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The Deboth Army (デーボス軍 Dēbosu Gun) are a horde of alien monsters who were born from the cells of Dark Species Deboth, a lifeform created by the Creator Devius.


The Deboth Army's original line-up

Some time during the beginning of the known universe, an entity known as Deboth wandered the cosmos and brought with him mass extinction on various worlds with the aid of heralds created from his cells: Chaos and Torin were sent to Earth to oversee the extinction of the dinosaurs. While there, Torin gets a change of heart and instead allies himself with the Zyudenryu to fight his creator.

Coming to Earth to destroy it personally, Deboth ends up with his heart damaged during his fight with the Zyudenryu before his body was frozen in ice. However, despite their creator's defeat, Chaos remained active and used Deboth's cells to create servants at certain events in human history to exact revenge on Torin while attempting to revive Deboth though the emotional energies that humans emit.

By the present day, Chaos is able to thaw out a fully amassed army with the intent to finally thaw Deboth's frozen heart and herald a new extinction era on Earth's current dominant lifeform: humans.

The Deboth Army's second line-up

In the year 2114, the Deboth Army has risen once again, but a new team of Kyoryugers have risen their flags to fight them once again. they were eventually destroyed

Later history


"Watch yourself. Out of all the scum that have tried to destroy this planet, these are the worst."
Gokai Red to Zyuoh Eagle[src]

Taken from the memory of Gokai Red, a recreation of Transcendenterfly God Deboth was brought forth by Bangray among a collection of the most nefarious adversaries faced by the Super Sentai. Overwhelming Gokai Red and Zyuoh Eagle initially, Bangray's forces were matched when the Gokaigers and Zyuohgers joined their respective Red warriors. Engaging the remaining five Zyuohgers alongside "Brajira of the Messiah", "Deboth" was defeated by their combined Zyuoh Slash. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 29: The Monarch of the Monarchs

Captain Marvelous had evidently followed the exploits of the Kyoryugers to be aware of Deboth, whom he had not been shown to encounter on-screen beforehand.

Chou Super Hero Taisen

A pack of Zorima led by Raimein were among the ShockerIcon-crosswiki.png army of the Game WorldIcon-crosswiki.png led by Shocker Leader IIIIcon-crosswiki.png, the boss of the Chou Shocker TaisenIcon-crosswiki.png bonus stage. This army was ultimately wiped out by a combined force of Sentai Rangers and Kamen Riders. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Chou Super Hero Taisen


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Ranger Keys

Ranger Key Set Deboth Edition (レンジャーキーセット デーボスエディション Renjā Kī Setto Debosu Ejishion): These keys were upcoming released in Bandai Premium.

  • Chaos Key (カオスキー Kaosu Kī)
  • Candelilla Key (キャンデリラキー Kyanderira Kī)
  • Dogold Key (ドゴルドキー Dogorudo Kī)
  • Aigaron Key (アイガロンキー Aigaron Kī)
  • Luckyuro Key (ラッキューロキー Rakkyūro Kī)
  • Endolf Key (エンドルフキー Endorufu Kī)
  • Deathryuger Key (デスリュウジャーキー Desuryūjā Kī)

Behind the scenes


All Deboth Army members were designed by character designer K-SuKe with one exception, Debo Akidamonne, who was designed by Momoka Murata.


  • All of the Leaders, Knights and the sole Spy are based of the characters from the Wizard of Oz novel.
    • Deboth is based on The Wizard of Oz as well as his apperances on different perspectives
    • Candelilla is based on Dorothy Gale
    • Aigaron is based on Tin Woodsman
    • Dogold is based on the Cowardly Lion
    • Luckyuro is based on the Scarecrow Scarecrow
    • Endolf is based on Wizard of Oz's fireball form decipted by the Cowardly Lion and Finley the Flying Monkey
    • D is based on Toto
    • Arslevan is based on the China Princess
    • Devius is based on the Wicked Witch of the West
  • Most of the Knights and the sole Spy have the first syllable of their name is the same pronunciation as their title.
    • Dogold ( Do)
    • Aigaron and Ice(Aisu)rondo ( Ai)
    • Ca(Kiya)ndelilla and Killberero ( Ki)
    • Luck(Raku)yuro ( Raku)
    • Endolf ( Endo)
  • They are the first and only villains to have their own Ranger Keys.
  • They have the most members out of any other villain team in Super Sentai.

Musical Themes

The Deboth Army has a leitmotif: Furious! Deboth Whirlwind ( Gekiretsu! Dēbosu Senpū).


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