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The Land of Jewels Crystalia (ホウセキくに クリスタリア Hōseki no Kuni Kurisutaria) is a planet made of jewels and inhabited by benevolent spirits known as Crystalians. It is currently occupied by the Dark Empire Yodonheim.


Long ago, when Takamichi was still a teenager, King Oradin, his wife Queen Mabayuine and Takamichi attacked Numajo, one of the Yodonheim generals. On their way, they meet Tametomo and Sena, coming from the future, disguised into Bechats and fighting them. As he attempts to take with him Numajo's DNA, Juru fights the witch but fails to take the cup she was drinking earlier (however, he managed to get her venom since she spit some on him, but blocked it with his Kiramai Sword). As they have no much time left before going back to their time, the 3 Land Kiramagers go back to the future by the help of Mashin Fire. Minutes after, Oradin easily beats Numajo, who before dying, puts a spell on Mabayuine and Mabushiina (who is not even born!), the two women the King love the most. Only the Aqua Kiramai Stone could remove the spell, but Numajo ruined it by spitting her impure venom on it. This spell, makes the Yodonheim emblem appears on their right eye after a time, and 7 days follwing this, they become dust. However, Mabayuine managed to save her life by using a spell that transfers her soul to the stone on her crown.Episode 21: Fishing, Sometimes a Master

Years after, a Yodonheim unit, led by Galza, attacks Crystalia, making the kingdom fall into chaos. King Oradin is so presumed dead. Mabushiina and the Kiramai Stones managed to fly out to the Earth, Yodonheim's next target.Mashin Sentai Kiramager: Episode ZERO




  • Crystalians make a sound like a jingling bell whenever they laugh.
  • Crystalians' tears (at least Mabushiina's) become Blue Diamond when falling. Muryou has the idea of producing Blue Diamonds by giving Mabushiina sad stories to read.

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