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The EAGLE Insignia.

The Earth Guard League (EAGLE) is a Japanese military defense organization that was formed by the United Nations to counter the Black Cross Army. Within Japan there are various smaller branches of EAGLE spread across the island (Kantō, Kyūshū, Hokkaidō, Kansai and Tōhoku). The Gorengers serve under this force and they've helped out the EAGLE soldiers by protecting various ally bases and transport vehicles. Occasionally the EAGLE soldiers would also assist the Gorengers in any way they can.

In the first episode of Himitsu Sentai Gorenger, the Black Cross Army attacked and destroyed all of EAGLE's bases throughout Japan, but only one soldier survived from each of the destroyed bases (Their names were Tsuyoshi Kaijo, Akira Shinmei, Daita Ooiwa, Peggy Matsuyama, and Kenji Asuka). After the survivors donned their Gorenger suits, they heard the news on how EAGLE's bases were destroyed and because of this, EAGLE was forced to surrender to the Black Cross Army. Golden Mask destroyed EAGLE's Kanto Base, Warrior Mask ambushed the Tohoku Base, Bronze Mask attacked the Kyushu Base, Jade Mask annihilated the Hokkaido Base, and Poison-Gas Mask vaporized the Kansai Base.



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Akarenger Tsuyoshi Kaijo
Aorenger Akira Shinmei
Kirenger Daita Oiwa►◄Daigoro Kumano
Momorenger Peggy Matsuyama
Midorenger Kenji Asuka

Decoy Gorengers

Akarenger Eagle Agent
Aorenger Eagle Agent
Kirenger Eagle Agent
Momorenger Yoko Katou
Midorenger Eagle Agent

EAGLE Intelligence


EAGLE has its own army of soldiers. Within their ranks are specialized divisions such as the Sniper Squad (狙撃隊 Sogeki-tai). Ep. 75: Fiery Crimson Hell!! Stove Mask's Conspiracy


In their operations, EAGLE employed the services of numerous scientists.



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