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Gash Chaos Phantom

Chaos Phantom

Gash Giga Phantom

A Zuno beast being enlarged by Gash, via Giga Phantom

The Zuno Beasts (頭脳獣 Zunōjū?, Brain Beasts) are monsters used by the Armed Brain Army Volt to conduct experiments on human victims.  They are created by Guardnoid Gash who combines a brain core with another object and brings them to life by infusing them with a negative energy called  "Chaos."  Each Zuno Beast serves under the Volt scientist who commissions their creation and aides them in whatever experiment they are conducting to prove their superiority over their colleagues before Volt's leader Professor Bias.

When a Zuno Beast is defeated, Gash blasts them with his "Giga Phantom" cannon attachment, reviving them as giants at the cost of losing their special ability.

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