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The Dora Monsters (ドーラモンスター, Dōra Monsutā) are the elite warriors of the Bandora Gang, sculpted out of clay by Pleprechuan and "processed" by the Neodora Machine (ネンドーラマシン, Neodōra Mashin) oven. When faced with defeat, Witch Bandora would throw her DoraSceptor staff to Earth, releasing the spirits of the underworld to infuse the Dora Monsters with their power and make them grow giant with the incantation,“Evil spirits that sleep within the earth...Grant your power to Dora (name of beast)!”. In episode 28, The Bandora gang harvested a load of high grade Dokiita-Clay from deep beneath Tokyo which Pleprechuan began using to create stronger Golems and super powerful Dokiita-Dora Monsters. In keeping with Zyuranger's fantasy theme, the Dora monsters were mostly inspired by creatures from Greek and European mythology.

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