the Grid, and their failure to prevent Drakkon's rise to godhood, before explaining alongside Tommy how to stop Drakkon and restore the multiverse by reclaiming the Heart of the Master from him. Ultimately, Zordon's Rangers were able to defeat Drakkon and take back the Heart, consigning Drakkon to his crumbling reality in the process.

The Emissaries pulled Tommy and his friends into the Morphin Grid and instructed them on how to use the Heart of the Master to restore reality back to as close to its original form as possible, while warning them there would be changes due to the extent of the "Shattering". They also told them they would not remember the events that led up to its collapse and restoration, due to the temporal paradox being impossible for their mortal minds to contain. Ultimately, the teens remade reality back to what it was, undoing the destruction Drakkon had wreaked upon it.

Upon reality's restoration, the Blue Emissary expressed awe and impression at Zordon's Rangers for repairing reality and subduing the threat of Drakkon, something they overlooked. The Yellow Emissary fired back that it was a threat created by them from an alternate reality. The Red Emissary ceased their argument and bid their brethren to inspect the new reality piece by piece, to ensure there were no threats to again shatter the Grid.

The Blue Emissary was quick to realize that the universe had not been rebuilt as it was, and that Morphin energy from the Grid was seeping into the newly reborn universe, altering numerous individuals and imbuing them with direct access to the Grid's power, making them extremely dangerous. Knowing that direct interference and alerting Zordon himself would cause catastrophic damages to reality, the Blue Emissary approached Jason Lee Scott in secret, and partially restored his memories of the events of Shattered Grid, also giving him a glimpse of the coming future and the numerous foes they would face empowered by the Grid. Jason agreed to help the Blue Emissary assemble a team to help them find these coming dangers. His adventures with the Omega Rangers however led to his demise at the hands of Kiya.

Shortly thereafter, the Red Emissary was investigating Lord Drakkon's broken reality, which had now become his prison and there the Orange Empyreal ambushed them before tearing the Red Emissary in half with its bare hands, killing them.

The last Emissary, the Yellow Emissary, would hide themselves on a cloaked planet in an attempt to divine a means of defeating the Empyreals and ensure the last of their number could not be revived as the planet hid them from being found by the world ravagers. However they too were killed by the Empyreals. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 11

With the rangers defeating the Empyreals one by one, at least one of the Emmisaries has returned - the Blue Emmisary. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 15


Color Role
Red Red Emissary
Blue Blue Emissary
Yellow Yellow Emissary



  • The color scheme of the Emissaries Three acknowledges the primary colors that have appeared throughout Power Rangers series: Red and Blue, which have appeared in every series, and Yellow, which has appeared in the vast majority of series barring Power Rangers Dino Charge and Power Rangers Dino Fury.
  • Their ability to shift through the forms of various Rangers brings to mind AkaRed, a unique Ranger who features in Super Sentai anniversary productions as the embodiment of the Sentai Red Ranger spirit, the only difference being AkaRed possessing a unique form/appearance of his own as well.
  • The first story variant cover of Necessary Evil in Issue 40 reveals they are not human, as they refer to humans as "mortals", implying they are some kind of higher form of beings.
    • Issue 41's main story reveals that they are from or exist in the fourth dimension and perceive time in a non-linear fashion, sometimes drifting in thought as a result of seeing parts of time in a disjointed manner. This makes communicating with them a bit of a hassle to those who perceive linear time as the Emissaries can sometimes drift out of a conversation or "talk in circles".

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