This category is for technology used by Power Rangers that cannot be considered part of their arsenals.

Billy's inventions

Mind-reading machine

Billy created this machine so that one person could read another's mind. However, Squatt sabotaged the machine the previous night, switching two wires on the machine's power source. When Billy and Kimberly test it, they end up switching brains instead of reading each other's minds. For a whole day they are forced to see life from each other's point of view. Bulk and Skull (who had been eavesdropping) sneak into Billy's garage lab and use the machine, causing them to switch minds as well. Eventually, Billy fixes the machine and switches everyone back. Switching Places

The machine has two spaces for people to stand, and the two people involved must join hands for it to work. One of them can only fit Kimberly, as shown by the fact that Skull had trouble standing in it. This suggests that Billy might have made the space specifically for her.

Molecular decoders

When Jason needed to enter the Dark Dimension to try to keep the Green Candle from burning and draining Tommy's powers, Billy made the molecular decoders to pick up the energy left behind when Goldar had teleported Tommy and some Putties from the park to the Dark Dimension. The two devices were set up in the park and activated, and a portal opened up between them. The Green Candle

Against Pirantishead

When Pirantishead froze most of the Dinozords and turned the Tyrannosaurus zord against the Rangers, Billy made a device to block the monster's signal and regain control of the zords. It did not seem to work at first, because Billy had put a battery in backwards, but once he fixed this, it worked perfectly. The Mutiny

Ice Device

Billy and Zack made this device to keep the Saliguana monster from using its fire breath by cooling it off. It didn't work at first, but when they added an extra chip that Trini had brought, the device was strengthened and pushed back the fire easily. Putty on the Brain

Polarizing gauge

The polarizing gauge, or simply "polarizer", was a science project of Billy's intended to collect data on a rare solar storm. Naturally, Zedd turned it into a monster, which was destroyed by the Thunder Megazord. Opposites Attract

Against Beamcaster


Aisha working on the broadcast device.

Billy created this device to block the "Zedd waves" produced by Beamcaster. When the Rangers end up under the influence of the "Zedd waves" and unable to fight, Aisha manages to fix the device and free them. Zedd Waves


Billy made a device that was supposed to return the time-regressed Rangers to their normal ages. It needed the six Power Coins to work. Billy tested it on himself and was restored, but Zedd turned the regenerator device into a monster before Billy could restore the rest of the team. Climb Every Fountain

Molecular Hydro-Atmospheric Generator

This device was made to keep the Alien Rangers hydrated while on Earth. It was destroyed by the Barbaric Brothers, forcing the Alien Rangers to return to Aquitar for a time. The Alien Trap

Hyper-Ionization Beam and Crystal Transformer

When Hydro Hog turned bodies of water into clouds, Billy made the Hyper-Ionization Beam to get the clouds to rain. Later, he used the Crystal Transformer with the collected shards of the Zeo Crystal to reverse Master Vile's time-regression. Hogday Afternoon

Molecular Respacer

This device was able to return Kat, Tommy, and Tommy's jeep to normal size after they were hit by Prince Sprocket's shrink ray. A Small Problem

Other devices

Green Energy Transducer

Alpha 5 made this device to get back some energy from the Stag Beetle monster after it had drained all of Tommy's Green Ranger powers. Because of this device, Tommy was able to get some temporary power back. The Beetle Invasion

Giant Magnet

The Turbo Rangers and Alpha 6 made a magnet device to pull Divatox's Space Base toward them. They needed to get the Phantom Ranger's ruby back from her to save his life. Unfortunately, Divatox sent a monster called Crosspatch, who destroyed it. Clash of the Megazords

RJ's disruptor

RJ made a device to try to disrupt the signal projecting the Spirit Rangers. Theo used it once to great effect, but it was irreparably damaged after that. Blue Ranger, Twin Danger


Shelby and Kendall created this device to search for the Ankylo Zord. Chase later had to destroy it before it fell into enemy hands. Let Sleeping Zords Lie

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