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Enlarge Inrō

Enlarge Inrō

The Daikaan (ダイカーン Daikān) are commanders of Space Shogunate Jark Matter, which are sent to conquer and control planets. While other planets are occupied by one Daikaan, Earth is controlled by multiple Daikaans. This appears to be due to Don Armage's hatred towards Tsurugi Ohtori and the planet having a yet unrevealed strategic role in Jark Matter's plans.

Each Daikaan has a space battleship known as Moraimarz (モライマーズ Moraimāzu), that drains the planets' Planetium and is capable of changing into a Morimarz Robo (モライマーズロボ Moraimāzu Robo) armed with a spear. Each Daikaan have a Enlarge Inrō (キョダインロウ Kyodai Inrō) with them so even if they were destroyed if this Enlarge Inrō survives, it can revive and enlarge it. Every time when a Daikaan enlarged, they'll said Lower your heads! (ヒカエオロー Hiakeorō) to the Kyurangers.

Several Daikaans are based on cryptids and the constellation system they hail from while others are Tsuyoindavers who were promoted and received modification in the Jark Matter Laboratory.


Space.2: Let's Go! Phantom Thief BN Team!

Space.3: The Man from the Desert Star

Space.4: Dreamy Android

Known Daikaans

Known Tsuyoindaver Daikaans

Known Executioner Daikaans

Known Other Daikaans


  • The name is come from Local Administrator (代官 Daikan) in Japan.
  • Their designs are inspired by paranormal phenomenon, mostly cryptids and out-of-place artifacts.
  • The Enlarge Inrō is similar to the Dimensional Bugs from Choujin Sentai Jetman as it can only enlarge its user if it survives their destruction.
    • While the Dimensional Bugs are integral to the Dimensional Beasts, unlike the Daikaan's Enlarge Inrō, the supernatural abilities produced by them is similar to how the Daikaan are themselves themed after supernatural myths and legends.



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