This article is about a/an robot replacement Ranger team in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue.
"Human Rangers are no match for Cyborg Rangers. You will all be terminated!"
―Red Cyborg Ranger[src]

The Cyborg Rangers were a team of robot replicas of the Lightspeed Rescue Power Rangers, they were created to "replace" the real Lightspeed Rangers in the episode "Cyborg Rangers".


When the Lightspeed Rangers reported to the Aquabase after facing a demon named Striking, General McKnight informed them that the Cyborg Rangers were their replacements. The cyborgs fought Striking and were about to finish him off when he threw a lightning attack that caused the Cyborg Rangers to malfunction and go on a rampage. The original Rangers had to use their blasters to destroy the cyborgs. Cyborg Rangers

Cyborg Rangers

Red Cyborg Ranger Red Cyborg Ranger
Blue Cyborg Ranger Blue Cyborg Ranger
Green Cyborg Ranger Green Cyborg Ranger
Yellow Cyborg Ranger Yellow Cyborg Ranger
Pink Cyborg Ranger Pink Cyborg Ranger

Powers and Abilities

  • Super Strength: The Cyborg Rangers are incredibly strong, powerful enought to overpowerd Strikning with ease.
  • Platinum Alloy Skin: The Cyborg Rangers are well armerd and can take alot of punishments.
  • Night Vision: The Cyborg Rangers can see in the night.
  • Heat-Sensitive Targeting: The Cyborg Rangers can target the enemiess throught heat seeking.
  • Chest Energy Ball: Only seen with the Pink Ranger, it can fire an orange colored energy ball from its chest.
  • Speech: The Cyborg Rangers have speech capabilities, this was only seen with the Red Cyborg Ranger.


  • Rescue Blasters: The Cyborg Rangers are armed with blasters that can fire red colored energy lasers.



  • The Cyborg Rangers are, to date, the only evil rangers to be built by non evil forces, but malfunctioned (the A-Squad do not count as they chose to be evil).
  • The Cyborg Rangers resemble the Lightspeed rangers, but their boots, gloves and belts are black.
  • Despite their name, the Cyborg Rangers were robots controlled by a special device.
  • The idea to replace a team with another commissioned by a higher up official is similar to Choujin Sentai Jetman, in the form of the Neo-Jetmen. The key difference is, the Neo Jetmen never turned evil, and could be considered allies to the team.

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