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"Dinosaur might, ready to fight! Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge!"
―roll call[src]

"With Courage and Might, We're Ready to fight. Power Rangers Dino Charge!"
―Alternative Roll call[src]

"It's about to get wild!"
―pre-fight catchphrase[src]

"Monster Extinct!"
―Victory catchphrase[src]

The Dino Charge Rangers are a team of youths who have each bonded with an Energem entrusted to dinosaurs long ago by Keeper. They reside in Amber Beach and defend the Earth from the ruthless bounty hunter, Sledge, and later, Heckyl and Snide, finally followed by Lord Arcanon.


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Dino Charge

from Power Rangers Dino Charge

""Millions of years ago, the evil Sledge tried to steal the greatest power in the universe. But an alien named Keeper entrusted them to dinosaurs. As for Sledge... He was blasted deep into space. Now the Energems have been found, and Sledge returns to battle a new team of heroes; they are...Power Rangers Dino Charge""
―The narrator[src]

Dino Super Charge

from Power Rangers Dino Super Charge

""Long ago, an alien named Keeper entrusted the greatest power in the universe to dinosaurs. Millions of years later, the Energems were found, and the evil Sledge fought ruthlessly to steal them, until the rangers finally defeated him. But, from the ashes a new threat arose... Only one team of heroes can stop him; Power Rangers Dino Super Charge!""
―The narrator[src]

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Split History

Shattered Grid

Already belonging to an alternate dimension, their timeline was misaligned further due to the Shattered Grid incident, where their history was realigned, and they now coexist with other Rangers in other universes.

Following an attack by Lord Drakkon's Ranger Sentries, Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 27 the Blue and Purple Dino Charge Rangers were among the Rangers who were recovered from their respective timelines by the Pterodactyl Dinozord piloted by Kimberly Ann Hart and Jennifer Scotts. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 28

Receiving Zordon's call through the Morphin Grid, the Dark Ranger was among those who rallied to his pocket dimension for the final stand against Lord Drakkon. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 29

After having their Morphers reinforced by Doctor K, the surviving Dino Charge Rangers participated in an advance towards Drakkon's Tower on the Moon in the World of the Coinless, engaging a large army of Ranger Sentries. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 30

When the timeline was restored, so were the Rangers. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2018 Annual


The 10 Rangers

"Power Rangers, charge!"
―roll call[src]
Dino Charge Red Ranger Tyler Navarro
Dino Charge Black Ranger Chase Randall
Dino Charge Blue Ranger Koda
Dino Charge Green Ranger Riley Griffin
Dino Charge Pink Ranger Shelby Watkins
Dino Charge Gold Ranger Sir Ivan of Zandar
Dino Charge Aqua Ranger James Navarro
Dino Charge Graphite Ranger Prince Phillip III
Dino Charge Purple Ranger Albert Smith Kendall Morgan
Dino Charge Silver Ranger Zenowing
Dino Charge Dark Ranger Heckyl

Dino Charge Rangers


Main article: Arsenal (Dino Super Charge)


Cockpit Control Sword

Multi-Use Devices

Individual Weapons and Team Weapon

  • Dino Spike
    • T-Rex Chopper
      • T-Rex Smasher
      • Para Chopper
    • Triple Spike
      • Stego Shield
      • Raptor Claw
      • Tricera Drill
  • Gold Ptera Saber
  • Royal Dino Punch
  • Ankylo Quake
  • Titano Saber
  • Silver Strike

Communication Devices



Main article: Zords (Dino Super Charge)

Dino Charge Zord System

Legend:◆ piloted mecha, ● other; colors are in reference to Rangers who piloted them and not the physical color of the zords


Alternate Combinations

Dino Charge Megazord
Ptera Charge Megazord
Plesio Charge Megazord
Spino Charge Megazord

Behind the Scenes



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  • The Dino Charge Rangers are the first team to have no Yellow Ranger.
  • The Dino Charge Rangers are the earliest team to get an Enhancement Mode. This is because their Sentai counterparts, the Kyoryugers, had their equivalent from the start and it was not treated as an enhancement mode, but as part of the individual/team weapons.
  • For the first time in the franchise's history, there are ten Power Rangers on the same team who appear regularly. This makes the Dino Charge Rangers the largest team in the franchise.
  • There never has been a case where all 10 Rangers transform together, unlike their Sentai counterparts.
  • It was previously believed that Deathryuger from Super Sentai was to be adapted into an evil ranger known as the Talon Ranger. However, the Talon Ranger never came to fruition in series, but only appeared in the 2016’s alternate comic book continuity under the name Dark Ranger.


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