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The Egos Monster (エゴス怪人, Egosu Kaijin) are the agents of the Egos to cause havoc on the populous. They are created through the power of Satan Egos being pumped into a special Monster-Making Machine, which is inserted with whatever element is desired for the Egos Monster creating a minion that is treated and called a "child" of Satan Egos itself. Anything can be placed within the Monster-Making Machine to become an Egos Monster, from inanimate objects to animals to even people who wish to partake in the transformation. Battle Fever themselves even were nearly turned into one when forced into the Monster-Making Machine as part of Egos' final operation.Final Ep.: The Symphony of the Heroes

Satan Egos likewise supports the Egos Monsters with the development of "little-brother" Robots which emerge as giants that attack alongside them or in vengeance after their defeat, facilitating the need for Battle Fever Robo to defeat these giants.

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