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Captain Mutiny's Crew was a crew of space pirates led by the treacherous Captain Mutiny who loot, plunder, and terrorize the Lost Galaxy.


Captain Mutiny's Crew were natives from the Lost Galaxy. During the events of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, they were ruling the eponymous Galaxy with an iron fist. Their primary focus seems to be getting rich by mining crystals on a desert planet they own, using slaves they captured from ships stranded in the Lost Galaxy.

When Terra Venture accidentally enters the Lost Galaxy, Captain Mutiny immediately sets his attention towards the stranded colony, seeing the opportunity to get thousands of slaves from it. He and his crew pose as benevolent beings, wanting to help Commander Stanton return Terra Venture to the regular galaxy. They give him a large box, saying it contains a machine capable of returning the colony. In truth, this box contains the monster Crunchor, who Mutiny wants to use to enslave the people of Terra Venture. But this plan is foiled by the Power Rangers, who destroy said monster.

This makes Mutiny furious, causing him to set his sight on destroying the Rangers. But after sending multiple monsters against them, Mutiny is nowhere near destroying the Rangers. He even takes on the battle personally, by using his mighty ship Titanisaur, which also meets destruction at the hands of the Power Rangers.

To make matters worse for him, Mike, the current Magna Defender, infiltrated his slave camp and arranged the slaves to be picked up by the Astro Megaship. Meanwhile, Kai and Leo figured out a way to open a wormhole out of the Lost Galaxy, giving Terra Venture a chance to escape. After both his slaves and Terra Venture escaped, Mutiny and his crew, using their floating castle, follow the colony through the wormhole and are delighted to see a new galaxy to conquer and plunder. But their delight is short lived, as the space pirates are met by Trakeena's Army. Trakeena, not wanting to risk another rival taking over the Galaxy, uses her Scorpion Stinger to destroy Mutiny's floating castle, killing Mutiny and his crew with it, ending his reign of terror.

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