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"Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ah ha ha ah ha ha ha ha! Welcome Rangers. Perhaps you’re wondering where you are. Well, you’re now in my dimension known as The Otherworld. Ha ha ha! I’m afraid you’ll find that your Morphers are useless here and Zordon cannot help you either. With this Crystal, I have sealed off his precious Command Center forever! Ha ha ha ha ha! And now dear friends, it’s time to meet your replacements."
Lord Zedd when meeting the Power Rangers for the first time and introducing his Dark Rangers to them.[src]

The Dark Rangers were a group of five punk bullies chosen to be Lord Zedd's personal Evil Rangers. Both their civilian and morphed forms appeared exclusively in the two-part episode "Green No More".


From left to right, Tina, Zane, Justin, Kristen, and Bobby.

Justin, Zane, Bobby, Tina, and Kristen were the newest bullies of Angel Grove High and were nasty enough to scare even Bulk and Skull. As they ran into Tommy Oliver, Billy Cranston, and Zack Taylor after sending Bulk and Skull rolling towards them in garbage cans, the Rangers were warned of their newest threats. The bullies thought Angel Grove belonged to them, and that was the special reason that Lord Zedd chose them to be his Dark Rangers. They met up with Jason Lee Scott, Kimberly Ann Hart, Billy, and Zack at the beach. Before they could fight each other, Zedd beamed the bullies to the Otherworld. Soon after the Green Crystal was filled, the gang finally became the Dark Rangers. The Power Rangers tried to tell them the truth about what Zedd would do, but the Dark Rangers didn't listen. After Tommy destroyed the crystal, their powers were gone and so were the Dark Rangers. When they transported back to Angel Grove they made peace with the Power Rangers and became their friends.


Dark Rangers unmorphed

Dark Rangers

In winter of 1995, Marvel Comics released their third issue of their Ninja Rangers comic series called "Dark Thunder." In this issue, it was revealed that Lord Zedd had been secretly gathering the energy of the old Dino Coins to create his own Ranger team and gain control of the rebuilt Thunderzords.  Unfortunately, Angel Grove's talent pool was too small for him, so he chose five criminals from around the world to take on the role of his Dark Rangers:

Dark Rangers in Comics.jpg

Their morphed forms resembled the good Rangers' original morphed form under the Dino Coins. Following Zedd's orders, they called on the Thunder Megazord and went to the Ninja Rangers' location, forcing them to call the Ninja Megazord and White Ninja Falconzord. When the Rangers were about to form the Ninja Megafalconzord, the Tigerzord showed up at the scene of the battle. However, once the Ninja Megafalconzord was formed, the Tigerzord took off with the Thunder Megazord, ending the issue. It was never revealed who the pilot of the Tigerzord was, or if it even had a pilot at all. The existence of a dark White Ranger is, according to Zordon, impossible, since the White Ranger powers could not be corrupted by evil.

Dark Rangers

Color TV Show Hamilton Comics Marvel Comics BOOM! Studios
Red Justin Red Dark Ranger Farai Jukwa Putty Rita Repulsa
Black Zane Black Dark Ranger Osamu Tezuka Baboo
Blue Bobby Blue Dark Ranger Stanford Winner Squatt
Yellow Tina Yellow Dark Ranger Nelida Valensis Goldar
Pink Kristen Pink Dark Ranger Marie Claire le Monde Finster


Behind the Scenes

  • The Dark Rangers were only created to fill time in the episode and give the Green Crystal more of a purpose than the standard "steal Green Ranger powers" that had been the formula for the better part of five episodes by that point).
  • The Dark Ranger Suits are literally re-colored Z-Putty suits with the Z symbols removed.
  • Stunt coordinator Jeff Pruitt once stated that a Dark Rangers battle was planned, but was scrapped when the suits proved to be too low quality for what was desired.


  • The Dark Rangers are the only Evil Ranger team to never have been destroyed, ceased to have existed, or otherwise been destroyed.
  • The original shooting script for the two "Green No More" episodes revealed the names of the Dark Rangers as Justin (Red), Zane (Black), Bobby (Blue), Tina (Yellow), and Kristen (Pink). [1] [2]
    • However, only Tina was named on-screen when she shakes hands with the Ranger teens in the second part of "Green No More" while the Red and Black Dark Rangers are identified as Justin and Zane during closed captioning.
  • The Dark Rangers all share the initial with main five Rangers Justin and Jason: J; Zane and Zack: Z; Bobby and Billy: B; Tina and Trini: T; and Kristen and Kimberly: K.
  • Two of the Dark Rangers actually share their names with future Rangers - Justin shares his name with Justin Stewart, and Zane shares his name with Zhane (though the name is spelled differently).
  • Surprisingly, the comic-book fits in with canon and is instrumental to the return of Jason in "Forever Red"; according to some of the writers, after the Dark Rangers were defeated in the comic, Jason found the Red Rangers Morpher and managed to fix it, allowing him to become the Red Mighty Morphin' Ranger once more.

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